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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Report! (11/27/17)



All images courtesy of the WWE’s official Twitter



  • Seth Rollins VS Cesaro; Rollins wins.
  • Samoa Joe VS Titus O’Neil w/ Apollo Crews; Joe wins.
  • Six Woman Tag: Bayley, Sasha Banks & Mickie James VS Paige, Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose; no contest.
  • Bray Wyatt VS Matt Hardy; Wyatt wins.
  • Cruiserweight Fatal 4 Way: Noam Dar VS Rich Swann VS Akira Tozawa VS Ariya Daivari; Swann wins and qualifies for a Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s match.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge: Roman Reigns VS Elias; Reigns wins and retains the IC Championship.
  • Asuka VS Dana Brooke; Asuka wins.
  • Jason Jordan VS Kane; Kane wins via count-out.
  • Kane VS Finn Balor; Finn wins by disqualification.


The Big Red Machine has targeted the Monster Among Men.

Kane heard talk of Braun Strowman’s strength but was not impressed, so Kane did his damnedest to destroy Strowman for good. But even that was not enough. Strowman returned to powerslam Kane through the ring. However, Strowman didn’t realize Kane himself was more than man, and Kane unleashed on Strowman with a chair, and worst of all, jamming that chair into the windpipe of the Monster. Strowman refused medical assistance, but does he have a chance to recover? Is Kane truly “Raw’s Only Monster”?!


Roman Reigns comes to the ring!

The University of Tennessee has a mixed reaction for the WWE Intercontinental Champion as he comes to make this arena His Yard. Roman won that illustrious title last week on Raw, even with The Bar trying to help The Miz, but his brothers in The Shield took care of them. Now Roman is the 16th Grand Slam Champion, but he’s still looking for competition. That mixed reaction continues as Roman speaks on his big week. Shield reunion, a Survivor Series win over The New Day, and then Roman got an opportunity. The fans on Roman’s side believe “You Deserve It!” and he appreciates them for saying that. The new IC Champion knows Miz cried and ran his mouth, but just watch what happened after Raw went off the air. The Miz said he was awesome as always, but then got decked and wrecked by The Shield! Triple Powerbomb on the announce desk! Miz is going to be gone for awhile, but you’ll still get to see the Intercontinental Championship. It is a prestigious title, Roman will make it that by being a fighting champion. This is His Yard and that is His Title, so just step into the Yard to try and take it. The Miz’s theme hits, but it is the Miztourage that arrives. “How dare you disrespect the Most Must-See Intercontinental Champion of All Time!” The only thing worse than Curt Axel’s neck pain is the heartache. But they’re in no shape to correct this injustice. So they got someone who can. Elias?! Hold your applause, he’ll still perform later tonight, but right now, Elias is standing up for “a good guy” in The Miz. The Drifter is here to guide the Miztourage and ignite their fire. So tonight, Elias is going to take that championship. Sounds like Elias wants to walk with the Big Dog, so the Big Dog accepts. But before then, look at Curt Axel. Can you sing with a neck brace? Because you’ll probably end up in one. Can the Drifter make it out of The Yard in one piece?


Seth Rollins VS Cesaro!

The Big Dog may have a match later tonight, but his brothers in arms have one right now as The Architect goes 1v1 with the Swiss Cyborg! The bell rings, Cesaro is finishing up putting his gear away, fans are strongly on the side of Rollins. They tie up, waistlock, Cesaro gets out with a wristlock, Rollins spins and reverses to a hammerlock. Cesaro works on a counter, getting his own hammerlock, Rollins endures as Cesaro trash talks. Rollins rolls and spins into a wristlock of his own, Cesaro kicks and stomps him down. Rollins is clubbed against the ropes then whipped, but Rollins dodges and hits Cesaro with a crossbody and fast hands. Chop for Cesaro, then body shots and stomps, the referee backs Rollins off. Rollins  returns to chop Cesaro again, then another, but Cesaro powers him to ropes. Ropebreak isn’t clean as Rollins counters Cesaro’s cheap shot, but that turns into another dirty ropebreak where Cesaro kicks low to then suplex and hang Rollins up. Rollins tumbles down and out, Cesaro is in control as we go to break.

