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Power Rankings: WWE RAW (9/27/17)



1. Roman Reigns

Having a very 50/50 year so far, he wasn’t even on the last Power Rankingslist. It is however, hard to argue with No Mercy results. Reigns beat Cena, got the passing of the torch moment, seems more comfortable in his own skin giving promos, is getting marginally better reactions and could have the Intercontinental Championship in his future. People may not like Reigns, but he is carrying the brand at the moment, especially with all the Shield rumors, he’s building momentum nicely for WrestleMania season. Maybe we get WrestleMania VI all over again, Intercontinental Champion Reigns versus Universal Champion Lesnar, both belts on the line, feels like a big enough build that if pulled off well could be the punch in the arm WWE and Reigns both need.

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