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MyCareer Character Creation v2.0: Deeper Inside The Ballpark



After re-reading my own MyCareer creation article I realized that I too have dropped the ball. In order to make this as informative as possible, I wanted to add some missing elements that I feel are important to character creation. Although these don’t necessarily take place during the wizard and the average gamer is unlikely to run into them before reaching NXT, it feels like the following is a necessary inclusion.

We already know that each fighting style starts with specific abilities and skills. The previous piece contained a link to a spreadsheet with the starting and maximum attribute points. The way I typically navigate creating characters is making a jobber to start in order to get a feel for how the system works and what a completed character is like. Then I proceed to create two actual characters. This is important to me because it allows you to make mistakes and learn how to create the best character possible for you. Virtual Currency, or VC, is the true experience tracker and difference maker. This is even more true when competing in Road to Glory mode, the online version of MyCareer mode that pits you against other CAWs made by fellow 2K players.

While in MyCareer, your MyPlayer will receive VC to use to pay for just about anything — from hair and clothing options to the more important skills and attribute points. Every fighting style has its own starting and maximum number of points. As you gain attribute points from finishing side quests and main storyline objectives you will have to actually pay VC to equip the points and thus increase your MyPlayer’s actual attributes. Virtual currency is earned in any form of in-game competition, even between MyPlayers. The easiest way to gain VC for a particular CAW is to play matches daily in Road to Glory mode.


When looking at the attribute allocation screen you will see what begins as a blank area to the right. This is the most important part of the screen. It will show how the particulars of an attribute skill set will be affected, the effect on the overall rating, and the cost of each attribute in VC.

Courtesy of yours truly. Trying out the Strong-Style!

The left hand side is an identical setup used in previous versions of 2K’s NBA franchise’s MyPlayer position-based skills. The most important area on the left hand side is the very top line of text that will inform you of just how many points you have available to allocate. Remember, you can only equip them by paying VC, so spend wisely.


They are exactly the same returning list of abilities from last year’s game. But for the newcomers gracing the mats of the 2K series for the first time this year I will give a quick once over.

There are a total of 16 possible selections, each with three different levels. Be careful with your selections, as sometimes it may actually be of benefit to leave an ability at a lower level to allow you to use your currency in another area such as stamina drain or times it can be used. The most notable is resiliency, which has varying degrees of the cost and uses available to a player, personally, I like the second level. Just like last year, there is also only the possibility of slotting 10 abilities at a time. In MyCareer you have to pay to unlock more slots, starting at 500VC and going up from there based on how many slots you wish to buy.


This year the list of skills has actually grown thanks to the increase in size and functionality of the backstage area. For 2K18 they have added truss and semi-trailer daredevil as well as semi-trailer and car finishers. Also due to another innovation in game development, the carry system, we are graced with a running corner attack and ring toss out special action. Don’t worry: they did not remove any of the previous skills, which can be a common occurrence in video games when new skills are added, so this is nice to see. “Replace and repeal” is definitely something that has plagued the yearly sports titles as well as the political landscape for the last few years. Anyway, the best thing to do here is spend your virtual currency where it is most likely to give you the most bang for your buck. Gone are the days of having a super saiyan wrestling god of a CAW in a career mode.

The above lists all of the areas of character creation that I truly believe are necessary to answer any questions that have not been addressed previously by myself or elsewhere on the web. In honor of my fellow gamers that appreciate the opportunity to truly develop a true role-playing/simulation wrestling experience, I am going to share two links below. One is a re-post of my previous spreadsheet stating the starting and maximum attribute points available. The other is a document outlining all of the attributes and what they actually control. With these two pieces of information in hand, I believe you all can take control of WWE and be the big dog!

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