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Top 5: Reasons Smackdown Could Win at Survivor Series



At the begging of the fued between Raw and SmackdownLive, it seemed that Raw was the odds on favorite to win the men’s five on five Survivor Series match. However, in the weeks to come Smackdown has built themselves up with a chance to take home the win.

5. John Cena

While not the same competitor he was, John Cena still has a habit of coming out with the victory. His last appearance was at Raw’s brand-exclusive PPV No Mercy, where he fell to Roman Reigns. It isn’t clear yet why Cena’s on team Smackdown when he is a free agent, but it wouldn’t be too far fetched to see him help Sane to victory.

4. Samoa Joe and Finn Balor

There are many dysfunctional relationships coming to a head this Sunday. Not many have been more depicted than Samoa Joe and Finn Balor. The two have had their issues before, which bled into last week where they bawled after their match. This may have given them a spot on the Raw’s men’s team, but as seen from this week’s Raw, there are still tension between the two.

3.Raw will (most likely) win the women’s match.

With Auska being on the Raw female team, it seems likely Raw will take the victory in the match. Shenanigans would have to ensue to get Auska eliminated, but even that would damage her image as the dominant woman in WWE. To keep her undefeated streak intact Raw will have to be victorious this Sunday, and since Auska has been facing enhancement talent the past few weeks it appears she’ll continue her path of dominance.

2. Jason Jordan

This week’s Raw saw Jason Jordan on the receiving end of a pedigree from a returning Triple H just after he was taken off of the Raw men’s Survivor Series team. From Jordan’s promo, he seemed to be more entitled, perhaps signalling a turn on his father. Perhaps he gets Angle or Triple H eliminated, setting up Raw to lose after some distinction.

1. Kurt Angle

While being General Manager would be a worthy catalyst for an inevitable return match, Angle being fired could end with the same result. Stephanie has been putting the GM down in resent weeks, much like she did with Foley last year. However, this time Angle could look to take on the Aythority. Triple H’s pedigree to Kurt’s son may be setting up for a showdown between him and the Game, and Angle being fired could add some fuel to the fire.

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