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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (12/19/17)



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  • Kalisto & Gran Metalik VS THE Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher; Kalisto & Metalik win, by disqualification.
  • Hideo Itami VS Colin Delaney; Itami wins.
  • Cedric Alexander VS Drew Gulak w/ Enzo Amore; Alexander wins.


We have a new #1 Contender to the Cruiserweight Championship!

The Carolina Kid and “Gabba Gulak” fought for the right to fight Enzo Amore down the line on Monday Night Raw. The Cruiserweight Crusader was hoping his Certified G mentor and “best friend” would stay to watch the entirety of this incredible match, but the Bonafide Stud got a DM and needed to search for Nia Jax. This resulted in Cedric Alexander capitalizing and conquering Gulak, to the ‘Zo Train’s dismay. Can Alexander make the most of his “second chance” and take that championship away from the ‘Zo Train’s conductor?


Kalisto & Gran Metalik VS THE Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher!

The Lucha Dragon and King of the Ropes have both run into the “cruel winter” the Ungentlemanly Alliance wishes to perpetuate, and now team together to turn it away. Can their Fuego de Lucha cause the coldhearted Kendrick & Gallagher to have a meltdown?

However, The Man with a Plan points them out to Gallagher. “I don’t know about you, Jack, but I sure am surprised to see Metalik out here.” Jack & Kendrick had no problem with Metalik, until Metalik interfered with their business. “Mr. Metalik,” Gallagher adds, “just ask your compadre what happens when you stick your nose in our business.” It is a tightrope walk, and when you slip and fall, you will wonder if helping Kalisto was worth it.

The match begins with Kalisto and Kendrick, they circle and tie-up. Kendrick gets the hammerlock, Kalisto spins and flips to reverse, wrenching it in deep. Kalisto brings Kendrick to his knees but Kendrick spends around to reverse to a high keylock. Kendrick wrenches and bends Kalisto but Kalisto spins then cartwheels to break free. The two circle again, Kendrick kicks low then chops, Kalisto chops back then kicks back, Kendrick gives a forearm before backing Kalisto into a corner. Kendrick chops away, then throws Kalisto but Kalisto cartwheels to stay on his feet. Kalisto kicks back on Kendrick again, whips but is reversed, Kalisto kicks Kendrick away to then run and headscissor Kendrick down. Tag to Metalik, who kicks Kendrick’s arm before whipping him corner to corner, to which Kendrick reverses. Metalik tumbles to the apron before kicking Kendrick away and climbing up top. He takes aim, walks the tightrope, then jumps for a big crossbody!

Metalik keeps going, handspring but Kendrick dodges, fireman’s carry but Kendrick fights his way out, tag to Gallagher then a boot for Metalik. Gallagher storms right over to Metalik, he and Kendrick both whip Metalik corner to corner. Metalik walks the ropes to then give Gallagher a missile dropkick! Kendrick returns, Metalik boots him out. Kalisto joins Metalik in the ring, they take aim and double FLY!

Metalik & Kalisto take Gallagher & Kendrick down respectively, fans echo “Lucha! Lucha!” while Metalik and Kalisto get back up. Kendrick goes after Metalik only to get a mule kick in the head! Metalik climbs up, Gallagher trips him up and he ends up in a Tree of Woe, Gallagher gives a dropkick to Metalik’s exposed knee! The ref counts while Gallagher stomps, Gallagher backs off at 4. Kendrick revives and gets a cheap shot by stretching Metalik back. Kalisto protests, the referee has to hold him back, Gallagher pulls Metalik out of the Tree and into a toehold. Metalik endures the wrench, Gallagher adds a knee drop onto it, then wrenches even deeper. Gallagher keeps up the torture on Metalik’s leg, Kalisto gets the fans rallying. Metalik fights with his free leg, Gallagher yanks on the bad leg then tags Kendrick. Kendrick gives a kick right to Metalik’s bad leg, then pulls on it more in a modified single-leg Boston Crab.

