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Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report – Machine Guns vs War Machine!


  • Triple Threat Tag: The Dawgs VS The Kingdom w/ Matt Taven VS TEam Coast to Coast; The Kingdom wins.
  • ROH World Heavyweight Championship: Cody VS ???; Cody wins and retains the ROH WHC.
  • ROH World Tag Team Championships: Motor City Machine Guns VS War Machine; MCMG wins and retains the ROH World Tag Team Championships.


War Machine say it’s been bones, blood, guts and gold all over the world!

“Everyone knows what War Machine is capable of.” Except, it seems, ROH. The good behavior is over, the nice guy acts are gone, War Machine is after world domination!

Triple Threat Tag: The Dawgs VS The Kingdom w/ Matt Taven VS Team Coast to Coast!

Big Dawg Rhett & Lil’ Willie, the Sassy Wild Horse & Mr. Inksanity, as well as Shaheem Ali & “Human Rocket” Leon St. Giovanni all want at the ROH World Tag Team Championships, this match will go a long way to determining who is deserving. The Kingdom’s leader joins commentary to enjoy this match and also make fun of Ian Riccaboni, “The Mayor of Melvinville.” Triple threat tag rules, only two men start, so The Dawgs both sit out while The Kingdom’s T.K. O’Ryan and C2C’s LSG start. The bell rings, they tie up, O’Ryan backs LSG to ropes. Ropebreak honored, but O’Ryan gets in LSG’s face about being “TKO!” And a slap! LSG slaps back! O’Ryan backs off, Will Ferrara tags in. But he gets a dropkick from LSG, then tag to Ali. C2C whips Ferrara, into the Tu Lo Sabes! Cover, TWO, Ali gets Ferrara up for forearms. Ali whips Ferrara, O’Ryan tags in, turns Ali around but Ali is ready, he blocks, punches and whips O’Ryan, Ferrara dumps him out. Ferrara gets dumped, and C2C coordinates to build speed, Ali FLIES! Ali gets O’Ryan and Ferrara, LSG wants to run but Titus clobbers him with a dropkick. The Dawgs regroup in the ring, Ferrara is used as a projectile weapon to topple O’Ryan and Ali down! Vinnie Marseglia gets in and catches Titus with a bicycle boot! Titus is sent out, Vinnie goes to the apron, springboard senton onto C2C & The Dawgs! The Kingdom regroups and high fives, but they don’t see LSG preparing for lift-off, LAUNCH! Everyone down, C2C and the fans are fired up! They get Vinnie in the ring, Ali hits a big forearm smash as we go to break. We return, The Kingdom has taken control of Ali, Vinnie runs adjacent for a forearm smash into him. Then he blasts LSG off the apron with a forearm smash, then back to Ali. Ali is bounced off buckles, double back suplex is escaped, Ali dropkicks both Kingdom members down and out! The Dawgs are the only ones there, they both want a tag. The problem is, The Kingdom trips up both Dawgs to deny tags! O’Ryan in with Ali, European Uppercut sends him to the Kingdom’s corner. Assisted whip gets a boot, Vinne gets a back elbow, The Kingdom both run in but Ali ducks them to tag LSG! LSG rallies, uses Vinnie against O’Ryan, roll and handspring for a double lariat! The fans fire up as LSG is reversed in a whip, but he turns that into a springboard forearm! O’Ryan comes in, gets a cradling gutbuster, LSG keeps moving to then give a big dropkick. LSG runs at Vinnie but gets a knee, Vinnie runs but is tripped up by Titus, who rebounds to lariat and then feed Vinnie to Ferrara’s tornado DDT to the floor! Ferrara is sicked on LSG, then Titus gives him one helluva kick! LSG fed into the BLL, hammerlock lariat, then double Dawg kicks. Big Dawg whips Lil’ Dawg for a shoulder tackle into LSG at the corner, then Titus picks up Ferrara to use his feet as a battering ram. Ferrara tells Titus to put him down, Titus drops Ferrara. Ferrara gets up and the two Dawgs shove each other, Dawg catapult splash! Titus covers, Ali breaks the pin. Ferrara goes after Ali but he’s sent out. Titus swings but is spun for a bicycle boot and lifting complete shot. Back elbow and uppercut for Ferrara, hoisted to the top rope and put in a Tree of Woe. Fans rally as LSG and Ali get in position. They take aim, take flight, Double Coast2Coast! That impact took a lot of out of C2C, too, they pry Ferrara out of the Tree but The Kingdom pounces. Stiff left takes out Ali, Vinnie puts LSG in a fireman’s carry, O’Ryan comes over to fireman carry Vinnie, Death Valley plus rolling senton! Or as Taven puts it, Sassy Murder! The Kingdom win! Matt Taven really was telling commentary all along, is it only a matter of time before the inaugural ROH Six Man Tag Champions become the next two man Tag Team Champions?

