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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Report! (11/28/17)



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  • The New Day VS Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable; The New Day wins.
  • The Bludgeon Brothers VS The Hype Bros; Bludgeon Brothers win.
  • 2-on-1 Handicap Match: The Singh Brothers w/ Jinder Mahal VS AJ Styles; win(s).
  • Six Woman Tag: The Riot Squad VS Charlotte Flair, Naomi & Natalya; The Riot Squad wins.
  • No Disqualifications: Randy Orton VS Kevin Owens; Owens wins.


SmackDown moves on from its Survivor Series loss.

However, there was still unfinished business given how Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn attacked Shane McMahon to perhaps cost them in the end. But Sami & Kevin felt Shane was just making excuses. The wanted Shane to skip the pleasantries and “for once in your life”, apologize. Instead, Shane wanted to fire them, only for Daniel Bryan to suggest an alternative. The SmackDown locker room wanted at the Best Friends, and they got at the Best Friends in a tag team Lumberjack Match! However, with enemies all around, Kevin & Sami managed to win and survive with only Sami taking any real damage from The New Day. But the punishment wasn’t over, KO was told that he is facing Mr. RKO, Randy Orton. That match will be tonight! Can Kevin survive again?


SmackDown Commissioner, Shane McMahon, is here!

Shane O’Mac welcomes Lexington, Kentucky to the show, and while Kentucky “bleeds blue”, Kevin & Sami don’t. Imagine two men who betrayed their entire team. Shane wanted to fire those two men, who do not respect SmackDown’s roster, SmackDown’s administration nor the SmackDown fans. Daniel Bryan’s idea was great, on paper. Shane thought Bryan was going to fire Sami & Kevin at the end of the night, but instead Kevin & Sami are still here. So to hear it from the man himself, here is SmackDown GM, Daniel Bryan! Bryan comes out to standing ovations of “YES! YES! YES!” as well as chants of his name.

Now, he knows Shane wants to just simply fire Sami & Kevin, but as someone who was fired and came back himself, Bryan believes in second chances. Kevin & Sami ruined Survivor Series for SmackDown, sure, which they never should have done, but Shane tends to give in to his temper, too. Shane agrees here, and looks back to remind Bryan that Kevin unmercifully beat up Vince McMahon, check on Shane’s temper. Then Sami got involved in the Hell in a Cell match, double check. And then they both betrayed SmackDown at Survivor Series, triple check. However, Shane should understand why they did that. They wanted to “grab the brass ring.” In Kevin & Sami, there is real talent, firing them means giving them to Raw. Good, make them Stephanie’s problem.

Fans say “YES! YES! YES!” But Bryan was in charge last week, he took this job under the pretense that Shane didn’t want a puppet. If Shane wants someone who recognizes talent and gives them opportunities, then Bryan is the guy! Bryan wants Shane’s trust to make the big decisions. Alright, a decision Bryan made last week: not firing them. Yet, there is also a match for tonight, Owens VS Orton. Shane wants to add on to that, by barring Sami from ringside. On top of that, it will be No Disqualifications! With the stakes raised, can Kevin get away in one piece?


Sami & Kevin talk and complain backstage.

Then they come across Daniel Bryan. As the reasonable one, he can’t possibly agree with Shane’s decisions! This is more of the personal vendetta, and it could get Kevin injured. Orton is certifiable! This is on Bryan to sort out. Oh is it? Who is Sami to make demands of Bryan? They’re not the only ones with jobs on the line, the answer isn’t just no, it’s “Hell No!”


The New Day VS Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable!

Awww~ Lexington~! Don’t you dare be sour, clap for your world famous four-time champs, and feel, the powah~! Especially as the Power of Positivity gives out pancakes before going up against “American Alpha 2.0” with the Usos ringside on commentary to watch their former rivals take on their newest rivals.

New Day uses the speed formation as Big E is the corner man, Woods and Gable start up, takedown and noogies from Gable to Woods. Fans are behind New Day as Woods fights out but his whip is reversed. He goes up and over Gable, speeds things up, roaring elbow to Gable! Woods brings Gable over, tag to Kofi, running kick to sliding lariat, splash and elbow drop! Kofi adds a springboard splash, TWO, tag back to Woods. Hand-off to arm wrench, whip but Gable speeds it up now, kicks Woods back, Benjamin tags in and gives Woods a big kick before Gable runs him over with a lariat! AA 2.0 in control as we go picture in picture.

