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Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (11/18/17)



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All images courtesy of ROH’s official website video stream



  • Jay White VS Matt Taven w/ The Kingdom; Taven wins.
  • ROH World Television Championship Contender Series: Shane Taylor VS Cheeseburger; Taylor wins and joins the ROH WTVC Elimination 4 Way at Final Battle.
  • Dalton Castle VS “Hangman” Adam Page; Castle wins.


Jay White VS Matt Taven w/ The Kingdom!

The Kingdom still claims there’s a conspiracy against them in ROH, and claim they should be the #1 contenders the the ROH World Tag Team Championships, not Best Friends, Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor. As such, it makes perfect sense to the ringleader to have a match against Team Search & Destroy’s Kiwi Kid. Even before the bell, Taven gives White a stiff right punch and many stomps. After the bell and the official start of this match, the ref backs Taven off, Taven keeps on White with more stiff rights. Corner to corner whip reversed but Taven goes up and over, White gets him with an uppercut. Now White chops and whips but is reversed, he gives a big forearm to floor Tavne, then more stiff chops. Taven chops back but White is pretty tough, he dropkicks Taven right down. White puts Taven in the Indian Deathlock and bridges, Muda Lock!

Taven endures the stretch, The Kingdom cheers for their leader, and Taven gets the ropebreak. The Kingdom applauds and then rallies for Taven, they’re the only ones. White puts Taven in a corner, gives a stiff chop, then whips but is reversed, White goes up but Taven catches him to hang him up on the top rope by the kiwis. Taven then triangle jump enziguri knocks White down! He embraces the heat as fans build to a rally, Taven runs but White dodges the dropkick, White builds speed and DIVES! Both Philly and White are fired up as we go to break!

Upon return, Taven has control again as he and White brawl, Taven whips White to a corner but then misses his corner splash, White rolls him up, stiff chop to Taven’s chest. Taven ducks the next one, snapmare but then stiff strikes from White right back, both men down from exhaustion. Fans applaud as White gets up, the Kingdom rallies for Taven but White gets Taven on the apron, European Uppercut after European Upperct rocks Taven, The Kingdom protests but the ref is telling them to keep back. The Kingdom decides to take action, but Vinnie Marseglia takes a EuroUpper, and then so does TK O’Ryan. With the Horror King and the Sassy Wild Horse taken care of, White returns to Taven, brainbuster to the apron!

The fans are loving White’s merciless use of the apron’s edge, chanting his name as he gets back in the ring. The Kingdom gets Taven back in, but White is ready, big EuroUpper in the corner, Saido Suplex! TWO, but White is not frustrated just yet. He drags Taven up, Taven blocks the suplex so White chops Taven again. White lifts Taven but Taven rakes the eyes, then gives stiff strikes of his own. Taven runs, ducks, heel kick knocks White down. Taven gets to a corner, runs, springboard but misses the Lionsault, White get started on his single underhook Three Amigos. First amigo, second amigo, and for the third… Taven powers White to a corner.

White still holds on and wants that third, but Taven slips out into an arm wrench. White breaks the connection then brings Taven in for a DDT! He stalks Taven, deadlift waistlock, German Suplex! TWO, and now White is frustrated. The ref tells The Kingdom to stay back as White gets up again. He brings Taven up, O’Ryan is on the apron and spits at White! Vinnie slides O’Ryan’s baseball bat to Taven, Taven takes a swing at White but White ducks and rolls Taven up, TWO!

White rocks O’Ryan, Taven spins him around, spinning neckbreaker! Taven gets up and climbs to the top rope, takes aim, Frog Splash hits knees! White covers Taven, TWO. Vinnie distracts but gets knocked down, Taven goes for Climax but is pushed away, White brings Taven into the Sambo Suplex, TWO! So very close, but White keeps going as he goes up top. Vinnie again with that Ax, but it’s O’Ryan with his bat that trips White up! Taven drapes White out for a SUPER Climax! Cover, and Taven wins one for the Kingdom!

Winner: Matt Taven, by pinfall

However, The Kingdom isn’t done, Taven sicks Vinnie and O’Ryan on White. They stomp and choke White, and Vinnie even readies his ax!! Thankfully, Team Search & Destroy comes to the rescue of their friend! Jonathan Gresham and the Motor City Machine Guns run The Kingdom off! The Kingdom may cry conspiracy, but they’re the ones plotting against anything related to Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin. Will the MCMG shut The Kingdom up in time to prepare for the Best Friends?


Flip Gordon looks to recruit ROH talent to the #FlipArmy.

And he starts with guys who understand being beaten up and beaten down by The Bullet Club, in Team Coast 2 Coast. Flip asks Leon St. Giovanni and Shaheem Ali to help out, because Flip is sure sick and tired of The Bullet Club bullying him. He is looking for guys with nothing to lose and everything to gain, and his first choices are them. What do they say? Did it before, do it again. And seeing as how Flip’s from the West Coast and they’re from the East, now these three truly are Coast 2 Coast. However, to match The Bullet Club, they need a fourth man, and they all have someone in mind. Who will the Flip Army’s fourth man be?


ROH World Television Championship Contender Series: Shane Taylor VS Cheeseburger!

The K I N G of ROH wants competition, and he already knows Punishment Martinez will meet him in New York, New York. Will the Notorious Hitman or the lovable underdog be the second contender to step to the throne? Caprice Coleman is ringside on commentary for this one, as he is an old friend to Taylor and wishes to support him. Fans are strongly behind Cheeseburger, the bell rings and Taylor tells Burger to get out now while he can. Burger wants to fight, so he shoves Taylor. Taylor keeps trying to make things easier on Burger, but another shove from the smaller man and Taylor shoves him to the corner with one arm! Taylor feels a bit bad about that, but he tried to tell Burger.

The fans rally for Burger, Taylor says that’s not a good idea. Burger slaps Taylor, that was worse. Taylor whips Burger, Burger tilt-o-whirls into a sleeper hold! Fans are fired up as Burger keeps that hold on tight. Taylor uses pure power to snapmare Burger off, SUPERKICK from Burger! Yet Taylor stays standing. If anything, that’s only upset Taylor more. Another SUPERKICK, then Burger powers up and runs, ducks, SHOTEI! Taylor staggers to a corner, Burger wants to keep going. But this time, Taylor puts Burger down with a Choke Slam! Standing pin, TWO! Fans are fired up for Burger and his super sized heart. Burger gets to his knees, daring Taylor to finish this. Stiff haymaker from Taylor, one handed cover, Taylor wins.

Winner: Shane Taylor, by pinfall

Fans boo but there’s nothing they can do, the Hitman is coming for Kenny King’s ROH World Television Championship.

However, The Dawgs, Big Rhett Titus and Lil’ Willie Ferrara are here to ask Taylor for a favor.

