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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Report! (11/20/17)


  • Finn Balor VS Samoa Joe; Joe wins.
  • Asuka VS Dana Brooke; Asuka wins.
  • Dean Ambrose w/ Seth Rollins VS Sheamus w/ Cesaro; Ambrose wins.
  • WWE Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contender Fatal-4-Way: Sasha Banks VS Bayley VS Mickie James VS Alicia Fox; no contest.
  • Braun Strowman VS Jason Jordan; no contest.
  • 8 Man Tag: The ‘Zo Train VS Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann, Akira Tozawa & Mustafa Ali; Alexander, Swann, Tozawa & Ali win.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: The Miz VS Roman Reigns; Reigns wins and becomes the new Intercontinental Champion.


Raw Commissioner, Stephanie McMahon heads to the ring.


Raw rallied to win 4–3 at Survivor Series! And so she welcomes Houston to “what is officially known as The A Show”! Her brother Shane knew SmackDown didn’t stand a chance. He thought putting Raw #UnderSiege, it’d be enough, because in a fight, strike first. But Stephanie knows that in a fight, fight to win. Kurt Angle’s job is 100% secure, and now she wishes to bring out the man who led the team to victory… her husband, Triple H!


The Game is here even after Survivor Series ended, in which Triple H attacked Kurt Angle and let him be eliminated, to then swerve Shane O’Mac into the winning elimination. Braun Strowman took offense, threatened Triple H, and after Triple H tested him, powerslammed Triple H down. But before Triple H can speak, out comes Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle!


But the Kurt Angle that speaks isn’t the GM, but the WWE Hall of Fame superstar. If Triple H ever attacks Angle like that again, “you can take this job and shove it because I’m coming after you.” Fans like the sound of that! But Stephanie reminds Angle that he speaks to the COO of WWE. Angle’s intensity is appreciated, it brought Raw the victory, so do not jeopardize his career again. But then Jason Jordan appears?! His leg is all better, and he’s storming right down to the ring, angry with what Triple H did to remove him from the team. Jordan wants to see Triple H do something now.


Angle as the GM has Jordan back down, but Jordan asks the GM to put him in a match against Triple H! Fans want that, too! But Stephanie says Angle doesn’t have the authority to do that. Jordan asks if Triple H is a coward. Triple H takes off his jacket but Stephanie says that Triple H will “tear you apart”. Jordan is too naive to know it, but Triple H isn’t afraid of anyone in that locker room. How about BRAUN!? The Monster Among Men gets right in Triple H’s face, just like last night.


The two stare down without a word, but it is Triple H who backs down. And fans chant “Coward! Coward!” at him. Strowman keeps his eyes on Triple H the entire time Triple H makes his way out, fans chant “You’re a coward!” Stephanie sees everyone is so eager for a match, it’ll be Jason Jordan VS Braun Strowman! Fans boo, that’s Stephanie being a coward now. But Strowman doesn’t care, competition is competition. Angle keeps the peace, but this match is going to happen by order of the Commissioner. Jordan barely survived Bray Wyatt last week, can he survive The Monster Among Men this week?

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Finn Balor VS Samoa Joe!



The Extraordinary Man and the Destroyer were allies for only as long as the Survivor Series 5v5 match lasted, back to being bitter enemies! The bell rings, they rush each other, Joe catches Finn with those stiff jabs that back Finn to a corner. Joe drags Finn up for a stiff knee to the ribs, then stands him up for a chop. Joe runs, Finn dropkicks him to a corner. Finn grits his teeth as he clubs and kicks away at Joe. The ref backs Finn down, Joe blasts out with a big back elbow. Joe stalks Finn, sits him up and gives him double chops to the shoulders. Nerve hold clamped on as fans duel. Finn feeds off it to get up but Joe sits him back down with a tighter squeeze. Finn endures that grip on his shoulder, gets up but gets chopped down. Joe whips Finn to a corner, Finn reverses, Joe boots back then hops up, but Finn rocks him to the outside with a swing kick. Joe gets up but is woozy, Finn gets up and builds speed, Finn FLIES!