Stiff scoop slam from Benjamin to Woods, then a whip into buckles, Woods falls down to the mat. Armlock shifted to chinlock, Benjamin grinds Woods but Woods feeds off a rally from the fans only to be thrown down by his hair. Gable tags in, stomp on Woods’ arm, then back to the armlock. Gable twists and wrenches the arm, Woods endures as another rally builds. Woods gets up, fights back, gives chops, but Gable blocks and throws Woods into his corner. Rolling kick clobbers Woods, cover, TWO! Gable puts Woods in the corner, tags to Benjamin, shot to the ribs and Woods collapses again. Benjamin keeps on Woods, Woods fights back with chops, Woods runs but into a spinebuster! Cover, TWO, Benjamin keeps on Woods with a half-nelson. Shift to facelock, modified chinbar, but Big E gets fans rallying again. Woods wills himself to his feet, back to single picture at the jawbreaker. Woods is free and hits Benjamin back, but Benjamin gives knees right to Woods’ head and he falls down. Tag to Gable, Woods is brought up, back suplex knee strike and then cheap shot for Kofi, cover, TWO! Kofi goes at Gable but the ref keeps him back, so Gable gets Woods in a corner for some free stomps and body shots. Gable puts Woods up top, climbs up with him, has Woods in position but Woods resists with clubbing forearms and headbutts. Gable goes down, but he’s right back up only to be knocked down again. Woods flies, big missile dropkick!

Fans are fired up and rallying for the New Day as Woods and Gable stir and crawl. Hot tags to Benjamin and Kofi, springboard ax handle and Kofi is rallying! Dropkick then jumping lariat but Benjamin dodges, whip into the corner, Kofi slips out and kicks back before climbing up. Flying crossbody! Rolled through, TWO! Benjamin with the monkey flip but Kofi lands on his feet, Kofi gets moving, big jumping lariat! Kofi is fired up, “New, Day!” Boom Drop! That’s not all, Kofi gets the fans going again as he takes aim. Trouble in Paradise misses, Benjamin carries Kofi to ropes but Benjamin is the one to topple to the floor. Gable runs in but is also dumped out, Kofi tags Woods, Woods tags back before he builds speed and FLIES! Woods gets Benjamin in the ring, dodges Benjamin’s swipe, spinning heel kick from Kofi! Tag back to Woods, Woods up, backbreaker stomps for the Up Up Down Down! New Day wins! The Usos are ready for whoever it is that comes for their titles, will we get yet another amazing match from them and the New Day!?


Charlotte and Naomi talk backstage.

Current and former SmackDown Women’s Champions are ready to give payback to the newest women on the roster. Three-on-one ambushes are one thing, but standing shoulder to shoulder with the Queen of Flair and the Queen of Harts is a different matter. Speaking of, Natty feels the only reason Charlotte is still champion is because of those three new women. Natty is willing to call truce, to teach Ruby and her team that they’re at the bottom of the food chain. Their five minutes of fame are up, no one is going to remember them after tonight.


The Bludgeon Brothers VS The Hype Bros!

Last week, Harper & Rowan returned to SmackDown and ran through Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder. That didn’t sit well, so now Mojo & Ryder want a rematch, will they tie up the score? The bell rings, Harper starts with Ryder and shoves him to a corner but Ryder gives knees in return. Ryder takes the fight to Harper, Harper shoves him again, Ryder kicks only for Harper to give him an uppercut. Tag to Rowan, Harper fires him up with a slap and the two take out Mojo before giving Ryder a corner splash and feeding him to Harper’s scrapbuster slam! Tag to Rowan, they drag Ryder up, Crucifix Slam! The Bludgeon Brothers win again! Moving fast and hitting hard, who will be next to be bulldozed by the returning behemoths?

In-ring interview for Ryder & Rawley.

Another match, another loss, what can they attribute to this? One year ago, they were top contenders. The landscape has changed, but that just means the Hype Bros must change. Speaking of a change, Mojo clocks Zack from behind!! And then stomps Ryder out! Mojo says “The Hype Bros are dead!” Mojo does not let Ryder up, he just hammers away more and more! Just when the referees think Mojo is done, Mojo does more damage to Ryder. No more tag team, no more friendship, what is left for Ryder and Rawley respectively?

Backstage interview with Mojo Rawley.

Why did he do that to Ryder? Because the landscape has changed. A major change within Mojo means what for the future of SmackDown?


Backstage interview with Bobby Roode.

