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Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (11/25/17)



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  • ROH World Television Championship Contender Series: Silas Young w/ The Beer City Bruiser VS Jonathan Gresham; Young wins and qualifies for the ROH WTVC Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match at Final Battle.
  • War Machine VS ???; no contest
  • 8 Man Tag: The Bullet Club VS Flip Army; The Bullet Club wins.


The Bullet Club is ready for tonight’s main event!

They’re taking on Flip Gordon, Scorpio Sky and Team Coast2Coast. Marty Scurll christens them Team High-Spot of Bother, and the Bullet Club shares a great laugh. Matt Jackson has a question: Where do you think you’re going? #BeingtheElite. But Scurll tells “Flip Army” where it’s going: South! Once Bullet Club finishes with them, Gordon won’t be able to flip ever again. “Welcome to Ring of Honor!”


ROH World Television Championship Contender Series:

Silas Young w/ The Beer City Bruiser VS Jonathan Gresham!

Current ROH WTVC, Kenny K I N G, joins commentary to see if the Last Real Man or the Octopus will join him, Punishment Martinez and Notorious Shane Taylor at Final Battle. The bell rings, the two tie up, Silas powers Gresham back into a corner. Ropebreak is clean, except Bruiser trips up Gresham to give Silas an opening to bump Gresham off buckles and then scoop slam him down. “Too easy” Silas says, but toying with Gresham gets his arm caught and clipped between Gresham’s legs. Silas runs back, gets caught in a hammerlock, and his attempts to reverse are reversed by Gresham. Ropebreak again, Gresham honors it but Silas gives a stiff back elbow. Gresham is put into a hammerlock now, Gresham runs to then send Silas out of the ring on pure momentum. Silas walks off his frustration, but he and Bruiser get on the apron. Distraction works, Silas runs Gresham over. Silas tries to speed up but Gresham presents legs to block not just once but twice. Silas gets frustrated, he yanks Gresham up by his legs, Gresham lands on his feet and dares Silas to swing on him. Silas falls for it, gets caught in a waistlock, standing switch, another switch, Silas trips Gresham but gets shoved out of the ring. Fans applaud while Silas is frustrated again. He regroups with Bruiser before getting back in the ring, Silas gives a hand to Gresham. He also offers a hand, Gresham doesn’t trust it but Silas crosses his heart this is respectful. But then he has fingers crossed behind his back. Gresham still takes the handshake, but blocks the kick. Gresham puts the foot down, ducks the sucker punch and rolls Silas, TWO, things speed up and they run the ropes! Fans are loving this, Silas sunset flips, but Gresham puts himself in a pretzel knot!

Silas is confused, and the referee can’t count because Gresham’s shoulders are up. On top of that, Silas’ arms got caught in the knot! He can’t let go! Bruiser coaches Silas on his escape from the knot. Silas gets one arm free after some struggling, then uses his foot to help pry the other arm out. But that just means Gresham has Silas’ foot! Gresham spins Silas around, then gently sets the foot down, but Silas has to go and slap Gresham in the head. Gresham brings that foot up again and asks the fans what he should do with it. Up? Up! He dumps Silas on his back, fakes a dropkick, to then kick that leg, and then still give him a dropkick. The Octopus has Philly fired up as we go to break.

We return to Silas in control now, elbowing Gresham in the head. Silas toys with Gresham now, giving him a slap across the face. Gresham gives one back, and another, and he backs Silas down into a corner. The ref backs down the irate Gresham, and counts on Silas to get up. Silas is up at 3, but Gresham blocks his boot to give him a haymaker. Gresham goes to suplex Silas but Silas counters, Gresham slips out and boots Silas back. Gresham hops up, grabs Silas, Tornado Suplex! The Octopus wants to finish this now as he climbs up and rallies the fans. Bruiser tells the fans to shut up as Gresham takes aim, HIGH Flying Crossbody!

TWO, but Gresham isn’t upset. He declares “Search & Destroy!” as he runs and kicks out one of Silas’ arms. Kenny notes he doesn’t like that name. That aside, Gresham goes for the Octopus Stretch but Silas resists. Spin around, shove, and backbreaker to lariat! Silas stands Gresham up again, fireman’s carry and starts running, Gresham slides down and lets him go into buckles. Gresham rolls back, they do-si-do and the Octopus gets the Octopus Stretch!