Kalisto cheers Metalik on as he continues to endure, then starts up another rally from the fans. Metalik uses that energy to get up, Kendrick drags him over to give an elbow drop into the hip. Kendrick keeps pressure on the ankle, Metalik endures as he fights out with haymakers. Metalik stands and runs, but Kendrick brings him down with a back drop. Cover, TWO, Kendrick drags Metalik all the way to his corner to tag Gallagher. Kendrick anchors Metalik with a grapevine while Gallagher knocks Kalisto off the apron. The referee reprimands Gallagher, but Gallagher returns to beating up Metalik’s leg. Kalisto returns to protest but the referee keeps him back. Gallagher eggs Kalisto on before tagging Kendrick back in. Kendrick keeps Metalik isolated in the Ungentlemanly corner, wrenching that leg on the ropes before hoisting him up to the top rope. Kendrick uses the ropes on that leg again, backs off then returns to using the ropes. Metalik fights back, knocking Gallagher off the apron before, on one leg, giving Kendrick a SUPER Bulldog!

Metalik crawls while Kalisto starts up another “Lucha! Lucha!” chant. Kendrick crawls, too, hot tag to Gallagher, Gallagher drags Metalik away. Metalik kicks Gallagher away, hot tag to Kalisto! Springboard seated senton for Gallagher, SUPERKICK for Kendrick, then he runs at them both for a handspring double arm-drag!

Kalisto fires up then unloads kicks before giving Gallagher the Spike-Rana! Gallagher is dazed, Kalisto starts up “Lucha! Lucha!” Kalisto wants but Gallagher denies the Salida, Gallagher shoves Kalisto at Kendrick but Kalisto kicks Kendrick down. Kalisto climbs up and hits Gallagher with the “dragon roll” corkscrew crossbody! Salida Del Sol!

Kendrick breaks the cover just in time! He stomps Kalisto in anger now, the referee tries to restore order but cannot, Kendrick is disqualified. That doesn’t matter to Kendrick, he goes right after Metalik, too! Kendrick brings Kalisto up, for Gallagher’s Extraordinary Headbutt!

Then they throw Kalisto right into a post! Kalisto tumbles out to the ground, Gran Metalik is next. They go to the outside, and Gallagher rains down rights while Kendrick prepares the steel steps. The Ungentlemanly Alliance drags Metalik over, the referee shouts for them to stop, but they do not. Metalik’s leg is trapped between steel steps and ring post. Gallagher pins Metalik down using his umbrella while Kendrick dropkicks the steps, crushing Metalik’s leg!

Metalik yells in pain, but now Gallagher wants a turn. Kendrick goes after Metalik, but referee reinforcements back them off. It doesn’t matter, the damage is done. Has the “cruel winter” come to stay?


Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore, talks with The ‘Zo Train.

Tonight’s 205 Live was meant to be a night of celebration. Instead, the Certified G is doing Bonafide Damage Control, because of Gulak’s failure! They had ONE JOB, and that was to keep Cedric Alexander from being the next one in line for Enzo’s Cruiserweight Championship! Drew Gulak owns up, it is his fault and only his fault. Ariya Daivari is also willing to put blame on Gulak. Daivari is not off the hook in Enzo’s eyes. Gulak says he can make up for his loss with a win over Alexander tonight. That’s so convincing, Drew. But Gulak vows to “ground Alexander for good.” Speak up, Drew. Tonight, a #Better205 Live begins “in earnest” as Gulak “utterly annihilates Cedric Alexander!” That’s more like it. And Daivari, you’re on the ‘Zo Train, too. Start showing some passion.


Hideo Itami VS Colin Delaney!

The Innovator of the GTS had his main-roster debut on Raw, and now he has his 205 Live debut against the WWE ECW superstar known for his durability and not much else. Can Delaney tough it out or will he #GoToSleep?

The bell rings, the fans sing “Itami’s gonna kill~ you!” Delaney still puts on a headlock, Itami powers out, Delaney ducks one kick but gets hit by the second and then the third! Itami stalks Delaney before kicking him sharply in the back. Itami shouts “Respect me!” before stalking Delaney in the corner. Delaney takes a sharp chop, but reverses the corner to corner whip. Itami boots Delaney back and hops up, tornado hotshot! Itami then climbs up and takes aim, flying clothesline! He’s fired up now, and punishes Delaney with sharp strikes and a skateboard dropkick! That’s not all, Itami lifts Delaney up for his move, the GTS!

Delaney is out, Itami wins! Swift and devastating, it may be only a matter of time before Itami makes the entire Cruiserweight Division to show him respect.


