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Power Rankings: WWE RAW (9/27/17)



2. Brock Lesnar

The Beast Incarnate stays even at number 2, simply because he had yet another match that ended with a resounding “Meh”. The WWE is booking the F5 strong, so that’s fine to a degree, finishing moves should finish matches sometimes. It’s more just WWE and NJPW have set a precedent with main eventers kicking out of finishers, so when it only takes one to take out a legitimate badass, it makes you kinda sit there and think “ that’s it?”. He’s still Universal Champion, still legitimately tough, but his matches are quickly just making people sick of him. Maybe this is WWE’s genius plan to make people so annoyed at Lesnar that they pop when Reigns’ eventually beats him cause “anyone is better than Lesnar”? No? Wishful thinking? Okay fine…

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