Silas endures, Gresham flexes, and Gresham begins to torque and wrench that left arm! Bruiser panics and rolls that keg into the ring. The ref gets it out of the ring, but then Bruiser comes in and blindsides Gresham!

Bruiser’s out of the ring before the ref sees a thing. Gresham and Silas get to opposite corners, Silas runs in but gets a boot. And another, Gresham hops up, flying huricanrana throws Silas! Gresham keeps moving, Bruiser trips him up again, but Gresham still ducks Silas’ lariat, and he fakes Bruiser out, Quebrada moonsault!

And then he DIVES onto Bruiser!

Philly fires up for Gresham as he climbs up to the top rope again. He takes aim but Bruiser returns to trip him up. Gresham fights him off, jumps, but Silas ducks under. Silas gets Gresham in the full-nelson, knee to face! Then, fireman’s carry and the spin, Misery!

Silas wins and is in! Kenny gives most of the credit to Bruiser at ringside. Will the Last Real Man have Beer City assistance in taking the throne from the K I N G?


The Kingdom speaks.

Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan and Vinnie Marseglia still cry “conspiracy” against them. And if people don’t know, they better know now, because there is “no other possible explanation” why the Sassy Wild Horse and Mr. Inksanity had to wait even this long for a shot at the ROH World Tag Team Championships. Or the ROH World Six Man titles for that matter, never truly lost them. But next week they get their chance at the two-man titles against the Motor City Machine Guns, and when they win, they’ll carry those titles all the way to Final Battle against Best Friends, Baretta & Chuckie T. “The reality of the situation” is that the Kingdom will become new ROH World Tag Team Champions, and MCMG will “become the victims.” Can the Kingdom overcome the conspiracy that exists in their minds?


ROH looks back to the incident between Bully Ray and the Briscoes.

Bully expressed his love and respect for ROH, both company and fans. However, Jay Briscoe came out to express that Bully is “going out like a bitch.” And just when Joe Koff stands up for Bully, Bully gets blindsided by Briscoe! No respect or honor from a once great ROH champion, but in stepped an ECW original, Tommy Dreamer! He backed Jay down, and then Mark Briscoe appeared. It looked as if some sense was being talked into Jay, only for Mark to show the same level of disrespect to Dreamer! With only girlfriend, Velvet Sky, to defend Bully, Bully suffered the fate of taking his own legendary finisher, the 3D. Both Briscoes are on the same page, but perhaps on the wrong side of this situation. What is the condition of Bully Ray? What are the consequences for Mark & Jay Briscoe?


War Machine VS ???

Rowe & Hanson are looking to regain those ROH World Tag Team Championships to resume their “World Domination”, but The Fallen Angel and Heavy Metal Rebel ruined some of that for them. Speaking of The Addiction, The Addiction jumps War Machine!

No surprise given The Addiction is on their own campaign to ruin ROH. However, Hanson turns things around on Daniels and Rowe does the same to Kaz. Now the beat down is in War Machine’s favor as Kaz goes into barriers and Daniels is stomped out on the ground. War Machine hoists The Addiction on their shoulders and head for each other, but Daniels & Kaz slip down to shove Hanson & Rowe into each other! This ringside brawl continues, Daniels goes into barriers! As for Kaz, he becomes a long dart, but Daniels ducks, so Kaz lands on fans!

Everyone in the arena is shocked, Daniels scrambles into the ring and Kaz realizes the damage he did to the woman who took the brunt of the impact.

Ian Riccaboni says this is on The Addiction, The Addiction says this is on War Machine, but only War Machine shows any concern for the injured fan. What will the consequences be for all four men, and ROH as a whole?


It’s time for Coleman’s Pulpit!

“The Most Versatile Man in this Sport Today” had the ROH WTVC on the show before, and he’s back again, it’s Kenny King as Caprice Coleman’s first repeat guest!