205 Live looks back on the events of last week.

Enzo Amore returned to take charge of his ‘Zo Train, and was upset that it was going off the rails under Drew Gulak’s guidance. However, The Premier Athlete, Tony Nese, spoke up to him. The Cruiserweight Champion would not stand for being talked back to, he made an example of out Nese. In other words, Enzo sent a message with the help of “Daivari Dinero” and beat down Nese in the middle of the ring. Gulak protested, saying this was not the way The ‘Zo Train should be treating it’s own. Enzo dared Gulak to pick a side and do something, and in the end, Gulak chose to stay aboard the ‘Zo Train by beating Nese down, too. Is the ‘Zo Train falling apart at the seams?


Backstage interview with Enzo Amore.

Can he please elaborate on why he had The ‘Zo Train gang up on Tony Nese? He sure can. “When you’re a Certified G, your word is your bond.” Enzo promised the ‘Zo Train a learning experience, and he gave one. But now Cedric Alexander appears.

Alexander sees Enzo as “the man who can’t be taught anything, but insists on preaching and teaching to everyone around.” Wow, Mr. Second Chance wants to have a word with First Place. “When you’re a Real One, you don’t need a second chance, because you just get the job done.” Does Enzo really believe that? If he did, he wouldn’t need The ‘Zo Train to get the job done for him. In Enzo’s fantasy world, he’s the “real one”, but the reality is, there’s only one word to describe him. Alexander’s right, that one word is “champion.” Will that one word still describe Enzo for much longer?


Cedric Alexander VS Drew Gulak w/ Enzo Amore!

“Gabba Gulak” failed to win on Raw, but vows to even the score tonight. Can he get back in Enzo’s good graces? Or will Alexander add to his momentum?

Enzo hands off the mic, Gulak reminds the WWE Universe that he doesn’t allow chanting. Fans boo and jeer while Gulak thanks Enzo. Gulak notes that normally he’d have a well-prepared PowerPoint Presentation for a #Drewtopian 205 Live, which would include removing high-flying show-offs like Cedric Alexander. However, as the saying goes, “there’s a time for clip-art, and there’s a time for action.” Make no mistake, you cannot be taught how to be a Certified G or Bonafide Stud. However, Gulak’s mentor and “best friend”, Enzo Amore, proves you can be taught that “now is the time for action.” The only PowerPoint tonight is when Gulak overpowers the bonehead Alexander and drives home the point that “Nobody messes with the ‘Zo Train!”

Enzo stays at ringside, the bell rings, Alexander and Gulak circle while trash talking. Gulak powers Alexander to ropes and grinds forearms into Alexander’s face, the referee counts but Alexander pushes Gulak away. The two circle and tie up again, now Alexander puts Gulak on the ropes. Alexander returns the forearm grinding, then dares Gulak to bring it. They tie up a third time, Alexander gets control, Enzo calls for a clean break. Alexander honors it but Gulak doesn’t, he kicks Alexander low and elbows him in the head. Gulak keeps on Alexander with a stomp in the corner, Alexander chops back, Gulak slaps Alexander into sitting down. Gulak then stomps a mudhole into Alexander, Enzo trash talks. Alexander revives to give a forearm strike, Gulak gives some back, including knee strikes. Gulak suplexes Alexander, float over, TWO. Enzo tells Gulak to keep on him and “get that money.” Gulak goes after Alexander’s leg with elbow drops and a toehold, Enzo likes that. Alexander endures the torque, and uses his free leg to kick Gulak, but Gulak just adds a knee drop to the knee before putting on that toehold again. Alexander grabs Gulak in a chinlock, Enzo wants Gulak to snap the ankle. Gulak stands up, Alexander stands with him and gives forearms, Gulak slaps and headbutts Alexander. Alexander shoves, rolls, handspring headscissors and dropkick! Alexander keeps on Gulak with stomps, then drags Gulak up for chops. He gives Gulak a European Uppercut, then a forearm, Gulak uses ropes for safety. The referee backs Alexander up, Gulak boots Alexander down. Gulak throws hands again, slapping and chopping Alexander on the ropes. The referee tries to keep Gulak back but Gulak boots Alexander out of the ring. The referee reprimands Gulak for his aggression, then begins a count. Gulak slips out and around to Alexander for chops against the barrier. Enzo argues with the ref, Gulak knows the rules. Gulak brings Alexander up to throw him into a post! Enzo loves what he sees as Gulak brings Alexander up again. Alexander throws hands and kicks, Gulak headbutts Alexander’s stomach before putting him in the ring. Gulak puts Alexander in a chinlock, wanting to grind Alexander down. Enzo keeps talking trash, Alexander gets up but Gulak knees and snapmares him back down to a cover, TWO. Gulak puts Alexander in a standing armbar, to torture the shoulder.

