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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Report! (11/14/17)


  • WWE United States Championship: Baron Corbin VS Sin Cara; Corbin wins and retains the US Championship.
  • WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Natalya VS Charlotte; Charlotte wins and becomes the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.
  • Jimmy Uso w/ Jey VS Chad Gable w/ Shelton Benjamin; Jimmy wins.
  • The New Day VS Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn; no contest.


The entire SmackDown Roster is hyped up for Survivor Series!

This Sunday, it all comes to a head. Team Blue has made history by putting Raw #UnderSiege and striking first. Maybe #Rawtaliation is coming, so check your egos at the door to be ready for anything. After Sunday, SmackDown will be the dominant brand. Not The B-Show, but the show.

Everyone rallies behind Shane. Shane pumps up the Women’s Team. Asuka wants to break their team, their team is gonna break Asuka’s arm. The United States Championship is on the line, both men are ready to shut Miz up. Miz lives on borrowed time, it’ll be his End of Days. Good, good. Raw is ready to Play The Game because they have Triple H now. But SmackDown has the greatest team in history! Over the top even, as they have 16 time world champion JOHN CENA! Sunday, Survivor Series, SmackDown will dominate and nobody will stop them. Not Angle, not Stephanie, and not The Shield. Not with The New Day going up against them. Challenge accepted, but why? Because, Smack! Down Rocks! Team Blue is feeling confident, will they make it a big night at Survivor Series?

GM Daniel Bryan is back!

He was only an envoy of peace to Raw, and yet KANE attacked him out of nowhere. Now he’s back, lucky to be standing. It’s partially his fault for not warning anyone. He should’ve known better that with Stephanie McMahon around, he wouldn’t be safe. But that’s the thing about Bryan and SmackDown: “we don’t stay down.” And they’ll hit back twice as hard! That’s why Raw is afraid of them this year. That’s why the needed Triple H on the team. They’re afraid, and embarrassed. Raw’s 25th anniversary is coming and yet SmackDown ransacked them. That’s the one thing Bryan didn’t agree with, only because he knows how vindictive Stephanie can be. Tonight, he senses #Rawtaliation is coming. But SmackDown is NOT afraid, and they ARE ready. Bryan bleeds blue, and he is proud of his roster! This Sunday, SmackDown will prove “beyond the shadow of a doubt” that SmackDown is the better show. Things change quickly over a week, like adding John Cena to the Men’s Team. And, the new WWE Champion, AJ STYLES!


The Phenomenal One gets a big ovation in Charlotte, North Carolina. And before he says anything, Bryan wishes to treat his champion just as if not better than Raw’s. If the Universal Champion has an advocate, so should the World Champion. Does Styles want an Advocate? The fans sure hope he does. Styles says “YES!” Then, “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Daniel Bryan. And I am the Advocate for the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Champion of the World, The Phenomenal A! J! Styles!” Heyman gave us five reasons to order the WWE Network. Bryan agreed with all but reason “F5”, where Lesnar would brutalize and victimize Styles. Bryan can understand why Heyman thinks that. Lesnar is big and strong, from his arms and his legs, his head is big! And thick. And though Heyman hates to admit it, Lesnar has a tendency to quit. He quit WWE, he quit “to a half-ass kneebar on a UFC show.” Anytime Lesnar is in trouble, is uncomfortable, is put in deep water, he quits. Styles will push Lesnar into that deep water. Heyman brags that Lesnar is 6’3″ and 285 lbs. Guess what, when you’re that big in deep water, you last ten minutes, and then you drain. Lesnar will get tired, and his blood will flow away from his head, he will be back against a wall, and will mentally quit. Yes, Lesnar is big and strong but he can’t go all night long, he cannot keep up with The Phenomenal One! Heyman gave us five reasons to watch Survivor Series, here’s one more: to see a 6’3″ and 285 lbs. Beast be mentally beaten, victimized and conquered by the “best in-ring performer of this generation,” A! J! STYLES! Styles speaks up now. He can talk, unlike the puppet Lesnar. Styles agrees, fatigue makes us into quitters. Lesnar might quit, but Lesnar has to agree with Heyman. Styles is the underdog, and he loves that. But this isn’t a Rocky movie, this is a Styles Production. Styles will find the way all the way to the last breath in his body to beat Lesnar, and prove SmackDown is the A-Show, and “the House that AJ Styles Built!” Team Blue’s best is fired up, can he best the Beast?


AJ Styles is backstage when he encounters Jinder Mahal.