Still champion, even with many title defenses under his belt. Of course, the next one is going to be the most challenging as he has three challengers coming for him. But that’s the truth of being a champion, the work only truly begins now. Kenny takes on all comers, no matter who they are, but Kenny promises each one of them will #BendtheKnee. Heard that. But just don’t let them do you like on the Bachelorette. Funny, Coleman, real funny. Speaking of, though, Coleman has a surprise~! Oh yeah right. Last time someone said that, Kenny’s daughter surprised him at the show. Is she here? No. Coleman is going to instead bring the reality to the reality star. Does Kenny think the title is all him? That he alone earned the title? Because in Coleman’s mind, he didn’t. ROH is using Kenny to pop ratings, like Kenny’s not the King but a pawn! And then with the right pawn as bait, the other pieces will come after him and get more ratings. Coleman can’t believe Kenny things he’s a King. Kenny’s actually a peasant. Yet you’re using your daughter to also pop ratings. That’s even more than being a pawn or peasant, that’s being a punk. What did Coleman just say?! Okay, Kenny sees what this is, this “pulpit bullshit” is Coleman being a false prophet. Kenny has no time for that, he is a King, and Kings are higher than Bishops, so how about he put the title on the line against Coleman in Florida, and put you in checkmate. Has Coleman made Kenny into his pawn? Or will he also #BendtheKnee?


8 Man Tag: The Bullet Club VS Flip Army!

Gordon has recruited Scorpio Sky, Shaheem Ali & Leon St. Giovanni in efforts to give payback for the bullying The Bullet Club has subjected each of them to in and out of the ring, will the score be settled here tonight?

Jay Lethal has joined commentary!

Not just for the sake of watching this major main event between ROH’s rising stars and ruling champions, he also has vested interest in the state of The Villain, Marty Scurll, who is his Final Battle opponent. Ian and Colt Cabana just hope that, on a night already filled with chaos and tension, Lethal can control himself.

But wait, what’s this? The ROH World Heavyweight Champion is here!

Cody The American Nightmare is here to support his faction, as well as give them hugs.

But Cody wouldn’t be Cody if he didn’t take time to speak. “You’re pipe dream of defeating the Bullet Club is just that: it’s a dream.” A bit like The Peacock, Dalton Castle, defeating Cody for the ROH WHC. Go ahead, boo Cody, cheer Castle, everyone loves the underdog who chases the title. Take a deep breath, because Castle is a “choke artist”. We take a commercial break so things can sort out before this match finally begins.

We return as Scurll starts against LSG, “Too Sweet! WOOP WOOP!” as Lethal protests Cody being ringside now. Scurll and LSG tie up, wristlock and arm wrench, LSG kip-up and reverses but Scurll kicks and whips. LSG goes up and over, waistlock, standing switch, arm wrench release. The fans cheer for Marty, the tie up again, wristlock from LSG but Scurll rolls and spins to reverse that into his own hammerlock, headlock takeover but headscissor counter. The two stand up, LSG narrowly avoids an eye poke but Scurll still gets the front facelock, LSG spins and wrings Scurll’s arm, Scurll flaps his wings. Cody gets up on the apron so that all five Bullet Club members can “Woop Woop” together.

The referee reprimands Cody, and throws him out! Fans boo, the Bullet Club was just having fun, but Lethal is happy with this. Fans protest “No! No! No!” but Cody obeys authority, he takes his leave. Matt Jackson tags in and dares Flip to get in and shake his hand. Fans want that, too, but Scorpio steps up instead. He tags in, circles with Matt, tie up, headlock from Matt but Scorpio powers out, only to be shouldered down. Things speed up, jumping sunset flip, ONE, running headscissors but Matt cartwheels through. Scorpio blocks the superkick, spins Matt around, dropkick from Scorpio knock Matt down! Matt gets to a corner, and Scorpio lets him tag in brother Nick. Nick wants Flip now, fans cheer for Flip, Flip tags in. These two circle now, Nick wants a handshake. Flip’s fallen for that too many times, but Nick shows him it’s safe as he shakes Scurll’s hand. Doesn’t matter to Flip, he won’t shake, so Nick kicks him and puts on a headlock. Flip powers out, Nick runs him over, Flip kip-up right away, things speed up, Flip shows off his handstand skills. Nick dropkicks him right out of it. Flip gets to a corner, Nick whips him corner to corner but is reversed, Nick slips out and shoulders back in. Nick slingshots up and over, sharp chop to Flip before going acrobatic to arm-drag flip but Flip handsprings through, only to get another dropkick. Fans are all fired up, Nick runs in, Flip puts him on the apron and gives him a back elbow. Nick slingshots over as Flip slides out, but then Flip gets to the apron as Nick cartwheel moonsaults out. Flip tries an asai from the apron but Nick dodges that, alley oop leads to an apron mule kick, Flip climbs and goes for a SUPER Asai!