The Dawgs have a proposition for the Hitman. Ferrara has a “tall pint of pennies” all for Taylor, if he ends Cheeseburger for good! What does he say? Taylor doesn’t do anything for chump change from a chump, he takes that pint and pours it out on Ferrara’s head. Ferrara doesn’t appreciate his “copper shower”, The Dawgs will dig into Burger themselves. But Taylor gets in their way! The Dawgs have second thoughts about this, they decide to wait for another time and place. Will Burger be bullied by Big Rhett & Lil’ Willie? Will Taylor get a major payday at Final Battle?


There is dissension and tension between the Briscoe Brothers.

It has always been Mark Briscoe’s dream to become ROH World Television Champion, the same way his brother Jay was once ROH World Heavyweight Champion. Mark earned a 1v1 title match with Kenny King, and thought his brother was on his side. Turns out, not so much. Jay literally threw in the towel for Mark before the match had even lasted 30 seconds! Mark couldn’t believe it, Kenny King couldn’t believe it, the fans couldn’t believe it, and everyone just wants to know, “Why, Jay, Why?”


The Last Real Man speaks on his upcoming match with Jonathan Gresham.

“It’s not every day that Ring of Honor World TV title opportunities come knocking” on Silas Young’s door, but when they do, he’s ready to “kick it in and take what’s mine.” Gresham is the one man between Silas and that opportunity. As good as The Octopus is, he’s still going to wake up and see Silas with his hand raised, and know why Silas is the Last Real Man. Will Silas do as he said? Or will Search & Destroy’s Octopus surprise him?


Flip Army finds their fourth man!

It’s Scorpio Sky! They explain the situation, and he knows first-hand how bad The Bullet Club can be, so he’s in! Can this army of four humble The Bullet Club once and for all?


Dalton Castle VS “Hangman” Adam Page!

Seeing as how The Peacock wants to challenge the American Nightmare for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship, the ROH World Heavyweight Champion is on commentary. The American Nightmare wants to watch his Problem Solver take care of his contender before every coming close to a match at Final Battle, will his Christmas wish come early?

Cody comes over to give Page one last pep talk, but before he can, The Peacock DIVES! The champ runs away, so Castle keeps on Page all around the outside, putting Page hard into barriers! Then a suplex to the floor, Castle is all fired up and so are the fans. Castle puts Page in the ring and stalks him at the ropes, single underhook suplex. Page gets out, Castle runs again, not to dive but to strut! Peacock has Page on the defensive, we go to break.

We come back to see Page throw Castle into a barrier, in return for what Castle did to him earlier. Page drags Castle up and throws him into more barriers, then resets the ring count so he can climb up top. SUPER Asai Moonsault topples Castle down! Cody applauds, as do the fans, and Page gets Castle up and into the ring. Page keeps on Castle by putting him in a corner but Castle crawls out, Page stomps him down. Castle fights back, but Page keeps him cornered with strikes, then grinds a forearm into Castle’s face. The ref backs Page back, but Page winds up to yank Castle into the top rope. Page fish hooks Castle’s jaw, but lets go at 4 and Castle gets away from the ring.

Hangman pursues, ripping Castle’s shirt off to give a stiff chop. Castle is whipped at the apron but he spins around for a lariat, which Page sees coming, ducking it to ram Castle back into barriers. Castle is bent back on that barrier, Page drags him back into the ring. Page chops Castle again, putting him in a corner, then gives him an even sharper chop. Castle gets mad now, putting Page on the apron, but Page forearms him away to climb up, only for Castle to kick out a leg. From the apron now, Castle runs corner adjacent for a big knee strike that sends Page tumbling down! Castle throws Page into more barriers, then gives him a back suplex onto the apron edge.

Page is sore as Castle joins him in the ring, The Peacock glares at Cody. Cody tells him to focus on Page, Page runs in at Castle but gets a waistlock suplex, then a gutwrench suplex, and then a single-leg suplex! Castle’s all fired up again and tells off that “son of a bitch” Cody! Cody keeps his cool as Castle keeps on Page, waistlock hold but Page resists. Castle grabs an arm, hammers away on the hand, and then brings that arm around for a keylock. Page fights against whatever Castle is after, getting a ropebreak as we go to one more break.

We return this time to find Page has turned things around during the commercials and is now in control of Castle. He tries to get Castle up but Castle resists, sunset flip but roll-through, stiff right from Page. Waistlock but standing switch, German suplex but Page lands on his feet, SUPERKICK! Page spins around for a forearm but Castle blocks and spins him into a back elbow and forearm, saido suplex on top! Corner to corner, but Page boots Castle away, runs out but into BANGARANG! Castle covers, but Cody yanks the referee out of the ring before the obvious three count that was coming! The referee is furious with the ROH WHC, Page gets himself to a corner as The Peacock pursues the American Nightmare. Cody doesn’t want a fight right now, he runs away and Castle gives chase around the ring, Page with the Shooting Star shoulder tackle!

Fans are going wild as Page puts Castle in, slingshot for the Buck– no wait, BANGA– no! Page slips out, gets Castle up for Rite of Passage but Castle slips out of that, as well. Cody on the apron as Page lands out of the gutwrench to give Castle a stiff forearm. Castle staggers back, Cody grabs hold of him for Page! But The Peacock ducks, Cody takes the forearm! German Suplex Bridge, roll over, into a Keylock Sleeper! Page taps, Castle wins!

Winner: Dalton Castle, by submission

The Peacock stumps the Problem Solver, and he points right at Cody. The world champion knows Castle is still coming for him at Final Battle, so he gets on the apron and acts like he’s going to face Castle himself now. But that really is only an act, Hangman gets a chopblock on Castle! Only now that Castle is vulnerable will Cody get in the ring. Cody stomps away on Castle, he shows off his ring of honor and has Page stand Castle up. A stiff punch with the ring to Castle’s head, and Cody makes him kiss it. Cody and Page take their leave and leave Castle behind, has Cody cleared his calendar all the way to Christmas?


ROH takes a look at Bully Ray’s situation in Pro Wrestling.

The shot to the head he took from Jay Briscoe was perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back. After a long career of extreme matches, the ECW original and former ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champion can’t risk anything more. Tommy Dreamer voiced his own guilt over his part in all that. There is nothing more Bully would rather do than say he’ll get his revenge on Jay, but Bully isn’t even sure if he can ever wrestle again. For the first time ever, Bully is considering retiring. He wanted to be a part of ROH so badly, but now, no one can be sure. If his last match really was his last match, Bully Ray wishes to thank God he was able to have it in an ROH ring. The fans replied, “Thank you, Bubba!” as they are just as unsure.

But Bully Ray is here!

