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Top 5: Gimmick Matches That Seemed Good on Paper



[tps_header]Gimmick (or stipulation) matches can add a lot to a feud, or even enhance a card. However, not all gimmick matches live up to their billing. Take a look at Gimmick Matches that appeared to be a a good idea, but didn’t quite turn out as expected.[/tps_header]

5. Chairs Match

Chairs and professional wrestling will forever be tethered together as a part of each other’s DNA. That, however, has seemed to dilute the usage of the object, as Steel chairs don’t carry the same impact they used to. This can be easily personifies by the match of the very name. Chair matches tend to be sluggish, with the fans sitting on their hands waiting for a big spot; one they can see in the middle of any extreme rules or TLC match. Unlike its table and ladder counterparts, chair matches end by pinfall or submission, leaving no real reason for the chairs to be there. While it is an iconic weapon, chairs are much better as pieces of a larger puzzle.

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