The GLORIOUS One speaks on his altercation with Baron Corbin last week. It may not have been an accident, but The Lone Wolf calling Roode “absentminded” was on purpose. Corbin thinks he’s an alpha male, but deep down he knows there is someone smarter, better and capable of taking away that United States Championship. So what does Corbin do? He gets scared, clutches onto that title, and lashes out at anyone he perceives as a threat. And that threat is absolutely… Oh, Corbin appears. He’s not afraid of Roode, that makes Roode “delirious”. Then prove it, tonight, by putting that title on the line. Nope. Corbin isn’t going to give out chances, will Roode be able to reach out and take one?


The Singh Brothers introduce “Your soon-to-be TWO TIME WWE Champion”!

Yes, it is the Modern Day Maharaja, JINDER MAHAL! Clash of Champions is approaching, and Mahal wants the WWE Championship back before the WWE India tour begins. But the current WWE Champion appears before Mahal can speak.

2-on-1 Handicap Match: The Singh Brothers w/ Jinder Mahal VS AJ Styles!

The Phenomenal One has defeated each Singh Brother in turn, now he is going to take on both of them at once. Or, he would be, but Mahal is attacking him already!

Mahal stomps away on Styles, then has The Singhs bring him up for more mugging. Mahal throws Styles corner to corner and into a post! Styles slumps out of the ring, can he still compete after the break?

We return, fans are on Styles’ side as he slowly gets back in the ring. The Singh Brothers regroup in one corner while Styles is in another. The ref asks if Styles is good to continue, Styles says yes, the match officially begins! The Singh Brothers rush Styles at once, he picks one up an carries him corner to corner. However, it is 2v1 and even that is a bit much for a battered Styles. Samir & Sunil are enjoying this as they stomp and punch Styles, then choke him against the ropes. Only Mahal is enjoying this, fans are rallying for Styles. Styles fights back, but only for a moment as the Singhs bring him back down. Double suplex, cover, ONE, another try, ONE. The Bollywood Boys keep it up, they stomp and mug Styles, Mahal enjoying every second of it. The Singh Brothers keep it up as they isolate Styles in a corner, fans chant “USA! USA!” as Styles fights back! Stiff forearms and chops back and forth to each Singh, but a chopblock takes Styles down again. Fans do not stop cheering for Styles, the Singhs hoist Styles up top, then high-five before climbing up together. Styles resists, knocks one away while beating up the other, each Singh goes down in turn, and even Mahal gets a kick for climbing up. Styles gets rocked by a right hand, but he counters the Super Steiner into a SUPER Styles Clash!! On top of the other Singh Brother! Cover, Styles wins! And he gets away from Mahal before another blindside can happen! If Styles can beat numbers like this, will Mahal’s numbers game be finished once and for all at Clash of Champions?

But Mahal is not done seething.

He looks at the fallen Singh Brothers, brings one up, KARAS!

Mahal takes his frustrations out on his lackeys, fans let him know “You Still Suck!” Another Karas to the other Singh Brother! Has Mahal thrown aside his sidekicks in rage? How will he use this rage on AJ Styles during the world championship match?


Backstage interview with Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan.

Their five minutes are up according to Charlotte, but for them, this is about making names for themselves. As such, their team name is The Riot Squad. And the Queen might be a bit foggy on who they really are. The Lass Kicker knows who they are, they’re why she’s in traction back in Houston. A message was sent to the entire WWE Universe that they’re not here to make friends or be on Total Divas, they’re here to turn SmackDown’s Women’s Division upside-down. These are three of the most dangerous women, from Lil’ Firecracker Liv to the gritty Southern Belle. Logan is from a family of hunters, and tonight they’re after some big game. Time to start a riot.


Six Woman Tag: The Riot Squad VS Charlotte Flair, Naomi & Natalya!

SmackDown’s three newest women made quite the impact last week after going after Becky Lynch and their three opponents tonight. Straight Fire will be gone, but can these three former SmackDown Women’s Champions keep it together to make “The Riot Squad” #FeelTheGlow? Natty insists on starting, she goes upa gainst Ruby, Ruby goes right at her with clubbing forearms. Ruby scrapes her shoe on Natty’s face, then a full nelson before Sarah Logan tags in, #KentuckyStrong Sarah swings but misses, to still clobber Natty on the other end. Natty scurries and tags Charlotte a bit harshly, and then decides to leave!? This is now 3v2 as Charlotte goes up against little Liv Morgan. Ms. 201 whips but is reversed, she goes up but Charlotte is ready, Flair chops! Charlotte gives Liv a gut buster and takedown as we go picture in picture on the cover, TWO!