Direct hit on Joe! Balor Club in control as we go to break.

We return, Joe is stretching Finn in a half surfboard. Fans rally, Finn gets up but Joe whips him into a corner, back elbow and Pele! Finn down again, Joe covers, TWO. Joe isn’t annoyed, he’s focused. He gives clubbing forearms to Finn before putting that nerve hold again. Finn endures the squeeze on his trapezius, but feeding off the rallies. Jawbreaker breaks the hold, Finn fires himself up but Joe shoves him away and then gives him a stiff forearm on the rebound, PELE from Finn! Both men down, fans rally again, Finn is up first. Finn gets to a corner, Joe gets to his feet, Finn boots him away. Finn dodges then swing kicks from the apron, Joe staggers away, Finn runs in to rally with forearms and dropkicks. Finn throws Joe out of the ring, runs and gives a wrecking ball dropkick. Then from the apron, Finn gives Joe the Penalty Kick, but it’s blocked and Finn is tripped into a faceplant! Joe runs, JOE DIVES! He knocks Finn right into barriers! Joe gets Finn in the ring, Finn gets to his feet, running STO from Joe, TWO! Joe keeps ice cold as he brings Finn up, Joe prepares but Finn fights out of the yurinagi, so Joe gives him a stiff chop. Joe runs, into Finn’s slingblade! Joe dodges the dropkick, back senton! TWO! Joe is getting a bit annoyed now as he stalks Finn. Joe waits, arms ready, Finn stands up, Coquina Clutch sleeper, but then Finn rolls through to double stomp! Finn hurries, blasting dropkick, and then Joe is down in position. Finn gets to the corner, gets to the top rope, Joe is up and trips him up. Joe drags Finn off the top turnbuckle and into the Coquina Clutch!


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Finn flails, fades, the ref has to call it! Joe wins! Finn didn’t tap but he did go to sleep, who will be next for The Destroyer to dominate?

Raw looks at Lesnar VS Styles.

The first-time-anywhere dream match was certainly Phenomenal, and though The Beast dominated early on, things got a lot tougher for the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion by the end. In the end, Lesnar won, where does he go next?


Jason Jordan asks if Kurt Angle really is going to let his match go through.

The Gold-Blooded Son did get hurt, after all. But, JJ said he was 100%. Well, he said that because it was Triple H. Well, Angle can’t cancel, it’s not a good idea. Okay, okay, JJ will compete. Besides, he’s the only guy who can beat Braun Strowman. Angle beat guys way bigger than himself in the past, and his blood is in JJ’s veins, so JJ can do this. JJ ain’t afraid, he’ll make The Monster Among Men tell horror stories about him! Has Jordan gone off the deep end?

Asuka VS Dana Brooke!

The Empress of Tomorrow was the Sole Survivor for the Women’s 5v5 Elimination Match, proving no one on the main roster is ready for her. Can her undefeated streak continue on the road to the Royal Rumble? The bell rings, Asuka is grinning already. They circle, Dana swings but misses, Asuka hits her with a roundhouse. Asuka whips but is reversed, Dana kicks, Asuka blocks but then Dana kicks with the other leg. Arm wrench reversed into an arm wringer, Asuka kicks Dana around on the mat. Asuka unloads kicks on Dana against the ropes, rope-assisted octopus stretch. Asuka lets Dana go, Dana gets to the apron, but gets blasted off by a hip attack! Asuka is feeling good about herself as she mocks Dana’s poses. Dana gets pissed, rushes in, but her takedown is reversed and Asuka kicks Dana over and over again. Dana gets to ropes, Asuka doesn’t let go, Dana yanks Asuka into ropes. Asuka is pissed now, Dana kicks out her legs. Dana gives forearms, fans rally for Asuka, Dana gives her a head pat. Asuka stands up so Dana slaps her. Asuka grins again, and gives Dana open hand strikes and a few spinning back hands before a spinning heel kick. Asuka is all fired up, Buzzsaw kick! Asuka wins! Not like there was going to be any other result, the Empress is ready to reign over Raw, it’s only a matter of when.