Philadelphia is the city where it all began for him, so he wants to say what he has to say while ROH is still in town. Bully made it a point to be on the street to greet fans of ROH and Bully alike, to remind himself that he never forgot where he came from. Everyone talks about Madison Square Garden, the Tokyo Dome or the Staples Center, but 2300 Arena is “the building that changed professional wrestling forever!” Philly knows exactly what he means, “E C DUB!” echoes throughout the arena. Bully Ray is proud of those three letters, and is just as proud of the letters “R O H.” Fans agree and chant for ROH now. Bully has a formal list of notes to address. He gets his “reading” glasses out, too.

Bubba is truly back as he realizes after writing all this down, “Who the Hell needs a script?” He’ll do what he’s always done, every single time, “shoot straight.” He really doesn’t have much else to say, everyone knows the deal: “It’s time.” Be happy for him, because he is happy for himself. Fans let Bubba/Bully know “We will miss you!” and he appreciates that, because he’ll miss them. He’s still under contract to ROH to stick around and help out where he can, because he “truly, truly” believes in ROH just like he did ECW, “there’s nothing but great things on the horizon”, thank you everyone. A bow and tip of the hat from Bubba gets a standing ovation from the fans, and in comes Mr. Joe Koff, COO of ROH.

“Every day is a dream for me when I’m in Ring of Honor, but when you came into the organization,” Koff realized more of his dream. He welcomes Bully into this company and everything Bully has to offer, because “We love you, Bully Ray”. However, one man who might not welcome Bubba is Jay Briscoe, who is coming down the ramp.

Things are suddenly tense now as Jay gets in the ring. Jay can’t believe Bully Ray, the legend, is going out like this. Jay tells Bully that he’s nothing but a bitch. He disrespects Bully by tossing his hat off. Koff tries to get security out here but they’re slow to responding, so Bully gets ready for a fight! Koff tries to keep the peace but fans want to see Bully beat up Jay one last time. Jay escalates by spitting on Bully’s face! Koff shoves Jay?! The boss is trying to get Jay to stop, everyone from ring announcer to security comes in to keep Koff safe from Jay, but they leave Bully open to a blindside from behind!

Bully goes down in a heap, Jay isn’t done there! He grabs a chair, brings it into the ring, and as Philly boos, in comes Tommy Dreamer! Not only that, but Velvet Sky, Bully Ray’s girlfriend, comes in to shield Bully from whatever Jay might do. Dreamer tries to talk sense into Jay, Jay won’t back down. Dreamer vows Jay better stop now or else, and even Mark Briscoe comes in. Mark takes the chair from Jay and tosses it aside, backing Jay down as a brother. But then, Mark kicks Dreamer in the balls!?

Down goes Dreamer, “Why, Mark, Why?!” But it doesn’t matter why, the fact of the matter is that Jay is open to SMACK Dreamer with that chair. Somehow the Briscoes are on the same side as they scare and intimidate Velvet. “Do you know who we are?!” Velvet is tossed aside, she can only watch helplessly as The Briscoes take aim at Bully Ray. Bully somehow stands up and turns around, to be put into his own legendary move, The 3D!! Bubba is down again, and Jay even blows his nose on him! This is the most extreme example of “adding insult to injury”, Philly is furious with the Briscoes, what will be the consequences of life-threatening disrespect?!



My Thoughts:

What a great episode of ROH with quite a powerful ending. The Kingdom continues the trend of going after MCMG’s friends, this will surely egg Shelley & Sabin into a tag team title defense they don’t have to give, winner moving on to face Best Friends at Final Battle. I estimate it’ll end up being The Kingdom winning to make Final Battle a Heel VS Face match to make it all the better when Best Friends win the titles.

Obviously Shane Taylor was going to beat Cheeseburger, but I like that he’s staying in Tweener territory as he won’t let full Heels like The Dawgs manipulate him or get away with Heel things like beating up Burger. Given that Kenny King is face and Martinez is Heel, Taylor joining means Silas Young will likely win against Jonathan Gresham, especially with The Kingdom messing with Search & Destroy members. This will make the Fatal 4 Way a mostly 2:2 Heel to Face ratio, and still anyone’s win as all four guys are definitely at the top of the ROH mid-card.

I like Flip Gordon’s choices for his #FlipArmy, because it is logical Scorpio Sky, Shaheem Ali & Leon St. Giovanni to want at The Bullet Club and are on good terms with Gordon, they’ll make a great combination against The Young Bucks and any other two Bullet Club members in next week’s episode 323. Castle VS Page was a great match, Castle still wins even with Cody trying to screw him over but Cody beats Castle down to keep the 50-50 booking tied this far out from Final Battle. Still hoping the Boys have an epic return myself.

And then I did not see Mark Briscoe’s swerve and Heel turn coming, I thought this was going to be Briscoe VS Briscoe since they couldn’t have Briscoes VS Dudleys. Instead, Bubba takes two nasty bumps (which means his head trauma concerns must not be that bad in reality) and Dreamer is also dragged further into this. Perhaps Dreamer will find an ECW original to join him in a match against the Briscoes to be the blow-off for Bubba’s story with them. I’m hoping for D-Von, it just makes sense.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (3/16/19)

Zack Sabre Jr. continues his journey in ROH!



ROH cover image

Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 391

It’s ROH 17th Anniversary weekend, but the action keeps on rolling! The Submission Master returns, will he make Rocky Romero #JustTapOut?



  • Shinobi Shadow Squad VS Silas Young & The Briscoes; Young & The Briscoes win.
  • The Bouncers VS Brian Johnson & Joe Keys; The Bouncers win.
  • Madison Rayne w/ Sumie Sakai VS Thunder Rosa w/ Holidead; Rayne wins.
  • Zack Sabre Jr. VS Rocky Romero; ZSJ wins.


Shinobi Shadow Squad VS Shinobi Shadow Squad VS Silas Young & The Briscoes!

Cheeseburger leads Ryan Nova and Eli Isom into battle! Will their fighting spirits combined be enough to overcome the Last Real Man and #DemBoyz?

The bell rings and Isom begins against Jay Briscoe. Isom is no stranger to taking on former ROH World Champions, this could be his third upset on one already. They tie up and Jay waistlocks. Isom standing switches and throws Jay down but Jay reverses to a facelock, but Isom slips away. Fans applaud the Future of Honor keeping up with Jay. Jay and Isom circle again and Jay keeps Isom guessing on the grapple. Jay reels Isom in for a headlock, but Isom powers out, only for Jay to run him over. Things speed up and Isom kicks Jay. Isom runs but sees Jay follow. Jay fakes Isom out and kicks him down. Jay tags Mark and The Briscoes mug Isom. Mark suplexes but Isom slips out and shoves Mark. Mark turns around into Isom’s arm-drag!