But they’re not done yet. Matt Taven joins them in the ring and they take to the mic. “Everybody knows that there’s a Kingdom Conspiracy here in Ring of Honor Wrestling,” but there’s also an undeniable fact: The Kingdom pinned and beat Search & Destroy, the current ROH Tag Team Champions. Not only that, but O’Ryan broke his leg, came back, and have yet to get a Six Man Tag title rematch! That sounds like the conspiracy in a nutshell. Luckily for The Kingdom, the three of them are top talent, and fear no conspiracy. They demand that “T.K. and Brother Vince the Horror King” get a real shot at the World Tag Team Championships. Will The Kingdom get their way? Or are they right about ROH being against them?

The American Nightmare and The Peacock have issue with each other.

ROH World Heavyweight Champion, Cody, has been offering open challenges left and right but has denied Dalton Castle at every turn, then escalating to injuring Castle to keep him away. So when he was healthy enough to return, Castle managed to get close to the champion by posing as a fan at Global Wars, then unleashing his rage! How much longer can Cody duck Castle’s ambitions for gold?

Flip Gordon has had enough of The Bullet Club.

“Welcome to ROH. Where do you think you’re going? Harmless ribs.” The Young Bucks and their club are going to meet #FlipArmy. Gordon is going to recruit guys who have nothing to lose and everything to gain, just like Flip. Can Flip’s army finally get the bullying Bullet Club to back off?

ROH World Heavyweight Championship: Cody VS ???

Belt and ring in hand, the champion promises another great title opportunity. “If you tell one lie, all your truths become questionable.” Cody told us that we were going to get a world championship match “because there’s a certain guy, a colorful individual, a ROH faithful”, that fans want to see face Cody. Fans cheer for “Dalton Castle!” because that’s the guy they expect. Cody wants Ian Riccaboni to come into the ring for a second. Is he the guy? No, he’s not. But perhaps Ian is interested in seeing Cody face. Go ahead and say it. “Dalton Castle.” Is that who the fans want? Yes! And right now? Yes! Well he’s not here tonight. But someone who is here is… Philadelphia’s own, Ryan Nova! No one legitimately believes the young wrestler normally featured on Future of Honor to be the #1 Contender, but it’s still happening. Big opportunity for Nova to make his ROH TV debut in a title match like this, in his hometown, will we see a miracle upset? Firstly, Cody wants Nova to #KisstheRing! Nova takes Cody’s hand, to slip the ring off Cody’s finger and into his mouth! A ballsy move from the newbie, but Cody makes him pay for it by kicking him in the stomach to spit the ring out. Cody picks it back up, roll up from Nova, TWO! Cody makes Nova pay for that with a knee and being put in a corner. Cody runs in corner to corner, Nova goes up and over to school boy kick! Nova runs in but gets caught, Cross Rhodes! TWO, only because Cody let Nova up. Cody moves Nova around, and puts on the American Deathlock! Nova endures, reaches for ropes, Cody keeps him away, Nova taps and Cody wins. Cody retains, but Nova is far from the Peacock’s level. But wait, what’s this? Dalton Castle IS here! Seems Cody lied, we go to break as Castle grabs his custom microphone.

Dalton Castle speaks.

“Is that it?” That match? Is that what ROH’s “most expensive contract in history is paying for?” Cody, Castle speaks for everyone that “we’re not mad. We’re just disappointed.” Because to Castle, Cody is a good- no, great- no, just a good wrestler. But as ROH WHC, Cody has been lackluster. Why keep doing whatever that was when you could give everyone here “the match they really want to see”? Cody finally responds, saying “Is this wrestling 101? I have my match, you walk out here, apparently you’re the next contender?” They’re in Philadelphia, this is a smarter crowd. They don’t need to do “this”. And Cody will explain why. With Cody’s lineage and connections, he can help Castle. He can guarantee Castle won’t win. Castle has built this reputation so why waste time? Cody can make some calls to “Paul”, and get him “one of those developmental contracts”. Think about it, Castle. “One call to Paul and you can go ‘develop your skills’, then come back when you’re ready.” All his friends left to do the same thing, taking that “little bitty guaranteed developmental contract”. Cody is going to walk away, because he can see it’s what Castle wants. Just do Cody a favor, and think about it. Cody gives Castle a pat on the shoulder before heading up the ramp, but Castle pounces from behind! He throws Cody around the ramp and then into the ring, BANGARANG! Castle takes down Cody, and the fans are fired up for him! Castle finishes speaking by saying “I thought about it. Nah, I love it here and I’m gonna take your title away.” Offer rejected but challenge accepted, can Castle end The American Nightmare’s reign?