Nick dodges, they both get in the ring now, Flip tries a Quebrada but Nick dodges, Flip uses kip-ups to avoid superkicks! Once, twice, thrice, four times, five times, and Nick just gets frustrated. Fans are loving it, though, and we go to break.

Back again, Nick still wants that handshake. Fans say Flip should, but when Flip looks away to see what his team thinks, Matt runs in to snag that handshake!

“Where do you think you’re going!?” Scurll helps out, “Shhh…!” FINGER SNAP! “Welcome to Ring of Honor!” SUPERKICK!

The fans and Bullet Club are fired up, “This is awesome!” as Scorpio Sky runs in only to take the alley-oop dropkick! C2C comes in and whips the Bucks, but are reversed, C2C grabs onto ropes to then kick Matt away and double team Nick, jumping shot facebuster combo!

Then for Matt, Tu Lo Sabes!

Hangman is in now, he rallies on C2C with clotheslines, fireman’s carry drop for LSG, then Dropsault!

Philly is fired up all over again, handspring dropkick for Scorpio, mule kick from Scurll. Hangman up top, aimed at C2C, SUPER Asai!

Terminator drums for The Bullet Club, Scurll and the Bucks hit the poses, the Bucks build speed to double DIVE!

Direct hits on Scorpio and C2C, but now everyone flaps and “WOOP WOOP” as The Villain prepares to fly. However, Flip slips in, SUPERKICK to Scurll!

Even though fans boo, Flip keeps going, triangle jump crossbody!

Flip wipes out Bullet Club and Flip Army as fans chant for “ROH! ROH!” Nick is put in the ring, Flip follows him to unload kicks and forearms. “One Sweet” eye poke! Fans cheer for “One Sweet! WOOP WOOP!” as Nick picks Flip apart. The Bullet Club regroups on their corner, tag to Scurll, but Matt and Hangman come in, too. Nick back suplexes but Flip lands on his feet. Scurll back suplexes but Flip still lands on his feet. Matt back suplexes, and Flip still lands on his feet. Hangman is the last one, Flip still on his feet, tag to Scorpio, big flying crossbody knocks all four Bullet Club members down! Scorpio rallies on the Bucks, ducks their clothesline and dropkicks them both down. Scurll up, stiff uppercut to Scorpio, and he starts up the “Bullet Train”. Scurll whips Matt in for a corner clothesline, then Nick goes in for another, then Hangman for another, and Scurll comes in to get a boot from Scorpio! They try again from the top, Matt connects, Nick connects, Hangman connects, Scurll gets a boot! Third time, same pattern! The Bucks can’t figure out what’s going wrong! As they argue, Scorpio runs out, QUADRUPLE SUPERKICK!!

We take one last commercial break as Philly thunderously applauds.

Back again as Flip fights off the Bucks, then gives Nick a step-in Tornado DDT! Flip dodges Matt, fireman’s cary for the “Samoan Pop” and standing shooting star! TWO, Flip can’t believe it. He drags Matt over, climbs up top, takes aim, 450 but has to roll-through when Matt dodges. Another kip-up dodge of a superkick, but then Nick comes back to SUPERKICK Flip on the return! Ali gets in, leg lariat for Matt. SUPERKICK for Ali but then LSG gives Nick the “Saintsplosion” underhook suplex. Hangman gives LSG the Buckshot lariat, but then Scorpio lunges in to give Hangman the “Sky Trigger” knee strike to the head! Scurll in, fakes Scorpio out, mule kick to a leg. SUPERKICK from Flip, Samoan Pop as well but into the Chickenwing!

Flip’s caught, but Scorpio returns to go up top, elbow drop breaks the hold! Nick slingshots in, but gets caught in a cutter!

That transitions into a dragon sleeper!

