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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (11/21/17)



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  • Street Fight: Akira Tozawa VS Drew Gulak; Tozawa wins.
  • Tony Nese VS Mustafa Ali; Nese wins.
  • Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari w/ Enzo Amore VS Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann; Alexander & Swann win.



The Cruiserweights celebrate Thanksgiving!

At least, The ‘Zo Train does. They give thanks–but not sneak food before the others, Dar… Anyway, as the Certified G, Enzo Amore is a 5G with the ‘Zo Train, and the others are well connected. These connections is getting them all matches tonight. Better than that, matches against the “schmucks” what interrupted them on Raw. But calm down. Raw wasn’t a good look. And when you’re on The ‘Zo Train, you rep the Enzo Brand. Tonight, after making Enzo look good, Christmas might also come early. In the form of a recommendation for an opportunity at the Cruiserweight Championship. Enzo looks out for his guys, but where is Gulak? PowerPoint. Seriously? But wait, is that Gobbledy Gooker?!

What’s this turkey doing here? Dar stop smiling. Reveal! It’s Gulak. How are you doing? He’s Gobbledy Gulaker. Enzo said to loosen up, right? Enzo is at a loss for words. But the point being, can someone earn a big Christmas present even before Black Friday?

Street Fight: Akira Tozawa VS Drew Gulak!

Before the Crusader for #Drewtopia gets gritty with Dragon Gate’s graduate Stamina Monster, Gulak wishes to speak. The fans chant “Power Point! Power Point!” but Gulak shouts them down, because of his rule against chanting. Gulak is a “proud member of The ‘Zo Train” and therefore “Enzo Adjacent.” If Amore is from the streets, by proxy, so is Gulak. And in an effort to clean up the mean streets, he will do whatever it takes to end Akira Tozawa’s chanting of “AH! AH! AH!” Which the fans echo in order to irritate Gulak. Make no mistake, Gulak will prove his loyalty and show the world that Gulak is not afraid to not just roll up but cut off his sleeves and get his hands dirty. And speaking of, here is a special edition of hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis… POWERPOINT PRESENTATION! Which we won’t get to see because Akira Tozawa enters!

The bell rings, the “AH! AH! AH!” echoes out again. Gulak gets out of the ring and covers his ears as he walks around the ring. Tozawa dares Gulak to get back in the ring, Gulak does, and the two brawl. Gulak has control as he gives a stiff chop, then a body shot against the ropes. Into a corner, Gulak goes after an arm then whips but is reversed, sunset flip rolled through for the kick and the back senton. Tozawa is fired up as he gives Gulak a few chops. Houston wants tables already as Tozawa feints a chop and then gives Gulak a stiff jab. Tozawa stomps on Gulak, Gulak headbutts Tozawa’s ribs. Fans chant for “PowerPoint! PowerPoint!” but Gulak tells them to stop chanting. Gulak drags Tozawa up, gets space, gets caught in a hunicanrana. Gulak ends up on the apron, Tozawa boots him down. “AH! AH! AH!” before building speed, Tozaw Torpedo!

But wait! Gulak caught the suicide dive, and turns it into a suplex onto the stage ramp! Tozawa hits hard steel plates and writhes in pain as Gulak sits up and catches his breath. Gulak drags Tozawa up and beats Tozawa up on the ramp. Gulak lines up a shot, running forearm runs Tozawa over. Tozawa’s jaw and throat are still recovering from what Gulak did to him weeks ago, so Gulak keeps on it with a haymaker. Gulak drags Tozawa back into the ring, and gets that sign. Ironically, fans chant “No Chants! No Chants!” Gulak grabs his sign and jabs the bottom into Tozawa’s ribs, cover, TWO. Gulak keeps going, he opens up the apron skirt to bring out not just one chair, but two chairs, and tosses them into the ring. Gulak sets up one chair, drags Tozawa over, and sits Tozawa in that chair. A stiff slap knocks Tozawa over, cover, TWO. Gulak is getting frustrated, fans still want tables. Tozawa is dazed, Gulak takes his No Chants sign and wedges it in a corner. He drags Tozawa up and takes aim at that corner, but Tozawa slumps as dead weight. Gulak mocks Tozawa’s fighting spirit. Either get up or give up! Gulak goes to scoop but Tozawa blocks with all the power he has, then elbows and “AH! AH! AH!” Gulak gets angry, he gives body shots, he scoops but Tozawa slips out, saido suplex into the sign post!