Upon returning, Cesaro has Rollisn in an abdominal stretch. Rollins reaches for ropes as he endures the stretch, fans cheering him on. He pries his way out instead, but that leaves him open to a hard knee to the gut, Cesaro covers, TWO. Knee drops rain down from Cesaro, Rollins gets to a corner for safety. Cesaro waits for Rollins to get up, shoulder tackle to the stomach and then Cesaro shovels Rollins up top. Another body shot before Cesaro climbs up, Rollins resists the gut wrench, then elbows a leg out from under Cesaro to bring him down. Rollins adjusts, takes aim, flies, but is caught into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker!

TWO, another quick cover, TWO, Cesaro is getting frustrated. He glares at Rollins as he stalks the Architect to ropes, then stomps away before yanking him to the center. Cover, TWO, Cesaro puts on a rear bearhug. Fans rally for Rollins again, Rollins gets up, he gives elbows to get out of the bearhug but Cesaro blocks that suplex, stiff forearm to the back and then a back suplex, cover, TWO. Cesaro is getting frustrated, he gives a heavy elbow drop and then toys with Rollins. Rollins hits back, then climbs up only for Cesaro to give him a headbutt to the ribs. Whip, spin around, but it’s Rollins who gets the stretch! Cesaro powers out with a hip toss, but Rollins responds with an elbow and boot. Rollins hops up, jumping blockbuster!

Both men down from exhaustion and sore bodies, fans keep rallying for Rollins. Rollins fires off strikes, a mule kick, but is then put on the apron. Cesaro goes to shoulder him off but gets a guillotine legdrop! Rollins in the ring as Cesaro is outside, Rollins builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit sends Cesaro right into barriers, but both men down again as we take one more break.

Back again, Falcon Arrow from Rollins to Cesaro, TWO! Rollins and Cesaro are slowly stirring, Rollins is up first and gets fans rallying. He grabs Cesaro, Cesaro elbows him away, whip into a corner but the ref is there, so Rollins slams on the brakes. Poke to the eye from Cesaro and then a roll-up, TWO! Cesaro is shocked but won’t stop, he trips up and starts swinging Rollins, transition into Sharpshooter!

Rollins endures the legendary submission, Cesaro has it in deep. Rollins endures but powers his way over to ropes, ropebreak! Cesaro lets go but rains down rights, then drags Rollins up into position, but Rollins fights his way out, back drop but roll-through, mule kick! Cover, TWO! Both men stir as fans rally again. They brawl on their knees, European Uppercuts from Cesaro rocking Rollins. Rollins gets back up, counters the third into a backslide, TWO, Cesaro runs, springboard into SUPERKICK and KINGSLAYER! Rollins wins a hard-fought match! Once their tag team partners return, will The Shield defeat The Bar once and for all?

In-ring interview with Rollins.

With the other members doing other things, is this the end of the Shield already? “Oh hell no, Charli!” Rollins is solo because Ambrose finally gets to have his honeymoon. Rollins wants to check in on him, hasn’t heard from Ambrose since last week. Wait, maybe Renee put the room under her credit card… Charli knows her, she might know, right? Well, whatever, Roman being a solo champion won’t separate the Shield but making them stronger! Roman being IC Champ inspires the others to be Raw Tag Team Champions again. And speaking for Ambrose, Rollins wants to invoke that rematch clause next week! Time to burn The Bar down and strengthen the Shield by having them all become champions!


Kurt Angle sorts out the Cruiserweight Division’s Certified Dilemma.

In Rich Swann’s words, “The ‘Zo Train has gone off the tracks.” A what? Enzo’s stable. He has the title, and those “circus freaks” are keeping anyone else form getting near it. These guys just want a chance. Angle has a solution. Enzo isn’t a shot-caller, Angle is, and it is time to determine a #1 contender. In three weeks, we will know, because tonight starts a set of Fatal 4 Way matches. The winners of those matches face each other to then become the #1 contender to the Cruiserweight Championship. The Division accepts this, who will come out of the double Fatal 4’s to become the one?!


