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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (12/5/17)




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  • Drew Gulak VS Cedric Alexander; rescheduled as…
  • Noam Dar VS Cedric Alexander; Alexander wins.
  • THE Brian Kendrick w/ Jack Gallagher VS Gran Metalik; Kendrick wins.
  • Rich Swann w/ Cedric Alexander VS Tony Nese w/ Drew Gulak; Swann wins.


The ‘Zo Train got back on track, thanks to Drew Gulak!

Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari let Rich Swann take the win in the first Cruiserweight Championship Contender Series Fatal 4 Way match, so the Certified G wasn’t going to be happy if Tony Nese and the Cruiserweight Crusader failed him, too. Good thing for Enzo Amore, things were a bit more dysfunctional between Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali, and Gulak was able to capitalize! With only the #1 Contender’s singles match left this coming Monday, is #Drewtopia one step away from becoming a reality?


Speaking of, Drew Gulak comes to the ring!

He asks San Diego, “How are you doing?” Yes he has Enzo’s usual mic, because Enzo is not here. However, Gulak has important points to deliver on his behalf. So instead of a ‘Zo Train, think of this as the Drew Train! “Drew drew~! All aboard!” And yes, Gulak defeated several other Cruiserweights, and will defeat Rich Swann to face Enzo for the title. But tonight, Gulak uses the Microphone of Leadership. Fans don’t care. Gulak still wishes to give hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis… POWER POINT PRESENTATION! Nope! Cedric Alexander comes out!

Drew Gulak VS Cedric Alexander!

No time for PowerPoint when a match is on the card, can the Carolina Kid get payback for Gabba Gulak snatching away his victory? Gulak protests, his Leadership Presentation would’ve addressed this situation perfectly, for Slide 14 would’ve told everyone that “Great leaders delegate.” That means that Gulak talked with management to delegate this match to someone else. So Cedric’s real opponent is another member of the ‘Zo Train. One who has been just a bit S-O-F-T. But he’s so eager to impress in the name of #Drewtopia.

Noam Dar VS Cedric Alexander!

The Scottish Supernova is a familiar foe for Alexander, given their twisted love triangle with Alicia Fox months ago. Rivalry renewed, can Alexander make Dar pay for what Gulak has done? Or will Noam Dar make up for the losses he’s racked up on The ‘Zo Train? Gulak joins commentary to give support to Dar, and hopes Dar changes his losing ways as well.

The bell rings, the two in the ring circle, tie up and Alexander powers Dar to a corner. Dar shouts for ropebreak, Alexander gives it, and makes sure Gulak knows this is meant for him. Dar puts Alexander in a headlock and grinds him down. Alexander tries to power out but Dar holds on as Gulak sings his praises. Alexander tries again but Dar bops him in the eyes. Corner to corner whip, Alexander goes up and over, handspring headscissors and dropkick! Alexander handsprings again, the fans like that, cover, TWO. Dar gets to ropes but takes a chop, Alexander whips but Dar holds ropes. Dar gives a haymaker, Alexander gives a mule kick. Alexander runs, handsprings, Dar exits the ring. Gulak cheers him on, Alexander slingshots over but Dar dodges, only for Alexander to give him another handspring headscissors. However, Dar was ready to counter, he props Alexander up and kicks out an arm!

Gulak is happy, he and Dar high-five, and Dar puts Alexander back in the ring. Cover, TWO, Dar is already annoyed. Dar drags Alexander up and works on that arm with a keylock, grinding knuckles into Alexander’s elbow. The fans rally, Dar keeps wrenching, Alexander gets up and fights out. Dar kicks out a leg now, Alexander gives back a forearm shot but Dar gives back a European Uppercut that staggers Alexander to the apron. Dar comes over, stomps Alexander through the ropes until the ref backs him off. He gives a thumbs up, but Alexander blocks his kick to give that stiff back elbow! Alexander fires up, as does the crowd, springboard lariat!

TWO, Alexander is a bit frustrated and Gulak is very relieved. Alexander has the fans rallying for him, he gets up and grabs Dar, but Dar resists. Left forearm shots from Dar rock Alexander, Dar runs and blocks a kick to then turn Alexander around to kick out the legs. More thumbs up, Dar gets to the top rope. Gulak disapproves, that’s against the rules of #Drewtopia!

Alexander is recovering while Dar and Gulak are arguing, but Dar gives in to Gulak’s way. Dar goes to hit Alexander, Alexander counters with a back slide, TWO, but right into the Neuralizer! Then, Lumbar Check!

Alexander wins! And then he stares down Gulak as his hand is raised.

The ‘Zo Train’s caboose that is Noam Dar continues to lag behind, what will this mean for Drew Gulak as he tries to become the Cruiserweight Championship’s #1 Contender?


The Cruiserweight Division is going on its own special tour!

205 Live hits the road separate from Raw or SmackDown, and if they’re coming to your town, be sure to check out the fast-paced action in person!

And the superstars of the Cruiserweight Division are excited!

Mustafa Ali, Akira Tozawa and Rich Swann are ready for the #CruiserTour to start in 2018, but Drew Gulak out there… Ali almost missed Enzo. Swann ain’t into Captain Underpants, either. That aside, Dasha Fuentes asks if Swann is open to an interview.