The post splinters, now Gulak is the one writhing in pain. Both men are down but Tozawa stirs. Tozawa gets to the outside and as fans chant for tables, Tozawa obliges! He pulls out a table, fans go wild, and Tozawa puts the table in the ring. Gulak is crawling over, Tozawa starts setting up the table, Gulak pounces. Gulak drags Tozawa up, bumps Tozawa off the table, then drags Tozawa to suplex him into buckles. Drag to a cover, TWO, and Gulak is further frustrated. Gulak surveys table and ring, and decides to put that table in a corner. Tozawa rolls out to the floor, Gulak fetches him, dragging him up but getting reversed so that Gulak goes over the announce desk! Tozawa clears that table now, climbs up, cannonball senton!

Down goes Gulak, but it was a bit double-edged for Tozawa and his own damaged back. Tozawa stirs and gets up, drags Gulak up and into the ring. Tozawa has one more idea, he brings out… one kendo stick, then a trash can! He brings both of those into the ring, stalks over to Gulak, and places trash can over Gulak’s head to then beat it with the kendo stick! Tozawa gets Gulak on that table, then climbs up top, fans fire up as they see what’s coming next. Drop Zone Super Senton through it all!

After that crash landing, Tozawa covers, Tozawa wins! Chants or no chants, Tozawa proved he’s the tougher man, will he be the one to cash in on the Realest Champ’s early Christmas gift?

205 Live is about to add yet another star to the roster!

He made his name in Japan, in the indies, and even in NXT, the Cruiserweights better be ready to #GoToSleep, because they’re soon going to meet Hideo Itami!

The ‘Zo Train’s appetite is souring.

The Premier Athlete, Tony Nese, doesn’t care about how big Hideo Itami has been around the world, 205 Live is #ZoTown. Also Nese doesn’t seem to care that he’s getting turkey bits everywhere. If Itami is smart, he’ll join them. No, Nese, what you should be worrying about right now is staying on the ‘Zo Train. Nese better do a better job than Gulak did. In come Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann and Mustafa Ali. “Look what we got over here~. A cuppa turkeys.” Or, a couple brown-nosing lackeys. Dinero Davari, Tony Abs, what has Enzo done to them? The ‘Zo Train is gonna run you three over. Or, just embarrass him again. Enzo tells them to wrestle like their lives depend on it. Nese is up next, he better do “whatever it takes” to win. Turkey leg down, match up next, will the ‘Zo Train keep on track?

Tony Nese VS Mustafa Ali!

The Certified G issued his orders, can the Premier Athlete carry them out against the Pakistani Prince? Or will The ‘Zo Train go 0-2 against the Anti-Amore Alliance? The bell rings, the two circle, they tie up, Nese shoves Ali away to flex as always. Nese feels that his literal body of work is something everyone should be thankful for this year, but Ali doesn’t think so. They tie up again, ropebreak isn’t clean as Nese gets a headlock. Ali slips to a hammerlock, Nese reverses but Ali reverses right back, scoop slam for Ali but he holds on to arm-drag and armlock Nese in return. Nese pulls Ali’s hair then powers out, things speed up as Ali handsprings over, and he flexes now. Fans like his better than Nese’s, Nese runs in but gets a crucifix roll-up, TWO, Nese runs Ali over with an elbow. TWO, Nese stomps away on Ali. Nese drags Ali up, Ali gives body shots and forearms but Nese gives back a knee before whipping Ali to a corner. Ali goes up and over, speeds up again, flapjack dropkick sends Nese out of the ring. Ali kip-up, then he goes to a corner and climbs up, aims at Nese, then jumps for a somersault senton!