The Modern Day Maharaja says that after Lesnar rips Styles apart, Mahal will make it look like nothing when he takes back the WWE Championship. Styles simply walks past him. Will the Maharaja really be able to beat Phenomenal One down the line?

WWE United States Championship: Baron Corbin VS Sin Cara!

The Lone Wolf has had a war of words with The Miz leading up to Survivor Series, but one legitimate point Miz has brought up is that Corbin chokes. Can Corbin keep hold of the gold to then make the Hollywood A-Lister eat his words? The bell rings, the two circle and tie up, Corbin shoves Sin Cara but gets caught in a tilt-o-whirl headscissors. Corbin knees low, pushes Sin Cara again but Sin Cara comes back with furious strikes. Springboard arm-drag, dropkick to the knee and then a dropkick to send Corbin out. Corbin is frustrated as we go picture in picture.

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Corbin paces, so Sin Cara pursues, taking the fight to him around the corner. COrbin slips back into the ring, Sin Cara shoulders in but then his slingshot is intercepted with a right hand. Sin Cara goes down, Corbin lets him sit out there while he catches his breath. Corbin goes out to grab Sin Cara and ram him into the barriers! Corbin breaks the ring count, then fetches Sin Cara back into barriers, Sin Cara blocks and bumps Corbin off it instead. Sin Cara runs but takes a back elbow, Corbin refreshes the count and puts Sin Cara in the ring. Corbin takes aim, runs in, Sin Cara elbows him back now. Double boots, too, then Sin Car goes up and over, Corbin slides out then in to clobber Sin Cara with a clothesline, TWO. Corbin is already annoyed, he stalks Sin Cara before putting him in a corner. Sin Cara bounces off a buckle and slumps to the mat, Corbin drags him back up. Corner to corner whip, Sin Cara again bounces off buckles. Corbin ignores the boos and jeers, returns to Sin Cara, and drives elbows into Sin Cara’s chest. Standing half-nelson chinbar, Sin Cara fights out as we go back to single picture. Corbin throws him to a corner, big clothesline then he drives Sin Cara’s face into the mat. Running right hand rocks Sin Cara, Corbin takes time gloating and stalking, toying with Sin Cara. Sin Cara fires back on Corbin, fans cheer him own as he kicks and chops away on Corbin. Sin Cara rocks Corbin with a springboard back elbow, then sends him out with a clothesline. Sin Cara builds speed, DIVES, direct hit!


Sin Cara goes after Corbin in the ring, running, springboard- Choke- roll up! TWO! Sin Cara tries again, springboard crossbody, TWO! Corbin flounders to a corner, Sin Cara gets himself up and whips Corbin. Sin Cara is reversed, reversed back but Corbin slides out then in, Sin Cara ducks and runs, DEEP SIX! TWO! Corbin is getting frustrated while Sin Cara gets to safety. Corbin drags Sin Cara up, hotshot and swing kick! Corbin runs back in, gets dumped out. Sin Cara up, SUPER Asai Moonsault! Back into the ring, Sin Cara goes up, takes aim, Corbin up so Sin Cara has to go over, runs in, END OF DAYS! Corbin wins and retains! The Lone Wolf is still set to face the Intercontinental Champion, will The Miz fear the big bad wolf of Team Blue?


SmackDown looks at Raw’s dysfunction.

#UnderSiege made Raw look weak and Stephanie hated it. She has put her faith in Kurt Angle but feels it is misplaced, as The New Day upped the embarrassment by using a “pump fake” to screw over The Shield’s Rollins & Ambrose in their Raw Tag Team Championship match. Angle’s response is to put his son, Jason Jordan, on the Men’s Team when John Cena was still available. And worse yet, Bray Wyatt injures Jason Jordan in their match. Jordan begged to stay on the team, desperate to get this chance. Stephanie had no remorse for removing the Gold-Blooded Son, and Triple H had even less than that when he made himself the new Fifth Man before giving Jordan a Pedigree! With this instability, will it be that much easier for SmackDown to become the better show?


Shane McMahon welcomes Daniel Bryan back.

Thanks for the support. Of course, Survivor Series is important. They must all be on the same page. Which is why GM and Commissioner need to talk. Shane did something without letting Bryan know, Bryan got hurt because of it. The discussion is tabled for now, is there some dysfunction on the Blue Brand after all?

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Natalya VS Charlotte!


