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Mitchell’s WWE Survivor Series Report! (11/19/17)




  • Kickoff Match, Elias VS Matt Hardy; Elias wins.
  • Kickoff Match, WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Enzo Amore VS Kalisto; Enzo wins and retains the Cruiserweight Championship.
  • Kickoff Match, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn VS Breezango; win(s).
  • Six Man Tag: The Shield VS The New Day; The Shield wins.
  • Women’s 5v5 Elimination Tag Match: Team Raw VS Team SmackDown; Team Raw wins, Asuka as Sole Survivor.
  • Champion VS Champion: The Miz w/ The Miztourage VS Baron Corbin; Corbin wins.
  • Champions VS Champions: The Bar VS The Usos; The Usos win.
  • Champion VS Champion: Alexa Bliss VS Charlotte Flair; Charlotte wins.
  • Champion VS Champion: Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman VS AJ Styles; Lesnar wins.
  • Men’s 5v5 Elimination Tag Match: Team Raw VS Team SmackDown; Raw wins, Triple H and Braun Strowman surviving.


The SmackDown Women are ready to get payback on Raw.

But then former champion and new teammate, Natalya, appears to make this into a pep rally to compliment herself. Captain Becky wants Natty to hush, Natty acts like Becky is being the dramatic one. Raw has former champions in Sasha, Bayley, and Alicia, along with the pure power of Nia and Asuka, but they’ve got women to match. Tamina can handle Nia, there are just as many former champs, and SmackDown has the first ever Ms. Money in the Bank. That plus their heart, SmackDown will be THE Show! The women in blue are ready, can they prove their Women’s Division is the superior product?

Alexa Bliss joins the Kickoff Panel.

Now that it’s Charlotte and not Natalya, the Goddess has prepared for nothing. But as the superior champion, she will still win for Raw. Did Alexa feel the emotion of Ric Flair congratulating his daughter? No, it was the same as always. Two women have held both Raw and SmackDown championship belts, but Alexa was the first. How about the size difference and how Charlotte is taller? So what? Alexa is Five Feet of Fury and is so quick. HBK can agree, being small doesn’t make you an underdog. Alexa always did like the Showstopper. Charlotte now joins via camera, she’s doing well. What does Charlotte have for Alexa? Well Alexa won’t be running away now. Charlotte doesn’t put on a costume and pretend to be a comic book hero. She is a Flair, the true Iron Woman of WWE. She doesn’t miss shows and doesn’t run from fights. Alexa may have done it first, but Charlotte is a Grand Slam champion and will do it better. Okay Charlotte has her legacy, but Alexa has given blood, sweat and tears. Charlotte isn’t saying that, she’s talking about the change in the Women’s Division? Of if the Horsewomen were so great, then why did it take so long for them to catch up to her? The Queen came first, the Goddess will bow down. Make it a t-shirt, why don’t you? Alexa vows she will sweep the Horsewomen, Charlotte dares her to try. Which woman will reign supreme?

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias.”

The Drifter is in Houston! And fans hope he’ll #DriftAway already. Can they feel the tension in the air here at Survivor Series? Wear red, wear blue, but in the end, ask yourself “What would Elias do?” Not come to Houston if he had the choice. Unless he had a song. So silence cellphones and shut mouths, he begins his one-man concert. “Listen to my songs, they’ll tell you the truth.” Fans boo and jeer instead. “Follow me, I’ll show you the way. Problem is, people of Houston, are just too dumb, and Texans are the worst thing about the USA! Matt Hardy’s a boy, but he’s gonna become a man.” Speaking of, here he comes!

Elias VS Matt Hardy!

It’s WONDERFUL~ to see Matt again as he takes on The Drifter to stay afloat in the Raw rankings. The bell rings, fans chant “DELETE DELETE DELETE!” for Matt as he ties up with Elias. Elias arm wrenches, Matt reverses and puts on a headlock, switch to hammerlock. Elias swings but misses, headlock takedown. Elias grabs Matt’s hair and stands up, Elias powers Matt up but gets taken into another takedown. Elias gets up again, powers out successfully, but Matt holds ropes. Matt boots Elias, Russian side leg sweep, and Matt hops up. Matt takes aim, elbow to the head, TWO. Matt is right on Elias as we go to a break.

We return, Elias pries his way out of another headlock, Matt whips him and elbows him down, fist drop on top, TWO. Elias pushes Matt to ropes and they must break, but Elias yanks Matt into ropes instead. Matt goes down, gasping for air, Elias catches his own breath as he stalks Matt to a corner. Elias fires off nasty shots, goes out and rams Matt’s arm against the apron edge. The LED screen even glitches out as Matt yells in pain. Elias grins, enjoying what he is doing to the tag team icon. Elias wrenches that bad arm, fans rally, Matt gets up and fights back with right hands, only for that left arm to be yanked again. Knee drop on the arm, “Who wants to walk with Elias?!” Fans boo and jeer as he keeps on Matt. Matt tries to fight back but is put in a corner, his arm wrenched with the help of ropes. Elias lets Matt out, but hammerlocks him before throwing that shoulder into buckles. Elias keeps on Matt with another hammerlock buckle bump, cover, TWO. Elias isn’t bothered at all, he goes back to an armlock. Fans rally again, Matt works his way up, fights back, arm wrench into double underhook, shoulder breaker! TWO, Elias is getting a little annoyed now. They go to the apron, Elias brings Matt up, goes after that bad arm again with the help of ropes. Matt fights back, Side Effect to the apron! Now they’re even as Elias’ back is sore. Matt gets back in the ring, Elias gets up but Matt counters his punches with punches. Matt fires haymakers, gets buckle bumps “DELETE DELETE DELETE” all the way to the bottom! Matt is fired up, the fans are, too. Clothesline yes, and the bulldog, too! But Matt’s bad arm is slowing him down. He grabs Elias, Elias shoves back, another Side Effect, TWO! Matt gets up first, but is shoved into the buckles again. Matt elbows and boots back, hops up again, takes aim, elbow drop. Crawl to a cover, TWO, but Matt isn’t slowing down. He calls for the Twist, Elias gets up, Twist denied, then Matt is thrown bad shoulder first into the post! Drift Away neckbreaker!

Elias wins! Fans may not like his music, but they have to respect his in-ring skills, can those same skills get him closer to a title?

The Social Media Lounge has The Miz!

The Hollywood A-Lister and Intercontinental Champion eagerly awaits his match against The Lone Wolf and United States Champion, Baron Corbin. Uncomfortable and personal was their war of words, what can The Miz say about that? Talking is over, Miz’s actions will speak for him. He is an elite talent, and Corbin is going to see why. Corbin talking about his wife and child brings on a whole new focus for Miz, like nothing before. He will unleash all that on Corbin tonight. As for the “brain busters”, first question: How would Team Raw react to Miz losing? Miz’s entire goal as the IC Champion is to make it the most prestigious title in all of the WWE, losing is not even in his vocabulary. Second question, because the first was “so good”: Is Miz feeling the pressure? No one puts pressure on Miz the way Miz does. Miz pressures himself so much and since day one, it’s why he’s outlasted even his haters. Now he not only belongs in the WWE, but in the main event, and he makes every match become the main event. Tonight it isn’t Lesnar VS Styles or Raw VS SmackDown but Miz VS Corbin! Third and final question: What is Miz’s thought about Team Raw? Are they good enough? Whatever show Miz is on, that show succeeds. He made SmackDown the best, now he makes Raw the best. Raw will be superior tonight, and it is thanks to The Miz. Amazing questions, really. Thank the WWE Universe for them. Can Miz make Corbin eat his words along with defeat?

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Enzo Amore VS Kalisto!

While Red battles Blue, the Purple Brand is either going to stay The ‘Zo Show or be brought back under the 205 Lucha Lucha banner! The Certified G reminds us it was all Kalisto’s birthday last Tuesday. The Realest Champ is also the Nicest Champ, he got Kalisto a Cake Boss level cake and what happens? Kalisto shoves Enzo’s face in the cake! The Face of 205 Live, in a cake! Well now it feels like Enzo’s birthday, and his birthday wish is coming true, Kalisto isn’t taking his boo. No cake? Then here’s beef, even though Kalisto is a chicken, because he’s S A W F T!

The bell rings, Enzo goes right at Kalisto with haymakers and then puts the Lucha Dragon in a corner with shoulder tackles and a Certified Mudhole. Kalisto gets in a knee and then lots of kicks, Kalisto wants Enzo up. Salida denied, Enzo gets out of the ring, Kalisto builds speed but Enzo gets out of the way. Kalisto has to stop his take-off, adjusts, and chases Enzo around the outside. Back into the ring, Kalisto shoulders in then slingshots into the sunset flip powerbomb, TWO! A super close call, but Kalisto keeps on Enzo at the ropes. Kalisto drags Enzo up but the ref backs him off, in that gap, Enzo hits a hotshot. Kalisto snaps back, we go to break.

We return to Enzo giving Kalisto a big lariat, cover, TWO. Enzo is frustrated, he keeps on Kalisto with another Certified Mudhole. He then yanks Kalisto up and into a sidewalk slam, TWO again. Enzo puts a chinlock on, trash talking the entire time. Kalisto endures, works to get up, fans rally but Kalisto is powered back to a corner. Enzo scoops and places Kalisto in a Tree of Woe for a corner to corner forearm smash! Cover, TWO, Enzo stalks his challenger as he mocks Kalisto fans. Enzo stretches Kalisto back, then a clobbering crossface forearm. Back to a chinlock to grind and ground Kalisto. Fans rally, Kalisto feeds off it, jawbreaker breaks the hold, then Salida- no, Enzo yanks Kalisto down by his mask. Enzo brings Kalisto around, scoop into the Tree of Woe again. Enzo sets up again, runs in, Kalisto sits up and Enzo hits buckles. Kalisto gets up, super asai moonsault! But Kalisto’s own sore core muscles keep him from making a cover. The two men slowly stand up, Kalisto boots Enzo away. Kalisto dodges, runs, headscissors! Enzo flounders, Kalisto rams in a shoulder then goes to a rolling Death Valley. Penalty kick knocks Enzo down, Spike-Rana on top! Enzo gets to ropes, Kalisto gets the “LUCHA! LUCHA!” going, Salida Del Sol escaped! Enzo slips out again, Kalisto grabs him again, they fight on the ropes and end up on the apron. They won’t stop even as the ref tells them to, Enzo clobbers Kalisto with a haymaker. Then, Jor-DONE-Zo on the apron, Kalisto blocked thanks to ropes! He has Enzo’s foot, they scurry on the corner, Kalisto grabs an arm, Enzo uses that to yank Kalisto into exposed steel! Then into the ring, Enzo truly hits Jor-DONE-Zo!

Cover, Enzo wins and retains! The ‘Zo Show rolls on, can anyone cancel the Realest Show in the Room?

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn VS Breezango!

The WWE’s Best Friends didn’t come here to compete with “clowns” like the Fashion Police. Call this what it is: a disgrace, and an insult to the very two best on SmackDown! Give up on Fashion Files, investigate the crime of Kevin and Sami being treated so poorly. Kevin and Sami should be making history again as team leaders, but they’re not, and that’s all because of Shane McMahon. The Fashion Police should be investigating how Shane is still the Commissioner when he let his roster get beat down by Raw’s. Sami was concerned for his well-being, for Kevin’s well-being, so the two of them did “the right thing” and escaped the #Rawtaliation.

However, Officers Breeze and Fandango respond. An anonymous tip mentioned “optical offenders” harassing Houston. By the smell of it, it’s these two in the ring. Yes, that is the stench of unkempt beards. Look, the “police.” Say something, paper boy? Here’s a headline: Local Sexy Cop Heroes save Survivor Series. And rewarded handsomely. The teams sort out and have Kevin start with Fandango, the bell rings and Kevin goes right at him. Whip but Fandango kicks back, he sees Sami coming in, dropkicks him out. Breeze gives them citations! Sami & Kevni regroup as we go to break.

We return to Sami on Fandango, but Sami gets the chop then gets hung up on the top rope. Tag to Breeze, double boots bring Sami back in, cover, TWO. Breeze brings Sami into a corner for a bump, then his corner for a bump, whip to the ropes, Sami bails out of the ring. Breze in pursuit, big forearm smash. Houston gets fired up as Breeze has to fight off both Sami & Kevin, Sami pounces on reentry. Sami ground ’n’ pound, then reels Breeze in for a lariat. Tag to Kevin, Kevin mugs Breeze with body shots. Kevin drags Breeze up for a clubbing forearm, tag to Sami. Breeze is isolated in Best Friend territory, and put into a chinlock. Fans rally, Breeze gets to his feet, reaches but Sami knees low then whips. Breeze kicks Sami right in the face, Sami goes down, but Sami anchors Breeze and then drags him away. Tag to Kevin, back senton on Breeze’s back, TWO. Kevin is frustrated, he puts Breeze back in a chinlock. Fans rally again, Breeze works but can’t get away as Kevin trash talks. Fans rally again, Breeze gets his second wind, and fights back only to be thrown down. Kevin covers, TWO, back to that chinlock. Sami even trash talks from his corner. Breeze feeds off the third rally from the fans, fights back again, but Kevin sweeps the legs. Kevin goes for it, but his back senton hits Breeze’s knees! Both men crawl for their corners, hot tags to Fandango and Sami! Fandango rallies with jabs and lariats, whip but reversed, forearm to take out Kevin. Back elbow to Sami, Fandango hops up, missile dropkick connects. Hip swivel, running tornado DDT! Kevin breaks the pin. Breeze in with a forearm smash, he pursues Kevin outside, but gets rammed into an apron. Fandango climbs up but Kevin distracts, Sami dodges the Last Dance! Tag, Kevin goes after Fandango with the Pop-Up Powerbomb!

Kevin & Sami win! Or is it Sami & Kevin win? Either way, these two are united in their anti-Shane agenda, will they be vindicated any time soon?

Backstage interview with AJ Styles.