Isom tags in Nova and Nova hops up for ax handles. Nova wrenches the arm but Mark rolls through. Mark breaks free but Nova dodges and fires off strikes. Nova wrenches and tags in Cheeseburger! Burger climbs up to drop his own ax handle. Burger wrenches but Mark pushes him away. Mark rushes at Burger but Burger crawls under and kicks him away. Burger speeds up but Jay stands in his way. Mark rocks Burger with a shotgun dropkick! Silas and the Briscoes take control as we go to break.

ROH returns and Silas taunts Burger to stand, only to stomp him down. Fans rally up for Burger and he throws body shots on Silas. Burger fires forearms but Silas shoves Burger for the backbreaker clothesline on the rebound! Silas drags Burger over and tags in Mark. Mark drops an elbow then drags Burger up. Mark suplexes and holds Burger up for a few seconds before dropping him down. Fans rally but Mark puts Burger in a camel clutch. Burger endures while Jay and Silas taunt him. Mark fish hooks Burger but lets up at 4. Mark blasts Nova but the ref keeps Isom from going after Mark. But he misses Mark biting Burger! Mark gets away with it then CHOPS Burger in a corner! Mark whips corner to corner but Burger dodges! Burger dodges Silas and Jay, too, hot tag to Isom!

Isom dropkicks Mark to his corner where Jay tags in. Silas runs at Isom but Isom puts him on the apron and dropkicks him down! Jay goes after Isom with a waistlock but is bucked off. Isom pops Jay up to a fireman’s carry! Nova intercepts Mark and DIVES on Silas! Air Raid Crash from Isom to Jay! Cover, TWO!! Isom almost had another former world champion caught! Isom keeps going but Jay blocks the suplex. Jay fights back but Isom throws his own forearms. Isom runs but into Jay’s fireman’s carry. Jay hits the Spicolli Driver while Mark climbs up! FROGGY-BOW! Jay covers, TWO!? Isom survives and The Briscoes are shocked!

The ref tells Mark to go to the corner but the Briscoes ignore him. #DemBoyz work together to finish this, double underhook but Isom fights out. Isom pushes Jay into Mark then kicks, suplex to brainbuster! Cover, TWO!! Another close call but Isom keeps his focus. Isom and Jay stand as fans rally up. Isom throws forearms and elbows then an enziguri. Jay staggers and Jay runs, but SUPERKICK for Jay! High-Low combo for The Briscoes! Mark keeps Burger out while Jay hits his Jay Driller! Cover, The Briscoes & Silas win!

Winners: Silas Young & The Briscoes, Jay Briscoe pinning

The Shinobi Shadow Squad struggles in the Six Man Tag Division against such accomplished opponents. Will it be the Last Real Man and Dem Boyz who move on towards the titles instead?


Rhett Titus speaks.

“Willie Mack, I heard you had plans to take the NWA National Title and defend it in every state across America.” Well Willie, plans change, because the Fittest is looking to take that belt and bring it with him on the Flex Express. Will Rhett’s own plans have to change after facing The Mack next episode?


The Bouncers VS Brian Johnson & Joe Keys!

The literally biggest team in the ROH Tag Team Division takes on two other Future of Honor stars. With physiques like theirs, JK and The Number One were hoping for sunny beaches and “beautiful baby dolls”, but instead got “busted up broads and their beer-swilling bozos”! Well that’s no way to talk about the fans or beer! The Bouncers make their way out with plenty of drinks, and Brian Milonas takes the mic. He and The Beer City Bruiser are here to kick ass and drink beer! Will they do just that against these rude rookies?

The Code of Honor is still upheld between the teams, and we start with Bruiser and Keys. Keys shows off his body while teasing Bruiser about the beer belly. Bruiser admits Keys wins the body building, but Bruiser has the fans as they chant “Beer! Beer!” along with him. Keys calls for a test of strength and Bruiser isn’t sure he’s serious. Keys shoves Bruiser and tells him to take it serious. Bruiser accepts the test, and SLAPS Keys off his feet! Keys gets up and kicks but Bruiser catches it. Bruiser spins Keys for an atomic drop. Keys gets to a corner but covers up from Bruiser’s punch. So Bruiser CHOPS instead! And CHOPS, and CHOPS! Fans cheer for more but Keys turns around to protect his chest. So Bruiser CHOPS his back! Keys scrambles to his corner and tags in Johnson.

Johnson fires off on Bruiser but Bruiser shoves him to run him over! Bruiser drags Johnson up but Johnson powers him to the corner. Keys anchors Bruiser’s feet and Johnson gets a sucker punch! Johnson stomps away in the corner then tags in Keys. Keys stomps Bruiser now but lets up at 4. Keys chops Bruiser back then goes to scoop. Bruiser’s too big for that, so Keys gives a European Uppercut. Johnson tags in and rams in his own uppercut. Johnson and Keys work together for a double scoop slam! Cover, ONE, and with power! Bruiser reaches for Milonas but Keys tags back in. Keys stomps Bruiser down then puts Bruiser back in the corner. Keys throws EuroUppers then gestures at Milonas. He runs in for a splash but Bruiser dodges! Keys hits buckles and both men are down!

Fans rally up as Bruiser crawls for his corner. Johnson shouts to Keys, and Keys tags him in. Johnson grabs Bruiser’s feet but Bruiser still gets to Milonas! The Mastodon rallies on both Future of Honor stars! Fans fire up as he pounces Keys out of the ring, then squashes Johson in a corner. Milonas whips Johnson corner to corner for another splash, then scoops. Johnson slips out and shoves Milonas away. Johnson dodges the clothesline but gets a pop-up spinebuster! Keys attacks Milonas from behind but Bruiser gets Keys. Bruiser whips Keys and Milonas gives Keys a pop-up spinebuster! The Bouncers say bottom’s up and grab Johnson. Milonas climbs and Bruiser holds Johnson up, draping leg drop! Cover, The Bouncers win!

Winners: The Bouncers, Brian Milonas pinning

They kicked ass, now they drink beer! Will the Bouncers find their way to the ROH World Tag Team Championships and drink to a title reign?


Madison Rayne speaks.

“Thunder Rosa, you think that you and Holidead can come into ROH and control the narrative and call the shots?” Here’s the reality: the Twisted Sisterz are the opposite of what the Women of Honor stand for. The Queen Bee vows to make a statement, but will it go the way she hopes?


Willie Mack speaks.

The inaugural NWA National Champion is all about making history, and he makes history with ROH next week. He’ll defend his title in all 50 states, and is already on number 5. If Rhett Titus wants to stay fit, then he better get ready for a fight!


Madison Rayne w/ Sumie Sakai VS Thunder Rosa w/ Holidead!