Time for Miz TV!

The Most Must-See Talk Show in WWE History, and “Bravo, Baron Corbin.” The biggest victory of the Lone Wolf’s career and is more relevant now than he ever has been in his life, all thanks to The Miz. But Corbin’s “brush with greatness” is over, for The Miz is the A-Lister of The A Show, on to something more important. Tonight’s guest led The Shield in victory over SmackDown’s New Day, it’s Roman Reigns! …


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Let’s try again. It’s Roman Reigns! How unprofessional. This is The Miz’s show! Introduction number 3! “Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta.” Not just Roman but the entire Shield are now Miz’s guests!


And they enter the ring, but Miz and the Miztourage back up. Miz made it clear he only had one guest, not three. But they can’t get enough of each other, huh? Must feel pretty good right about now. Yes, really good, because The Shield proved to the world that they ain’t missed a step. In case anyone missed it, The Shield proved they are the most dominant trio in WWE history! Three of them together, brothers in arms, are “pretty much unstoppable.” Yes, The Shield~! Back together~! Just like old times, but something is bothering Miz: Where is the “thank you”? To who? To Miz! What? Miz, there was never going to be a situation where The Shield thanks The Miz, ever. No, they understand! Everyone understands that the Shield Reunion Tour started because of The Miz! When Miz’s hand goes up, your mouths go shut. It was in Houston when the inaugural Mizzies that the “Bromance” reignited. With Miz pushing them, they wouldn’t have gotten over themselves and brought out the tactical vests. The least Miz deserves is one “thank you.” The fans are mixed on this. Miz wants it from The Shield. For that matter, Miz deserves a cut of the new merch sales. Sales are doing well, to be honest. But they don’t have their checkbooks, maybe later. For once, the fans cheer “Miz is Awesome!” Houston is making history with that one. Miz should thank Houston. Houston would like that. Miz refuses to thank the fans for anything! Spotlight, please. The Shield is ungrateful. Whoa, hold on. No, no, Shield won. And the ingrate is the one who lost. Oh haha Miz lost, but The Miz is the one with a championship belt! Miz is champion, not Ambrose, not Rollins, not Roman! Well it’s only a matter of time before Rollins & Ambrose get those Raw Tag Team Titles back, but uh… Roman feels left out now. Well, you could take Miz’s title. All nice and shiny. Yeah that does look good. Both of them are free tonight. How about it, Houston? Houston wants that! Bo Dallas speaks up now, to say that you can’t just show up and challenge The Miz. You want at him, you gotta go through The Miztourage. Bo and the still injured Axel step up, The Shield feels so stupid for forgetting. Uppercut for Bo, Miz retreats! And Axel is all alone again… He points out his neck brace, and begs they let him go. Not happening. Kingslayer, Dirty Deeds! And now that Bo is getting back up, he finds himself in a bad spot. The Houston fans say “We Bolieve!” but The Shield still tears into him. And then, TRIPLE POWERBOMB!


The Shield went through The Miztourage, will Roman get at Miz’s Intercontinental Championship?


Backstage interview with Braun Strowman.

He takes on Jason Jordan, what does he think of JJ not being afraid? Strowman says, “Good. That makes him different than everyone else. Including Triple H.” What Strowman means by that in itself, no one can be sure, but one thing’s for sure, the match is happening and Strowman might just put the fear of him into JJ tonight.

Dean Ambrose w/ Seth Rollins VS Sheamus w/ Cesaro!