Ali takes Nese down and is safely on his feet again, fans like that. Nese shoves Ali away, tries to run away, Ali stops him but gets a throat chop in return. Ali gives an elbow back, hps up but then gets tripped up, Ali is sideways on that corner. Nese breaks the ring count then returns to give Ali a top shelf knee and a face-first drop on the announce desk. Into the ring for a cover, TWO. Nese is frustrated, he stomps on Ali, then toys with him on the mat. Nese wraps on a chinlock, fans build to a rally, Ali feeds off that to get up and fight out by putting Nese in a corner. Nese wraps the chinlock right back on, Ali tries again but is thrown into the buckles. Nese runs in, Ali dodges and gets to the apron, Nese goes to shoulder him away but Ali dodges and kicks back. Ali slingshots over and speeds up, rallying with forearms. Whip to a corner reversed, Ali slides and slips out, roundhouse knocks Nese away. Ali rolls in, X-Factor facebuster! TWO! Ali and Nese are slow to getting up, having tired each other out. Ali brings Nese up, Nese shoves and forearms Ali hard. Another whip reversed, Ali gives a forearm. Nese staggers, but Matrix kip-up dodges Ali’s swing, Nese gives kick after kick but Ali blocks one. Back suplex escaped, Ali shoved to a corner, but Ali jumps to hit a tornado DDT!

Cover, TWO, Ali is surprised. Nese stirs, crawls, fans rally and Ali gets up. Ali goes to climb up but Nese anchors a foot, so Ali stomps away on Nese. Ali goes up, Nese gets under the ropes so Ali grabs him, only to get swung into the post! Ali sits down, dazed from the impact, Nese gets up and gets running, Premier KNEEse!

Nese wins, The ‘Zo Train is on the board! Can the Premier Athlete get himself a golden opportunity before the holidays?

And The ‘Zo Train is happy about it!

“That is exactly what I’m talking about!” Daivari and Dar promise to “slap the smiles right off of Cedric’s and Rich Swann’s faces.” They’ll drink Thanksgiving dinner through straws! And as such, Enzo will be front row for “Twofer Tuesdays”, because when it’s 2v2, these two will show those two why The ‘Zo Train ain’t an embarrassment. Unlike a certain someone! The Gobbledy Gulaker is sulking in the corner. Can he leave Time-Out? He has to use the restroom… No! You sit there and you think about what you’ve done. As for the Privileged Persian Lion and Scottish Supernova, time to get it done.

Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari w/ Enzo Amore VS Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann

Some familiar foes are mixed in this tag team match, which side will win this Thanksgiving Best of Three series? Starting the match are Daivari and Alexander, the Carolina Kid is caught in an arm wrench but reverses with handsprings and gets a headlock takeover. Daivari gets up, pulls hair to a corner, the ropebreak is not clean as Daivari gives a shoulder and some haymakers. Corner to corner whip and Alexander hits buckles hard. Daivari pumps the ‘Zo Train horn, whips Alexander, Alexander rolls, handsprings and headscissors Daivari before giving a dropkick. The fans chant “Shut up, Enzo!” at the Certified G trash talking on the side. Alexander tags Swann, Swann slingshot dropkicks, Alexander gives Daivari a suplex to set up for the Rolling Thunder splash! TWO, Swann keeps on Daivari but Daivari powers him to the ‘Zo Train corner, tag to Dar. Dar gives Swann a headbutt to the rings, but then Swann kicks him away. Swann dodges Dar, Alexander tags, sunset flip rolled through and Dar takes the springboard flying lariat!

Alexander is fired up as he drags Dar up, Dar is saved by Daivari’s distraction that gets the Privileged Persian a stiff forearm. Dar swings and misses, but counters Alexander’s handspring with a kick to the ribs. Cover, TWO, Dar is frustrated as he goes after Alexander’s arm. Dar gives body shots in the corner, tag to Daivari for some ‘Zo Train mudhole stomps. Tag back to Dar, Dar taunts Swann, big stomp to Alexander’s ribs and then a grinding foot into Alexander’s chin. Tag to Daivari, Enzo is feeling good about his team as Alexander is mugged and isolated. Daivari drags Alexander up, puts him back in the corner, tag to Dar. Enzo trash talks everyone from Alexander to the fans, Dar tortures Alexander’s arm with a modified Fujiwara. Fans rally, Alexander gets up, Dar kicks a leg out then knocks Swann down. Alexander rolls, no one home as Dar pounces from behind. Cover, TWO, Dar is frustrated, but not without his confidence. Alexander kicks back, but Dar kicks him down, tag to Daivari. Daivari stomps away on Alexander, then grinds a boot into Alexander’s face. Alexander makes a scramble for Swann but Daivari anchors his foot, elbow drop to the back. Daivari puts on a chinlock, trash talks in Farsi, fans rally and Alexander fights back to jawbreaker out. Dar grabs Alexander, gets a haymaker for it, Alexander escapes Daivari’s back suplex. Dar rushes in but is tossed out the other side, Daivari grabs Alexander’s tights to keep him from tagging Swann. Alexander gets a second try, tag to Swann, and the Outlandish One starts rallying. Stiff back kick but Daivari boots back, Daivari hops up but is thrown off with a No Hands Hunicanrana! Cover, TWO, Enzo is relieved. Swann goes up top, Dar comes in to distract the ref, Enzo is the one who trips Swann up! Daivari gets to the corner as Swann tumbles down, Daivari aims, “Persian Lion Splash”!