As The Queen Bee alluded to, The Twisted Sisterz have done what they want to who they want since joining the Women of Honor Division, including the Ray of Sunshine. Now Sumie stands beside Madison, will they put the trouble-makers in their place?

Madison doesn’t wait for the bell, she goes right at Thunder Rosa! She tackles Rosa down and the bell has to ring as she fires off right hands. Rayne puts Rosa in one corner then runs her all the way to the other. She bumps Rosa off a third then hits a sliding lariat. Rayne runs Rosa over with a shoulder and fires up while Rosa regroups with Holidead. Rayne doesn’t give Rosa much time to regain composure, she goes right out and rocks her with a right! She puts Rosa back in while Sumie keeps her eyes on Holidead. Rayne runs Rosa over with a clothesline but notices Holidead egging Sumie on. Rayne runs and wrecks Holidead with a dropkick! Sumie and the fans cheer Rayne on but Rosa hits Rayne back!

Rosa fetches Rayne and rams her into the apron. She then CHOPS Rayne against the apron, before shoving her into the ring. Rosa stomps Rayne then covers, TWO! Rosa drags Rayne up and bumps Rayne off the buckles. She stomps a mudhole into Rayne but backs off at 4. Rosa snapmares Rayne and kicks her sharp on the back. Holidead wants another so Rosa kicks Rayne again. Rosa runs and dropkicks Rayne in the back, covers, TWO! Sumie coaches Rayne up while Rosa mockingly applauds. Rayne throws body shots but Rosa clubs her down. Rosa scoops and slams Rayne down, then applauds herself. Rosa runs side to side for a BIG leg drop! Cover, TWO! The Queen Bee is in trouble while we go to break.

ROH returns and Rosa toys with Rayne. Rayne throws forearms back and enziguris! Rosa falls over and Rayne covers, TWO! Holidead is relieved but Rayne keeps on Rosa. Rosa throws Rayne down by her hair, then drags her up for chops. Rosa whips Rayne corner to corner then runs in for a big back elbow! She snapmares Rayne to a cover, TWO! Fans rally for Rayne but Rose wraps on a chinlock. Rayne endures and fights her way up, but Rosa throws her back down. Cover, TWO! Rosa grabs Rayne for more chops, then does a little salsa to show off. She whips but Rayne reverses and things speed up, Rayne SPEARS Rosa down! But Rayne is also down and a standing 10 count begins.

The count reaches 5 as both women sit up. Rosa grabs Rayne and brings her up but Rayne fires forearms! Rayne dodges Rosa and rallies with more forearms. Rayne fires up and goes corner to corner but Rose catches her! Rosa puts Rayne on the top rope but Rayne boots her back. Rayne leaps for the crossbody! Both women are back up, Rayne ducks a kick to give an enziguri! Cover, TWO! Rayne keeps on Rosa with a waistlock. She wrings Rosa out but Rosa goes to swing. Rayne adjusts and gets around Rosa again for a dragon sleeper. Rosa elbows out and brings Rayne up into the Gory Especial, and spins around for the facebuster! Cover, TWO!! Rayne survives and the Twisted Sisterz are shocked!

Rosa is furious as she drags Rayne right up onto her shoulder! Rosa spins but Rayne slips out for the Rayne Drop! Cover, Rayne wins!

Winner: Madison Rayne, by pinfall

The Queen Bee wins outta nowhere and gets revenge on behalf of Sumie Sakai! Will Rayne and others teach the Twisted Sisterz a lesson about being Women of Honor?


Team Coast2Coast speaks.

“We were gone for a very long time, but for good reason.” Shaheem Ali and Leon St. Giovanni were “rediscovering” themselves. But now C2C is better than ever and will take on the best in the world! Their return is next week against Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham, will Chocolate Man and the Human Rocket be ready for the Franchise and the Octopus?


Zack Sabre Jr. VS Rocky Romero!

The partnership of ROH and NJPW is on display as the Submission Master returns! But not only that, the player-coach of Roppongi 3K makes his own return! Will Rocky make a run in ROH for gold? Or will he #JustTapOut?

ROH returns with the bell! Fans cheer Rocky on as he circles with ZSJ. Rocky keeps away from ZSJ’s grip and then they approach. ZSJ still gets Rocky down with a headlock but Rocky keeps up with his reversals. ZSJ gets free but both he and Rocky smirk as they circle again. They tie up again and ZSJ gets the arm. He cranks on it to get Rocky to the mat. Rocky endures the wristlock and ZSJ grinds a knee in. Rocky gets to his feet but ZSJ wrenches and arm-drags Rocky back down. Fans cheer ZSJ’s technique as he twists and pulls Rocky’s arm. Rocky spins through and gets up to dropkick ZSJ out of the ring! ZSJ is frustrated already as he kicks the railing. Rocky waits for ZSJ as he catches his breath.

ZSJ returns and circles with Rocky. They tie up and ZSJ gets a leg. He trips Rocky and stands on his feet. ZSJ twists the leg around and then ties the legs up so he can go after Rocky’s neck with a wrench. But he also hooks the face so the ref counts. ZSJ lets up at 4 to bring Rocky into a Bow ‘n’ Arrow. Rocky pops out to a cover, TWO! Fans applaud as Rocky and ZSJ circle again. Rocky and ZSJ approach and Rocky gets ZSJ’s leg now. Rocky waistlocks but ZSJ wrenches to a switch. ZSJ wrenches again and brings Rocky to his knees. ZSJ brings Rocky further down as he mounts the arm to pull back. Fans applaud while Rocky endures the pair of knuckle locks.

Rocky and ZSJ go shoulder to shoulder but ZSJ gets the cover. TWO so ZSJ tries again. TWO as Rocky brings up the shoulder, so ZSJ pushes it down. Rocky bridges this time, and then anticipates ZSJ hopping on with a monkey flip! It’s a double cover, but Rocky rolls back, only to get caught into ZSJ’s armbar! Rocky rolls and shifts but ZSJ slips out to a hammerlock. Fans applaud this continued exchange as Rocky reaches back for ZSJ. Rocky leaps and snapmares but ZSJ headbutts back. ZSJ snapmares but Rocky handsprings through to dropkick him down! Rocky brings ZSJ up for a chop then a cravat. ZSJ endures but Rocky snapmares. ZSJ responds with his own snapmare, but then Rocky snapmares back. They go snapmare for snapmare, but then ZSJ shoves Rocky down for a neck crank! Rocky writhes while we go to one last break.