Samoa Joe VS Titus O’Neil w/ Apollo Crews!

It was roughly a month ago on Raw that The Destroyer put the Titus Worldwide client and manager to sleep with his Coquina Clutch, and then just decimated Titus and Apollo the week after. This is a chance at retribution, can “Real Deal O’Neil” #MakeItAWin? At the bell, Titus goes right at Samoa Joe with stomps and body shots, Joe keeping up his guard to then get a headbutt in. Joe turns things around, sleeper on but Titus powers out. Stiff body shot from Titus, he keeps on Joe in the corners. Joe guards again, then spins it around for the back elbow and PELE! Apollo tries to coach Titus into the match, Joe just jabs him again and again. Stiff forearm from Joe to Titus, Titus gives back a chop, so Joe gives one, chops and forearms back and forth! The ref backs Joe down after a throat chop, Joe keeps on Titus with body shots. Titus puts Joe in a corner, more body shots and haymakers now. Titus clubs away on Joe, a stiff slap just wakes Joe up! Titus throws and boots Joe, cover, TWO. Joe is put in a corner again, Titus won’t be bullied as he mugs Joe. The ref backs Titus down, stiff right from Joe and then elbow after elbow before the full Coquina Clutch. Titus taps, Joe wins!

Titus did all he could, but The Destroyer is still too tough. Apollo steps in to back Joe off, they start brawling, Joe ducks an enziguri to put Apollo in the Coquina Clutch! Apollo goes to sleep again, has Joe just dismantled Titus Worldwide single-handedly?

Six Woman Tag: Bayley, Sasha Banks & Mickie James VS Paige, Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose!

After the #RamPaige the returning Glampire and her new friends committed on last week’s Raw, it is time for them to do things upfront against The Huggable One, The Boss and Kickie James. Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss, joins commentary to watch what happens to her assailants, will The Goddess be satisfied with tonight’s results?

Sasha appears, but… where are Mickie and Bayley? Whatever reason for them not coming out, Paige and her team are all here as they enter together.

Good to see you, Sasha, you look great considering what happened last week. But even she has to wonder, where are her friends? Mandy, Sonya, did you do something? Oh yeah they did! Mickie is down with a bad ankle, And Bayley is down with a bad neck! So this is a handicap tag? Well while they’ve got time, Paige needs to vent about the hounding on social media and in real life to explain her actions. She has a good reason why: one year ago, she was THE WOMAN in WWE to erase “Diva” from the dictionary. She was the Matriarch of the Women’s Evolution. This is her making a statement, because guess what? “I’m back~!” Sasha is alone as Paige and friends storm the ring, because Alexa Bliss ran away.

Proper introductions to “Absolution.” Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Before there was a Boss, or the Four Horsewomen, or even a Goddess or Empress, there was Paige. Mandy and Sonya never forgot. Every woman has pushed the competition, the envelope, and the game. But fact is, no one would’ve been where they were without Paige, which is why they’ve allied with her. Together, Absolution will absolutely change the Revolution. So the question is, is Sasha gonna end up like the others? Or is she going to be smart and #PledgeYourAllegiance to them? The fans boo and jeer, but the clock is ticking. Is she with them? Or against them? Sasha strikes Paige! Sonya and Mandy are right on her! Hammering fists and knees, then they hold Sasha up for Paige, but Ssaha still fights out! It’s 3v1, “This is MY House!” Paige wants them to finish Sasha, Sonya shows her stiff kick to Sasha’s head! Then Mandy gets her turn, butterfly facebuster! And to top it off, RamPaige DDT! With this trio working together, can anyone stop Absolution from taking over?


Bray Wyatt speaks.

The Eater of Worlds has returned to Raw. What does the Face of Fear have planned?

Bray Wyatt VS Matt Hardy!

“I never had a childhood.” Bray never celebrated holidays, carved turkeys or even cared. But not the WWE Universe, they care, carve, and celebrate just like “they” want you to. Try to keep up, but the entire world “exists within the confines of a cardboard box.” Quite pathetic, really. Bray tried to free us, but you’ve never listened! So now the world’s ignorance and suffering fuel and delight him. For Bray’s eyes are wide open and can see the world for what it truly is: “you’re all dead.” Bray goes on and on about this until his opponent comes out!