The Phenomenal World Champion faces the Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. How will he avoid Suplex City? Not telling you that. But Styles knows he is the underdog against The Beast, just like anyone else. Styles doesn’t fear Lesnar. Styles fears what Lesnar will do to him, but sometimes fear is a good thing. He’ll move faster, jump higher and hit harder, and Styles will have to truly be phenomenal to win. Of course, Jinder Mahal appears, his presence alone enough to remind Styles that they’ll have their title rematch soon enough. Can Styles conquer the Beast to then thwart the Maharaja?

True brand dominance shall be decided tonight.

From #UnderSiege to #Rawtaliation, both rosters have raided the other. A 25 year legacy is in peril, but it won’t end without a fight. The one night a year Raw and SmackDown are pitted against each other, will Goddess dethrone a Queen? Will A-Lister silence the Lone Wolf? Will a Phenomenal One survive Suplex City? Which is the B Show? Which is THE Show?

Six Man Tag: The Shield VS The New Day!

Awwww~ H-Town!” Clap for a dream match so big it had to open the show! Will the Hounds of Justice or the Unicorns of Positivity come out the superior trio of WWE? Great material for the “tumblr kids”, this is more about showing the world who is the most dominant and entertaining faction in WWE history! Kurt Angle put SmackDown #UnderSeige to let The Shield go after the New Day, but it took all of three weeks to steal an idea. “The one thing that was proven” is that The Shield have a “big ol’ set of big, gigantic, dangling, GUTS.” But Dogs are Dogs, time to go Bob Barker on them! Spade and neuter. It’s Dog Eat Dog, and Wrestlemania will creep up to tempt any one of them to bite the others. Brotherhood? There is no greater brotherhood than the New Day, because “New! Day Rocks!”

The six men meet in the ring, the bell rings, and the two chosen to start are Dean Ambrose and Kofi Kingston. The two circle, tie up, waistlock but standing switch, standing switch back, arm wrench. Ambrose rolls, reverses, the fans duel between Raw and SmackDown as Kofi handsprings out, Ambrose slaps him down. Kofi sees how it is, laughs it off, tags Woods in. Ambrose tags Rollins is, the Architect and the PhD of Positivity go now. Rollins sues speed to go from arm lock to hammerlock, Woods does the same, and several times around. Rollins decks Woods with a clothesline! Woods tags Big E, Rollins tags in Roman Reigns. The biggest men meet, circling the other. Fans tell Roman “You still suck!” They tie up, standing switch, but Big E pries his way out with power. Roman gets a headlock, Big E powers out and they collide, Big E rebounds to run Roman over. Big E blows a bit of bad wind Roman’s way, things speed up, Roman runs Big E over with a big elbow! Big E gets right up, he’s mad now. “Suck on this, sucka!” Big E runs, but into a Samoan Drop, TWO. Kofi tags in, Big E reverses the whip, Amborse tags in and The Shield runs The New Day over. Triple clothesline to take out Big E and Kofi, Woods is all alone now. Woods sees he’s in a bad spot, he’s getting mugged 3v1 as the SHield tag in and do their own sort of stampede. Roman drags Woods up, into a big lariat. Tag to Rollins, who goes up top, flying haymaker. Tag to Ambrose, they hit the frantic combination of clothesline, knee drop and elbow drop, TWO. Ambrose taunts Big E, grabs Woods, back suplex slipped out, Woods slides under to tag Kofi. Kofi flies in, knocks Ambrose down, takes out the other Shield members then rallies on Ambrose. Kofi is fired up, fans are mixed, Kofi hits the Boom Drop. Kofi gets fans chanting “New! Day Rocks!” Trouble In Paradise misses, but Kofi boots back to jump, into double underhook! Kofi backs Ambrose into the New Day corner, Big E tags in and “time to turn up!” The proper Unicorn Stampede begins! And it goes on and on until all three of the New Day get a few turns. Kofi whipped in but misses, Ambrose runs Big E over. Woosd tags in, he brings Ambrose back over for hands in the corner. Woods keeps going with the Stampede, and it starts up all over again. SmackDown fans love it, Raw fans boo it. Big E whips Woods now, big dropkick to Ambrose. The Shield decide to take matters into their own hands, they come around and start barwls on the outside. Ambrose rallies inside, then DIVES on Woods!

The Shield regroups with The New day down, but Big E gets up to SPEAR Ambrose out!

A crash and burn, Rollins can’t believe what he just saw. Roman and Rollins get back to their corner, Big E gets Ambrose back in, covers, TWO. Big E yanks Ambrose’s shirt off him, no respect for the new merchandise. Ambrose fires up to chop and chop, Big E shoves him and runs him over, TWO. Big E tags Woods, half-nelson chinbar locked on Ambrose. Fans rally, Ambrose gets up and fights back, but Woods keeps him away with a headbutt. In a neutral corner, Woods keeps giving Ambrose strikes before hoisting him up top. Woods prepares but Ambrose resists, Ambrose gives Woods a super gordbuster! Ambrose adjusts, Woods tags Big E, Big E climbs up and keeps Ambroes stuck there, wanting a super belly2belly! Ambrose resists with ear claps, getting Big E to tumble back. Ambrose aims, jumps, missile dropkick connects. Both men down but crawling, fans rallying, hot tag to Kofi to deny the Shield Roman, so Ambrose body drops Kofi to tag Rollins! The Architect rallies, blockbuster and then slingblade, cover, TWO! Rollins is a bit surprised but he isn’t done. He stalks Kofi, Kofi elbows back, tag to Woods. Mule kick to powerbomb, Roman tags. Buckle bomb, leaping lariat, TWO! Roman is surprised now, but he’s in position. He locks and loads, takes aim, but Woods dodges to roll up, TWO, fireman’s carry but Woods fights out. Things speed up again, SUPERMAN PUNCH! The fans are mixed but thunderous, Roman fires up and lets out the battle cry. Woods knees him away! Tags to Big E and Ambrose, SUPERMAN PUNCH, Belly2Belly! Lunatic- tag to Kofi! Rollins tagged in, mule kick! SUPERKICK! Mule kick again! They drag Kofi in, Kingslayer to Dirty Deeds! Cover, Woods breaks! That is not enough to defeat the record-setting tag team champions. Woods drags Kofi over, tags in, and trash talks Rollins as he brings him up. Rollins revives, SUPERKICK! Both men down, Rollins tells Ambrose to “end it now!” Ambrose and Roman take Big E and whip him right into barriers. Then for Kofi and do the same. They return to their corner, tag to Roman to then tag Ambrose. The three come in, and ew all know that means… No wait, Big E brings out Roman! Woods fights the other two off, Kofi comes in! Trouble in Paradise! Mule kick to Shining Wizard! Woods fires up, and the New Day targets Roman first. It’s 3v1 in a very Shield like way, Penalty Kick keeps Roman down. Back to Ambrose in the ring, tag to Big E, tag to Kofi, buckle kick combo! Tag back to Woods, tag back to Big E, the New Day forms an odd totem for a leap-frog frog splash! And Big E Splash! Rollins returns but Big E keeps him down. Tag to Kofi, “load ’em up!” Kofi and Woods climb up as Big E shoulders Ambrose AND Rollins, DOUBLE Midnight Hour!!

But Roman has returned, SPEAR through Big E to break the pin!! This is not over by a long shot, but “This is awesome!” The teams regroup, Roman tags in. The Shield and The New Day stare each other down, barely able to stand, they rush each other for a huge brawl! Big E sent out, Woods sent out, Kofi and Roman remain inside. Kingslayer and Dirty Deeds on the outside, corner to corner whip but Kofi kicks back. Kofi goes up, Roman ducks under his jump, SPEAR! And NOW it’s coming, as they all tag in. A bit of an audible, SUPER TRIPLE POWERBOMB!!

The Shield wins, +1 for Raw! Is this just the beginning of a Raw victorStephanie McMahon gives a pep talk to her Raw Women’s Team.

Raw is up 1–0, time to make it 2–0. Steph loved seeing them rip into SmackDown. Raw’s Women won last year, they’re gonna do it again. Asuka is the Undefeated Empress of Tomorrow, but the Lass Kicker is after Asuka’s arm. Break every bone in Becky’s body. Legit Boss Sasha Banks, use that swagger. Huggable Bayley, time for hugging is over. Bayley is a force to be reckoned with when she’s focused, give it your all! And Brutal Beauty, the Unstoppable Force, dominate and destroy, throw Carmella into the crowd. If Naomi wants to #FeeltheGLow, then knock her lights out! And, Captain Foxy. Stephanie doubted her, but after last week, she is so proud of her. One last question: Are you ready? Yes, ma’am! ARE, YOU, READY!? YES, MA’AM! SmackDown started the fight, Raw ends it!!

Women’s 5v5 Elimination Tag Match: Team Raw VS Team SmackDown!

Foxy, Sasha, Bayley, Asuka and Nia go up against Becky, Natty, Carmella, Naomi and Tamina, who will be the winning women of WWE? The teams sort out, we start with the Captains, Foxy and Becky. They circle, tie up, Foxy backs Becky up and thrashes her in a corner. Becky shoves back so Foxy unloads knees and elbows. Back to a corner, Foxy slaps Becky around. Becky boots back, fans duel again, Becky fires out with a forearm, then smashes Foxy with a forearm. Snapmare, calf kick, back kick and whip, but Alicia puts Becky on the apron. Hotshot to Alicia, Becky goes up, leg drop! TWO, Foxy’s still in. Becky shakes it off, waits for Alicia to get up, goes after that arm, but Alicia gets a ropebreak. Becky lets go, Alicia back elbows and Bayley tags in. Becksploder for Alicia, roll up for Becky, Becky is eliminated!! Bayley took out the team captain! SmackDown is down a woman already, and Raw is loving it. Natty steps up now, trash talking with Bayley before kicking low and snap suplex quick. Natty gets Bayley in a corner for a mudhole, Natty embraces the heat. Natty drags Bayley up and out, another snap suplex. Bayley’s legs are bothering her but she still kicks out at TWO. Bayley is brought into Blue territory, tag to Tamina to stomp away. Tamina whips Bayley, Bayley dodges, forearm smash and more forearms added on. Bayley rams in her shoulder, then drags Tamina over. Asuka tags in! She kicks and kicks and kicks, then rapid fire hands, tag to Foxy. Foxy adds on, Tamina tries but can’t get out, tag to Bayley. Bayley gets a big right from Tamina, Tamina brings Bayley over and unloads body shots. Tag to Natty, Natty stomps away. Bayley elbows Natty away, then dodges, and fights off all of the SmackDown women. Hotshot to Naomi, but then Natty goes after Bayley. Tag to Carmella, double mudhole stomps. Natty tells Raw fans to shut up while Carmella tags in Tamina. Bayley fights out again, FABULOUS Kick from Carmella. Tamina up, SUPERFLY!

Bayley is eliminated! We’re back to 4v4, Raw has to regroup to send someone in. It’s Nia Jax! Family faces off now, but Nia knocks out Naomi first. So Tamina does the same to Asuka. Now they tie up directly, pretty even in power. Headbutt from Nia, headbutt from Tamina. The two circle, double headbutts! Both are staggered, Nia powers Tamina to a corner and rams in her shoulder. Nia says “It’s about me!” before crushing Tamina in the corner. Cannonball senton! TWO! Tamina is still in this, Nia is already frustrated. Nia drags Tamina up, Tamina revives to throw haymakers. Fireman’s carry but Nia is too much, Nia gets Tamina up, but Lana gets on the apron to throw a shoe at Nia. Nia blasts Lana off the apron! Nia turns around, SUPERKICK from Tamina, then another SUPERKICK to send Nia staggering out. Tamina wants after Nia but the ref won’t let her, so Naomi slingshots for a splash! Nia is down, Tamina fetches her with a third SUPERKICK! The ten count gets up to 5, Tamina gives Nia a huge crossbody to topple her down. Count at 8, Tamina gets in, Nia doesn’t, Nia is eliminated! We’re now 4–3 with SmackDown leading. Raw sends Captain Foxy out but she’s so mad at Nia, she doesn’t see Naomi coming! Roll up, TWO, Naomi throws forearms on Foxy. Foxy fights back, hops up but faked out, enziguri rocks her to the mat. Naomi in position but Foxy dodges, big boot to the face. Foxy drags Naomi up, whip but Naomi reverses, tilt-o-whirl escaped for a sunset flip, Alicia’s eliminated! But there’s a bit of confusion, Naomi thought it wasn’t, so as Alicia gets out, Sasha gets in to put on the Bank Statement Crossface!

Naomi taps and is eliminated! Now it’s 3–2, so Carmella goes right at Sasha with furious right hands. The Princess of Staten Island gives a snap suplex, TWO. Sasha blocks a bump to give a bump, tag to Asuka! And Asuka rips into Carmella with strikes. Kick after kick to the back, Asuka’s just getting started, big hip attack on the run, TWO! Asuka drags Carmella up but Carmella slips out and yanks Asuka down by her hair. Carmella is pissed, she puts Asuka in a corner and stomps a mudhole then throws in hands. Carmella hits the Fabulous Bronco Buster, then moonwalks it off. She mocks Sasha, but she should be worried about Asuka. Carmella slaps Asuka, THAT was a mistake. Asuka fires up, shoves, then hip toss knee! Buzzsaw! Carmella is eliminated! Natty comes in now that it’s 2–2, tag to Sasha, Raw double suplexes Natty. Cover, TWO, Natty slaps Sasha, so Sasha slaps Natty back hard. Kick blocked, knee given, but discus lariat connects, TWO! Sasha fires off forearms on Natty, runs and starts rallying. Sasha goes corner to corner for double knees, comes back and puts Natty sideways, Stock Drop knees! Bank Statement number 2! Natty endures, Tamina breaks the hold. Natty rolls Sasha, TWO, Sasha is thrown right into buckles. Sharpshooter!