Enzo does not stop talking, Alexander slips out and rocks Gulak with forearms and chops. Alexander clotheslines Gulak over and over in a corner, then throws Gulak corner to corner for a big jumping knee strike!

He doesn’t stop there, he rallies on Gulak now, and Enzo panics. Gulak bails out, Alexander FLIES!

Alexander’s heels hit Gulak right in the head, Gulak goes down. Enzo is shocked, Alexander brings Gulak up and into the ring. Alexander takes aim, making sure Enzo sees the springboard clothesline connect! Cover, TWO, Enzo is relieved. Gulak sits up, still dazed from just a moment ago. Enzo shouts for Gulak to get up already. Alexander helps him up then lifts him up, but Gulak reverses to a sunset flip! TWO, into Alexander’s high stack, TWO, Gulak gets the takedown and jackknife, Alexander bridges up. They spin around for the backslide, Gulak blocks and breaks free. Gulak fakes Alexander out and then clobbers him with a big lariat!

Cover, TWO, and Enzo is shocked. Enzo coaches Gulak and starts up a rally. Gulak gets to his feet and limps over to Alexander. Gulak brings Alexander up, but Alexander blocks the suplex. Alexander tries but Gulak blocks. Gulak lifts Alexander up over the top, Alexander lands on the apron and forearms Gulak away. With Gulak dazed, Alexander steps in and hits the springboard complete shot!

Cover, TWO! Enzo demands Gulak get up and finish this, but Alexander is the one that fires up with the rally. Gulak grabs a leg, and wrenches in an Ankle Lock. Alexander reaches but Gulak drags him away and into the “Gulak Grip”!

Alexander endures, drags himself to ropes, Gulak rolls him into the bow & arrow variation. Gulak traps one arm, but Alexander uses the other to get the ropebreak. Gulak fires himself up as Enzo keeps talking. Alexander enziguris Gulak down and out! Alexander fetches Gulak at the apron and drags him to the top rope. Gulak fights back with body shots, headbutts Alexander down, then realizes he’s on the top rope. Enzo reminds Gulak that he hates the top rope and should therefore get off the top rope. Gulak stands on wobbly legs as he steps in. Alexander runs in, blocks the boot, then yanks Gulak off the top and into the Lumbar Check!!

Alexander wins again! The Carolina Kid is 2-0 on Gulak, and he grins right at Enzo.

Enzo locks eyes with his #1 contender as Alexander claims he’ll soon own the title. Enzo drops down to be by Gulak’s side, daring Alexander to come get some of “the best in the world.” Alexander dares Enzo to get in the ring with him, but Enzo talks more trash from the apron. Instead, Ariya Daivari appears in the ring!

Daivari confidently spins Alexander around, only to suffer the Lumbar Check himself!

Alexander tells Enzo “Your turn! Get in here now!” Enzo thinks not, he and The ‘Zo Train regroup and retreat. Enzo can’t avoid Alexander forever, will the ‘Zo Train finally derail during their Cruiserweight Championship match?


My Thoughts:

This was a good episode, overall. I expected the tag team match of Kalisto-Metalik & Gallagher-Kendrick, I enjoyed the tag team match for action and story, but I did not expect it to end the way it did. The Ungentle Men injuring Metalik was definitely in character, but now it brings things back to square one. Who is Kalisto to team with if Metalik is out? I know Lince Dorado is still signed but the way he’s been used, it seems unlikely he can help overcome the cruelty of Kendrick & Gallagher. Obviously Itami wins his 205 Live debut, he needs to come into the Cruiserweight Division as a strong and fearsome force. And at least Colin Delaney is consistent, he was the ultimate jobber in WWE ECW and he’s that again in 205 Live. Itami must wait for the title since it is tied up with Enzo and Alexander, but it wouldn’t take much for Itami to return to being Heel if he were to go against Alexander.

Speaking of, Alexander wins because it is part of the plan. He looks strong heading into the title match while The ‘Zo Train appears to be losing control. There is still a chance Gulak turns Face, given that Enzo might continue to harp on him for his failings. Gulak either snaps on Enzo and quits the ‘Zo Train, or tries and fails to help Enzo cheat Alexander, causing Alexander to win in the end. Either way, Gulak plays a pivotal role in the Cruiserweight Championship match and could still find his way to the title even after he is no longer part of The ‘Zo Train.

My Score: 8/10

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