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The Queen of Harts or the Queen of Flair, only one woman can be Queen of SmackDown to then face the Goddess of Raw at Survivor Series! Charlotte has hometown advantage in her namesake city, can she ascend to the throne and then challenge Little Miss Bliss? Charlotte is definitely on Charlotte’s side as the bell rings and the two tie up. Roll up quick, ONE, Charlotte and Charlotte give out a “WOO!” The two tie up again, Charlotte backs Natty into a corner. Clean break but then a sucker punch from Natty, this turns into a scrap fast. Natty gets out, Charlotte pursues, she puts Natty into barriers!


Charlotte drags Natty up and into the ring, covers, TWO. Boot! Natty scrambles out, Charlotte baseball slides her down. Charlotte has Charlotte fired up as we go to break.

We return, Natty has Charlotte in a full Surfboard stretch. The fans rally, Charlotte gets out, Flair chop! Another chop, and another, and another, but the discus lariat puts Charlotte down, TWO. Natty tells the fans to shut up, then she kicks Charlotte before putting on a chinlock. The fans rally, Charlotte gets to her feet, but Natty throws her down by her hair. Natty walks over Charlotte, but Charlotte kip-up into a SPEAR! Cover, TWO, Charlotte and Charlotte are both a bit surprised. Charlotte drags Natty around, Figure Four but pushed into buckles hard, Natty grins as she stomps on Charlotte. Natty drags Charlotte to a cover, TWO. Natty tries again, TWO, she’s getting frustrated. Natty tells the fans to shut up, but they just boo and jeer while cheering on Charlotte. Natty slaps Charlotte, drags her around, Sharpshooter but Natty gets a slap! Roll up, TWO, discus — Exploder into a corner! Charlotte crawls to Natty, Natty slips out of the ring. Natty gets around to the far side, Charlotte comes in from the apron, booting Natty down. Charlotte gets on barriers, but Natty counters with a powerbomb into a post! Natty and Charlotte are down, but Natty gets up to drag Charlotte by her hair. Charlotte rallies for Charlotte as Natty slaps her, they get in the ring at 8. Natty drags Charlotte over again, prepares the Sharpshooter, Charlotte is locked in the signature submission!


Charlotte endures, reaches for ropes, drags herself over, but Natty drags her back. Charlotte endures even more, gets a second wind and gets to those ropes! Natty lets go, then claws and hammers away on Charlotte’s back. The ref backs her off, Charlotte dumps her out. Natty back in quick, into a BOOT! Charlotte gets Natty around, Figure Four! Figure EIGHT! Natty endures, Natty flails, Natty taps!! Charlotte is the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion!!


She is truly the Queen of Queens, and Renee Young appears to interview her in the ring. Things change at Survivor Series, how does Charlotte feel? Gotta catch her breath, because that match beat the heck out of her. Charlotte shows their support with a “WOO!” Superstar Shakeup made the title Charlotte’s singular goal, something she worked 24/7 for. To win here in her hometown, “You Deserve it!” Sunday, Alexa Bliss is her opponent, and Alexa will #BowtotheQueen, because there was a Queen of Raw before there was a Goddess, but now it’ll be a win for Team Blue.

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And everyone knows about Ric Flair’s health, and growing up here, they all know the Flair family hardships, but Charlotte is sure her father is watching. He’ll definitely send her a text later, she lets him know already this win was for him! But speaking of The Nature Boy, he’s already here to celebrate!


A big emotional hug and tears, “WOO” all around, the Flairs are champions again. With all this motivation, can the Queen defeat the Goddess?


The Bludgeon Brothers cometh.

“I don’t hear anything.” “Except for the scream.” “I can’t feel anything.” “Except for the cracking of bones.” “Every hammer needs a nail.” “To give it purpose.” “And our purpose is?” “Obliterate everyone.” Luke Harper & Erick Rowan are returning next week, who will be the nails pounded in?


Jimmy Uso w/ Jey VS Chad Gable w/ Shelton Benjamin!

Though “American Alpha 2.0” challenged The Usos for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, it seems they were really only after blood, as Gable gave Jey a nasty chop block that made the champions lose via count out. Now it’s time for some retribution before taking on the Raw Tag Team Champions this Sunday, is Day One Ish #ReadyWilling&Gable? Last year’s Survivor Series last two teams were the Usos and The bar, and they’re back again. Swiss Superman? That mouth piece won’t protect him from the Kryptonite Superkick. The Celtic Warrior, it’s true. “You DO look stupid.” This year will be no different, line up and get knocked down. Ask the Hype Bros, the Ascension, Breezango, American Alpha 2, The New Day, The Bar can welcome themselves to the Uso Penitentiary! The bell rings, Jimmy goes right at Gable and fires off uppercuts! Corner to corner whip reversed, Jimmy slides to a stop, another uppercut sends Gable out of the ring. Jimmy waits for him to get back in, but ends up coming out after him, things get in the ring but Benjamin distracts, dragon screw leg whip! Gable does another, going after that leg like he did to Jey. Gable stomps away on Jimmy, twists that leg hard, cover, TWO. Things go picture in picture as Gable pulls on that leg.