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The Bar is the Raw Tag Team Champions by way of a New Day “Pump Fake” but the brothers in arms still get a title rematch down the way, who can gain some early momentum tonight? The bell rings, they tie up, Celtic Gladiator puts the Lunatic Fringe in a corner, Ambrose pushes his way out and gets a waistlock. Sheaus drop toeholds to a facelock, Ambrose reverses to a hammerlock. They stand up, Sheamus reverses, shifts to headlock, Ambrose reverses to keylock and arm wrench, Sheamus powers out. Sheamus scoops but Ambrose slips out, arm-drag to armlock. Sheamus up quick, but back down all the same. Hammerlock stomp to Sheamus’ arm, but then Sheamus gives knees and forearms back. Sheamus gets Ambrose down, knee drop, Ambrose gets to the apron. Sheamus goes for the Bodhrain, Ambrose blocks and gives some of his own! Sheamus breaks out, hotshot snaps him back, Ambrose chops and whips. Sheamus kicks Ambrose away, Lunatic Lariat meets a boot! Ambrose is out of the ring, The Bar in control as we go to break.

We return, Sheamus deflects a missile dropkick to put Ambrose in a stretch muffler. Sheamus has Ambrose dangling, Ambrose sits up and punches away, but gets a sit-out powerbomb for it. TWO, Sheamus goes right at Ambrose with a Fujiwara armbar. Ambrose endures as Cesaro taunts, fans rally and Ambrose gets up and around to scrape Sheamus off. Ambrose rushes Sheamus but gets a lariat to knock him down. Ambrose is picked up, suplex slam, TWO. Sheamus is getting annoyed, Cesaro keeps him focused. Sheamus kicks Ambrose while he’s down, then suplexes him again for another slam. Sheamus keeps on Ambrose as fans boo and jeer and say “You Look Stupid!” Ambrose dares Sheamus to bring it, so Sheamus stands him up for another suplex, but Ambrose slips out to slap Sheamus in the face. Sheamus runs in, Ambrose back elbows, tries to boot but Sheamus blocks it, so Ambrose just slaps him again! Sheamus runs in a second time but Ambrose dodges to send Sheamus into the post. Cdesaro tries to coach Sheamus into this, Rollins rallies the fans and Ambrose feeds off it. Sheamus turns him arond, Ambrose goes for but is denied Dirty Deeds, so Ambrose unleashes various punches. Ambrose knees Sheamus, gets running and rallies with clotheslines. Ambrose gets to a corner as Sheamus does, corner to corner but Sheamus boots him away. Sheamus rolls to the top rope, takes aim, but Ambrose gives him an elbow to send him to the floor. Ambrose sees his target, builds speed, but runs into Sheamu’s elbow. BROGUE dodged, Sheamus clothesline’d out, Ambrose DIVES!


Down goes Sheamus, the fans fire up. Ambrose up, he gets Sheamus in the ring, Rollins keeps Cesaro back. But when Rollins turns away, Cesaro pounces! Roll-up, TWO, stiff kick but the Lunatic Lariat becomes a roll-up, TWO. Drop toehold sends Sheamus into the second rope, down he goes. Ambrose get to a corner, climbs up, Cesaro distracts and Sheamus takes advantage. Sheamus climbs up, positions himself with Ambrose, SUPER ROLLING SENTON! TWO! Cesaro is shocked!


Fans rally for Ambrose again as The Bar regroups. Sheamus up, prepares himself, but Rollins DIVES on Cesaro! Sheamus is distracted, into DIRTY DEEDS! Ambrose wins one for The Shield! Can he and Rollins combine to take back those Raw Tag Team Championships?


Matt Hardy is arriving when Jason Jordan tells him about his match.

JJ is confident he can beat Braun on one leg. Matt faced him, any advice? Matt has faced big men, like Mark Henry, The Big Show, and even Brock Lesnar. But those are men, Strowman is truly The Monster Among Men. When Strowman grabs you, his strength feels inhuman. Matt knows, it is a humbling experience. Matt has learned a lot in WWE, like dozens of way to use ladders, nothing is more important than family, but most of all: some nights, it’s just not your night. After all that, is JJ still confident in facing the Abominable Strowman?

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Alexa Bliss goes to the ring.