“Mamacita, always got time for you.” So what is her question for the “soon to be” two-time two-time Cruiserweight Champion? What is his reaction to Gulak saying he’s in charge of the ‘ZO train? Swann knows Gulak can’t handle this, it’s why he’s ducking Alexander and wants Tony Nese to try and soften up Swann for him. But Swann is familiar with adversity, so #DrewTrain can look like fools while Swann does what he does best. Stay classy, San Diego.


Exclusive footage of a backstage interview with The Ungentlemanly Alliance.

When questioned on why Kendrick and Gallagher did what they did to Kalisto, they said that for someone like Kalisto to just waltz into the Cruiserweight Division and get a title match over superstars like them, who work hard, get chewed up and spat out, why wouldn’t they do what they did? And with Kalisto away on the WWE international tour, Gallagher advises Kalisto to stay away, for good.


Gran Metalik has a response to The Ungentlemanly Alliance.

The King of the Ropes guarantees Kalisto would return, because when the Lucha Dragon gets knocked down, he gets back up. Metalik also has a warning to Gallagher if he tries to help Kendrick at all: Metalik will use that umbrella to beat Gallagher like a pinata!


THE Brian Kendrick w/ Jack Gallagher VS Gran Metalik!

A “cruel winter” is set to face a fiery spirit as The Man with a Plan looks to extinguish another luchador’s run in the Cruiserweight Division. The bell rings, the two men circle, Kendrick kicks low and then whips Metalik, who goes up and over and speeds things up. Handspring but Kendrick dodges, Metalik chops Kendrick to then acrobatically arm-drag him across the ring. Kendrick gets to the apron, Metalik dares him to come back. Kendrick does, and rushes Metalik, but Metalik runs and springboards to arm-drag again, then he runs the ropes to missile dropkick Kendrick out. Metalik builds speed, and DIVES!

But he hits Gallagher instead! Kendrick is safe in the ring, Metalik gets up and goes to the apron. Metalik kicks Kendrick away, then springboards for a huge missile dropkick!

Kendrick is down and out on the other side, Metalik starts a “SI! SI! SI!” chant but his dropkick misses. Kendrick whips Metalik, Metalik reverses, but then Kendrick tosses Metalik over the barrier and into the crowd. Metalik lands on his feet and knocks Kendrick away with a forearm, then gets space to run and hit a flying headscissors!

The fans of San Diego are liking that! Things return to the ring, but Gallagher trips up Metalik on his springboard attempt! Fans boo but Gallagher gets away clean, Kendrick dropkicks Metalik out of the ring. Kendrick fetches Metalik and knocks him against the LED, he also grinds and stomps Metalik up against it. The ring count gets high, Kendrick puts Metalik in the ring, Kendrick gives Metalik clubbing crossface punches. Now Kendrick chokes Metalik against ropes, and stands on the luchador’s head. The referee backs Kendrick down, but he returns to stalk Metalik. A stiff chop from Kendrick, a chop back from Metalik, Kendrick unloads forearms. Powerbomb lift countered into a sunset flip, TWO! Kendrick and Metalik in opposite corners, Kendrick runs into a back elbow. Metalik dodges, rolls-up, TWO, spinning victory roll, TWO! Kendrick clobbers Metalik with a back elbow, fans boo and jeer. He brings Metalik up, but Sliced Bread is denied, Metalik goes to shoulder Kendrick down but Kendrick instead sends Metalik into a post! Kendrick then kicks Metalik’s head, knee strikes, too, and then takedown into the Captain’s Hook!

Metalik is out cold! Kendrick wins! Fans don’t like it, but a win is a win, is the cruel winter here to stay?


The Certified G certainly was surprised on Monday Night Raw.

Nia Jax may not be like most girls, and that includes asking Enzo Amore “How You Doin’?” His response was via Twitter:

Just what is developing between the Brutal Beauty and the Bonafide Stud? The ‘Zo Train definitely can’t figure it out, but they have more pressing matters right now.

Gulak wants Nese, Dar and Daivari to know that he is in charge because Enzo knows Gulak can get the job done. Oh please, Daivari doesn’t answer to Gulak so just stop trying. Fine, just be ready to answer to Enzo for disobeying a direct order! Gulak holds the Microphone of Leadership, and The ‘Zo Train is like the Justice League. When Superman Enzo is away, Drew Batman is in charge, but everyone in the Justice League is still important. Aquaman Nese, Flash Dar, and Wonder Woman Daivari. What?! Why? Because he’s a fierce warrior with a great sense of fashion, and don’t interrupt him. Now, Gulak will represent on Raw, but Nese has his turn tonight and needs their support. Gulak definitely will be ringside again, but he wants the others to do their part. Without the Cruiserweight Champion at the wheel, can The ‘Zo Train stay a unified unit?


Rich Swann w/ Cedric Alexander VS Tony Nese w/ Drew Gulak!

The Outlandish One has his friend in the Carolina Kid ringside for him as he goes up against Team Power Point’s Premier Athlete, who has Gabba Gulak ringside for him as well. Who will grab up the last bit of momentum before Monday’s Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s match?