Sasha endures, crawls and reaches for Asuka, but Tamina intercepts! Sasha taps, she’s eliminated! Asuka is 2–1 as the last woman for Raw, and SmackDown feels confident they can take her. Asuka gets in and Natty is right on her, Asuka comes back, it gets pretty scrappy in there. Natty takse a moment to gloat, bumps Asuka, tags Tamina. Mudholes again, double suplex of their own. Tamina drags Asuka up, Asuka fights back, fans cheer “Let’s go, Asuka!” Asuka takes a stiff slam, cover, TWO! SmackDown is surprised, Asuka keeps fighting back. Tamina dumps Asuka down again, then climbs up top. Tamina takes aim, SUPER- flop! Asuka gets up, runs in, jumping armbar! Tamina taps and is eliminated! We’re down to one woman each, and Natty goes right at Asuka without hesitation. Natty wants Sharpshooter, Asuka makes that a kneebar!! Natty fights out, Asuka kicks her in the head. Discus misses, heel kick connects! Asuka is all fired up, chicken wing drop into Asuka Lock! Natty taps, Raw wins again! Are we looking at a sweep in the making?

Stephanie McMahon rubs the wins in Daniel Bryan’s face.

Raw’s gonna run the table, get used to it. Or Raw is lucky, as the Men’s Team can still win with John Cena. How did Bryan get Cena, anyway? Angle’s ignorance or Bryan being family? Says the woman who put her husband on Team Raw. No no, Triple H did that because it is his right. The guy that Bryan beat at Wrestlemania 30? Bryan got an awesome moment, and now he’ll get another awesome moment when SmackDown beats Raw, too. No, Raw has the stronger team, literally, and Raw raided SmackDown to prove it. As vindictive Stephanie sounds, Shane will be twice as much, which is why SmackDown will win. Maybe, if he were 100%. Bryan should consider that without Shane, he’s “stuck” in charge. Something to think about.

Champion VS Champion: The Miz w/ The Miztourage VS Baron Corbin!

The time for talk is over, time for fighting! And with Maryse in the front row, The Miz has his full support system present, is it enough to finally shut the Lone Wolf up? The bell rings, the two circle, Corbin trash talks Maryse then swings on Miz, Miz swings and connects. Miz gets out of the ring as Corbin rushes him, Corbin waits as Miz regroups with his Miztourage. Miz gets in and knocks Corbin away, then bobs ’n’ weaves with the former Golden Glove winner. Corbin catches him, however, throws him in a corner and then kicks him to another. Miz goes up, The Miztourage disrupt the slide out then in, wrekcing ball dropkick knocks Corbin to the announce table. Corbin blocks Miz then throws him into the barriers, right in front of Maryse. Corbin taunts her by punching Miz right in front of her. “That’s what a real man does, honey.” Miz pounces, furious that Corbin would talk to Maryse lik that. They return to the ring, Miz clotheslines Corbin right back out. Miz pursues, clobbering the Lone Wolf, and ramming him into barriers. Miz puts Corbin in the ring, Corbin kicks Miz on reentry then boots him all the way out again. The Miztourage check on Miz, Corbin comes out to fetch the A-Lister, ramming him into barriers now. Corbin brushes off the jeers as he puts Miz in the ring, then in a corner for stiff right hands. The Miztourage tries to coach Miz into this, Corbin whips Miz corner to corner. Corbin mocks the dueling chants, then drives a knee into Miz before throwing Miz to ropes. Miz holds those ropes and dropkicks a leg out, then dumps Corbin out over teh top. Corbin is still on his feet, backing the Miztourage off. Corbin sees the second wrecking ball dropkick coming and rocks him with a right hand. Corbin keeps the Miztourage back again as he puts Miz in the ring, but the MIztourage works together so that Bo Dallas can go after Corbin’s bad leg! Miz keeps on with the low boot. Leg-DDT jams the foot, Miz kicks Corbin’s ribs. Miz stomps away on the bad leg, the referee backs him off. Corbin forces himself up, trise to boot back with the bad leg, just gets another leg jamming move from Miz. Miz drags Corbin out, Figure Four denied, Corbin back suplexes but Miz slips out, chopblock! To Figure Four! Corbin endures the legendary leg lock, using his long arms to get that ropebreak. Miz lets go at 4 to add on, but the ref won’t let him get back on Corbin just yet. Miz rushes in, Corbin hits Deep Six! TWO! Corbin is frustrated as well as in pain, he and Miz slowly crawl to opposite corners. Corbin runs in for a clothesline, but then Miz slips away to boot back. Miz hops up, jumps into a choke grip, slips out, roll up, TWO. Corbin runs, Miz goes up and over so Corbin slides out, and Corbin decks the wounded Axel down! Corbin back in, and even on one leg, lariats Miz down! Bo distracts but gets dragged in, for an End of Days! Miz rolls Corbin up, TWO, Corbin whips MIz into- no, Miz escapes, low DDT! TWO, but Miz is too tired to react. Both men slowly stir, Miz is up first, so he starts up those “It Kicks!” Fans chant “Miz! Miz! Miz!” but the Buzzsaw misses. Corbin up, takes Miz’s corner dropkick. Then another, but END OF DAYS!!

Corbin wins, SmackDown is on the board! In-ring interview with Renee Young to point that fact out, Corbin says “My hand went up, and your mouth went shut.” To those watching around the world, Corbin just shut their mouths, too. Is this the beginning of a SmackDown comeback?

Backstage interview with The Advocate, Paul Heyman.

AJ Styles said earlier that he plans to be Phenomenal in order to defeat Brock Lesnar, but Heyman says he’s always Phenomenal since day one of his career. This entire night is phenomenal, and AJ Styles is the most phenomenal in-ring performer of this or any other generation. But then the bell will ring, and that phenomenal one finds he’s in for a fight! A fight with a Beast, a conqueror, and a predator, and that is when Styles will regret beating Jinder Mahal to face the “number one champion in WWE then, now, and forever”.

Champions VS Champions: The Bar VS The Usos!

The Celtic Gladiator and Swiss Cyborg state that they set the standard in WWE tag team wrestling today, but Jimmy & Jey have tag team wrestling on lockdown. If they’re The Bar, then the Usos are Bartenders. Because everything that comes through The Bar comes through the Usos first. They’re pole vaulters because they clear The Bar. Candy Bar? Nope. Ice Cream Bar? Nope. Pull-up Bar? Nope. Crowbar? Nope. Handlebar? Nope. The only “bar” is the one they slam shut in the Uso Penitentiary! To start this match, it is Sheamus against Jimmy, they circle and tie up, Sheamus puts Jimmy in the corner. Jimmy turns it around, then Sheamus back, headlock takeover. Jimmy gets up, powers out, but gets run over. Sheamus gives him The Bar thumb, the two circle again, tie up, hammerlock from Sheamus but an elbow, uppercut and chop from Jimmy. Corner to corner whip reversed, Jimmy slides to a stop to uppercut Sheamus to his corner. Tag to Jey, “Uce! O!” forearm smash. Mudhole stomping now, tag, Jimmy and Jey stomp both legs. Jimmy tags Jey back in, body shot, but then Sheamus clobbers Jey and tags Cesaro. Cesaro gives a right hand to Jey, then a whip, but Jey reverses to hip toss Cesaro, cover, TWO. Jey drags Cesaro over, tag to Jimmy, body shot and hedbutt. Tag to Jey again, the Usos aren’t slowing down as they keep on Cesaro. Chop from Jey, Cesaro doesn’t care, he gives a European Uppercut. They brawl, chop for EuroUpper, tag to Sheamus. The Bar whips and gives Jey the Bar Lariat. Sheamus stands Jey up, headlock again, Jey powers out as Jimmy tags in, sneak kick and an uppercut. Sheamus out, Cesaro comes in but gets sent out, Jey builds speed but runs into a EuroUpper! So Jimmy DIVES!

Down goes Cesaro, but then Sheamus gives Jimmy a rolling senton on the ground. The ref says to bring this back inside, Sheamus drags Jimmy up and puts him in. Sheamus climbs up, Jimmy stands up, flying clothesline takes Jimmy down, TWO. Sheamus drags Jimmy up, tags Cesaro, now The Bar gets to mug Jimmy. Cesaro puts on a chinlock to keep Jimmy grounded. Fans rally, Jimmy gets up, Cesaro keeps Jimmy back while tagging in Sheamus. They double whip then Super Saiyan mule kick Jimmy down. Sheamus gives Jimmy a knee drop for good measure, then back into a chinlock. Shift to keylock, Jimmy works himself up, Jimmy arm-drags Sheamus but then Sheamus brings him back around. Corner clothesline to Irish Curse backbreaker, TWO, Sheamus goes right to a facelock. Sheamus gets Jimmy back around to a chinlock, fans rally. Jimmy feeds off that, jawbreaker, Cesaro tags in. Cesaro boots Jey out of the picture, Jimmy slips under to find no one. Tag to Sheamus, shoulder tackle, then feed to a EuroUpper! TWO, and The Bar is getting frustrated. Fans cheer Usos on, Sheamus gets Jimmy in the Bodhrain. Sheamus gives three beats before denying teh fans counting along, but he gets a hotshot for it. Sheamus gives Jimmy a body shot, suplexes Jimmy over but Jimmy lands on his feet. Uppercut, corkscrew crossbody!

Both men down, fans rally as both men crawl to their corners. Jey is back, he gets the fans going, tags to Cesaro and Jey! Jey rallies, mule kick to uppercut. Jey hits Cesaro with the Samoan Drop! Cesaro ends up in a corner, Jey fires up, but the hip attack misses, EuroUpper clobbers Jey in return. Cesaro whips Jey corner to corner, Jey slides to a stop, body drop sends Cesaro into the buckles! Now the hip attack hits! Cover, TWO, and Jey looks for ideas. He keeps Sheamus off the apron, then with the ref keeping Sheamus back, Jimmy SUPERKICKS Cesaro before taking out Sheamus, Jey covers, TWO! Jey decides to go up top now, takes aim, but Sheamus throws Jimmy to barriers while Cesaro jump up with a EuroUpper! Cesaro drags Jey up, Jey fights back, Sheamus trips up Jey, Cesaro takes Jey down and goes swinging! Then, Sharpshooter!

Jey endures, Sheamus comes in to BROGUE Jimmy! Jey keeps trying but Cesaro keeps him away from ropes. Jey changes direction, ropebreak! Cesaro can’t believe it. He keeps Jey on ropes, cheap shot knee from Sheamus, big lariat from Cesaro, TWO. The Bar is getting frustrated, they want to finish this. Tag to Sheamus, Sheamus lifts Jey, Cesaro goes up but Jey rolls up, TWO. Jey rocks Cesaro, then dodges Sheamus! Sheamus down, Jey goes up, but he still has to fight Cesaro off. Sheamus catches Jey, Cesaro tags, springboard A-Swiss-ted White Noise!

Jimmy breaks the pin just in time! The Usos continue to prove their toughness, The Bar can’t stand it. The Bar throws Jimmy into the ropes, he goes floundering away. Tag to Sheamus, switch it up with the powerbomb but Jey fights both of them off. Jey grabs Sheamus and turns this into a Super Samoan Drop Powerbomb!

Cesaro gets a SUPERKICK! Jey covers, TWO!! Now the Usos can’t believe it, but “This is awesome!” Jey and Sheamus stir, crawl, but Sheamus keeps Jey anchored and drags Jey with him to The Bar’s corner. Cesaro is crawling his way on the outside, Jey hits the dragon whip kick! Tag to Jimmy, both Usos SUPERKICK Cesaro, who took the shot for Sheamus. Brogue misses, SUPERKICK to SUPERKICK to DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Jimmy FLIES and tags, UCE SPLASH! The Usos win! SmackDown has tied it up!

Champion VS Champion: Alexa Bliss VS Charlotte Flair!

The Queen of Flair becoming the SmackDown Women’s Champion was a great moment in the Queen City, but the Goddess of Raw isn’t bothered by this change one bit. Will Five Feet of Fury or the Nature Boy’s Daughter be the better woman tonight? The bell rings, the two stare down as “WOO” echoes throughout the arena. They then tie up, Charlotte knees low and whips Alexa, an elbow runs her over so Alexa bails out. Charlotte dares Alexa to come back in. Alexa does, but then goes right out as Charlotte rushes her. Alexa wants Charlotte to back off so she can enter. Fans duel, Alexa finally gets room to enter, and the two stare down again. The two tie up, Charlotte powers Alexa to the ropes and Alexa shrieks as she calls for the break. Charlotte backs off, they tie up again, Charlotte puts Alexa in a corner. Alexa kicks out but is bumped back into the corner, so Alexa slaps Charlotte. Charlotte slaps Alexa, Alexa gets to the apron, Charlotte rocks her with a right. Charlotte joins her, but gets an arm wringer that brings her right to the ground! Alexa gets Charlotte in, covers, TWO. Alexa kicks Charlotte while she’s down, then dropkicks her out of the ring. Alexa goes out to keep on Charlotte, another dropkick to the ribs. Alexa drags Charlotte up, puts her in the ring again, covers, TWO. Alexa is annoyed, she kicks Charlotte before putting on a modified keylock abdominal stretch. Fans rally, Charlotte endures as Alexa claws and grinds an elbow into those ribs. Charlotte fades a bit, Alexa keeps on the bend. Fans rally again, Charlotte gets up, scoop slam but Alexa slips out to drive Charlotte down, TWO. Alexa keeps on Charlotte with more kicks to the ribs. Alexa tells Charlotte to just give up as she puts her in a corner. “You’re not the Queen here, Charlotte!” Alexa stomps a mudhole into her, then gets mad at the referee for counting. Charlotte elbows back, rolls Alexa, TWO, Charlotte goes into buckles hard! Alexa stays back as the ref checks on Charlotte, Charlotte is okay to continue so Alexa drags her out by her hair to kick at the ribs again. Alexa hops up, tornado DDT denied, T-Bone into buckles! Charlotte recovers while Alexa is down under the ropes, but Charlotte decides to climb. She scrapes Alexa off, but Alexa comes back to trip her up into a Tree of Woe, basement dropkick! Alexa drags Charlotte into position now, Alexa climbs up to the top, but Charlotte stirs as Alexa takes aim. Alexa switches tactics, knee drops for Insult2Injury! TWO! Alexa is getting frustrated, she hops on but her sunset flip is blocked, Charlotte gives one big knee and then prepares a powerbomb, which Alexa resists, Alexa huricanrana pin, TWO! Alexa goes for it again, and hits Code Red!