Raw may have won Survivor Series 4–3, but The Goddess was among the three losses. She speaks now to say she’s read all the tweets and comments, “you couldn’t beat Charlotte but what a great match!” “Kudos for your effort!” “Sorry you came up short.” That last one she hated. Save your pity, Alexa doesn’t need it. She knows she did great, even with only five days of preparation. Charlotte won because she got lucky. Last night wasn’t Alexa’s night but 2017 is the Year of Bliss! And no other woman can hold a candle to her! Mickie James comes out to retort.


She has a question, actually: “Who else is sick and tired of hearing the same old, worn-out jibber-jabber from Lil’ Miss Biscuit Butt?” If no one told Alexa, Survivor Series is over, time for more Raw Business. And Mickie wants that Women’s Championship. Wait, this is a joke, right? Bayley comes out now! Sorry to interrupt, Mickie, but for once, Bayley agrees with Alexa. Mickie had her turn, and 2017 has been Alexa’s year, but this year ain’t over just yet! Bayley is not the same woman Alexa beat earlier, so time to skip in line to get at that championship. More jokes as far as Alexa is concerned. So now the Legit Boss, Sasha Banks, appears!


Raw deserves better. But not a Huggable One, nor a Seven Time One, but a Legit One! And not some little bee like Alexa. But then Alicia Fox appears! A Boss as Champion? Well maybe the captain should get a chance. Because Raw wouldn’t have beaten SmackDown without Foxy’s guidance. Wow, thanks, Captain Delusional. Alexa thanks them all for wasting time. Not one of these four deserves a championship match. Alexa drops the mic and takes her leave, but Kurt Angle has other plans for her. Alexa will have to face the winner of this upcoming Fatal-4-Way! One woman will get her chance, who will it be?!

WWE Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contender Fatal-4-Way: Sasha Banks VS Bayley VS Mickie James VS Alicia Fox!

When we come in, it is Sasha and Bayley alone, roll-up, TWO. Sasha forearms Bayley, Bayley powers Sasha into a corner. Bayley throws in shoulders, rolls back, Sasha boots her back. Sasha runs out, saido suplex from Bayley, but Mickie breaks that pin then kicks Bayley. Alicia Fox dropkicks Mickie, then goes for the scissor kick, Back Stabber into Bank Statement Crossface, Bayley breaks the hold. Bayley goes after Sasha, gets that stiff knee, everyone else out. Mickie comes in, neckbreaker to Sasha, TWO. Mickie brings Sasha up, suplex but Sasha slips out, Mickie bucks her off, double clotheslines bring them both down. Alicia is lurking, but here comes PAIGE!?


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The Anti-Diva has a mic, and with all eyes on her, the former champion asks “Did you miss me?” Houston says “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Aw shucks. Sorry to interrupt business. But she just wanted to say something to them and everyone watching: “I’m back~!” No no, that reaction wasn’t good enough, make more noise. “Welcome Back!” they chant. But also, she’s not alone. Huh? Paige heads down to the ring, but what is she talking about? Sonya Deville and Mandi Rose of NXT are here!!


They disrupt this match, getting it thrown out, and they go after Sasha now. Bayley comes in, she fights them both off, but she forgot about Paige! Thrust kick from Paige knocks Bayley down, and Paige regroups with the Gladiator Girl and the Golden Rose. Alicia Fox is sane for once and runs away! Paige’s Tough Enough Trio gives Mickie a butterfly facebuster, and then a stiff kick for Sasha. Bayley is the only one left, Paige grabs her, for the RamPaige!


What will this new trio end up doing to the landscape of Raw?!


The three feel great, backstage interview with Renee Young.

Paige explains that it was all just a whole year’s worth of — oh wait, Alexa Bilss interrupts. Paige doesn’t need to explain a thing, “bravo, ladies.” Alexa dismisses Renee, and Paige is flattered but… First day jitters here. Introduction properly, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Nice to meet you. The feelign doesn’t seem mutual.


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Alexa feels a bit awkward, she gets attacked! And then put into the sides of trunks and crates and even the garage door!


Paige and her new friends leave the champion down for the count, has The Goddess met a new ruling force on Raw?

Braun Strowman VS Jason Jordan!