The bell rings, Nese and Swann circle, Alexander and Gulak trash talk, Nese takes the time to flex. They circle again, Nese kicks low and gives Swann a left forearm, then more kicks. Nese chops Swann in the corner, Swann chops back, Nese gives a knee. Whip but Swann ducks, tilt-o-whirl headscissors and then Swann speeds things up even more, front flip over Nese’s kip-up. Nese puts Swann on the apron, sweeps the legs! Swann tells Gulak to stay back, Nese slingshots over to fake Swann out, then cartwheels over Swann’s lariat. Nese alley-oops Swann, Swann mule kicks from the apron, Phoenix senton!

Down goes Nese! Fans fire up, Gulak is upset as he trash talks Swann, Alexander backs him off. Swann puts Nese in the ring while Gulak quarrels with him and Alexander, Nese hits a baseball slide dropkick on Swann! Alexander coaches Swann up, Nese brings Swann into the ring. Swann revives to give chops, runs for a sunset flip but Nese blocks and kicks Swann in the head, TWO. Nese puts Swann right into a bodyscissors squeeze, Gulak enjoys watching that. Alexander gets the fans rallying, Swann feeds off the energy to make that bodyscissors into a cover, TWO and back to the squeeze. Swann tries again, TWO, more squeeze. Third time is the charm, Swann pushes his way back, TWO but Swann is up. Nese shoves him away then runs him over! TWO, Nese is getting frustrated. He kicks Swann then drags him up, Tree of Woe and knees to Swann’s stomach. Gulak gets a cheap shot as he pulls Swann’s hair, Alexander gets the ref to pay attention. Nese gets Alexander’s attention, “Let me show you how to finally get some abs!” By that, Nese means Full Contact Cardio!

The ref counts, Nese stops at 4, Swann comes out of the Tree of Woe. Nese drags Swann to a cover, TWO, back to the squeeze but with a bearhug now. Fans rally for Swann again, Gulak doesn’t like that. Swann gets up, breaks Nese’s hold and gives him heavy haymakers. Nese is staggered, but he still trips up Swann at the ropes, to then triangle jump belly flop! Fans rally once more, Swann and Nese up, Swann rallies with clotheslines. Back kick puts Nese in a corner but Nese boots back out. Nese hops up, Swann gets him with a No Hands Huricanrana! Cover, TWO, and Nese can’t believe it. Gulak is relieved again, and prays that Nese turns this around. Swann gets Nese in the double underhook but Nese powers out, sunset flip roll through, Penalty Kick misses, roll-up, TWO! Swann whips but Nese slips under, pumphandle driver!

TWO! Team Power Point is surprised and upset. Nese grabs Swann’s hair, Swann breaks free to give haymakers and chops, but then Nese shoves Swann for a stiff forearm. Nese runs, Swann follows, Swann gives Nese a boot. Swann lifts Nese but Nese slips out to give Swann a stiff knee. Nese kicks, Swann jumps over the sweep, Swann gives sharp kicks of his own! Swann climbs up, and hits the Phoenix Splash!

Swann wins both the match and major momentum going towards Monday!

Gulak helps Nese out of the ring, The ‘Zo Train is screeching to a halt. However, he will not let 205 Live end this way, he turns on the air-raid siren on his megaphone.

Gulak calls for reinforcements!

The ‘Zo Train moves towards the ring, surrounding it as well as Alexander and Swann. However, this 4v2 situation isn’t going to go their way, because Swann has reinforcements, too! Akira Tozawa and Mustafa Ali appear and it is an even 4v4 brawl! Daivari and Dar go down, Nese is knocked away and Gulak is thrown out. Gulak grabs his megaphone, the air-raid siren now sounds retreat! Who will hold the fate of the Cruiserweight Championship in their hands?!


My Thoughts:

A solid show for the Cruiserweight Division from start to finish here tonight, and it really shows the strength of Drew Gulak as a potential top Heel. He was a perfect substitute leader, once again referencing the Justice League and perfectly executing his lines with The ‘Zo Train backstage (I knew someone was ending up Wonder Woman and the spin Gulak put on it was brilliant). Commentary also did a great service to making it seem as if The ‘Zo Train doesn’t even need Enzo. Which could be a possibility with a Nia-Enzo story in the works… I’m hoping Nia-Enzo isn’t romantic but more business, he can be her manager while Big Cass is still out and up until the point Nia gets the women’s title. At the same time, Gulak could go Face (or at least Tweener) because while his insistence on PowerPoint and his rules are purposefully annoying, fans still seem to like Gulak’s goofy, geeky personality.

The Ungentlemanly Alliance story is still solid, but is second by default when compared to the Cruiserweight Championship story. It is also developing as I hoped, Gran Metalik becomes the apparent choice for Kalisto’s ally against Gallagher & Kendrick, and that will make for a great tag team match between the contrasting styles. I really hope they also throw in a tornado stipulation and even No Disqualification to emphasis the sense of “cruel winter” that Kendrick & Gallagher are trying to convey.

My Score: 8/10

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