TWO, and Alexa can’t believe it. Alexa drags Charlotte up by her hair, argues with the ref, but Charlotte denies the DDT. Alexa rushes in but gets Flair Chops! “WOO~!” echoes out as chop after chop hits, but then Alexa drags Chalrotte down to scrap and thrash into a guillotine lock! Charlotte starts fading, she reaches for ropes, fans rally and Charlotte gets her second wind. Charlotte stands up, uses her height and power for a sit-out powerbomb!

TWO! Charlotte is not deterred just yet, as both women slowly stir. The fans duel, Charlotte gets up first, but Alexa uses that stiff right to deny the Figure Four. Even so, Charlotte glares at Alexa as Alexa crawls for a corner, Natural Selection! TWO!! Charlotte is getting angry now. She drags Alexa over, walks all over her, then starts to climb. Moonsault, FLOP! Alexa covers, TWO, and she’s unsure what to do next. Alexa scoots back, afraid of Charlotte now. Charlotte is right on her, yanking her to her feet, stiff right again, DDT! Cover, ROPEBREAK! And Alexa throws a tantrum. Alexa gets mad, she drags Charlotte up by her hair, fans duel again, Alexa says Charlotte’s time is over! But then Charlotte returns that mandible claw, shove, SPEAR! Both women down again, from exhaustion and soreness. A ten count begins, both women stir and stand up at the same time. Alexa rushes in, dropkick to the ribs again, then kicks in the corner. The ref backs Alexa up to check on Charlotte, but the match continues as Alexa stomps on Charlotte’s back. Alexa goes up now, takes aim, Twisted Bliss hits knees! Charlotte stalks Alexa, big boot to her face! Then, Figure Four becomes Figure Eight!

Alexa is stuck, she flails and endures, but she taps! Charlotte wins, SmackDown breaks the tie to go 3–2! The pressure is on the Red Brand, can they still win this?

Champion VS Champion: Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman VS AJ Styles!

Two incredible careers in professional wrestling finally intersect as the “reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion” is to take on the Phenomenal One and new WWE World Champion! The fans duel “AJ Styles!” “Suplex City!” The bell rings, and Styles is wary of Lesnar but Lesnar boots Styles to a corner, rams in shoulder after shoulder then throws Styles across the ring. Lesnar gives big knee strikes then throws Styles again! Lesnar keeps on Styles in a corner, grinding Styles against a buckle. Lesnar lets Styles go at 4, Styles flounders to ropes. Styles gives a haymaker back but Lesnar clubs Styles down and then stands on his face. Lesnar is toying with Styles as he lets Styles get to a corner before stomping him more. Lesnar drags Styles corner to corner then gives more big knees. Belly2belly suplex launches Styles! Styles flounders again, fans duel again, Lesnar just steps on Styles’ face again. Lesnar drags Styles up, German Suplex! Suplex City begins with one. Lesnar stalks Styles, Styles can barely stand up, Lesnar drags him up to throw him out of the ring. Lesnar lets Styles stay out there as a ten count begins. Styles struggles to get up, Lesnar gives up on waiting, he throws Styles right into an announce desk! Lesnar drags Styles up and into the ring, still toying with him. Styles crawls to ropes, Lesnar waiting for him to stand up. German Suplex number 2! Styles is still on jelly legs as Lesnar gets him in a corner, running knee strike!

Styles crumbles to the mat, but Lesnar just grins. He wants Styles to get back up. Styles swings, misses, Lesnar is just playing with him now. Styles kicks, it’s blocked, Lesnar decks him with a right hand. Styles throws hands and it starts connecting! Styles backs Lesnar down but then Lesnar knocks him down and stomps him out. Lesnar drags Styles up again, fireman’s carry, but STyles slips out! Styles gets away, then dodges a second knee strike, dropkick to that leg. DDT on top of it! Styles has Lesnar down, but Styles can’t get up. The fans are thunderous, Styles kicks at Lesnar’s leg. Styles has Lesnar on his knees as he brings in right hands. Lesnar shoves Styles, Styles enziguris back. Springboard moonsault but Lesnar catches him, Styles slips down to shove Lesnar into buckles. Tornado DDT denied with pure power, both men are down. Fans applaud as both men slowly get up, Pele used like a leg drop! Styles gets to the apron, takes aim, springboard but into German Suplex Number 3, and a wicked one! Styles and Lesnar both get up, Lesnar lumbering over to Styles. Big right hand countered into a body drop to slam Lesnar on the apron’s edge. Styles takes aim again, and uses what energy he has left for the slingshot forearm!

Lesnar gets up, Styles shoves Lesnar into steel steps. Styles refreshes the count, then jumps for another forearm! Lesnar goes down, Styles puts him in the ring. The two men stand up and Lesnar gives a big forearm, but then Styles hits an enziguri! Lesnar down, Styles stirring, springboard for the Lionsault! Styles isn’t done there, he gets to the other side, Springboard 450!

TWO! Styles is too sore to be frustrated. Styles gets up, drags Lesnar up, Clash prepared, but Lesnar gets the fireman’s carry! Styles slips down, Calf Crusher!

Lesnar’s bad leg is the target of this killer leglock! Lesnar endures, Heyman is panicking, Lesnar grabs Styles and bounces his head off the mat again and again! Lesnar gets to ropes, “This is awesome!” Styles up, Lesnar up, fireman’s carry but Styles holds ropes. Styles forearms Lesnar again, and then Phenomenal Forearm!

Cover, TWO!! Styles is shocked, but The Beast is The Beast for a reason. Styles gets to the apron, wants to go again without the elbow pad, Phenomenal Forearm caught into fireman’s carry and F5!!

Lesnar wins! The score is tied 3–3 thanks to the Universal Champion! Styles came close, will he have enough left in him to defend against Jinder Mahal?

Men’s 5v5 Elimination Tag Match: Team Raw VS Team SmackDown!

The Olympic Gold Medalist and General Manager of Raw, Kurt Angle, was made Team Captain by Stephanie McMahon to counter how SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon is Team Captain for SmackDown. They’ve assembled what are quite possibly the greatest teams in Survivor Series history, which quintet will survive to get the final point and the win?! The ten men stand face to face, but the referee keeps the peace. No one wants to back down from either side, the referee insists this is one man at a time. The teams finally settle down, but it is clear Strowman wants to start for Raw. SmackDown isn’t as sure, so Shane McMahon gets the jump on him! The bell rings, Strowman throws Shane around! Orton tags in and gets his Captain out of harm’s way. Samoa Joe tags in, the Destroyer and the Viper circle. They tie up, Orton gets a waistlock but Joe pries his way out, headlock, Orton powers out, Joe runs him over with a shoulder. Joe waits for Orton to come out of the corner, Orton ties up with him, headlock from Orton, Joe powers out and runs him over again. Joe gets moving, Orton elbows him down. Orton gives Joe European Uppercuts in the corner, then whips him corner to corner but is reversed. Joe runs in, RKO denied just in time, Coquina Clutch but Orton arm-drags out. Stand-off, so Finn tags in. The Extraordinary Man gets the attention of the King of Strong Style! Orton tags Nakamura in, the fans go wild. An NXT rivalry renewed as the two tie up, Finn goes for a leg but Nakamura slips away. They tie up, fans go wild for NXT as they standing switch back and forth, Finn gets an armlock. Nakamura rolls, reverses, cartwheel, and wristlock. Finn rolls and reverses, Nakamura powers him to ropes, for the ab rest. Finn doesn’t care, he just gives Nakamura a Too Sweet. Then a kick before a snapmare but Nakamura lands on his feet. Snapmare, Finn dodges the stomp and kick but misses his own double stomps, another stalemate gets the fans excited. Now Triple H wants in. Finn obliges, the King of Kings wants at the King of Strong Style. They circle, Nakamura says “C’mon!” Triple H rushes him, powers Nakamura to a corner, then gives a clean break. Fans duel, Triple H dirties it up with haymakers and stomps in the corner. Nakamura gets Triple H in the corner and drives in knees. Triple H shoves Nakamura back, Nakamura kicks him down. Triple H knees low, whips Nakamura, reversed, knee facebuster. So Roode tags in! The GLORIOUS One grins as he is now face to face with The Game. The two circle, trash talk, and start shoving. They get face to face again, Roode winds it up… Triple H decks him! Triple H won’t let Roode taunt him, so Roode throws right hands instead with haymakers and chops. Corner to corner reversed, but Roode fires out with a lariat, cover, ONE. Roode keeps on Triple H, more chops against ropes. Another whip reversed, Spinebuster! Triple H catches his breath, winds it up, and… SUCK IT!

Kick, double underhook, but Roode slips out for his OWN Spinebuster! Wind it up, GLORIOUS, but Triple H reverses the DDT, Roode slips out of the Pedigree, Triple H drives Roode into into Raw’s corner and Angle tags in. Roode is ready, he throws hands on Angle. Angle gets under, German Suplex! But he’s not done, another German Suplex, and holds on for a third German Suplex! Angle is back to his old self again, he waits for Roode to get up, but Roode arm-drags out of the Angle Slam, double clotheslines bring both men down. Angle and Roode crawl for their corners, tag to Nakamura so Triple H comes in to intercept. Nakamura unloads strikes on Triple H, Dynamic Dropkick on Angle, and a sucker punch for Strowman. Nakamura kicks away at Angle, one blocked but he hits an enziguri! Angle down, but Strowman looks angry… Nakamura whips Angle corner to corner, running knee. Nakamura then sets Angle up sideways on the top rope, Top Shelf Knee. Joe rushes in, but Nakamura dodges to then drive JOe down with a knee. Finn in, but he gets knees, too. Triple H is back, Nakamura gets caught but escapes, swings a kick and hits the left. Angle tags in Strowman! KINSHASA to Triple H but The Monster Among Men comes in. He and the Rockstar stare down, Nakamura takes the fight to Strowman, kneeing him away and hoping up for a flying knee. Strowman stays up, Nakamura runs into the Monster Powerslam!

Nakamura is eliminated! But Bobby Roode is right on Strowman with haymakers. Roode slips out of the choke slam but is shoved into a corner. Strowman runs in, Roode dodges, hops up, blockbuster! Cover, ZERO as Strowman kicks out already. Strowman powers Roode up, Roode slips down and then boots from a corner. Hops up again, blockbuster deflected and then Roode is picked up for the second Monster Powerslam! Roode is eliminated, Raw is up 5–3! Orton steps up, Joe tags in. Strowman doesn’t like that, he and Joe start shoving… Triple H, Finn and Angle try to stop the dysfunction, their team is winning. But then Angle and Triple H get mad at each other, as one is Captain but the other is COO. So Orton shoves Angle into Triple H, then a cheap shot for Finn. Shane throws hands on Joe, Cena goes right after Finn, draping DDT to Triple H!

Joe gets Shane off him, but then runs into Orton’s powerslam! Cena is all fired up for his team, but he and Orton face Strowman now. Two WWE legends and a legend in the making, the brawl is 2v1 yet Strowman is winning. He shoves them away again and again, Cena tries but can’t lift Strowman, the RKO is blocked, so they both bumrush Strowman to send him out! They go after him but they both get stiff right hands. Strowman starts stripping an announce desk now… Strowman brings Cena up and over, Orton recovers and saves Cena. The two club away on Strowman, they try to double suplex but Strowman is too big and strong. So the rest of Team SmackDown — even the eliminated Nakamura & Roode — come in to make it a 5v1 suplex through the table!

Strowman crashes through, Team SmackDown has done something no one has: they’ve brought Strowman down. But Shane isn’t done, he’s got a crazy idea in his head. He climbs up, but Joe springs up to grab him. Joe gets Shane turned around, for a SUPER Belly2Belly overhead!

Joe is seething, he wants Shane to get up. Coquina Clutch but Shane slips down to kick Joe and tag Cena! Cena and Joe go at it, dropkick from Cena then a corner shoulder, but atomic drop to boot! Joe gives a back senton on top, TWO! Cena is sore now as he ends up in Raw territory. Joe jabs Cena, runs in for the back elbow. Joe lines up the shot, fans duel over whether or not “Cena Sucks!” Joe runs in, misses, Cena in, yurinagi! Finn tags, goes up, but Joe tags back in. More dysfunction when they don’t need to, so Cena gets Joe with the AA! Then Finn flies in, FINN gets an AA! Then Joe gets another AA! Joe is eliminated, the teams are 4–3! Raw still leads, but it gets a little less assured they’ll win. Cena dares someone to step up to him. Angle does, to bring things full circle. The two tie up, Angle gets the waistlock, wrestling slam. Cena gets up, works out of the hold, headlock from Angle but Cena powers out. Angle runs Cena over with a shoulder but Cena sits up. Cena smirks, probably feels familiar from that very first match. They tie up again, another waistlock but Cena elbows out to put on a headlock. Angle powers out, now Cena shoulders him down, “You Can’t See Me.” Fans are a mix of cheers and jeers, Cena and Angle go again, Cena knees low but now it’s a brawl of haymakers. Cena ducks, starts on those jumping shoulder tackles, spin-out powerbomb. Fans know what’s next as Cena again says “You Can’t See Me!” But then ANKLE LOCK!

Cena endures as he crawls, rolls to push out, wants fireman’s carry but Angle slips out to Angle Slam, Shane breaks the pin! So Finn hits COUP DE GRACE behind the ref’s back. Angle Slam again! Cena is ELIMINATED!! SmackDown is down 4–2! Orton is on Angle with those signature sadistic stomps and then scrapes his boots on Angle’s face. Knee drop misses, Angle crawls and hot tag to Finn. Finn kicks Orton, gets in and rallies. He takes out Shane for good measure, takedown to double stomps. Finn goes out to give Shane a blasting dropkick! Shane is down and out while Finn goes back to Orton, RKO denied, roll up, TWO, SLINGBLADE! Orton is staggered, Finn gives him a blasting dropkick then goes up top again. Finn jumps but Orton dodges, RKO!!

Outta nowhere as always, and Finn is eliminated! Things are bit closer at 3–2, but with Strowman and Shane out it’s more like 2–1. Triple H clobbers Orton, his old protege. The Game keeps on The Viper with right hands and stomps. Triple H brings Orton over, tags Angle, Angle goes up but Orton shoves Triple H into Angle. Back2back backbreaker, H goes down. Orton crawls away, Shane has returned! But then, Shane is ambushed by Kevin & Sami!