The Gold-Blooded Son got put into this match when The Game wasn’t feeling man enough to face the Monster Among Men, JJ thinks he’ll win, but will he even survive? The bell rings, JJ circles Strowman but Strowman stays in the center of the ring. JJ slaps Strowman!


Strowman scares JJ out of the ring! Strowman shouts for JJ to get back in the ring, JJ does so tentatively. JJ is cornered and caught, Strowman throws him corner to corner but JJ dodges. JJ tries power, he gets Strowman up but it’s not enough. That bad leg gives out, Strowman throws JJ again and then crushes him in a corner! JJ is dazed, Strowman scoops him up, JJ slips out quick but that bad leg bothers him again. JJ limps around on the outside of the ring, JJ gives up. But KANE is back! Chopblock! Then with a chair, he rams and smacks Strowman’s body with it! Big boot sends Strowman out of the ring, Kane pursues with that chair still in hand for more SMACKS in the back. Strowman is bounced off the steel steps again and again, The Big Red Machine is back for revenge. He puts the chair under Strowman’s chin, and rams it all into the steel steps! Strowman’s throat might be crushed at this point, Kane leaves Strowman gasping for air. Strowman tells the refs and medics to leave him alone, but he’s still gasping and coughing as he heads up the ramp. Has the Machine finally crippled the Monster once and for all?


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Enzo Amore heads to the ring!

And he has his ‘Zo Train with him in full! Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari join the Certified G, How You Doin’? And for anyone who missed Survivor Series, don’t worry, Enzo will review. “And still your Cruiserweight Champion of the World, Enzo! AMORE~!”


His beautiful face is still the face of 205 Live, but it wasn’t easy. There was an army of haters, but it didn’t matter, because Enzo has his army. You should all be thankful this close to Thanksgiving. And what better way to thank his ‘Zo Train than to let you know what they’re thankful for: Enzo! The Scottish Supernova now has more ladies than he can handle. The Premier Athlete has gained even more abs. Looks like he’s up to 20. The Privileged Persian has an even bigger bank account and richer wardrobe. Money can’t buy happiness? That’s a lie. And last but not least, “Gabber Gulak”, keep it real, how many more viewers have seen his message of a #Drewtopia? The infrastructure has grown by 20% alone. However, before Gulak can finish his report, out comes Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali and Akira Tozawa. This Anti-Amore Army is headed to the ring! They stand across from The ‘Zo Train, we’ve got a cuppa haters in Houston.


Guess Kalisto lost his luggage. Alexander speaks up, they’re not here to join the ‘Zo Train, they’re here to get at that championship. The difference is, these four earn it, rather than suck-up! Has Kalisto’s been poisoning their minds? Numbers show that The ‘Zo Train is the way to the top! And the top of that, he didn’t fall there. So get on board, or get out of the way. Make them. But he can’t, not without his boys. Otherwise he’s just a catchphrase and a t-shirt. Enzo starts a brawl but gets out of the way, 4v4 chaos! Enzo just watches with a big grin as we go to break.


We return to the match in progress, Swann gets out of a headlock but is shouldered down by Gulak. Gulak speeds things up, roll-up counter to Swann, TWO, things speed up again, front flip and dropkick from Swann rocks Gulak. Swann goes for but Enzo denies Rolling Thunder by taking Gulak out of the ring. Swann intimidates Enzo, the ‘Zo Train protects him, but the others get around behind and have a clean shot at Enzo! Enzo runs away, Swann pursues, Gulak intercepts with a knee. Cover, TWO, the teams regroup at their corners. Certified Genius from Enzo, or so he says. Daivari tags in, double suplex to Swann, TWO. Chinlock wrapped on, fans rally, Swann fights out but is denied a tag by Daivari with a big lariat. Daivari drags Swann over, tags Dar, they double whip corner to corner. Dar runs in, misses, Swann tosses Daivari out, Nese drags Swann out but gets an enziguri. Gulak swings but hits Nese when Swann dodges, Swann takes the long way around, and Enzo is unsure what to do. He goes after Swann, Swann jumps over Dar, tag to Alexander! Springboard lariat, Gulak thrown out again, “AH! AH! AH!” Tozawa Torpedo! Enzo gets away, Gulak takes all of that. Dar up, stiff back elbow. Ali tags in, Dar whips but takes the Neuralizer! Ali up top, Nese tries to save the day but he gets a Lumbar Check!