ROH returns once again as Rocky manages a ropebreak while in a modified Bow ‘n’ Arrow. ZSJ reluctantly lets go, and waits for Rocky to sit up. ZSJ clamps on a half straitjacket, then digs in elbows and knuckles to get the full. Rocky endures as fans rally up. Rocky feeds off the energy but ZSJ does his best to keep Rocky down. The two struggle against each other, and ZSJ digs a knee in to keep the straitjacket. Rocky stands and spins the straitjacket around but ZSJ spins it back on. ZSJ brings Rocky back down then flips him over, but Rocky uses that to reverse the hold! Rocky has ZSJ but ZSJ breaks free to throw a EuroUpper. ZSJ whips but Rocky elbows back. Rocky springboards for a tornado DDT! Both men are down but fans rally up.

Another standing count begins and Rocky sits up at 3. ZSJ follows and grabs Rocky first. Rocky dodges and huricanranas! Things speed up, Rocky springboards again for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Rocky toys with ZSJ, then starts slapping him around. ZSJ EuroUppers then grabs a leg. Rocky misses the first enziguri but not the rewind! Fans fire up with Rocky as he runs corner to corner to start the Forever Clotheslines! He gets one, then another, but runs into a boot! ZSJ runs but into Rocky’s leaping knee, only to make it an STF! Rocky is caught, and ZSJ shifts sides! Rocky drags himself around and manages a ropebreak! ZSJ lets Rocky go and catches his breath. Now ZSJ toys with Rocky as he stomps him around. ZSJ kicks but Rocky gets mad. ZSJ pie faces so Rocky SLAPS away!

Rocky knees and hauls ZSJ up to the top rope. Rocky runs corner to corner for a top shelf knee! ZSJ falls to the apron but Rocky checks his shoulder first. Rocky brings ZSJ up but ZSJ resists the suplex. ZSJ goes after the arm but Rocky throws forearms. Rocky shoulders in but gets caught into an Octopus through the ropes! ZSJ lets go at 4 then shoves Rocky away. Rocky dropkicks ZSJ on the return! Rocky throws forearms and CHOPS, then ties ZSJ up in the ropes. He goes to the side and springboards for a guillotine missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives and Rocky is exhausted. Fans build to a rally for Rocky as he brings ZSJ up. Rocky throws forearms on ZSJ then eggs him on. ZSJ throws a EuroUpper, but Rocky comes back for fast hands. Rocky kicks and runs for a Sliced Bread! Cover, TWO!

Rocky drags ZSJ up again and wants more, but ZSJ escapes Sliced Bread 2 for the standing abdominal stretch! Rocky reaches but ZSJ rolls him away, then around, Hurrah! The double wrist-clutch octopus is on and Rocky taps quickly! ZSJ wins!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by submission

The Submission Master brings in Another Year, Surely This One Will Be Better Than the Last. Will ZSJ’s first year in ROH be golden sooner rather than later?



My Thoughts:

Another ROH PPV, another disconnect between it and their television episodes. This episode, as all episodes are, was clearly recorded long before the PPV as nothing that happened at the PPV affects this episode’s events. For those who didn’t see the ROH 17th Anniversary, make sure to check here for the full card results. But for those who did, you know The Briscoes lost the the ROH World Tag Team Championships to Villain Enterprises, yet Jay & Mark still had the belts here. And all this makes it strange for commentary to vaguely reference the PPV when it hadn’t happened for them yet. The Six Man Tag they had was only okay, so I don’t see why it couldn’t have been three other Heels going against Shinobi Shadow Squad to get the spotlight instead.

In fact, seeing as how more Future of Honor stars were brought on for this episode, I’m starting to think that’s what episodes like this should be about. ROH Future of Honor stars can appear, get some television exposure, and take the card in place of literally anyone involved on the PPV card. And of course, facing Future of Honor stars meant an easy win for The Bouncers, who might finally be moving up now that they’re Faces. Meanwhile, Rhett Titus’ new gimmick is like if Lex Luger and Val Venis fused, but then the combination was slightly diluted. But Rhett VS Mack, even non-title, sounds fun. Pretty sure Mack wins that, but bringing NWA and its new championship into the fold of ROH’s many partnerships also sounds great.

Rayne VS Rosa was a good match, and I’m sensing this is building to something more. I’ve said before that having the Twisted Sisterz in WOH must mean Women’s Tag Team Championships are on the horizon, and it would be pretty big if Sumie Sakai joins Rayne in competing for those. I don’t think Rayne & Sumie would be the inaugural champions, that really should be the Twisted Sisterz given their resumes. But Sumie one day becoming a tag champ to be the first woman to have both the WOH World and Tag Team Championships would be a great thing for her own career. ZSJ VS Romero was a good match, and clearly ZSJ is set to dominate to at least a World Television Championship level. ZSJ VS Jeff Cobb would be great for the sheer difference in styles, but we know it’ll have to wait until after G1 Supercard.

My Score: 8/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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AJPW Dream Power Series 2019 Results & Review (3/19/2019)

Mathew shows us some power! AJPW puts together a card that could rival anything all year. Does it live up to the expectations?



Mathew shows us some power! AJPW puts together a card that could rival anything all year. Does it live up to the expectations?

Welcome back to AJPW! We’re gonna talk about the last big show before this year’s Champions Carnival coming up in early April as we have a few title matches in this show that I couldn’t resist wanting to cover it.

We got some dealing with revenge along with one trying to make history. How’s this year’s Champions Carnival gonna shape up?

Let’s find out as we…dive right in.

Rating System:

  • 0 Stars: Dave Meltzer
  • 1 Star: Vince Russo
  • 2 Stars: Tony Schiavone
  • 3 Stars: Eric Bischoff
  • 4 Stars: Bruce Prichard
  • 5 Stars: Jim Cornette


Six Man Tag Team Match
Atsuki Aoyagi, Danji Tamura, & Hokuto Omori vs. Evolution (Atsushi Aoki, Hikaru Sato, & Yusuke Okada)

Review: Our opening contest is a six-man tag team match with our young lions, Atsuki Aoyagi, Danji Tamura, and Hokuto Omori taking on three members of Evolution, Atsushi Aoki, Hikaru Sato, and Yusuke Okada. Going up against three people from the junior division is a fair start to have them all fight each other in this tag bout and a better view of how the young guys are doing. Will Evolution school the young boys or will they somehow get one of the biggest wins in their starting careers?

As I’ve said, this match is mostly to showcase our future talent as they fight the vets of the game in the junior division. I do gotta admit that these three have definitely improved in the ring as they’re shaping up to be some of All Japan’s finest students. Evolution held off on their own and I’m glad they were their opponents for this match since they’re very easy to work with. Another thing I loved about the match is that they had a good amount of time instead of just being less than five minutes like how most matches will do. Yusuke and Hokuto are in the ring now and Yusuke would hit him with a Brainbuster for a two count and would quickly apply a Boston Crab onto him and Hokuto struggles to get to the ropes and once he does, Yusuke pulled him back in and would lock it in more as he would tap out to give Evolution the victory in a solid match.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and a half


Six Man Tag Team Match
Jun Akiyama, TAJIRI, & Ultimo Dragon vs. Black Menso-Re, Masanobu Fuchi, & Takao Omori

Review: We got another six-man tag team match here as Jun Akiyama, TAJIRI, and Ultimo Dragon will be taking on Black Menso-Re, Masanobu Fuchi, and Takao Omori. It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen Ultimo Dragon wrestling in All Japan, so I’ll never complain to see him in the ring. This is another match with the vets and Manso-Re for being a punching bag as it’ll most likely be a comedy style match. Which one of them will win?