Their grudge against Shane is above brand, they beat Shane O’Mac down without remorse. Shane is tossed over the remaining announce desk, but that’s not the end of it. They stalk around but Shane has a steel chair and goes to town on the Best Friends! Orton gets Kevin with an RKO! Shane runs the petty duo out of the arena, Strowman is back!? He tags in, and the Monster has his eyes on the Viper. And then runs him over! Scoop, Monster Slam Three! Orton is eliminated, Raw is up 3–1, and it’s only Shane left. He started this with #UnderSiege, now he has to face the consequences. Strowman is so ready to maul a McMahon, and even Angle and Triple H are ready. No more chair, too, so Shane really is all alone. Shane is stalling out of fear more than anything, but as he paces, he works himself up back to bravery. Tension mounts as Shane approaches, but Triple H tags in? The brother-in-law wants at Shane first. The two circle, but then Angle reaches out and tags in. Captain against Captain, but now they argue,. Roll up, TWO, Russian leg sweep, TWO. Shane throws those jabs and boxing shots on Angle. Whip and big jumping elbow, Shane covers, TWO. Shane keeps on him with a roll, TWO, so he tries a DDT! TWO, but a lot closer than before. Shane keeps trying, kicking away at Angle but then Angle gets behind him, ANGLE SLAM! Angle isn’t done there, Ankle Lock! Angle punishes Shane with this, Shane flails and endures, reaches around and rolls but Angle keeps it on. Triple H even trash talks Shane as this is going on. Shane can’t get to ropes but can’t get free, he’s suffering through this hold, but even Triple H starts feeling bad. PEDIGREE to Angle?!

Strowman is confused by what Triple H is doing, but does nothing as Triple H helps Shane get the cover, Angle is eliminated! Strowman stares at Triple H, Triple H stands in the way of Shane. Seems family is stronger than brand. Shane is on one leg, Triple H helps him stand up. Shane doesn’t seem to understand either, but then Triple H hits Shane with a Pedigree himself!

A selfish swerve, but Shane is still eliminated! Raw wins with two men left, and 4–3 in the series! Triple H raises Strowman’s hand in victory, assuring him it was all part of the plan.

Raw reigns supreme, and that’s all that matters, right? Strowman doesn’t seem to think so. Even as Triple H explains it, Strowman doesn’t seem to like it. The Game is celebrating, until Strowman grabs him by the throat. “If you ever cross me again, I promise you will NEVER Play this Game again! You hear me?!”

Strowman lets Triple H go, but Triple H goes right at him! Kick, double underhook, but Strowman makes good on his threat, he powers out to POWERSLAM TRIPLE H!

Strowman roars victoriously as he stands over Triple H, but Triple H makes the mistake of getting back up. So Strowman gives him another powerslam! He rips off his shirt, not wanting to be associated with such a brand, then storms off to leave Triple H for dead. The Monster Among Men is the true Sole Survivor, what will this all mean for WWE’s future?

My Thoughts:

This was probably the greatest Survivor Series in a long time, even if the builds were a bit wonky. Two surprise kickoff matches that were actually still fun, as Elias keeps rolling and Kevin-Sami make a lot of good points about Shane in the grand scheme of everything while still getting a good win. The Cruiserweight Championship match was good, too, though I was hoping for just a bit more from Kalisto in terms of high-flying. Enzo wins to put a cap on their feud, but unless Neville is coming back, sounds like Mustafa Ali might step up to the Certified G next.

Then the main card was incredible. I can’t be sure what was the weakest match, but even that weakest match was high quality and worthy of this Pay-Per-View. Opening with The Shield VS New Day was actually a really good move, it got things at a fever pitch as both teams brought out some newer stuff and then gave amazing modifications on their team finishers. The Shield goes over because, well, it’s The Shield, who were always so dominant the first time they were together and it does indirectly mean Roman stays on a winning streak for the sake of what WWE still has planned. The Women’s 5v5 was fun, Tamina got to show her stuff and Nia is more or less protected with that count-out elimination. It meant a lot that Asuka became Raw’s last hope and then won it for them, she has yet to be pinned or submitted in any kind of match and could easily move up to be #1 contender to the Raw Women’s Championship. On the SmackDown side, any one of the Heels on the team could point out how Becky, the team captain, went down first, and that starts a feud towards Clash of Champions to determine their #1 contender. Miz-Corbin was an interesting one as WWE usually doesn’t do Heel VS Heel, but as far as tactics, Miz was bigger Heel since he still had the Miztourage work to distract. Corbin looks to finally be turning that dumpster fire trend around as he wins despite the distractions, and both champions have pretty fluid futures leading towards Clash of Champions and the Royal Rumble. The Bar VS Usos was outstanding, as to be expected from these two teams, it was something roughly on par with Shield VS New Day, and Usos went over not only to tie things up in the Survivor Series best of 7, but also because they really are some serious mainstays in WWE’s combined tag team division, and those two could probably take on just about any tag team today (anyone else notice Byron Saxton’s mention of Superkick Party?). Bliss-Flair was great but only the audience seemed lackluster by this point, probably tired from those other great matches. Bliss said her match with Mickie James was her best but I think this will replace that, even if Bliss lost. I almost thought Carmella was going to cash-in on Charlotte since the Women’s 5v5 already happened, but perhaps everyone wanted to simply enjoy a SmackDown victory, and there will be more chances since SmackDown gets Clash of Champions.

Holy crap Lesnar-Styles was a lot better than I was expecting. At least, it was after seeing Lesnar trying to bury Styles. Styles pushed Lesnar to his limits, but once again Lesnar wins clean and it’s technically okay as Styles doing this much to Lesnar implies he can definitely defeat Mahal in a fair match. Lesnar is also meant to stay on a win streak for the other half of WWE’s Wrestlemania plans as it is 99.9% assured it’ll be Lesnar VS Roman 2. And then the main event, the Men’s 5v5 was also incredible, we got every possible combination of 1v1 match-ups in those early minutes, and the order of eliminations were all great to keep most of these guys strong for the future. Seeing Strowman take on and keep even with two of WWE’s strongest booked superstars was also great, as was the 5-man suplex spot, it is all a compliment to Strowman’s power level that it took that much to keep him out of the way. In fact, Strowman did all the heavy lifting for Raw, almost literally, as he eliminates three SmackDown team members himself. And with how Triple H screws over Angle and then goes after Shane to then suffer the wrath of Strowman, there are a lot of possibilities for The Monster Among Men while also building towards a Triple H VS Angle match at ‘Mania.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS Results: G1 Supercard Part 2!

AXS gives us MORE G1 Supercard!



NJPW + ROH = G1 Supercard

NJPW and ROH shine even brighter as AXS’s coverage of G1 Supercard concludes! Who will come away with BOTH the ROH and IWGP Tag Team Championships?!


Coverage of G1 Supercard will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

You can find gifs from this event on



  • NEVER Openweight VS ROH World Television Championship Winner Takes All: Will Ospreay VS Jeff Cobb; Cobb wins and becomes the dual NEVER Openweight & ROH World Television Champion.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat: Taiji Ishimori VS Dragon Lee VS Bandido; Lee wins and becomes the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.
  • ROH & IWGP Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Winners Take All: The Guerrillas of Destiny VS Villain Enterprises VS The Briscoes VS Evil & Sanada; The Guerrillas of Destiny win and are the dual ROH World & IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.
  • ROH World Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match: Jay Lethal VS Matt Taven VS Marty Scurll; Taven wins and becomes the new ROH World Champion.


NJPW and AXS set the scene for this historic crossover event!

The history between ROH’s Franchise Player and self-proclaimed “REAL World Champion” is long and tense as the contenders for that title kept piling up. Marty Scurll won ROH’s Survival of the Fittest to become a contender while Jay Lethal VS Matt Taven went to a 60 minute time limit draw! Instead of worrying about who got the next shot at Lethal, he decided that Taven and Scurll would both get their chance in the only match fair enough: a Ladder Match! Will Lethal climb to new heights to keep that belt? Or will one of his hungry challengers finally get their first taste of the real deal?

Meanwhile, Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa again climbed to the top of NJPW’s Heavyweight Tag Team Division by dethroning Los Ingobernables de Japon. At the same time, Jay & Mark Briscoe were again triumphant as the then 9-time ROH World Tag Team Champions. One pair of brothers called out the other, and said that they’d put their belts on the line if the other brothers did, too! “We’ll do title vs title at Madison Square Garden!” However, there were complications at the ROH 17th Anniversary Show in Las Vegas when The Briscoes lost their titles to Villain Enterprises’ PCO & Brody King! Things only get more complicated as Evil & Sanada want their rematch. Now all four teams will compete for all four belts! Who will find themselves atop two top promotions’ tag team divisions with one match?!

But before even all of this, the Bone Soldier Reborn continues to test himself after becoming IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion! Taiji Ishimori dethroned Kushida then successfully defended against Ryusuke Taguchi and Jushin Thunder Liger! He wants even more competition, but he might have bitten off more than he can chew! Dragon Lee of CMLL and Bandido of ROH both go for gold, who comes out of this high speed, star studded Triple Threat as THE Junior Heavyweight Champion?


NEVER Openweight VS ROH World Television Championship Winner Takes All: Will Ospreay VS Jeff Cobb!

Title for title isn’t just for tag teams! The Aerial Assassin and the Hawaiian Juggernaut both want to prove they’re big enough for two belts, but who wins when speed takes on strength?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and this battle between these two great champions begins!

Fans duel thunderously as Cobb and Ospreay jaw at each other. Given this is part ROH, the Code of Honor is asked for and upheld by both men. The bell rings and Cobb immediately leaps at Ospreay in a corner! Big back elbow then whip corner to corner. Ospreay reverses but gets POUNCED out of the ring! Cobb follows but misses, Ospreay CHOPS. Ospreay whips but Cobb reverses again. Ospreay hops up and over then springboards for a forearm! Cobb is down but Ospreay keeps moving, SASUKE SPECIAL! Direct hit but Cobb catches Ospreay! Only for Ospreay to counter with a DDT! Fans keep up the fire as Ospreay drags Cobb up and in.

Fans duel as Ospreay throws forearms on Cobb. Ospreay runs but Cobb puts him on the apron. Ospreay forearms again then springboards, but into Cobb’s arms! He fights out of Cobb’s grip but Cobb comes running in, only to get a boot. Ospreay hops up but gets a CHOP! Cobb climbs up to join Ospreay and hits a stalling SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! Cobb keeps on Ospreay with more CHOPS and uppercuts. He throws Opsreay across the way! Then drags him up for clubbing forearms. Cobb drives elbows in as fans continue to duel. He whips and elbows Ospreay down. Cover, TWO! Cobb keeps his cool as he drags Ospreay up again. Ospreay breaks free to fire forearms again, but Cobb kicks low. Cobb whips but Ospreay dodges to huricanrana, only for Cobb to block and counter to a bearhug! Cobb squeezes tight but Ospreay endures and fights back.

Ospreay breaks free but Cobb CHOPS again. Cobb whips but Ospreay handsprings to enziguri! Both men are down but slowly sitting up. Ospreay is in a corner and Cobb runs in but blocks the boot. Ospreay enziguris then elevated tiger feint kicks! Cobb staggers and Ospreay springboards for another forearm! Cover, TWO! Ospreay keeps his cool then fires himself up. Fans rally up as he goes to underhook. Cobb powers out but Ospreay drops down to kick away! Cobb catches the leg, so Ospreay starts slapping. Bad idea, Cobb throws him with a FALL AWAY SLAM! Cobb runs corner to corner for another uppercut, to Samoan Drop! And knip up to standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Ospreay survives but Cobb keeps on him with punches.

Fans duel again as Cobb keeps throwing those hands. Ospreay gets up and gets in Cobb’s face. Ospreay throws forearms but Cobb JABS him off his feet! Cobb whips Ospreay but Ospreay holds ropes. Ospreay elbows Cobb then throws a clothesline, but it does nothing! He blocks Cobb’s counter then hook kicks. Cobb SUPERKICKS! Cobb runs but into a SPANISH FLY!! But Ospreay can’t cover for the power it took to make that happen! Fans know “This is Awesome!” as both men stir. Ospreay gets to a corner and the top rope. He aims at Cobb and flies, missile dropkick to the bad shoulder! And now Ospreay takes off the elbow pad. Ospreay aims, but Cobb ducks! TOUR OF- Crucifix! To DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!! Cobb survives but Ospreay fires himself up again.

Ospreay drags Cobb up as fans duel again. Roundhouse rocks Cobb, then Ospreay runs, but Cobb reels him in. Ospreay fights out to back flip kick, only to get a LARIAT! Cobb sees Ospreay in a drop zone, and climbs up top!? Cobb leaps for a Frog Splash FLOP! Ospreay escapes being crushed, and then hits his Robinson Special spin kick! Ospreay calls for it, springboards, but Cobb blocks the cutter! He shoves Ospreay to a corner, but Ospreay comes back with the OSCUTTER! Cover, TWO?! Cobb survives and no one can believe it! But the fans are loving it as Ospreay takes aim again. Ospreay hits a hook kick! Then he underhooks, and gets Cobb up!? But Cobb gets out to a corner, and elbows Ospreay. Ospreay tucks Cobb in, CHEEKY NANDOS! Then from the outside, Ospreay climbs up and underhooks!? Cobb denies it with a headbutt!

Cobb scoops Ospreay now, SUPER TOUR OF THE ISLANDS!! But he’s not done there! Cobb takes off the straps, pop-up TOUR OF THE ISLANDS! Cover, Cobb wins!!

Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall; still ROH World Television Champion, NEW NEVER Openweight Champion

Strength wins out, and now Cobb is the first American to hold that particular NJPW title.

Backstage interview

Jeff Cobb speaks, saying, “Will Ospreay, I respect you for the fact that you are a fighting champion.” Cobb respects both ROH and NJPW in trusting him with this opportunity. Cobb will continue where Ospreay left off and be a fighting champion in both companies! He also thanks the fans for their support, and plans to see both ROH and NJPW fans very soon.