Matt may be without his brother, but he won’t take the words Bray is spewing lying down!

This match started over the commercial break but as we return, it is Bray in control of Hardy with a cravat. Bray adds on headbutts but Hardy feeds off the fans rallying to fight back. Bray whips, Hardy ducks, big body check from Bray runs Hardy over! Hardy gasps for air as he gets up, Bray is upon him with a stiff uppercut. Bray goes corner to corner, big corner splash crushes Hardy. He topples down while Bray stands over him, Bray runs but Matt dodges the back senton. Both men down, fans rally again, Bray is up, followed by Haryd. Hardy throws hands to back Bray down, forearms as well, cofrenr to corner whip revesrsed. Matt dodges and then clotheslines once, twice, bulldog hits! Hardy calls for going up, climbs up, takes aim as fans fire up, elbow drop coutnered but then Hardy fights out, Side Effect! Cover, TWO, but Hardy isn’t slowing down. Hardy calls for the Twist but Bray powers out. Hardy elbows Bray away, then boots, Hardy throws Bray down by his hair before climbing up again. Moonsault flops! Both men down but stirring, Bray uses his spider-walk to get up and creep over to Hardy. He brings Hardy up, goodnight kiss before Sister Abigail! Wyatt wins, and is all smiles.

Our suffering is his pleasure, will the Eater of Worlds continue to enjoy himself on Raw? As for Hardy, he has the fans behind him, but what can he do to turn his losing streak around? “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” Is this a sign of things to come?


Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle discuss what Kane did to Braun Strowman.

A real shame because The Gold-Blooded Son wanted at teh Monster Among Men. Angle wonders about that, JJ’s leg buckled on him. Not him, too. Everyone thinks JJ was using his leg as an excuse. JJ is fine, he wants an opportunity! He’ll go after Kane, that’ll show everyone. In that case, Angle will make that happen! Is Jordan getting in over his head, again?


Cruiserweight Fatal 4 Way: Noam Dar VS Rich Swann VS Akira Tozawa VS Ariya Daivari!

As Angle explained earlier, one of these four men will move on to face the winner of another Fatal 4 Way to find a #1 contender! The bell rings, and the Stamina Monster starts up the “AH! AH! AH!” battle cry. He, the Outlandish One, the Scottish Supernova and the Privileged Persian approach each other tentatively but Daivari goes after Tozawa while Dar goes after Swann in corners. Mudholes and a rain of right hands, the ‘Zo Train is working together but so is the Anti-Amore Alliance. Daivari trash talks in Farsi, then a stiff chop followed by another. Double whip, Tozawa ducks, Swann comes back and Daivari and Dar are sent out. Tozawa and Swann are alone, so they try 1v1, but are even in agility as Swann front flips but jackknife, popped to a sunset flip, TWO, roll-up, TWO.

Enzo is watching and is annoyed, Tozawa is on the apron but mule kicks Dar away. He also forearms Swann away but Daivari trips him up, Swann builds speed and FLIES! Huge crash and burn for all four men, Enzo is liking that a bit better. Swann gets up and gets Dar in, Dar rolls out but Swann pursues to chop sharply. Swann won’t let up, another stiff chop! The fans are fired up as they return to the ring, Swann stomps and chops Dar again. Daivari throws Tozawa into a corner, Dar gets back on Swann. Dar whips but is reversed, Swann dropkicks Dar down. Daviari returns to SPINEBUSTER Swann out of the Rolling Thunder, TWO! ‘Zo Train regroups to beat up Tozawa, “Choo choo~!” They drag Tozawa up and beat him down, stiff double whip corner to corner. Swann fights back but is sent down and out, Daivari keeps on Swann but needs help from Dar. They go for and hit a double suplex on Swann as we go to break.