Bully Ray Dudley is still unsure about his future in wrestling.

Bully Ray always knew that he wanted to be in ROH, that ROH and Bully were a perfect fit. But most of the fans know, “it’s about that time.” Bully thanked God that he got to even be in ROH. The fans said “Thank you, Bubba!” as part of a heartfelt good-bye. Is this truly good-bye for the living legend?

Jay Lethal speaks.

Lately, The Franchise Player has been asked the same question: “What is next for him in ROH?” He’s already done so much, what’s left to do? There are some things even Lethal hasn’t done yet. He hasn’t been ROH Tag Team nor Six Man Tag Team champion, but the real answer for that question is “being the greatest wrestler in the world.” And there’s only one thing that says you’re the best in the world: having the ROH WHC. “The wrestling world looks to you when you have the most prestigious title in all of professional sports.” Lethal wants that title once again, will he make it back? Who will be holding the title when he does?

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ROH shows us the night Mark Briscoe injured his elbow.

Global Wars night two, in Pittsburgh, in a match against Hiromu Takahashi. Mark simply went up and over to cartwheel, nothing over the top, but that elbow just gave out. Match over, Mark was taken to the back, frustrated with himself. Briscoe speaks to us, arm in a cast. “Now damn it, I know y’all done heard the news.” The ROH World Television Championship match was cancelled due to Mark’s injury. But he’s telling us he earned that shot! He demands he still get his shot, next week, ROH episode 321, because he is owed what he earned! But Jay Briscoe asks what he’s talking about. Mark demands his title shot. A singles title? Going singles? Damn right! He’ll be TV champ, like how Jay was two time WHC. But with that bad arm? Yeah! You damn right! How many times has Mark tried and failed? What is Jay’s problem? They’re a tag team, that’s his problem.

ROH World Tag Team Championships: Motor City Machine Guns VS War Machine!