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat: Taiji Ishimori VS Dragon Lee VS Bandido!

Three of the best Junior Heavyweights between the NJPW-CMLL-ROH alliance all battle for this title to establish themselves as the world’s best Junior Heavyweight! Will Bone Soldier keep his young legacy growing? Will Dragon Lee take a step towards redemption from his match with Hiromu Takahashi? Or will ROH’s LifeBlood gain its first bit of gold thanks to the gunslinger luchador?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this incredible and international match-up!

Dragon Lee kicks Ishimori out of the ring with the bell, then whips Bandido! Bandido huricanranas but Lee lands on his feet. Bandido comes back for another and it hits! Lee goes out and Bandido FLIES right on him! Bandido meets Ishimori in the ring and things speed up. Ishimori somersaults and headscissors, to a neck crank! Ishimori runs in at Bandido but misses. Bandido runs in but is put on the apron. Bandido hits back but Ishimori hits harder. Ishimori kicks Lee and whips but Lee dodges to huricanrana Bandido off the apron! Ishimori triangle moonsaults onto Lee! Fans fire up with the champ as he gets right back up. Ishimori drags Bandido up and in for chops. He puts Bandido in a corner to grind in his knee. The ref counts but Bandido lets up.

Ishimori whips corner to corner but Bandido reverses. Bandido runs in but Ishimori slips out to slide under and go around to shoulder in. Ishimori springboards for a leg lariat! Cover, but Lee breaks it up! Lee brings Ishimori up but Ishimori rakes his eyes. Ishimori whips but Lee reverses, and borrows the Combinacion Cabron from LIJ! He keeps on Ishimori with fast forearms then runs corner to corner for a hesitation dropkick! He drags Ishimori up for double underhooks, butterfly backbreaker! But he’s not done, basement dropkick and cover, but Bandido breaks it up. Bandido drags Lee up but Lee fires back. They brawl with forearms, but Lee knee triggers Bandido. Lee runs but into a tilt-o-whirl scoop and torture rack! Spinning to the knee, then a lariat! Cover, but Ishimori breaks it.

Ishimori drags Bandido up and whips but Bandido reverses. Ishimor handsprings and enziguris Bandido down! He goes after Lee with a kick, then runs, only to roll into Lee’s sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO! Lee fires up with the fans and brings Ishimori around. He puts Ishimori on the top rope, then CHOPS him into the Tree of Woe! Lee climbs but Bandido springboards to SUPER STEINER! Ishimori tilt-o-whirl facebusters Bandido, only to get up for Lee’s running Destroyer! All three men are down but MSG is fired up! “This is Awesome!” but not over yet. Bandido sits up first, followed by Lee. Bandido runs but into a wheelbarrow. Lee can’t hold on but he does slip out of a suplex, only for Ishimori to knee him down. Ishimori runs into a pop-up cutter! Cover, TWO!! Ishimori survives but Bandido keeps going.

Bandido has Ishimori in a drop zone, and fans fire up as he climbs. Lee returns to trip Bandido into the Tree of Woe! Woe Stomps from Lee to Bandido! Lee scoops Ishimori into a suplex, but huricanrana pin counter! TWO but Ishimori gut wrenches to the Blood Cross! Cover, TWO!! Lee survives but barely! Ishimori says BANG as he drags Lee up again. Bandido stops the other Bloody Cross to then put Ishimori up top. Bandido climbs but Ishimori fights him off. They brawl but Lee adds on. Lee throws Bandido off and goes after Ishimori. They brawl but Bandido returns to join on. Lee headbutts Ishimori, Bandido kicks Lee! Bandido climbs and has both opponents for a DOUBLE SUPER BACKFLIP POWERSLAM!! MSG is thunderous and losing their minds over that!

Bandido crawls to Lee for a cover, TWO!! Ishimori crawls away so Bandido doesn’t cover him. He does aim at Ishimori and scoops him, package piledriver! Cover, but Lee drags Bandido off to a suplex! Bandido slips out but gets an elbow, knee and reverse-rana! Lee knee triggers Ishimori! Lee goes back to Bandido, suplex to bomb! Cover, Lee wins!!

Winner: Dragon Lee, by pinfall; NEW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion

CMLL’s Dragon Lee has NJPW’s championship! Lee shows respect to Bandido as he helps him up, but Ishimori clears out with frustration. Bandido shows respect back by helping Lee put on the belt. With Best of the Super Juniors on the horizon, will Bone Soldier Reborn redeem himself through that tournament? Will Lee reign with that title through the Spring and to the Summer?

Backstage Interviews

Ishimori wants to know “What the hell!?” How is it the result came through those two guys? Ishimori lost the belt but not the match. “So why don’t we do it again?” But Ishimori and Lee 1v1, no triple threat. What does Lee say to that?

Lee does speak, saying that was so much work. The title is what all his effort was for. Day after day, training hard and not being given anything for free. Everything Lee has is from hard work and education. Lee is content with this win. He thanks God for this blessing, as well as for his family and his father for supporting him. He dedicates this win to his father. Thanks to him, Lee is in a good place. He became the new champion in Madison Square Garden. But he does wait anxiously for the return of Hiromu, and hopes Hiromu can be his first challenger. The real goal was always Hiromu. Lee is now champion, but he dedicates this win to Hiromu and Daryl. He hopes to see them again, strnoger than ever.


ROH & IWGP Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Winners Take All: The Guerrillas of Destiny VS Villain Enterprises VS The Briscoes VS Evil & Sanada!

A massive match for a massive moment in wrestling history! Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa, PCO & Brody King, Jay & Mark Briscoe and Los Ingobernables de Japon’s King of Darkness & Cold Skull all want to be THE best tag team between both companies. What will it take for one team to take both pairs of belts home with them?

The introductions are made, PCO gets a jolt of electricity from Destro, and then he and Brody hit the ring with both the ROH World and ROH Six Man Tag titles! Will they be leaving with three belts each after the break?

NJPW on AXS returns and The Briscoes attack first! The bell rings and it’s just a huge brawl! Everyone clears out quick except Mark Briscoe and PCO. Mark has PCO in a corner then runs in, only to be tossed right out! PCO then takes aim and DIVES onto Mark! The brawling goes crazy on the outside as Jay Briscoe and Brody trade hands. The GoD regroup, as do LIJ. It seems the ROH teams are continuing where they left off in Vegas as PCO throws hands on Mark in front of the fans. LIJ and GoD brawl, too, then the champion teams hit the ring. Brody and PCO stand up to Tama and Loa, and another brawl begins! Villain Enterprises gets the edge, then both run, only for The Briscoes to drag them out.

But GoD isn’t alone, LIJ rushes them! They brawl in the ring while #DemBoyz keep on PCO and Brody on the outside. Sanada whips but Tama reverses. Jado is there with his kendo stick and Sanada stops himself, only for Tama to clobber him from behind. Tama kicks at Evil but Evil blocks and hands off to Loa. Loa doesn’t wanna but Evil still SUPERKICKS Tama down. Tama bails out and Loa goes at Evil. Evil feeds Loa to Sanada, who ties Loa up in Paradise! Fans love it, and the Briscoes are willing to leave Loa in it until Sanada dropkicks Loa out of Paradise! The Briscoes then rush LIJ, but Mark gets a back drop. Mark lands on his feet and fights both LIJ while Jay keeps GoD down. Mark Peles Evil out but Sanada kicks him. Sanada whips but Mark reverses and lets Jay CLOBBER Sanada!

The Briscoes double whip and double shoulder Sanada down! But here comes Brody King with big hands. The Briscoes get teh better of him, but not for long as he hits a double crossbody! Loa returns and throws hands on Brody! Loa bops Brody but Brody BOOTS Loa! Brody even headscissors Loa down! Cannonball on the ropes! Brody keeps Jay Briscoe and Tama Tonga out, but then takes aim at them all. Brody FLIES and wipes them all out! Fans fire up but Mark wrecks Brody with a dropkick. Mark then climbs up and leaps, corkscrew senton! The South Sussex Chicken puts Tama back in, but Tama elbows Mark to a corner. Tama throws hands and a dropkick on Mark, then whips Mark corner to corner. Mark reverses, Jay forearms then feeds Tama to Mark’s shotgun dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Mark hits Loa with an apron blockbuster! Jay drags Tama up for a neckbreaker but Tama powers out. SUPERKICK from Jay, back elbow from Tama. Tama slides and dropkicks Jay down and out! Sanada returns to bait Tama in and out! Evil gets away with putting a chair on Tama’s head, then SMACKING it off with another! Evil hit a homer with that one! He feeds Tama to Sanada and LIJ double whip. Tama gets their kick and clothesline combo, but they’re not done with him yet. Evil drags Tama up and suplexes, but The Briscoes disrupt Magic Killer! Jay underhooks for the Jay Driller! Mark climbs, FROGGY-BOW! Cover, but Brody breaks it! Brody clotheslines Jay and himself out of the ring! Mark slingshots but Brody catches him to apron choke slam him!!

Brody shouts to PCO and PCO climbs! PCO apron SWANTONS Mark! And he’s right back up! He’s NOT human! Brody drags Mark back in, powerbomb lifts, GONZO BOMB! PCO climbs again, MOONSAULT! Cover, but Tama breaks it up! Loa SPEARS Brody but PCO CHOPS Tama. PCO fires off on Tama in a corner, faster and faster! Loa runs in to forearm PCO and he throws headbutts. GoD take PCO for double electric chair, to POWERBOMB HIM TO THE FLOOR! GoD says “SUCK IT” but PCO still lives!! PCO falls back over but MSG is cheering him on. Tama tries to stun Brody but gets a German Suplex! Brody clobbers Loa but Tama distracts the ref. Jado kendo SMACKS Brody, then GUN STUN! GoD coordinate, suplex to the top rope, SUPER POWERBOMB! Cover, GoD wins!

Winners: The Guerrillas of Destiny, Tonga Loa pinning; still IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions and NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions

History is made as history is made! NJPW’s GoD hold belts in both companies!

But wait, who is that attacking The Briscoes? It’s Enzo and Big Cass- Er, uh, nZo and Caz XL! Former WWE wrestlers are attacking at G1 Supercard?! The Briscoes get them out of here, as does Bully Ray, while GoD celebrates their accomplishment. But wait, is that Toru Yano who just snatched the IWGP Heavyweight belts?! The Clown Prince of Chaos is all smiles as he runs away with the gold! Just what is going on with tag team wrestling?!

Backstage Interviews

Tonga Loa says, “There’s a title missing, but he just got one.” Yano taking their IWGP belts? “That’s bullsh*t.” But that was just on top of other BS. There was an agreement in this match, “but just like anything else, it’s f*cking wrestling.” You can’t believe what you’re told. So the deal is: GoD doesn’t care about ROH, or whoever those guys were at the end of the match trying to take the spotlight. GoD won the titles. But another BS: they worked for free tonight. Tama takes the ROH belts and throws them away like garbage! Tama knows nobody cares about ROH.

But GoD handled their business, it was easy. And it’s surprising that those losers still had energy to fight some other losers not even in the match! The fact the Briscoes brawled with those guys, it just tells Tama that “you muthaf*ckas ain’t on NJPW’s level.” Tama can tell The Briscoes weren’t giving their best, because they were saving energy for that BS that happened. But let it be known, the double champs are done with y’all. Will GoD even care to keep those ROH tag titles after what went down?


ROH World Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match: Jay Lethal VS Matt Taven VS Marty Scurll!

The Franchise Player has had this title time and again but he wants to hold it for the rest of his career if he can. The Kingdom’s ring leader wants recognition as the “REAL World Champion” after being held down by a supposed conspiracy. And The Villain, now finally a leader of his own team, wants the belt he feels he deserves. Three men live a childhood dream of wrestling in the most famous arena in the world. But who will live an even greater dream by winning in that same arena, for the top prize in ROH?

The introductions are made, the belt is hoisted high overhead, and this epic triple threat begins after the break!

NJPW on AXS returns and all three men look up as the belt finally reaches its apex. The bell rings, and Lethal goes right at Taven! Scurll decides this is the perfect time to bail out and get a ladder. Taven and Lethal brawl to a corner and Lethal chops. Lethal sees Scurll bringing in a ladder and baseball slide dropkicks the ladder into Scurll! Lethal brings Scurll up and now they brawl. Scurll throws uppercuts then goes back to the ladder. Lethal grabs the other end, and it’s a tug-o-war, until Tavne FLIES out! Taven hits ladder but still brings Scurll and Lethal down with it! All three men are down and fans lose their minds over Taven’s self-sacrifice. Taven fights through the pain to put the ladder in the ring.

Lethal forearms but Taven forearms back, only to run into a hip toss! Lethal carthweels and dropkicks Taven down! Scurll goes after Lethal but gets a boot for it! Lethal brings another ladder over and plops it down. He snap suplexes Taven for good measure before going under the ring. Lethal finds a few chairs and puts them near the ladder. He uses one chair to jab Scurll back down, then starts setting something up. Lethal makes a bridge between the chairs with the ladder. Scurll hits Lethal then bounces him off the ladder. Scurll gives Taven a tornado DDT! Fans fire up with The Villain as he brings over yet another ladder. Scurll puts that one in the ring and then puts the first one in a corner. He sets up the other ladder in the other corner.

Taven returns but Scurll throws him into one ladder, then the other! And back again! Taven tumbles out of the ring but Lethal returns to back drop Scurll onto a ladder! Scurll bails out and Lethal has the ring to himself. Lethal takes one ladder but Scurll returns. Lethal snap suplexes Scurll and then drops a ladder on him! Taven returns but Lethal rams him with the other ladder. And then drops that ladder on Taven! Taven and Scurll writhe with back pain while Lethal eyes the prize. Lethal sets up a ladder but in a corner, sideways on the bottom rope. He kicks and chops Scurll but Scurll CHOPS back. They trade CHOPS and then Lethal whips. Scurll reverses but Lethal slides to a stop, to drop toehold! But Scurll stops himself to throw Lethal into that ladder.