TWO! Enzo and his boys are shocked! Enzo demands Daivari get the job done and tag in Dar. Dar tags in, small package surprise, TWO, roundhouse! Enzo gets up to distract from the cover, so Alexander yanks him down. Daivari comes over but Alexander blocks his boot, to give a stiff back elbow! He grabs Enzo, Enzo begs for mercy, Dar wrecks Alexander with a dropkick! Enzo thanks Dar, Dar gets in, Swann Song heel kick! Dar down in position, Swann climbs up, Phoenix Splash! Swann & Alexander win the series, but the ‘Zo Train are sore losers as they attack as a pack!

Alexander tries to save Swann but he ends up beat down all the same. Enzo stomps a mudhole on Swann, Dar and Daivari keep Alexander down. BIG clothesline for Swann, but then Tozawa and Ali come to the rescue!

However, Nese and Gulak intercept!

The entire ‘Zo Train beats down the Anti-Amore Cruiserweights, Tozawa sent into steel steps, and Ali thrown into a post so hard, he spins off it!

Swann’s ankle is holding him back as Alexander gets mugged 4v1, with Conductor Enzo just watching and coordinating. Alexander takes the Hammerlock Lariat from Daivari, Swann is fed to Dar’s running enziguri! Enzo says the kick is good. The ‘Zo Train isn’t done just yet, they pile Swann and Alexander as Enzo climbs up. And with help from his ‘Zo Train, Enzo hits a Certified G Splash!

#TwoferTuesday came true, and the ‘Zo Train dances behind their Conductor.

Enzo then takes to the mic, no surprise. He asks Swann and Alexander both, “How You Doin’?” At this rate, will the ‘Zo Train run over every other Cruiserweight in the Division as we near the end of the year?

My Thoughts:

Not a bad 205 Live to follow up Survivor Series and Raw. This truly was The ‘Zo Show with everything connected to him and his ‘Zo Train stable. Enzo is still great on the mic even if he is a Heel, and at least Gulak is a great personality to work with Enzo as a foil, because of how opposite they are. Really good Street Fight to open the show, and Houston got what they wanted with a table spot. Tozawa is 2-0 for Street Fights on 205 Live and is 2 for 2 in using a table as part of his finish, and this checks of “No Chants” on Gulak’s campaign. He already did “No Flying” with Ali, so perhaps next is going to be a “No Flashy Attire” with someone like Gran Metalik or Lince Dorado? I don’t know anyone else in the Division with attire quite as colorful unless someone gets added to the roster. Nese picks up his win mostly out of necessity, can’t let it be a clean sweep for the Faces.

Great to hear that Hideo Itami is being called up and to 205 Live like the rumor mills were saying. I also like the reactions from The ‘Zo Train to this news, Dar’s was probably the best and most appropriate, as even in matches Itami lost in NXT, he hit really hard and made the opponent work for the win. Then, the tag team match was pretty solid, thanks to all the work Swann & Alexander have done together against THE Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher. If Cruiserweights were allowed to mingle with Raw, a team like those two could possibly into the Raw Tag Team Championship scene, or at least give Heels like The Bar or The Club one other team to go against on the side. But that aside, Alexander & Swann win but then get beat down with Tozawa and Ali so that the math stays even. ‘Zo Train loses the battle but not the war, they’re going to stand tall until Itami shows up to knock them down and put him over to make it clear he is Enzo’s next contender. The only problem is that Itami barely did anything in NXT because of injuries. Hopefully Itami can stay healthy to get his title match with Enzo, which I hope he also wins to freshen things up.

My Score: 8/10

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