We’re back as Tozawa fights against The ‘Zo Train, but it is still 2v1 so they take control. Double whip but Daivari takes a running boot, Dar is alone as he is reversed, sunset flip rolled through for Penalty Kick, back senton on Daivari! Tozawa has the fans cheering “AH! AH! AH!” as he heads to a corner and climbs up. Dar trips him up, climbs up but is knocked down, so Daivari comes back, only to be knocked down as well. Dar returns, climbs up again, Daivari joins in, and they both have Tozawa on the top rope, but then Swann outta nowhere, TOWER OF DOOM! Swann covers Tozawa who took the worst of it, TWO! Enzo is freaking out that his boys can’t finish the “schmucks”. Swann drags Daivari into position as fans rally, but Daivari revives to take a mule kick! Swann still climbs, Dar trips him up. Tozawa boots Dar! “AH! AH! AH!” as he builds speed, Tozawa Torpedo! Direct hit, but Daivari with the Persian Lion Splash, TWO! Shining Wizard to Daivari from Tozawa, Tozawa wants one more chance on the top rope. He takes aim, and… DROP ZONE BACK SENTON! Only for Dar to toss Tozawa into post! He covers Daivari, Swann breaks it up! Swann is thrown out now, Dar rolls Tozawa, TWO! Dar is frustrated but he won’t slow down, he takes aim at Tozawa and runs, Nova Rolla enziguri! Swann drags Tozawa out before Dar can cover, then gives Dar a stiff roundhouse. Dar in position, Swann up again, Phoenix Splash! Swann wins and moves on to the #1 contender’s match! Can the Outlandish One find his way back to the Cruiserweight Championship?


“Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias.”

As promised, The Drifter has a performance for Tennessee, and a song dedicated to The Miz. So please silence your phones, hold your applause and shut your mouths! Or else he won’t sing his song for Miz. Yay~! No, wait, he deserves to hear this. Elias begins, “Since Miz has been gone~, Miztourage hasn’t slept.” The boos and jeers make Elias stop. Gotta start over! “I can’t even count, the tears that they’ve wept. The Miztourage Blues~, the Miztourage Blues. So follow Elias, and I’ve got you.” Boo…! Elias is usually a one man show but he has something special tonight. Introducing The Miztourage’s Bo and Axel from the shadows, they have harmonicas!

Bo and Axel play, a regular jam session for Tennessee’s Volunteers. Take a bow, Bo and Axel! Now you may applaud, fans. They don’t.

The fans want Roman! Elias does, too! Miztourage, you’re excused, and everyone else, sit down! Tune in to this one, because that title is gonna walk with Elias!

WWE Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge: Roman Reigns VS Elias!

Raw opened with The Big Dog giving out an opportunity, to which the Drifter answered on behalf of the Miztourage, can Elias get out of the The Yard with that prestigious championship? The bell rings, they tie up, headlock but Roman slips right out. They circle, fans duel on whether or not “Roman Sucks!” The two men tie up again, Roman gets a headlock on Elias, Elias fights out and powers out, Roman runs him over, ONE. Roman is ready as Elias gets to his feet, the two tie up again and Roman gets a headlock but Elias puts him in a corner. Dirty break with those body shots, the ref backs him down, Roman rocks Elias with uppercuts and haymakers. Whip reversed, big knee rocks Roman back, cover, ONE. Elias stays on Roman by ramming him shoulder-first into a post. Another cover, TWO, Elias is getting annoyed with Roman as he puts him in a chinlock. The fans rally as Elias thrashes, Roman endures, Elias fish-hooks the mouth as he rams in knees to Roman’s back. Roman works to get up as fans start rallying, Roman gives back body shots and runs, but right into Elias’ lariat! TWO, Elias stays on Roman with another chinlock. Roman is brought to the mat, Elias wrenches deep. Fans keep up the rallying, Roman gets up and powers Elias to a corner. Elias holds on so Roman rams in again, Roman is free and starts rallying with clotheslines. Whip reversed but Roman comes back to run Elias over. Elias is in a corner, Roman gives him close-range clotheslines! Bo gets on the apron, gets rocked with an uppercut! Axel distracts from the far side, Elias hits a running knee! TWO, Elias is frustrated but in control as we go to break.