Charlotte keeps hold of Liv, brings her over, tag to Naomi. Double arm wrenches and chops, Liv goes down. Naomi styles and profiles before putting Liv in a corner. Naomi fires off right hands, the ref backs her off, Liv kicks and throws Naomi down. Liv drags Naomi over and tags in Ruby, Ruby clubs away on the former champion. Whip to ropes but reversed, roundhouse from Naomi rocks Ruby. Tag to Charlotte, snapmare and double kicks, TWO. Charlotte gets Ruby in a chinlock, Ruby thrashes and fights to her feet, then throws Charlotte off, only to be run over with a clothesline. TWO, Charlotte brings Ruby up and around, whip to a corner hard before another Flair chop. Charlotte whips Ruby to another corner, Ruby dodges the chop and drive sin shoulders to ram Charlotte into the corner. Ruby brings her out, suplex blocked, Charlotte throws Ruby with an Exploder as we go single picture! Charlotte gives shots to Sarah and Liv, then throws Ruby out, Charlotte follows and rams Ruby into barriers. Back into the ring, but the Squad distract so that Ruby can clobber Charlotte off the apron. A ring count begins, Ruby tags Liv and Liv fetches Charlotte to bump her off the apron. Into the ring, cover, TWO, so Liv gives Charlotte a suplex and floats over to a mounted cover, TWO. Tag to Ruby, snapmare and chinlock for the current champion. Fans rally, jawbreaker! Ruby tackles Charlotte to stop the tag, drags her back and the Squad goes after Naomi. Liv gets a kick from the apron but Sarah chopblocks Naomi down, then throws her to the ground.

Sarah and Naomi brawl, Liv joins in, they throw Naomi into the barrier’s corner! They then take apart steel steps to use that base, standing it up before bringing Naomi up and throwing her into them! Ruby has made Charlotte watch all of this, and it isn’t over as they position the steps like a ceiling over Naomi, to catapult her into them! No more glow as far as the Squad is concerned, the referee tries to restore order as medics come in.

Charlotte is brought over, Ruby tags in Sarah, they mug Charlotte in their corner. Sarah gives a headbutt to Charlotte’s shoulders, then brings her up, straitjacket slam. Tag back to Ruby, they bring Charlotte up for a double whip, but Charlotte starts fighting back! She gives Ruby a backbreaker to complete shot, SPEAR for Liv! Ruby denies the neckbreaker and shoves Charlotte into Sarah’s knee strike, then falling Pele! The Riot Squad wins! With Naomi not looking in any shape to compete, that’s two down in the Women’s Division, who else will the Riot Squad remove with force?


Backstage interview with Randy Orton.

Well, not really, The Viper is focused and headed to the ring. He’s ready to strike down the Prizefighter, how ready is the Prizefighter for their match?


The Fashion Files return, as… SAWED.

Breeze and Fandango wake up, chained to a wall. This is bad, this is bad! The Ascension are here, too. They gotta get out of here. But wait, who is that on that tablet? “You have been making a mockery of the tag team division. It’s time you learned a lesson.” To escape, they must destroy what they love most. One minute until poison gas fills the room. What does he mean by “what they love the most?” Tully the horse?! But the keys are inside. Beat the dead horse to get free! Fandango can’t but Konnor can, he rips up Tully to get the keys. The Fashion Police are free, but there’s no time, the Ascension will sacrifice themselves for their friends. They’re not friends! See ya. Ding, time’s up. The gas… Good-bye, friends…! To be continued…


No Disqualifications: Randy Orton VS Kevin Owens!

Is this the last time we will see The Prizefighter on SmackDown? The bell rings and Orton goes right at Kevin, Kevin swings and misses, Kevin barely avoids an RKO! Kevin gets out of the ring, Orton pursues and runs him over with a lariat! Orton drags Kevin up and throws him into steel steps, then continues by bumping him off apron and throwing him over the announce desk. Orton punches away on Kevin before dragging him up and throwing him over the other way. Orton takes the top half of steel steps and rams them into Kevin! Kevin staggers away, Orton gives him European Uppercuts against the barriers. Not done there, Kevin is bumped off the top of the announce desk, and then Orton finds himself a kendo stick, SMACK on Kevin’s back. Kevin writhes on top of the announce desk, but then runs away, only to get SMACK to the stomach. Orton jabs the stick into Kevin’s ribs, then SMACKS him across the back again.

He isn’t satisfied with one, Orton has a second kendo stick and goes to town on Kevin with SMACK after SMACK! Fans are loving the violence as Orton stalks Kevin, dragging him up and around to then back suplex him onto the barrier’s edge. Kevin gets himself into the ring, Orton follows, Kevin goes out to the other side. Fans want tables, Kevin uses a kendo stick of his own! Then he throws Orton into a post, and then drags Orton up and over to Fall Away Slam him into the barriers! Both men are even now as we go to break.