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Then, 0–5–4! Ali and team win! The ‘Zo Train has been derailed for tonight, but who is it who will be on track for a Cruiserweight Championship match?


Kurt Angle checks on Jason Jordan in the Trainer’s Room.

That leg is definitely not good. JJ feels like he let Angle down. Angle says he didn’t. Miz comes in to complain about his Intercontinental Championship defense. How can Angle reward The Shield like this? Now’s not the time, he’s checking on his son! But he’s not going anywhere. Well, Miz better go, to the ring. That match is still happening. JJ admits it, Strowman really is a Monster Among Men.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias.”

The Drifter is still in Houston. And Houston still doesn’t want to walk with him. “Hear that? Sounds good. That is the sound of success. Not that anyone here would have any idea what that’s like.” But he’s in a good mood because Raw won. Believe it or not, Elias has a song. Fans interrupt by cheering “Let’s Go, Astros!” The season is over, grow up. Elias is gonna sing now so shut your mouths and listen! He starts again, but then needs to ask fans not to clap, it throws him off. And Matt Hardy interrupts again! So Elias goes right after him! The two brawl, scrapping on the mat. Matt gets Elias in a corner and fans are on his side as he hammers away. Elias knees back, but narrowly escapes the Twist of Fate! Matt wants more, Elias won’t give him any. When will Matt get proper payback for the disrespect?

WWE Intercontinental Championship: The Miz VS Roman Reigns!



The Hollywood A-Lister didn’t want to, but now he has to defend his title against The Shield’s Big Dog. Will Roman add that title to his Yard and become a Grand Slam Champion? The bell rings, the two circle, Miz gets out of the ring. Miz goes around the outside while Roman watches, Miz milks the ring count since he has Champion’s Advantage.


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Roman chases him and they return to the ring, Miz runs into Roman’s powerful uppercut! Miz goes down and gets to the apron, Roman comes over, hotshot snaps Roman back. Finale denied, so backbreaker to neckbreaker, but Roman powers out of that neckbreaker, school boy to deadlift powerbomb! TWO, Miz gets out of the ring and we go to one more break.

Back again, and Roman suplexes Miz, both men go down. A ten count begins and gets to about five, Roman up and starts rallying with clotheslines to Miz. Miz flounders to a corner, Roman has fans cheering for him as he gives close-range clotheslines in the corner. Roman gets all ten, backs up and boots Miz! Roman has fans fired up, locks and loads, but Miz sees it coming so he gets out of the ring again. Roman goes out to follow him, jumping- kick from Miz, DDT to the ground!