Scurll places Lethal in a Tree of Woe with the ladder, and then goes out to fetch a chair! Scurll keeps Lethal in the Tree and brings the chair over, to SMACK steel into Lethal! And again! And again! Scurll gives another chair shot to Lethal and fans fire up! Scurll introduces another ladder while Lethal is stuck in the Tree. Taven returns but Scurll kicks him out. Scurll sets up the ladder but has to kick Taven away again. Scurll climbs but notices the ladder isn’t tall enough. So he fetches his umbrella! Scurll climbs but Taven yanks him down to SUPERKICK him down! Taven climbs now but Lethal is free of the Tree. Lethal drags Taven down to bounce him off that ladder. Scurll gets up to mule kick and uppercut Lethal. Fans cheer Scurll on as he CHOPS Lethal again.

Scurll keeps those CHOPS going, then runs, but Lethal dodges. He falls for 52 Fake Out! Scurll brings that corner ladder over and makes it a neck brace on Lethal. Scurll aims but Taven drags him out of the ring. Taven throws Scurll into barriers, then gives Lethal Just the Tip through the ladder! Why? Because “IIIIII’M Matt Taven!” Lethal writhes as Taven sits a ladder up. Taven climbs but Scurll returns to yank him off. Scurll and Taven brawl and Scurll CHOPS Taven. Scurll runs to clothesline Taven out, then hops to the apron, SUPERKICK! Fans fire up with Scurll as he skins the cat. Scurll climbs but Lethal returns to club him down. Lethal laces Scurll’s legs through the ladder, for a hanging figure four! But Taven returns to climb!

Lethal lets Scurll go to go after Taven. Lethal throws Taven out and then takes the ladder to slam it on Scurll. He drags Scurll back up and puts the Figure Four back on, but Scurll pushes him out of the ring. Scrull goes back to the apron, but that bad leg slows him down. Cutter on the apron! Lethal leaves Scurll down but Taven follows Lethal into the ring. Lethal CHOPS Taven then runs, but Taven tosses Lethal out. Taven kicks Lethal then runs, to slide and powerbomb Lethal onto the ladder bridge! MSG loses their minds as Lethal suffers at the hands of his own construction! But it’s Scurll who gets back in the ring! Scurll sets a ladder up but he can only hop up rather than climb. Taven returns but Scurll gets him with CHOPS!

Scurll sets the ladder in a corner and brings Taven over, but Taven denies. Taven suplexes but Scurll slips out to drop toehold Taven to ropes. Scurll runs, Villainous 619! Scurll calls for it, then stalks Taven as fans fire up. MSG shouts along, “CHICKEN WING!” But Taven kicks low and DDT’s! Taven grins then mocks the “Melvins”. Fans tell Taven what they think of him but he takes it as a compliment. Taven tries to set up a ladder but Scrull stomps it closed on his hands! Scurll grabs that hand, but Taven kicks low again, Moonlight Drive onto the ladder! Taven grimaces as he takes the corner ladder and stands it up. He climbs up as fans jeer hard as ever, but Scurll hurries up the other side! Scurll punches away then brings Taven up, SUPERPLEX!

Both Taven and Scurll are down from that hard landing, and Lethal finally returns to the ring! Lethal forces himself to stand but Scurll SMACKS him down with an umbrella shot! Scurll aims again, but Lethal dodges to Lethal- CHICKEN WING! But Lethal rams Scurll into a ladder to break free! Scurll and Taven are on the outside and Lethal goes for the standing ladder. Lethal positions it under the belt and climbs again. But Taven returns and follows after. Lethal and Taven fight as Taven climbs up behind. Lethal even spits on Taven before punching him down! The belt is within fingertips, but Scurll creeps up from behind! Chicken Wing atop the ladder! But Lethal fights his way out, but then Scurll shoves him down.

Taven returns as Scurll stands. They both fight for the top, but Scurll grabs the fingers! SNAP! But Taven has his other hand! Scurll grabs those fingers, SNAP! But Lethal uses Scurll’s umbrella to SMACK Scurll down! But that leaves Taven up top! Taven reaches but his hands hurt, and he falls off! Taven is frustrated as he works on his fingers. Fans let him know “You Deserve It!” Lethal and Taven stand and brawl with forearms. Scurll slips in as Lethal gives Taven a Lethal Combination including the ladder! The ladder tips over but Scurll focuses on another. Lethal shoves Scurll away and stands the other ladder back up. Lethal folds it and aims it at Scurll, but Scurll gets clear! The ladders are now intertwined!

Scurll knocks Lethal down then throws him out. Scurll drags the X-Ladder to the middle of the ring, but Taven attacks. Taven suplexes but Scurll Gourd Busters Taven onto X-Ladder! Lethal returns, LETHAL INJECTION! But there’s no ladder standing! Lethal hobbles up with his bad back and dumps X-Ladder out. It almost hits the front row fans! Thankfully they were paying attention. Fans still say “That’s a Lawsuit!” Lethal goes to a fresh ladder and brings it in. Scurll blocks his way so Lethal goes around the outside. Lethal searches under the ring and brings out a table! Scurll kicks Lethal away from it, to then brain buster Lethal onto the floor! Scurll takes control of the table and sets it up. He drags Lethal up to the apron and then stands him up.

Scurll wants a piledriver but Lethal is dead weight. Lethal uppercuts and boots Scurll! Scurll enziguris Lethal down and away, but Taven SPEARS Scurll through the table!! All three men are down again and fans lose their minds all over again. Taven and Scurll crawl from the wreckage while Lethal slowly stands up. Lethal brings out a new table, but Taven has a ladder. Lethal clubs Taven then puts him on the table with an uppercut and chops. He then stands a very tall ladder up nearby. Lethal climbs it and fans beg, “Please Don’t Die!” But Lethal stands up, and Hail to the King through the table!! Lethal and Taven are in the wreckage and fans are thunderous! But with these two down, Scurll crawls into the ring! Scurll gets a ladder, brings it over, and stands it up!

Scurll climbs but Lethal pursues. They both climb on opposite sides, and then start fighting. But wait! Taven has a purple ladder!? Taven brings that in and it’s taller than the one Scurll and Lethal fight on! He stands his ladder up and climbs pass them, only for Lethal to hit him off. Lethal keeps on Taven while Scurll ditches his ladder to make it a weapon! He throws it at Lethal’s head then rams it into Taven’s body. Scurll uses Taven’s ladder, but that bad leg slows him down. Scurll goes back to the silver ladder to make a bridge to Taven’s. Lethal brings in a ladder while Taven has a chair. Lethal copies Scurll’s idea for the ladder shortcut. Taven SMACKS Lethal! Then he trips up Scurll! Taven uses Scurll’s shortcut and climbs up his purple ladder, but Lethal struggles to follow.

Both men go rung for rung then throw hands near the top! Lethal grabs for the title but Taven swats it away. Taven use the title as a weapon to SMACK Lethal! Lethal lands on the ladder bridge!! Taven takes the belt down and WINS!

Winner: Matt Taven; NEW ROH World Champion

Madison Square Garden, witness history being made! Matt Taven is now Grand Slam Champion!

Backstage Interviews

“Right now is about celebrating.” For Matt Taven, this moment is about a 6-year-old boy wanting this more than anything. For the last 9 months, Taven has called himself the real world champion, and no one believed him. Everyone doubted that he was ROH’s best. It came down to Madison Square Garden, where all the “Melvins” are now proven wrong. There is no one who can claim to be ROH World Champion other than Taven. “And man, isn’t that a beautiful thing to say?” The Kingdom celebrates now that their leader finally sits upon the throne. Who will come for Taven’s crown now that it’s solid gold?



My Thoughts:

A great two hours of action between both NJPW and ROH, and quite literally with all these crossover matches. It was really great to see all these title matches and the major changes to the status quo. Ospreay VS Cobb, an amazing opener, and it’s big for Cobb to be the dual champion. He’s very active in both promotions so seeing him carry the weight of both belts will be quite the responsibility. No matter who contends for which title, I’m sure Cobb will give us great matches. The IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship was as fast and frantic as it should be, and I was really surprised to see Ishimori lose. Dragon Lee will make a great cross-promotion wrestler, too, and I really like his hopes for facing Hiromu again. Whether we get Lee VS Ishimori or Lee VS Hiromu, both rematches will be great.

The Fatal 4 Way Tag was insane, and it’s great to see GoD win to have both belts. Their interview promos were great on their shoot merits. That Realest Guys “invasion” was definitely surprising. Seems like ROH didn’t tell their NJPW partners, which explains why Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa came off genuinely upset. Tama’s main point seems to be truly accurate, that ROH just isn’t at NJPW’s level pulling a stunt like that. And lastly, the ROH World Championship Ladder Match was pretty extreme. Perhaps too extreme, as they didn’t handle “X-Ladder” right. Never dump something like that near fans, go to the ramp side. It was quite the surprise to see Taven win, but perhaps ROH likes him better than their booking appears. No offense to Lethal, but I hope Scurll is first to challenge Taven, to bring their story of Kingdom VS Villain Enterprises into it.

My Score: 8.5/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (4/13/19)

Who qualifies for the Crockett Cup?!



ROH cover image

Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 395

ROH plays host to a Crockett Cup Qualifying Match! Will The Briscoes make it through Willie Mack and Jeff Cobb? Or will #DemBoyz be left out in the cold?



  • Shane Taylor VS Luchasaurus; Taylor wins.
  • Katie Forbes & Mazzerati VS Sumie Sakai & Mayu Iwatani; Sakai & Iwatani win.
  • Crockett Cup Qualifying Match: The Briscoes VS Jeff Cobb & Willie Mack; The Briscoes win and move on to The Crockett Cup tag team tournament.


The Briscoes speak.

“So when we heard that they’re bringing back the Crockett Cup for 2019…” “Classic.” “We was hyped.” “Hyped!” The Crockett Cup, let’s go! But then they were making Jay & Mark qualify? What the hell? Jay felt disrespected hearing that. They’re 10-time tag team champions and they have to qualify!? But that’s fine, “watch this!” Because at the end, when they’ve won the whole thing atop a pile of bodies, “y’all did this.” Cobb, Mack, the Road to the Cup starts tonight. The Briscoes have warned their opponents, but will they be the ones left out?


Shane Taylor VS Luchasaurus!

The Notorious Hitman wants a championship and the paycheck that comes with it, and will go after anyone he has to to get there. But can he get past the towering beast put before him?

Taylor refuses the Code of Honor to tell Luchasaurus that it doesn’t matter where he came from, he’s in Taylor’s town. Taylor pie faces Luchasaurus but Luchasaurus gives it back. The bell rings and they tie up. They break and then go again, to break again. Fans cheer on Luchasaurus as he dares Taylor to bring it. Taylor runs in but gets a boot. Luchasaurus has his dukes up and Taylor likes the look of that. They circle and Luchasaurus kicks Taylor sharp in the leg. Luchasaurus stalks Taylor but Taylor comes back to circle with him. Taylor gets a swift JAB in, then talks trash, but Luchasaurus swings a kick. Taylor ducks it to give Luchasaurus a CHOP! Luchasaurus stays standing and gives Taylor kicks! Taylor staggers and Luchasaurus runs in, but Taylor puts him on the apron.

Luchasaurus headbutts Taylor but Taylor dodges the boot. Taylor gives another strong JAB, then slingshots Luchasaurus in for a stunner! Fans cheer that show of strength as Taylor covers. TWO, but Taylor keeps on Luchasaurus with clubbing forearms. The wrestling T-Rex is in trouble as we go to break.

ROH returns as Taylor puts Luchasaurus in a corner for CHOPS! Taylor whips Luchasaurus corner to corner then runs in, but into a boot. Luchasaurus boots again but Taylor grabs it. Luchasaurus pries free to give Taylor a knee! Taylor catches Luchasaurus for a CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Taylor taunts Luchasaurus as he drags Luchasaurus up. Fans rally and Luchasaurus grabs Taylor for a choke! Taylor breaks free and grabs for Luchasaurus, but he blocks it! Luchasaurus gives a strike fest, and a cartwheel for Snake Bite headscissors! Rolling buzzsaw! Cover, TWO! Taylor survives but Luchasaurus keeps his cool. Luchasaurus drags Taylor up but Taylor hits back. They brawl with big shots back and forth, but Luchasaurus gets the edge.

Luchasaurus swings but Taylor bobs ‘n’ weaves to headbutt! Taylor runs but into a knee! Then a back heel kick! Luchasaurus runs, dodges, but still gets clobbered with a clothesline! Cover, TWO! Taylor keeps his cool while he trash talks Luchasaurus. But Luchasaurus sits up and grabs Taylor by the throat! They both stand, but Taylor tries to break free. Luchasaurus lets him go to swing a heel kick. Taylor ducks it, to get the return kick! And another big heel kick! Luchasaurus hits his CHOKE SLAM! And a standing moonsault, but to knees! Taylor survives and then blocks the boot to give a massive urenage! He rolls Luchasaurus for a knee! Greetings from the 216! Cover, Taylor wins!!

Winner: Shane Taylor, by pinfall

The Hitman takes down the Monster from the Mesozoic! Will this be what Taylor needs to go for gold?


Last time on ROH…

The Octopus, Jonathon Gresham, went for revenge on The Last Real Man for adding insult to injury on his bad leg. But after getting bloodied, Silas Young got his hands dirty by sneaking in a low blow! Silas won, and in an interview afterward, Silas told Gresham via the camera that Gresham’s revenge didn’t go the way he thought. Sure he busted Silas open, but Silas-

Wait, Gresham finds Silas. Silas is talking crap, and he looks like crap, too. Gresham’s sure talking big. He may have busted Silas open, but he couldn’t get the job done, huh? Gresham says all their match proved was that Silas couldn’t win fair and square. Silas claims he won with a wrestling move a la that small package cradle. Gresham says Silas is lucky Gresham won’t punch him again. ROH security keeps this from getting any more heated, but there is much left to settle between Octopus and Last Real Man. Will Silas prove he’s a man by giving Gresham a fair rematch?


Tenille Dashwood joins commentary.

She has great news: she’s cleared to compete! When and where will she bring the spotlight back on her and head for that Women of Honor World Championship?


Katie Forbes & Mazzerati VS Sumie Sakai & Mayu Iwatani!

