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WWE 2K18 is Here: “Be Like No One”



Finally! After a year of waiting, the much anticipated and speculated 2018 version of everyone’s favorite video game grace’s us with its presence. Well, those of us lucky enough to pre-order a copy anyways. But, enough of the friendly banter and let us begin by addressing the some of the knowns and unknowns surrounding this years release.


As with any video game the biggest concern, especially in the realm of a yearly release is the update of skins, lighting, graphics engines, etcetera. This year 2K delivers on all three mentioned and then some.

There is a very noticeable change in the way wrestlers are recreated in the game using top of the line mo-cap sessions. While not all the wrestlers are included from the beginning (more on that later), the ones available are rendered and actually represented in game using photos that are just as realistic as the real deal. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The one struggle of all previous iterations of the series has been the execution reflective lighting, often times making the superstars appear over-saturated with sweat or oil. This also left many of the available tattoos and other images placed on skin, including hair and scars, were very prosthetic and non-organic looking often feeling more like paint than traditional art. This year the graphics engine recreates the true feel of hair and skin, leaving the gamer to have something to truly respect as this simple change has altered the appearance of the game for many years to come. This has definitely raised “The Bar.”

Game Modes

This year’s version brings with it a few surprises: a pre-release rumor bust, an all new online mode, as well as a few returning favorites such as exhibition. We will start with busting the rumor going around that GM mode would be making a come back which quite honestly is understood as it really would be redundant with this years return of universe mode.

The return of universe mode brings with it one major change that should please everyone. In contrast to previous editions, this year not only will the player have the opportunity to control if and when a rivalry is started but, they game can actually begin them for you. This occurred to a degree before, but the story-lines never really added up leaving the player as well as the rivalries meaningless and lackluster. The big addition is a color coded measurement system to allow the gamer a way to actually have a little insight as to how the simulated fan base is liking and following said rivalry.

MyCareer will return and will be partnered alongside the new game mode, “Road to Glory.” Career mode has had a complete overhaul that justifies its own submission but it is worth stating that the objectives are dictated by the way you interact with other wrestlers and personnel, including “The Authority,” backstage. The main change that needs to be mentioned today is that characters created in the creation suite are not going to be transferable into MyCareer.

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That last bit may come as a surprise, but it is for good reason. It deals mostly with the fact that your story-mode and RTG-mode are tied together. What should be the most obvious reason is that this years beloved franchise has made the leap to a true MyPlayer experience. Yes, you read that right! Again, this is an area of the game that will need more time and of course its own review. A little tease: RTG allows players to compete online in daily challenges gathering stars that will allow them to qualify for PPV events that will mirror the actual events in reality against wrestlers that will actually be on the live match card, while simultaneously gathering loot.

Nobody worry if they are not into the competitive factor that is included in MyPlayer. You will still have the opportunity to play online via private, team-up, WWE Live, and pure online modes.

Creation Suite

They have done a number this year, especially in this category. It is very reminiscent of the NBA2K franchises again. This go round the creation suite has a far less menu feel than it does a VC store feel. As previously mentioned they also include loot boxes this year that drop various types items for use in both the suite and game modes. This includes everything from moves and clothing to even more VC. Again, being that this is still in the pre-release time frame this is another topic that will be visited in depth in a later article as there is way too much to include here.

Another major change, which is also reflected in the non-allowance of creation suite characters being used in MyCareer/RTG, is that these characters are allowed out of the gate to use all of the moves within the game as well as not being required to take on a specific wrestling style. This is a piece of the puzzle that needs a little more research before being committed to by myself as an author. Simply put, just like in NBA2K, MyPlayer is truly a unique experience that is its own standalone aspect of this years game.

Hopefully this excites you for the upcoming release as well as points you into the right direction once your system states that the game can be started. On that note, we at Yes Wrestling hope you stop by for continued updates and coverage on this years WWE2K game. And remember, don’t try anything you see in the game “at home, at school, or anywhere.” And be warned this iteration is by far the most addictive yet, so make sure you hydrate and stock up on necessary concessions.

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