Back again, and Kevin goes to town on Orton’s body with a kendo stick, two SMACKS and a jab before a third SMACK. Kevin kicks Orton down, covers, TWO. Kevin is frustrated, so he takes it out on Orton’s face as he claws and rakes it, but then Orton returns the favor by poking Kevin in the eye. No DQ means it’s all legal, Orton has Kevin in a corner but Kevin fights back. Kevin kicks and forearms Orton down, back senton, TWO. Frustration builds for Kevin as he drags Orton up into a chinlock.

Orton reaches for the kendo stick but Kevin keeps him back, Orton keeps trying so Kevin takes the stick to jab and SMACK Orton again, cover, TWO! Kevin notices his arm is bleeding, that only upsets him more as he picks up the kendo stick again. A swing but a miss, EuroUpper from Orton but a DDT from Kevin! TWO, and Kevin is furious. Orton crawls to a corner, Kevin takes aim but not with the kendo stick. Kevin runs in corner to corner but misses the cannonball! Orton stands up, Kevin gets himself up, Orton hoists Kevin to the top rope, but Kevin fights back. They brawl, Orton stuns Kevin with headbutts, Orton climbs up and fans fire up, SUPERPLEX!

Orton crawls to the cover, TWO, but Orton is not frustrated. Fans still want tables, Kevin struggles to stand. Orton runs in but gets an elbow, Kevin runs out but gets the powerslam! TWO, but Orton isn’t bothered by it. Kevin gets himself to the apron, Orton stalks over, he drags Kevin out on that second rope but Kevin turns the tables, so Orton hotshots and drags Kevin out to throw him into barriers again. Body shot and EuroUpper, then another back suplex to the barrier’s edge, Kevin staggers over to the announce desk and Orton back suplexes him onto it! Kevin lands solid, Orton drags him to the ring. Orton hears those voices in his head, he watches Kevin get up, but then Kevin gets out of the ring. Orton pursues, Kevin runs away through the crowd. Orton pursues, they fight on the way to the back. They end up on the stage, Orton stalking Kevin. Orton beats Kevin up and down towards the ring, but here come Sami Zayn with a chair! Barred from ringside, but the stage is a loophole! He goes off on Orton with that chair, then slips away into the back. Kevin’s “Guardian Angel” saved him again, now he has an opening. He gets up and brings Orton into the ring, but Orton revives to hit Kevin with the draping DDT! Those voices return, Kevin gets up, RKO blocked with a chopblock! Orton’s bad leg slows him down, SUPERKICK brings him down! Kevin goes up, Frog Splash!! Kevin wins! The Prizefighter survives another week, but what will be the consequences come next week?


My Thoughts:

A solid SmackDown helps shift gears towards Clash of Champions. Perhaps there is a change of plans in who challenges for the tag titles as far as Gable-Benjamin, since they lost to The New Day tonight. Though, this might work towards story; Usos can bring up that if Gable-Benjamin can’t defeat The New Day, then they definitely can’t defeat The Usos, which only raises the ire of Gable-Benjamin and they brutalize the Usos to the point of vacating the titles. Bludgeon Brothers caused the break-up of the Hype Bros and The Ascension are seemingly dead in kayfabe, perhaps things really are changing for what was an overall weak division.

The Women’s Division is ramping up on SmackDown just as it is on Raw. Good to see the trio here is using a name completely unrelated to Raw’s, and that they actually have a match rather than just a beat down. Though, “The Riot Squad” did a bit of both given how they dealt with Naomi. This parallel between the two new trios will be week to week, but there’s still plenty of potential on both shows, and most importantly, there is potential for an inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble this year. Bobby Roode calling out Baron Corbin is great, finally Roode is going to show personality past a smile, his catchphrase and a pose and maybe be as he was on NXT, just as a Face. Plus their matches are going to be great, especially for story elements. The story that intertwines Shane, Bryan, Sami & Kevin continues to grow in a logical way. Bryan points out Kevin & Sami are in fact great talents, but Shane also makes a point that he could just make them someone else’s problem, and this disagreement causes tension between Commissioner and General Manager. No Disqualifications made this rematch of Kevin & Orton really shine, as did Sami taking advantage of a minor loophole in the wording of “banned from ringside“. As I said before, either Sami-Kevin are banished to Raw or they work their way up to becoming SmackDown Tag team Champions.

My Score: 8/10

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