Menso-Re starting with Ultimo Dragon as he wanted him first, but TAJIRI would slap Menso before the bell would ring and we would kick it off right now. They would do a little bit before Jun and Takao get tagged in, but we all care about TAJIRI and Fuchi getting tagged in now as Fuchi would try to get his hands on him. TAJIRI would be the sneaky heel with leaving the ring to sit with the crowd so he could avoid contact in the match. TAJIRI would get back in the ring only to tag in Ultimo as the crowd would just boo TAJIRI. Fuchi would do his antics with the punch to the forehead as the crowd eats it up but everything would backfire on Fuchi as he would miss a Dropkick to make the crowd boo Ultimo which is a shocker. Ultimo would kick Fuchi and attempt an Asai DDT but Fuchi would turn it around to a Backslide as Ultimo would kick out. Both TAJIRI and Jun would both make Fuchi miss a Dropkick and taunt him right after to make the crowd boo them. Ultimo would get Fuchi in the La Magistral and he gets the win for his team in a rather entertaining match.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and a quarter


Tag Team Match
NEXTREAM (Yoshitatsu & Yumi Aoyagi) vs. Sweeper (Jake Lee & Ryouji Sai)

Review: Our next match here is a tag team match as NEXTREAM members, Yoshitatsu and Yuma Aoyagi will be taking on members of Sweeper, Jake Lee and Ryouji Sai. Since Naoya is no longer Yumi’s partner, he’s gonna be paired off with Yoshitatsu this time around. Since all four of them are in the Champions Carnival, a win for either of them would give them some momentum leading to the tournament. Which one of these two teams will win and what will be the future payoff?

It seems like Yoshitatsu has a little gripe with Jake Lee in this match as he seems to be disgruntled when he was in the ring with him, especially when Jake would just best him during the first sequence with the chaining. Ryouji and Yuma are in the ring now and Ryouji with a series of kicks in the match and have him in a submission before Yoshi would break the hold and just stared at Jake again. Yuma is really growing out on his own as an individual and you can see that when he’s not partner with Naoya. Yuma would have Jake in a Headlock but Jake would attempt a Backdrop Driver as Yuma flipped it into a Crossbody as Jake kicked out at two. Once Jake kicked out, Yuma would try to turn the pin into a European Clutch as Jake kicked out at 2 as even the referee was shocked by this. Yuma would run into him as Jake kneed him in the face and hits him with a Backdrop Driver as he pinned Yuma for the victory.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a quarter


Six Man Tag Team Match
Atsushi Maruyama, KAI, & Zeus vs. Bomber (Dylan James & Joe Doering,) & Francisco Akira

Review: We have another six-man tag team match taking place as Atsushi Maruyama, KAI, and Zeus team up to take on Dylan James, Joe Doering, and Francisco Akira. KAI recently failed at Dragon Gate to win the Open the Twin Gate Championships, so he could at least try to win for his team but I think Zeus has a lot on his plate when it comes to their opponent since Dylan James and Joe Doering are a strong team to beat and wants to try and look powerful leading into the Carnival. Which one of these two teams will win the match?

Zeus and Dylan would charge at each other right away to test their strengths with also some chops and a test of strength as the two appear to be evenly matched, which is no surprised. KAI gets tagged in and he calls Joe to get tagged in since he wants to fight him as Dylan honors that request and lets Joe have a turn on the fun. Joe would start to make him regret that decision as he had the upper hand on him at first but KAI would hit a few Dropkicks on him but Joe still wouldn’t go down as he tackled him and went for an Elbow Drop before KAI moved and quickly tagged in Atsushi. The juniors get a turn on the fun as Francisco showed more of his impressive ability. One problem I had with the match was that the last few minutes are incredibly sloppy with Atsushi missing most of his kicks to Joe in the corner, Francisco slipping on his Moonsault to the outside, which he thankfully caught himself and redid it again. The finish would be with Joe hitting Atsushi with the Powerbomb and it looked like he got knocked out as he took the pinfall despite his shoulder being kinda up, so it looked botched but the referee still has a job to do as Joe just left the ring and walked to the back possibly frustrated.

Rating: Eric Bischoff


World Junior Heavyweight Title Match
Koji Iwamoto (c) vs. Kotaro Suzuki

Review: Our first title match of the show is Koji Iwamoto defending his Junior Heavyweight Championship against Kotaro Suzuki. The two fought each other in the A Block of the Junior Battle of Glory Tournament where Kotaro defeated Koji in the match but would eventually fail to win as Koji would actually be the one to win it all. Koji decided to defend the title against Kotaro since it was only fair due to him winning the match and wants to avenge that loss. Will Koji be able to retain his title again or will Kotaro get the upper hand on him again?

Kotaro showed no mercy to the champion as fought him to the outside and Slingshots him into the turnbuckle post and DDT’s him face first into the mat as you hear the loud thud and damage has been done to Koji. Kotaro has beaten Koji before so he knows what he has to do to try and defeat him again as he worked on Koji’s neck a bit during the match and gets the heat from the crowd. I know Kotaro is a Freelancer and is mostly at NOAH right now due to being a champion there, I hope he does stick around a little bit longer since I feel like the division could really use him as he’s a very talented individual. Koji would try to outrun him after he dodged him to the outside and it appeared as if Kotaro would botch but he quickly caught himself and dived to the outside to land on Koji, getting the better of him again.