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Gable has a hold of Jimmy’s foot, anchoring the other foot down so that Jimmy can’t get away. Jimmy breaks free but then gets put back in a drop toehold, snap deathlock, TWO. Gable keeps his cool as he puts Jimmy in a corner and uses the rope to work on the leg. Gable drags Jimmy out, T-Bone suplex! TWO, Gable just keeps on that leg. Gable wrenches the knee, Jimmy endures. Jimmy pulls Gable’s hair but it isn’t’ enough to get free, Gable yanks on the leg before a cover, TWO. Gable goes right back at the leg, torturing Jimmy’s knee. Jimmy works to pry free, and uses his free leg to kick Gable away. Gable catches the kick then ducks the dragon whip, another twist and snap on the bad left. The ref checks on Jimmy, he’s okay to keep going as Gable gets him up and gives him a shinbreaker! Jimmy is down again, Gable drags him back up and snapmares into a cover. TWO and we go single picture as Gable keeps yanking at that leg. Gable runs in, but Jimmy sticks out his good leg, whipping takedown from Gable plants Jimmy on his face. Gable climbs up, fans fire up, MOONSAULT! Galbe lands on his feet when Jimmy evades, mule kick takes out Gable’s leg! Gable gets to a corner, Uso gets up, Jimmy rallies on one good leg. Mule kick and uppercut, then Samoan Drop! Jimmy has adrenaline to get past the bad leg, he fires up the fans, running hip attack! Cover, TWO, Gable gets out to regroup with Benjamin. Jimmy takes aim, speeds up, Gagble hits him with a rolling kick! Spin around, then Jimmy sent right into the ropes. Gable goes out after Jimmy, puts him in the ring, Jey trash talks him. Gable shoves Jey, Jey chases him up but Benjamin comes over. Penalty kick for Benjamin, shove for Jey, SUPERKICK from Jimmy, Jimmy wins! Day One rolls on, will they do this to The Bar this Sunday?


Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens talk backstage.


Everyone’s all “Raw, SmackDown”, A-Show, B-Show, but these two aren’t on Survivor Series. Because Shane is biased against them. These two should be fighting The Shield. The New Dya is a “circus act!” Nobody is better than these two. Not The New Day, not The Shield. No show matters except for the Sami & Kevin Show. Or is it the Kevin & Sami Show? Fair enough. Either way, time to show what they’ve got.

The New Day VS Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn!


Awwww~, Charlotte! Don’t you dare be sour! Clap for your four time champs and feel, the powah~! Sunday is Survivor Series, and The New Day takes on The Shield. Between those three, they have 13 title reigns. But between these three, there’s 27! Mostly Kofi, though, he’s that good. The Hounds of Justice VS The Unicorns of WWE. Hounds, canines, dogs. Why would you want to be a dog? They eat poop! Unicorns are mythical, mysterious and magical! Another thing, The New Day can trust each other. The Shield can’t. They’ve already turned on each other. They teamed up together again because they’re cuddling up with exes. But when it is warm again, The Shield will break up. But who will? Who? Who who? The New Day~! And when this Survivor Series comes around, The New Day will survive. They are a true brotherhood, they will never betray each other. You know why? Because New! Day Rocks!


We return, The Best Friends have finally entered, and Woods starts against Sami. Sami throws his jacket at Woods, Woods sees how it is. The two circle, tie up, headlock from Sami. Woods powers out, Sami shoulders him down. Sami is all smiles as he speeds things up and shoves Woods, Woods keeps moving, tilt-o-whirl headscissors throws Sami. Sami ends up in the New Day corner, “time to turn up!” The Unicorn Stampede begins! And by the end, it is Woods who is legal. Big E whips Woods in for a dropkick to Sami, cover, TWO. Woods grabs Sami but Sami powers him to the corner, tag to Kevin, Kevin unleashes strikes and stomps. Sami gets a cheap shot, too, before Kevin goes back to hitting Woods. Scoop slam but Woods slips out, drop toehold puts Kevin on the ropes, dropkick! Kevin is n the corner, Woods forearm smash and tag to Big E, big shoulder tackle and then feed to the Honor Roll, cover, TWO. E tags Woods back in, Woods runs, wheelbarrow splash. Kevin gets out, Sami in, roaring elbow sends Sami out. Woods builds speed, Kevin trips him up, spins him around and yanks him out to the floor. Back senton on top, Kevin is still furious as he drags Woods up and in while we go to break.