Miz gets in the ring quick, he wants Roman to be counted out. The count gets to 5, Roman stirs. Roman gets up and crawls over, he beats the count at 9 and three-quarters! Miz is shocked, but he gets right on him, low DDT! TWO, and now Miz is getting frustrated. Miz drags Roman up, fans duel, Miz drives in elbows on Roman’s shoulder and neck before wrapping on a chinlock. The fans keep that duel up, Roman starts getting up. Roman fights back with body shots, stiff uppercut. But then Miz turns Roman around, backbreaker to neckbreaker works, TWO! Miz is furious, he argues with the ref. Roman stirs, Miz stalks The Big Dog to ropes and chokes him before giving the running back attack. Miz drags Roman up, Roman revives to give that uppercut once more. Roman runs in, misses, Miz corner to corner for the dropkick. Then again, another dropkick! The third is caught into a fireman’s carry but Miz rolls Roman up, TWO. Roman boots Miz away, Miz runs but is tossed out. Right back in, for another uppercut! Miz is holding himself up on ropes, but runs at Roman, only to miss that A-List clothesline. Roman recovers as Miz tumbles down. Fans keep on dueling, Roman and Miz are up, Roman blocks punches to give punches. Whip reversed, kitchen sink knee takes Roman down. Miz gives Roman the “It Kicks”! Miz misses the buzzsaw, Roman hits the Samoan Drop, TWO! Roman keeps his focus, gets to a corner again, and fans are thunderous as he reloads. Roman aims, SUPER- no, Fin- no, reload, SUPER- Miz trips up Roman, buzzsaw It Kick! TWO!! Miz can’t believe he was so close, he is getting frustrated again. Roman crawls to a corner, Miz gets up, and starts stomping on him. Miz grinds a foot in Roman’s chin, then walks it off as he waits for Roman to get up, A-List clothesline! Miz throws Roman down and climbs up top. Miz takes aim, flying ax hand — SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO! Roman is the one shocked now. Roman is up again, in the corner, but The Bar appear to distract! Skull-Crushing Finale!! TWO!? A screw job didn’t work out, The Shield is here now and they go after The Bar! Back drop for Cesaro, SUPERKICK to Sheamus, and then Sheamus is sent into the crowd! The Shield watches Miz get up as Roman does, too. SPEAR!! Roman wins and is the new Intercontinental Champion! Grand Slam Big Dog, The Shield celebrates together in the ring! Can Rollins & Ambrose now go on to take back the Raw Tag Team Championships to make this a Golden Shield?


My Thoughts:

What an interesting Raw to follow Survivor Series. Plenty of good things but also some bad things, as if Raw really does just go back to business as usual now that they don’t have to worry about SmackDown. Stephanie and HHH spark some tension relating to the Survivor Series fallout, which Angle and Jordan add on masterfully, as well as Strowman. Strowman is going to get his hands on HHH eventually, but it seems Kane is not through with him just yet. Strowman-Kane can make for a great Raw special before getting to the Royal Rumble where I would hope Strowman gets his match with HHH, because I’m thinking it’s still going to be HHH VS Angle at Wrestlemania. Finn VS Joe was great, this is a feud that we need on Raw’s Road to the Royal Rumble, and if need be it can even be made into a #1 contenders feud with the winner challenging The Beast at the Rumble. Joe goes over now, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Finn wins in the end. I actually am liking this slight turn for Jason Jordan, he’s not exactly full Heel but he is showing some sort of manipulative traits towards Angle while also trying to give himself excuses as to why things went wrong. Be prepared for Gold-Blooded Son to betray Olympic Gold Father as part of the HHH-Angle angle.

Asuka wins, no surprise. Big surprise in the women’s division was not just Paige returning, but bringing back-up in two NXT Call-ups. And it is just fine Deville & Rose jump the line, they weren’t exactly doing that much in NXT, but knowing that Deville is facing Ruby Riot in this week’s NXT (aka the “dark matches” from before TakeOver) that might be Deville’s good-bye match, meaning she will likely lose. As for what she, Rose and Paige will do on Raw, obviously they’ll make sure Alexa Bliss loses that title and Paige wins it. Solid match for Ambrose, Rollins, Sheamus and Cesaro, even if this is the Nth time we’ve seen something like this, but the process has to start all over again. But then we get to that bad part of tonight, aka how Raw handles Cruiserweights. Enzo may be great on the mic but fans are getting tired of him, and if WWE wants to sell the Division, less is more. That entire 8 Man should’ve actually been maybe two or three men to actually showcase some skills and personality rather than just giving everyone one spot each at best. Otherwise the fans who don’t already watch 205 Live won’t because they don’t know anything about these guys. Then, some more bad: why shove in a random brawl of Elias and Hardy? As fun as it is for Elias to run down the audience and having them respond, did we really need this after that Cruiserweight cluster filler? But hey, at least the main event was something fans actually enjoyed, as Houston fans actually cheered Roman Reigns! There are many factors as to why but that all aside, solid work from Roman and Miz, Roman becomes Grand Slam Champion and we’re one title match away from a #GoldenShield, just like their original run.

My Score: 8/10

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