Koji would finally be able to get a comeback as he hits an STO onto the ring apron to knock Koji down and most of the time, he would try to hit the Koko no Geijutsu but Kotaro would hold his ground to make sure he wouldn’t hit it but Koji would be able to deliver a German Suplex and a Dragon Suplex. Kotaro would land a few punches before Koji tried to hit the move again, but Kotaro would hold his ground again and kick his leg out to work on his neck before landing Gory Bomb Special and tops it off with the La Magistral for the pin and Koji would kick out various times whenever Koji would try to roll out of it and was so close to having a new champion. Koji would just use this time to hit a couple of STO’s in a row to weaken him down a bit. Koji would go for it again but he catches him for a Back Suplex to save himself a bit. Kotaro would now hit not one but two Excaliburs onto him to try and end it as Koji would somehow kick out of it again. It all came down to his as Koji would attempt the Koko no Geijutsu again as Kotaro would stop himself to pin him for a two count and they both would spin around as Koji would hit it this him but he picked him up to hit the Koko no Geijutsu properly this time and pins him to retain the title! After the match, various people from the junior division would come out and it looks like they all want a shot at the Junior Heavyweight Championship but Koji would have to pick one of them to be his opponent. It does look like, however, that Koji doesn’t have a clear opponent right now as he left the ring but I guess we’ll see soon.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and three quarters


World Tag Team Title Match
Strong BJ (Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi) (c) vs. Violence Giant (Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama)

Review: Our next title match for this show is Strong BJ defending their titles against the team that they defeated them for, The Violence Giant. Strong BJ defeated them on January 13th to win the titles and after they retain their titles on the February 24 show, Violence Giant requested a rematch to bring the titles back home on their turf this time instead of the BJW show. If it’s anything like their previous match, it’s sure to be hard hitting and a not miss. Will Strong BJ remain on top or will Violence Giant bring the belts back home?

Shuji and Daisuke would be the ones to start off our match here with an incredible display of power as the two were unable to budge and they would tag in their respective partners. Suwama and Yuji were both also very hard-hitting as they would now fight outside of the ring as these two teams are making it personal. Strong BJ has been doing great work during this rivalry with the Violence Giant and they would even give Suwama a big beatdown but the former ace would even try his best to fight them off, even when he was on the corner and would kick Yuji to show his fighting spirit. Suwama would hit a Dropkick to save himself for a little bit and would tag in Shuji for the hot tag and Shuji does indeed come in hot with his Lariats, knees, anything he can throw along with the kitchen sink.

Yuji would brawl with Shuji to deliver some chops while Shuji would give him a couple of forearms and a headbutt to try and daze him but Yuji is pumped up and slams him down with a few Lariats. Once Yuji would hit another Lariat to Shuji, he would kick out at one that time around before getting hit with another one with a two count. What’s it gonna take to take Shuji down for good? Yuji would get to the top rope to hit the Splash and it looks like this could be it but Suwama would break the pinfall to save his partner. Strong BJ would have them up for the Torture Racks but they would get down for Suwama to hit a Back Suplex while Shuji hits a Dragon Suplex. Shuji is alone with Yuji again and would hit another Dragon Suplex and a Running Knee to get him out for another two count, he was so close! Shuji would pick Yuji up real quick for the Fire Thunder and goes for the pin as Daisuke breaks the pinfall this time around as Suwama would get Daisuke out of the ring. Shuji knew what he had to do to try and end it as he hits the Giants Slam and pins Yuji to win back the titles! Hell of a match and definitely topped their previous encounter at BJW. I would love to see Violence Giant get a fair and dominating run with this reign, can’t wait to see where this goes now.

Rating: Bruce Prichard and a half


Triple Crown Championship
Kento Miyahara (c) vs. Naoya Nomura

Review: This is our third title match and the main event of the show as we have Kento Miyahara defending his Triple Crown Championship against former NEXTREAM member, Naoya Nomura. On the February 24th show, Naoya Nomura would defeat Dylan James in a singles match and Kento Miyahara would have his second successful title defense against Suwama. After Kento would defeat Suwama, Naoya would come in to make the challenge to his stablemate and announce his departure from the NEXTREAM group in the process, leading him to also vacate the All Asia Tag Team Championship with Yuma Aoyagi. Kento is now 30 years old and while it’s his third title defense in this run, this will be his first time defending it while no longer in his twenties. If Kento can defeat Naoya, he’ll be the champion leading into the Champions Carnival and won’t defend the title until the tournament is over. Will Kento be able to retain it once again or does Naoya pull the surprise victory?

Kento came in here with a plan since he knew what he was gonna do to Naoya once he challenged him to this match, he didn’t wanna go easy on him despite being former teammates but he wants to see how badly Naoya wants the spotlight on him. They were fairly matched during the lock-up part of the match and they would start to fight outside for a little bit as Naoya would get Kento down as he taunts him when he got back in the ring. Naoya would hit him with a big forearm before going onto the apron to jump and Kento catches him with a knee and has him right where he wants him now. This is where Kento would just attack him with a few Headbutts as Naoya would try to deliver one to him but Kento gives him multiple ones as a counterattack and this is why you don’t mess with the champion.

Naoya would eventually make a comeback after being kicked around by Kento as he quickly got up to charge at him with a shoulder tackle and you can hear that too. He would hit a few more along with another forearm to the face as he goes for the Brainbuster but Kento would struggle to make sure he didn’t hit it and has Naoya over the ropes but wait, Naoya grabbed his leg to pull him over as he attempted a Death Valley Driver onto the apron as Kento jumped off to hit a Blackout. The two would be on the turnbuckle and Naoya gets behind him to attempt a German Suplex as Kento struggles, but Naoya would slam Kento’s head on the post and gets off the turnbuckle to hit the German Suplex as both men are down. Naoya would go to the top rope to hit the first Splash as Kento kicked out but Naoya would quickly get up again to hit one more as Kento still kicked out.

Kento would eventually hit him with a Blackout at full force and hits him with a German Suplex for another two count. Kento looks like he’s going for the Shutdown German Suplex Hold as Naoya would kick his knee out and hit him with a Spear and the two are down again. Kento would hit another Blackout on the back of his head and tries the German Suplex Hold once again as Naoya would still kick out at two as Kento is starting to get concerned with what he has to do now. Kento tried the Shutdown German Suplex Hold again as Naoya broke out of it and picked him up Fisherman style and dropped him on his head and picked him up for the Death Valley Driver as Kento fought him off but Naoya would hit him with a flurry of forearms to daze him and hits the Spear with the roll-up as Kento kicked out at two again! Naoya picked him back up but Kento would go back to delivering the Blackouts and it looks like Naoya is all out of fight as Kento finally hits the Shutdown German Suplex Hold to get the pinfall victory and his third successful title defense. Great match and a very impressive showing to Naoya but Kento is just still better than him right now. Kento will now officially be the Triple Crown Champion leading into the Champions Carnival. Three defenses down, eight more to go.

Rating: Bruce Prichard and a quarter


Overall: I thought it was a very solid show from top to bottom but the last three title matches were what sold it to me. I would highly recommend that you look out for those matches if you can find them online or subscribe to the streaming service and if you’re not already subscribed, what the hell is wrong with you? Get on that!

Favorite Match: Strong BJ (Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi) vs. Violence Giant (Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama)

Least Favorite Match: Jun Akiyama, TAJIRI, & Ultimo Dragon vs. Black Menso-Re, Masanobu Fuchi, & Takao Omori

Score: 8/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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