We’re back as Roman is back in a chinlock, fans are dueling as he works to get up again. Roman fights otu but Elias knees low, whip but Roman holds ropes to elbow Elias back. Then a boot out of a corner, but Elias wraps on a headlock. Roman powers Elias off and out of the ring, then Roman follows for the Drive-By dropkick on the apron! He puts Elias back in, Bo starts barking and gets a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Axel begs for mercy, Roman SPEARS Axel down!

Elias pounces, putting Roman into a post face-first, and then barriers before going into the ring. Elias climbs up, takes aim, big elbow! TWO, and Elias is shocked and frustrated. The Drifter drags the Big Dog up, Roman spins around for the fireman’s carry but Elias slips down and shoves Roman into buckles. Elias shovels Roman up onto his shoulders, spin around for the sit-out powerbomb!

TWO!! So close yet so far, Elias is running out of ideas. The fans know “This is awesome!” as Elias drags Roman up again. Roman is dead weight right now, Elias keeps trying. Frustration boils over, Elias uses all his power but Roman small package surprise, TWO, stiff right elbow from Elias. Elias runs, SUPERMAN PUNCH, TWO! Roman is now the one surprised, both men crawl to opposite ends. Roman fires himself up, as do his fans. The battle cry, Roman runs but into Elias’ knee, Roman runs with Elias, SPEAR! Roman wins and retains! The Big Dog is still your WWE Intercontinental Champion after a surprisingly competitive match, will things get tougher from here?

It will with SAMOA JOE putting on a Coquina Clutch outta nowhere!! The Destroyer says this is the Big Dog’s future! Referees rush the ramp to pry Joe off, as does security, but Roman is out cold. Joe says he’s coming for Roman and that title, then rains down right hands! It takes all security has to get Joe to leave, is Roman’s reign already over?


Asuka VS Dana Brooke!

The Empress of Tomorrow, still undefeated since debuting in NXT almost two years ago, is here to remind everyone watching Raw that #NobodyisReadyforAsuka! Brooke says Asuka is a “slow-starter”, she is gonna get a jump on her, so better not blink. The bell rings, Brooke rushes Asuka, ends up in an armbar! Brooke taps, Asuka wins FAST!

So much for slow-starter… If Asuka can do it that fast, who can ever hope to defeat her? Well, Absolution wants something to do with her, as they head right to the ring. Paige, Sonya and Mandy flank Asuka like they did Sasha, and as tension mounts… Absolution backs down? They’re all smiling, as is Asuka. Paige lets Asuka go, what does this mean!?


Jason Jordan VS Kane!

The Gold-Blooded Son is really blurring the lines of boldness and recklessness, is he going to survive The Big Red Machine? JJ speaks on the social media speculation about that knee of his. A lot of doubters think JJ is just using it as an excuse, but he’s here to set the record straight. He is a professional, he knows his body, he knows his limits. Last week, he slipped out and felt a pop, so he had to quit. Thanks to WWE’s world class medical staff and some rehab, he’s back to 100% and ready to do what Braun Strowman can’t, and that’s shut Kane down.

Kane arrives, the bell rings, he and JJ circle around but Kane is too strong for JJ to take down. JJ gets a waistlock but can’t suplex Kane, Kane elbows and whips JJ to a corner. JJ jumps out of the corner to hit Kane with a flying ax handle, then powers Kane up for a shoulder tackle in a corner. JJ does it again, corner to corner! He’s all fired up as he runs in at Kane, big shoulder tackle, but Kane blocks the overhead t othen rock JJ with an uppercut. JJ thrown right out and hard on his bad knee! Doesn’t seem 100% anymore as JJ writhes on the ground. A ring count begins, gets very high as JJ tries to walk, but he can’t get in the ring in time, Kane wins via count-out. JJ finally does get in the ring, and brawls with Kane, only to get booted right down. Kane drags him up and throws him out again, landing on the bad knee a second time. Kane comes out to stalk the wounded Jordan, big lariat runs him right over. Not done there, JJ is put into barriers and then into the ring, Kane goes right at that bad leg with a chopblock! And a knee smash on top before stomping away. Another knee smash, Kane is torturing JJ, until Finn Balor appears! The Extraordinary Man has been waiting for his retribution on Kane, is this the time?

Kane VS Finn Balor!