The All Natural and her friend, The Fox, make their ROH TV debuts as a team, but will they stand a chance against two former WOH World Champions?! Just how bright will the Ray of Sunshine and Queen of Stardom shine as a dynamic duo?

The Code of Honor is denied with a flick of the hair and an L for loser on the foreheads. Mazz starts for her team against Mayu! Fans fire up for “Stardom! Stardom!” as Mayu tries the Code again. Mazz SLAPS Mayu and calls her a loser! Mayu kicks and whips Mazz and things speed up. Mayu springboards and arm-drags Mazz then hip tosses her down. She snapmares with hair and covers, TWO! Mazz gets away while Mayu knips up, and fans fire up for the decorated Joshi star. Mazz tags to Forbes but Mayu tags to Sumie. Sumie has the fans on her side but Forbes ignores it. They tie up and Forbes shoves Sumie down. Sumie gets back up and ties up with Forbes again.

Forbes uses the height advantage for leverage, but Sumie kicks at her legs. Sumie goes to whip but Forbes blocks. Forbes whips Sumie but misses in the corner. Sumie fires off Mongolian chops! And chops and chops and chops! Fans fire up but Forbes throws Sumie by her hair! Forbes sits Sumie up for her “enhanced” hip attack! Sumie scrambles to a corner and Forbes handsprings corner to corner for a back elbow. Forbes adds insult to injury with her “All Natural” Stink Face! The ref counts and Forbes backs off at 4. Forbes drags Sumie to a cover, TWO! The duo of champions is in trouble as Forbes drags Sumie to her corner and we go to break.

ROH returns as Mazz whips Sumie corner to corner. Mazz then runs in, but into a boot! Mazz staggers but comes back in to block the next boot. She puts Sumie’s leg on the ropes to kick it. Mazz suplexes and covers, TWO! Mazz keeps her cool and runs to drop the leg, but Sumie gets clear! Sumie crawls but Forbes goes around to the corner and drags Mayu off the apron! Forbes teases Sumie as she holds Mayu up. Sumie gets attacked from behind and Forbes gives Mayu a snake eyes on the apron. Mazz drags Sumie up and whips but Sumie reverses. Mazz grabs ropes and spins to heel kick Sumie away. She gives Sumie a DDT, then covers, but Mayu breaks it! Mazz is furious but fans rally up for Sumie. Mazz spins but Sumie dodges to kick and TJ Neckbreaker!

Fans rally up and Sumie crawls for her corner. Hot tag to Mayu! Mayu aims and dropkicks Mazz down! She drags her back up but Forbes runs in to attack. The duo double whips Mayu but she reverses and wristlocks for a springboard DOUBLE arm-drag! Fans fire up as Mayu gives them both the basement dropkick! Mayu fires up now as she stays on Mazz. She drags Mazz up for a Northern Lights! Bridging cover, TWO! Mazz lives but Mayu stomps her down before tagging Sumie. Mayu climbs one corner as Mazz staggers up, missile dropkick sends her back down! Sumie is perched, crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Mazz survives and Forbes attacks Sumie just because.

Sumie slaps Forbes then puts her in a corner. The Joshi duo double whips but Mazz dodges and spins things around. Mazz sends Sumie into Mayu, then Forbes grabs them both for a DOUBLE Fireman’s Carry! The All Natural does squats with that weight, then hits a DOUBLE Samoan Drop! Mazz flounders to cover Sumie but Sumie gets up. Mazz throws hands then drags Mayu back in. Sumie hits Mazz while Forbes goes to throw Mayu. Mayu blocks and then SUPERKICKS Forbes! Mazz hits Sumie back then goes after Mayu. Mayu SUPERKICKS Mazz, then Smash Mouse from Sumie! Cover, Sumie & Mayu win!!

Winners: Sumie Sakai & Mayu Iwatani, Sakai pinning

The duo of former champions toughs it out and gets the win! Will this new team make big waves in the WOH Division’s growing tag scene?


PJ Black speaks.

“Let me start from the beginning.” The Darewolf came in with a chip on his shoulder, thought he knew better and was just plain better. But his loss to Bandido really hurt. PJ’s been doing this for 22 years now, but given how long he’s been doing this, the frustration is building. He’s been trying to take shortcuts to get ahead, but it doesn’t work. ROH is built on honor and respect, of course, but PJ’s been doing the opposite. Now he’s doing some soul searching and rethinking his mindset. He knows he has to do it differently now. LifeBlood sets a great example for him, and he’ll learn to follow the honor in Ring of Honor. PJ knows now he didn’t know better, but will he be able to make it right in a rematch next week in episode 396?


Crockett Cup Qualifying Match: The Briscoes VS Jeff Cobb & Willie Mack!

The most decorated tag team in ROH were practically offended that they’d have to qualify for the return of the iconic tag team tournament! But as the “baddest tag team on the whole damn planet”, they’ll gladly beat up anyone and everyone they have to in order to win it all. Will #DemBoyz be able to overcome the ROH World Television and NWA National Heavyweight Champions? Or will Cobb and Mack be the duo to #ManUp and make it into the Crockett Cup?

ROH returns as both teams uphold the Code of Honor. That’s surprising for the way The Briscoes have been acting lately. Fans duel for the two teams as they sort out. Mack and Mark start and stare down with the bell. Fans rally up and Mack circles with Mark. They tie up and Mack powers Mark to a corner. Mark turns it around and grinds his forearm in. He backs off at 4 but Mack dodges the chop to give a chop! Mack CHOPS again, but Mark CHOPS back. They trade CHOP after CHOP! Neither man backs down as they keep firing them off! Mack eggs Mark on but Mark knees low. Mark headlocks but Mack powers out to his own. Mark powers out but Mack runs him over!

Mack speeds things up and hurdles over Mark, to then hit a BIG Thesz Press! He fires off hands then runs for a Stone Cold elbow drop. Fans fire up as Mack brings Mark up and powers him to the corner. Cobb tags in and rams his shoulders in. Cobb throws European Uppercuts then whips Mark to a corner. He scoops Mark on the rebound to then suplex! Cobb holds Mark up for a count of 15! Mark flops up and out of the ring! Jay hurries to regroup with his brother and get him back in this. Mark goes back in to tag Jay and Jay circles with Cobb.

They tie up and Jay waistlocks Cobb. Cobb pries his way out to a wristlock but Jay rolls and spins and drop toeholds. Jay gets a facelock but Cobb powers him to a corner! Cobb lets Jay go clean and now the hair comes down from both men. Fans fire up as Cobb shakes the locks out. Jay calls for a test of strength, but with the Hawaiian Hulk? They tie up, but Jay kicks low. The Briscoes tag and mug Cobb while we go to break.

ROH returns as Jay uppercuts Cobb to a corner. Jay throws more uppercuts then whips corner to corner. Cobb reverses but runs into a back elbow. Jay tags in Mark and the Briscoes double whip, to run Cobb over with double shoulders! Fans cheer that as Mark covers, ONE! Mark keeps his eyes on Mack while stomping Cobb. Cobb grits his teeth and throws body shots back. Cobb rocks Mark but Mark hits Mack! Mark still gets forearms from Cobb then Cobb whips to elbow Mark down. Cobb brings Mark up for more forearms, then whips again. Mark holds ropes and Jay tags in. The Briscoes swarm and Mark feeds Cobb to Jay’s boot!

Mark hits Mack again for good measure while Jay drags Cobb up again. The Briscoes throw Cobb out then Mark climbs to corkscrew moonsault onto them both! The South Sussex Chicken flies and takes them both out! Mark puts Cobb in for Jay and Jay covers. TWO, but Jay keeps on Cobb with a headbutt. Jay kicks and bumps Cobb in a corner then stomps in a mudhole. He grinds his boot in but backs off at 4. Jay drags Cobb up to tag Mark, and The Briscoes mug Cobb again. Mark stays between Cobb and Mack as he CHOPS and forearms Cobb. He puts Cobb back in the corner and tags in Jay. They mug Cobb more and Jay rams his shoulders in. Jay brings Cobb around and manages to snap suplex him! Fans cheer that as Jay tags Mark.

Mark clubs Cobb but Cobb throws hands. Mark knees low and clubs Cobb again, but Cobb dodges to DROPKICK! Cobb rolls, hot tag to Mack! The Return of the Mack rallies on The Briscoes! Running leg lariat puts Mark in a corner! Mack goes side to side for a sharp forearm, then side to side again for a bicycle boot! Mark sits down and Mack goes corner to corner for the inverted cannonball! Cover, TWO! Mark survives but Mack keeps his cool. Mack whips Mark corner to corner but Mark reverses. Jay runs in to forearm, and feed Mack to Mark’s shotgun dropkick! Mark drags Mack to a cover, TWO! Tag to Jay and the Briscoes stomp out Mack while we go to one last break.

ROH returns again as Mark holds Mack in the Briscoe corner. Jay distracts the ref while Mark rakes Mack’s eyes, but then the ref has to keep Cobb back. Jay stomps a mudhole into Mack in that time, then both Briscoes grind their boot in. The ref reprimands them both but Jay keeps going to EuroUpper Mack. Tag to Mark and The Briscoes continue to mug Mack. Mark rocks Mack with an uppercut, then stalks him to an open corner for more stomps. Mack throws hands but Mark haymakers and headbutts him down. Mark snapmares Mack to a neck wrench! Fans rally up as Mack endures. Mack works his way up and fights his way out. Mark clubs Mack back then runs, but into Mack’s pop-up complete shot! Both men are down but fans fire up as they stir.

Mack and Mark crawl, hot tag to Cobb but Jay still runs in! Cobb catches Jay for a BIG overhead belly2belly suplex! Mark staggers up and gets one of his own! Cobb sees the Briscoes in opposite corners, so Cobb runs for a big leaping elbow on Jay, then corner to corner for one on Mark! Cobb scoops Mark but Jay saves him. The Briscoes double whip but Cobb reverses to pull them into each other! Cobb gets a leg each, and gives both Briscoes a single leg suplex! Fans fire up as Cobb hits a STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Mark lives and gets to a corner but Cobb goes at him for CHOPS. Cobb whips but Mark goes up and forearms Cobb back. Mark ducks Cobb to PELE! Tag to Jay, and Jay runs to clobber Cobb! Cover, TWO!

Jay grows frustrated but he drags Cobb up for a neckbreaker, only for Cobb to power out and SUPERKICK! Hot tag to Mack! Mack rallies on Jay with clotheslines and elbows! Mack scoops to a Samoan Drop! And knip up to his own standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Jay still lives and gets away. Mack builds speed but Jay gets away again. Mack pursues but Mark wrecks Mack with a dropkick! Cobb comes around, but gets an apron blockbuster! The Briscoes suckered both opponents in! Jay gets Mack in and fans cheer “Man Up!” Jay underhooks Mack but Mack powers out and ducks to hit a big exploder! Cover, TWO! Mack keeps cool as he whips Jay corner to corner. Jay reverses but runs into a boot. Mack climbs up but Jay intercepts! Mark springboards in, Doomsday! Cover, but Cobb barrels in to break it up!

Fans know “This is Awesome!” and far from over! The Briscoes throw Cobb out then go back to Mack. Mark tags in and Jay helps Mark get Mack up. Canadian rack, but Cobb blasts Jay down! Mack escapes, STUNNER! TO GERMAN!! Mack climbs up, FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Mark survives and Mack cannot believe it! Cobb drags Mark up to whip but Jay saves Mark at the ropes. Mark baits Cobb in to send him out, and Jay BOOTS Cobb down! Mark drags Mack up and throws a CHOP! Mack CHOPS back, Mark CHOPS back, repeat! They go for forearms next, then Mack back hands. Mack runs but into a forearm. Mark runs but into a BOOT! Mack runs but Jay headscissors! Jay underhooks, JAY DRILLER! Mark up, FROGGY-BOW!! Cover, The Briscoes win!!

Winners: The Briscoes, Mark Briscoe pinning; advance to the Crockett Cup Tournament

Against a team as tough as they are strong, the Baddest Team on the Whole Damn Planet makes it into the more prestigious tag tournament in the world! Will #DemBoyz beat the best teams in NJPW, NWA and CMLL to take the whole cup, too?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode of ROH! Taylor VS Luchasaurus was a solid opener, both guys are big but agile so it made for a good match-up. Taylor wins because he’s a strong enough Heel to go after Face champion Jeff Cobb for that ROH World TV title. Of course, by this time in real-time, Cobb is dual champion with both the ROH WTV and NEVER Openweight Championship after G1 Supercard. I’d imagine Cobb being that strong now, I doubt Taylor wins. And there’s obviously a lot more to Silas VS Gresham, their next rematch will be just as good if not better than their previous. The PJ Black VS Bandido rematch next week will be a great match for TV, but I wonder if PJ really will keep it clean like he’s been saying.

The WOH tag match was pretty good, but I’m both surprised and disappointed it wasn’t just an exhibition of how great Sumie Sakai and Mayu Iwatani are. Even after watching her as Khloe Hurtz on Women of Wrestling, and full-well knowing she was trained by Rob Van Dam, I still don’t see how she and a tag partner could’ve lasted this long against two former champions. Especially when, at the time of this taping, Mayu was still WOH Champion and a champion in Stardom. Sumie and Mayu still win, thankfully, and this just seems to further push that ROH is considering their own Women’s Tag Championships. A sadder irony of tape delay is that while Tenille Dashwood is cleared to compete, her contract expired and it doesn’t seem like she’s renewing with ROH. There goes my idea that she’d say Kelly Klein was the one who attacked and injured her.

The tag match main event was incredible! It really is a shame this wasn’t part of the Crockett Cup itself, but if this was just a qualifier, all the matches of the tournament are going to be insane! And I would really hope with how hard The Briscoes fought to get in, they at the very least go to the finals. The Briscoes should also beat Villain Enterprises as payback for losing the ROH World Tag Team Championships to them. Then hopefully once they’ve won the Crockett Cup, The Briscoes go back after the Guerrillas of Destiny to at least take back the ROH tag titles and we get the 2v2 match we were supposed to get in the first place.

My Score: 8.3/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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