Two tested teams with bonds that are long and strong, but the champions will be the ones who are tougher and more determined! The bell rings, Rowe runs right at Chris Sabin for a Superman Punch! Hanson kicks Alex Shelley off the apron and then climbs up, Rowe has Sabin in position, FALLOUT! Rowe hurries to a cover, Shelley hurries up top, Shelley breaks the pin with a missile dropkick! Hanson puts Shelley in a corner and boxes away with body shots. Hanson is backed down by the ref, Hanson runs in but Shelley dodges, Hanson hits buckles. Shelley tags in, Sabin boots Hanson back, Shelley goes up but jumps over, Rowe puts Shelley in a corner with double shotgun knees. Hanson becomes a human weapon, running hip attack toss! War Machine is fired up and so are the fans, Shelley slumps down from the impact. He sparks back to life as fans rally but War Machine isolate him. Forearm, tag to Hanson, Shelley is fed to one knee strike then another, down he goes. He puts up his guard but Hanson is upon him with half-nelson knee strikes. Shelley reaches for Sabin but can’t get away as Hanson uses his #WarBeard to scrub and rake the face of Shelley. Hanson brings Shelley up and into the corner, tag to Rowe. Hanson whips Rowe in for a corner splash, Hanson bumps Sabin off the apron, Hanson hits a big splash on Shelley. They’re not done there, Hanson becomes a weapon again for a scoop slam senton! Rowe covers, Sabin breaks that up. Sabin gives forearms but Rowe responds with knees and a discus elbow. Rowe has Sabin, whips him at Shelley but Shelley puts him to the apron. Rowe rushes in, back elbow keeps him back, Shelley hops up and jumps, only to be caught. Sabin hops up and uses a missile dropkick to give Shelley the edge and take Rowe down. Sabin goes after Hanson, is punched away. Shelley tries, he’s also punched away, but then becomes a step stool for Sabin’s dropkick, Hanson is knocked off the apron to the ground. The fans fire up for MCMG, they go after Rowe with a kick vice from the apron. They goad Hanson into running in and dump him out. Sabin builds speed, Shelley opens up the ropes, Sabin DIVES onto War Machine! Both Rowe and Hanson go down, the fans cheer for “Motor City!” Rowe is put in the ring, fans start dueling now as Shelley lines up the shot. Rowe fights back but Shelley keeps him down with a knee. Sabin is perched while Shelley drags Rowe up, Rowe tries to fight back again, but is caught into the missile dropkick complete shot. Cover, TWO, Shelley is frustrated. He keeps focus as fans rally again, he fishhooks Rowe’s jaw. He lets go at 4, then brings Rowe over for two boots to Rowe’s head. Tag to Sabin, double arm wrench elbows and crisscross to back elbows and synchronized knee drop and back senton. Cover, Hanson breaks it, then haymaker for Shelley. Hanson runs, Shelley tries a drop toehold but Hanson’s pretty big, so Sabin comes in to add on a bulldog! The champions are in control as we go to break. Back again and it’s still MCMG. They take Rowe to a corner, double whip corner to corner, whip but Rowe dodges Sabin to go after Shelley. Shelley dodges Rowe, do-si-do with Sabin, back elbow then step stool for Sabin, but Rowe catches Sabin to slam him onto Shelley! Both MCMG and Rowe are down and a ten count starts. Rowe crawls his way over, tag to Hanson, Hanson rallies on MCMG with big hands and big boots. MCMG are in opposite corners, Hanson gets going on that endless clothesline train! TEN big corner clotheslines and the fans are loving it. Hanson feeds off the chants as he whips Sabin corner to corner into Shelley, Hanson runs in, Shelley gets Sabin clear so that only he takes Number 11! Sabin enziguri rocks Hanson, Rowe back for Ace Ten Mao! Shelley gives Rowe a complete shot into buckles, Hanson runs and Shelley dodges, Hanson hits a springboard back elbow! The fans give a standing ovation just for the insane athleticism because “This is awesome!” Shelley is punch drunk but up on his feet, Hanson fireman’s carry but Sabin mule kicks Hanson. Shelley is safely on his feet, and adds a SUPERKICK, then enziguri SUPERKICK combo! Hanson falls down, Rowe is up and he headbutts forearms away. Rowe spins but gets caught into the Dream Sequence: atomic drop, low dropkick, neck bridge, low dropkick! The MCMG target Hanson, kick vice in the corner. Hanson gets Sabin away and rocks Shelley off the top rope. Hanson cartwheels to dodge, Sabin mule kicks in, Rowe returns to feed Sabin to Thor’s Hammer! Then Hanson DIVES on Shelley! Hanson returns while Rowe gets Sabin up, Hanson climbs… “Great match guys!” The Addiction appears to ruin the fun, again! Christopher Daniels sprays silly string into Hanson’s face! But Daniels pays for it as Rowe yanks him into the ring with him! Hanson and Rowe take more silly string but clearly no effect, Rowe decks Daniels with a stiff right. Hanson clotheslines Daniels out, but while Rowe chases The Addiction off, Sabin rolls up Hanson! Jackknife cover, the MCMG win and retain! Shelley & Sabin aren’t complaining, but War Machine is furious with The Addiction. Daniels & Kazarian have a chance to become #1 contenders to the tag team titles, will Hanson & Rowe work to ruin their fun back?

My Thoughts:

Another great episode here. Great opening triple threat tag, all three teams are indeed very promising in ROH, but The Kingdom goes over as they are the strongest team and some very strong Heels. They’re also Heels that make good points, they should eventually get an ROH Six Man Tag rematch, but that might be a bit much too soon if they also want ROH Tag Team titles, putting five belts on three guys is too much for The Kingdom and even for The Bullet Club, since the Young Bucks had to give up their tag titles to MCMG in order to have the Six Man titles with Adam Page. Mark hurt his elbow back in mid-October, but he still wants his ROH WTV shot, he’s definitely got heart. Glad to see that even this injury feeds into the Briscoe VS Briscoe story, their program can still happen even if it is delayed, and I look forward to a match between them.

Cody did amazing work in his segment. Not the match with Nova, Nova was all feeding for Cody’s ego. His promo on Castle and NXT was the incredible part, shooting on Triple H and the former ROH stars over there now. Castle gets to lay him out to show his loyalty to ROH as well as his own pride, and Castle also did well to poke at Cody’s pure wrestling talent not being that high. Their coming match is going to be incredible for just story elements alone. The main event was great, even if The Addiction ruined it for War Machine, but the heat they got for it was exactly the point. The Addiction kept Hanson & Rowe winning, probably because The Addiction feels they can’t defeat those two super hosses but can definitely defeat The Best Friends — Chuckie T and Trent Barretta — to then defeat familiar foes in the MCMG. As I’m guessing, War Machine might return the favor to screw over Daniels & Kaz, and we’ll get a grudge match of War Machine VS The Addiction at Final Battle to go alongside Best Friends VS MCMG, two great tag team match-ups right there. A bit surprised The Addiction is getting a part in the contenders match as they’ve only been either losing matches or ruining them for others, perhaps that can even feed into the Kingdom Conspiracy story that’s building for The Kingdom.

My Score: 8/10


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