We come into this match as it begins, Finn kicks away at Kane’s legs. Kane grabs Finn by the throat, Finn slips out, dropkicks a leg out. Finn dropkicks Kane again, but then gets clobbered by a clothesline. Kane drags Finn up, whips him to a corner hard, then stomps on Finn before giving him that signature uppercut. Fans cheer Finn on even as Kane keeps on him in a corner with heavy right hands. Kane whips Finn corner to corner, big clothesline then the sidewalk slam, TWO. Chinlock wrapped around Finn’s head, but Finn endures as fans rally. Finn is whipped to a corner again but boots back a couple times. He slips to the apron, kicks Kane back, Finn dropkicks Kane out the other side. Finn takes aim, slingshots and knocks Kane into barriers. Kane staggers away, Finn runs in, dropkick blasts Kane into the barrier! Finn comes back, Kane uses a chair! Disqualification but it matters not to Kane, he goes after Finn’s ribs with that chair edge! Back into the ring, Kane takes aim at Finn with that chair, SMACK to the back!

Finn doesn’t stay down, so Kane takes aim again, SMACK! Kane watches Finn writhe in agony, but also how Finn gets up again. SMACK once more and Finn goes down again. Finn no longer gets back up, so Kane takes Finn and places that chair on him like a vice! Kane climbs to the second rope, BRAUN appears!! Sore throat aside, The Monster Among Men storms the ring. Finn is saved by referees, Kane SMACKS Strowman, but it doesn’t even affect him now! Kane is in fear of Strowman now, he gets a boot and body shots from Strowman. Strowman gives Kane headbutt after hebadbutt, and corner to corner splash! Things spill out of the ring and Strowman arms himself with steel steps, he runs Kane right over! Now Strowman puts the bigger base steps in the ring, and stalks Kane around the corner. Strowman drags Kane up by his mask and bounces him off the other steel steps, then puts him in the ring. Monster takes chair and SMACKS the Machine in the back, payback for last week. It isn’t over there, Kane cowers under the bottom rope but Strowman drags him up and onto his shoulder! MONSTROUS POWERSLAM on the steps! The fans want “One more time!” so Strowman obliges. He drags Kane up with one hand, places that chair in the throat, and payback in full, chair jammed into the throat against the steps!

Now Kane is left gasping and coughing, but Strowman is far more merciless, a SECOND chair to the throat!! Strowman glares as Kane gasps and coughs in retreat, crawling over barrier to move through the crowd. Eye for an eye, throat for a throat, where will this battle of titans end?!


My Thoughts:

Another interesting Raw tonight. We again have to wonder what it is that’s slowly getting Roman over, but much of it seems that Roman just gets to be natural rather than scripted. Then putting him up against Elias and The Miztourage likely helped, those three are great at getting Heel Heat. But what an incredible match tonight from them both, it really made a star out of Elias while still giving Roman reason to shine since he also deals with Bo and Axel on the outside. Rollins-Cesaro to open was another great match, solid stuff to bring us into next week’s Raw Tag Team Championship which will no doubt be big because it’ll be in the Staples Center. Another big impact tonight was Samoa Joe in a competitive match with Titus, albeit brief as Joe still gets that rear naked choke on. Great surprise of Joe attacking Roman, a match between those two is going to be great, too.

I’m really intrigued by Matt Hardy’s apparent breakdown, which commentary made sure to phrase that way, and it all ties into talks of Hardy finally getting the rights to his Broken Hardy gimmick, perhaps we’ll be getting Broken VS Wyatt after all. Also interesting to see Paige’s new group not beat down Asuka when they did that to every other woman, can’t wait to see the explanations as to why. Cruiserweights on Raw is a mixed bag, it is good for them to get airtime so people know they exist, and the match itself was great, but it makes me wonder what 205 Live will even have tomorrow night now. Kane basically being the entire final segment’s focal point is fitting, this is feeling more and more like Kane’s final run in WWE and therefore it should involve Finn and Strowman for a handful of reasons. Obviously it’ll be Strowman that retires Kane, not Balor, and I would love it if it happened in a “Last Monster Standing” match.

My Score: 8/10

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