Matt and Hangman save Nick with SUPERKICKS! C2C give double bicycle kicks, but Hangman and Matt stay standing, Nick joins in, 3v2 SUPERKICKS! Everyone is now down from exhaustion, but the fans fire up and cheer for “ROH! ROH!” Nick and Ail are on the apron and brawling now, forearm for forearm. Nick spits, Ali headbutts! Ali holds Nick, LSG triangle jumps but Nick ducks and Ali takes the hit. SUPERKICK for LSG, apron German Suplex for Ali! Hangman gets up, Matt alley-oops him to the apron for a jumping stomp on LSG! Scorpio runs at Matt, is put on the apron, so he gives Nick an apron cutter! Scorpio gets back up, but Matt triangle jumps in for the apron DDT! The Bullet Club has regrouped, but Flip is left in the ring. He runs, fakes the Bullet Club out with a handspring, then DIVES, into SUPERKICKS!!

Not even The Bullet Club can believe they did that. Nick officially tags in, Hangman brings Flip up and in. Matt drags Flip up, fireman’s carry, “Where do you think you’re going?” Rolling senton hits but Flip dodges the 450 and trips up Matt. While Matt is in a Tree of Woe, Flip runs at Nick, who puts Flip on the apron. Nick cartwheels to the apron, they both jump up but Flip gives Nick the Kinder Surprise! Nick is stuck on the top rope, Flip double jumps to hit Scurll with a flying cannonball! LSG and Ali see what they have, Double Coast2Coast on Matt!

Scorpio gives Nick a Super Steiner! Flip hits Nick with a 450! But Villain and Hangman break the pin, keeping this match going. Philly repeats that “This is awesome!” as Scurll gets up and calls for the Chickenwing. “WOOP WOOP” echoes as Scurll fires up, but as he spins around, Filp gets up to PELE Scurll down! Tag to Scorpio but he is tripped up by Nick. The Bucks whip Flip, Flip ducks the lariat to Quebrade into SUPERKICKS!

C2C returns, to get SUPERKICKS! Hangman targets Scorpio, holds him in place, and Nick runs in, but Scorpio ducks so that the Shining Wizard hits Hangman! Scurll tries now, but Scorpio ducks again so that the SUPERKICK takes out the Villain! Sky Trigger for Matt, then Scorpio blocks a kick to feed it into Matt! Stiff back elbow from Nick slows Scorpio down, Hangman returns to hold Scorpio in position, Scurll gets Flip and they double stack, Matt and Nick get to opposite corners and climb up, then jump! An insane fution of Indie Taker, Meltzer Driver and Rite of Passage!!

The Bullet Club wins! Jay Lethal says he is thankful he’s only 1v1 with Marty Scurll, because 1v1 is where Lethal excels while The Bullet Club excel in “gang mentality, no-rules chaos”. Either way, Lethal and Scurll have tall tasks ahead of them when going against the other, who will come out of Final Battle the baddest man in ROH?


My Thoughts:

And incredible night all-around this episode. A solid match from Gresham and Silas, strong story elements as BCB helps Silas get the openings needed to win. However, Silas isn’t weak going into the Fatal 4 Way, he is the most opportunistic of the four and will certainly look to take advantage of the damage done by the monsters, Martinez and Taylor. But now with Coleman egging Kenny into a match, will it even being Kenny defending at Final battle? Good stories going into Final Battle, as well. First with The Addiction “ruining a match” for War Machine, but more importantly setting up a grudge match. I’m mostly certain the fan Kaz collided with and then gave a broken nose was a plant, there’s no way even the incredibly selfish Heels Daniels and Kaz are could stay in character if that was a real fan who really got injured. That aside, that’s going to be a great match that could easily be the final match The Addiction has in ROH. Second, The Kingdom gets their tag title match next week, episode 324, and I am basically expecting Taven to interfere so that O’Ryan & Marseglia can win to then face Baretta & Chuckie T at Final Battle.

That main event was amazing. Though they used it as an insult, Scurll was right that this was going to be Bullet Club VS Team High-Spot. In fact, The Bullet Club themselves were responsible for a lot of those spots. Such great back and forth, it strongly established Flip, Scorpio and Team Coast2Coast but then continued to keep Bullet Club at an insane level of power as a team. Lethal is right in saying they are true tag team specialists, The Young Bucks are the equivalent of Brock Lesnar in WWE’s singles division, and it’ll take a lot for another team to definitively defeat them.

My Score: 8.5/10

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