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We return, Sami anchors Woods, tag to Kevin, Kevin stomps Woods down. Kevin trash talks Big E, wraps Woods in a chinlock. Big E and Kofi try to coach Woods back into this, the fans join in. Fans take notice of something else, though. Woods endures, works his way up, but there’s still something somewhere else noteworthy of attention. Kevni knees Woods, DDT, TWO. Kevin drags Woods over, tag to Sami, Woods is isolated as he’s mugged. Sami toys with Woods, chops Woods, whips Woods but Woods hits Kevin, dodges, tag to Big E! Overhead suplex! Overhead suplex! Belly2belly suplex! Big E fires up and swivels the hips, runs for the Big Splash! Kevin gets in, Big E feeds him to Woods’ kick, then is dumped out. Woods runs, FLIES, and topples Kevin over. Big E goes back to Sami, “Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta. Shield.”


#RAWTALIATION! The Shield is here, staring down at some prime prey. The New Day, Kevin and Sami stand together as The Shield heads down to the ring, flanking it like always. The Shield stands on the apron, Kevin and Sami fade out. The Shield goes after the New Day! Stomps in the corners, but then The Usos appear! They hesitate, so the Shield pounces. It’s 5v3 now, The Shield looking like they’re in danger, but then MORE Raw Superstars appear! THE BAR is here! They go after The Usos, who they face Sunday, an even 5v5. Meanwhile, the women collide backstage!


They all surround Charlotte, Alexa decks her! The brawl in the ring continues, and MORE Raw Superstars appear! Finn Balor, Titus Worldwide, Samoa Joe, they add on to The New Day and Usos getting beat down. Shane mobilizes Team SmackDown! It’s an even bigger brawl! Penalty Kick to Roode, but then Shane gets Finn. Kurt Angle and BRAUN STROWMAN are here. The Monster Among Men rips his way through the Hype Bros, then into the ring.


He fights off Shinsuke Nakamura, Shane attacks from behind but that doesn’t work out at all. Shane fires off hands, but it doesn’t do a thing, he gets run over by the mountain. Then other stars, like Dolph Ziggler and the Usos are cleared out of the way. Shane is brought up to look at what’s happening to hisroster.


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The Shield goes 3v1 on Shane O’Mac, making an example of the commissioner. Other members of Raw get their shots in, Samoa Joe uses the trombone to beat up The New Day. And Angle then enters the ring to get face-to-face with Shane. “How does that feel, Shane? You think this is bad, wait until Sunday!” Angle then gives the thumbs down. The Shield takes Shane, TRIPLE POWERBOMB!


And if that wasn’t enough, ANGLE SLAM! And for the hell of it, a secondTRIPLE POWERBOMB!! #Rawtaliation accomplished, will SmackDown even survive Survivor Series?


My Thoughts:

This was the go-home worthy of how WWE has framed Survivor Series this year. Shane was rallying SmackDown as they felt untouchable going into Survivor Series, a seemingly more unified front than Raw has been showing. Loved the Daniel Bryan opening segment to parody Paul Heyman, Bryan was amazing on the mic, he and Styles really did great with some work shoot comments. Big championship matches tonight, important to the Champion VS Champion rundown. Sin Cara wasn’t going to win the title to deny fans the blow-off to the amazing social media build between IC and US champs, Miz-Corbin is going to be great for both in-ring and story telling, Heel VS Heel is something WWE tends to shy away from so it’s great they’re giving it a shot on this cross-brand PPV. The Women’s Championship match was incredible, something worthy of a PPV in itself, and it is great to see Charlotte win here. Not just because it was a hometown hero win, but because it pits two women who were both Raw and SmackDown champions to see who is the best of both brands. Great moment with Ric Flair surprising us, big amount of momentum for Charlotte this Sunday. Jimmy VS Gable was good, Gable showed great aggression but Jimmy showed great fortitude to fight through a banged up leg. New Day VS Kevin-Sami was also great stuff, and then #Rawtaliation finally happened in the most epic way possible! Shield naturally shows up to get revenge on New Day, Kevin-Sami naturally run away because they don’t actually care about SmackDown like the others do, and then things escalate to natural levels, in the ring and backstage. Shane is still a madman for taking an Angle Slam and two Triple Powerbombs, but it’s not like he was going to be the ace on SmackDown’s men’s team.

My Score: 8.5/10


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