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WWE2K18 MyCareer: Navigating Your Story



You have made it through the easiest to follow character build wizard to ever grace a MyCareer playthrough in a WWE 2K game, but there is so much more to do to make it to your WrestleMania moment. In this edition I will try to point you in the right direction when it comes to understanding how to navigate the new story presentation. I’ll also share some other tips and tricks that I learned during my time getting to really know this new mode. Let’s walk down the ramp and get right into the “Smack Dab” of it.

Performance Center

I have previously mentioned that this is the true tutorial for this year’s game. It actually is very informative and contains a good bit of information regarding the new carry system and selective submission system. There are other superstars in the Performance Center, but it is easiest just to stay focused and only deal with head trainer Matt Bloom, a.k.a Albert. Initiating an interaction with him will start your session of the tutorial for the week.


In this tutorial you should really pay attention to the story-line options that you are given. One great aspect is that you are often given more than two choices and a your promo choice doesn’t have to be strictly heel or face to stay true to your chosen character like it was in previous games. This time around they will still be dry as there continues to be no voice over, yet the dynamics of the promos are more accurate and true to the situation and feel of any character alignment. Biggest word of advice: if you start praising the fans, continue to cut the same type of promo if you are praising authority. It is quite literally attached to each specific promo as there is a new scoring and combo system. Plus, depending on abilities you can click the right trigger and affect the promo in some shape or form.

After the promo run, you get to practice both types of submission mini-games. There is the circular method with right analog stick or the button mashing bar. This year you get to choose which you prefer, which is a nice touch, but the niceties end there, because you get thrown right into the lion’s den with your first match against a developmental wrestler. A win here gives you some variety to choose your post-match promo. Next, you are put in a match that, even if you try your damndest, all efforts are futile. This is really important and goes back to a tip from earlier. It is part of how the storyline system works. Sometimes depending on what you are trying to achieve, losing may be a necessity to get what you want. It is the WWE after all!

Backstage Area

This year the boys over at 2K have given us a much larger free roam area to explore in MyCareer mode. Upon exiting the Performance Center, you are sent to NXT to further hone your role within the company and to learn how to interact with other wrestlers and WWE personalities. Before we get into those aspects it is best to take a look at what is available to us in this area and what effect it can have on the story of MyPlayer.

You can’t get away from sickening praise of Stephanie McMahon, even in the video game!

Before every match you will have the opportunity to move around the backstage area and interact with other personalities, including other MyPlayers if you have career invasion mode turned on. I enjoy having other friends and followers’ creations show up in game, especially since this year you can see the name of who you’re interacting with. Engaging in conversations with superstars or authority members will give you side quests and alter the course of your main storyline. Your choice of alignment falls into two categories: company man and fan favorite. I’ll discuss those a little later on.

A good point to touch on here is to not get disappointed if you are not able to participate in much interaction at first. Some of the options are associated with skill and ability levels, so it can take some time to build up to getting yourself in with “the boys”.

“No Face or Heel: Company Man or a Fan Favorite”

Company man or Face? Anybody else confused?

Company Man

If you want to basically be right there alongside the Authority, answering their every beck and call, this is surely the path for you. Think of yourself as the Authority’s muscle, or the guy who takes the blame. Sometimes you are forced to lay down and intentionally lose to a fellow superstar at the request of the powers that be. On the bright side, you are asked to participate in backstage ambushes, interrupting interviews and doing run-ins during matches. So if you like being that chaotic soul or have gone with a brash style such as a brawler this may work in your favor.

Fan Favorite

You are the wrestling equivalent of John Cena or Hulk Hogan. You care so much about your fanbase that they often carry their own moniker such as Hulkamaniacs and Cenation. These are aspects to the life that drives you and nothing, not even the authority, can stand in your way. If this is you, then fan favorite is the path you want to take. This route is for those invested in doing things by the book, overcoming mountainous odds, and always doing it for the fans with a smile on their face.

I hope this rounds out everything you guys and gals need to know inside the squared circle along the path to your WrestleMania moment. Stay Frosty!

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