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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Report! (12/4/17)




The Big Dog protected his Yard from The Drifter last week.

Not only that, but he kept the Intercontinental Championship for his own. However, a familiar foe came out to make his objective known: Samoa Joe put Roman Reigns in the Coquina Clutch at the top of the ramp, to show Roman “his future”. Will The Destroyer end Roman’s reign already?


Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle, comes to the ring!

The Olympic Gold Medalist welcomes Los Angeles’ Staples Center to the show, as well as sets out the match card. The Raw Tag Team Championships are on the line between The Bar and The Shield, but that’s not the only one tonight! Given the attack last week, there will be an Intercontinental Championship match, Roman Reigns VS… Jason Jordan comes out? The Gold-Blooded Son wants his father to wait just a moment so he can make his case. Not that the fans care. JJ says he wants Roman Reigns tonight! This again? His knee is taped up! JJ insists it’s fine, and that he can do this. Ever since being on Raw, he’s gone up against Reigns, Cena, Strowman, Kane, Miz, Wyatt, and held his own with each of them. But Roman issued an open challenge to any man in the back, JJ is accepting. JJ knows he can win. He just needs that chance, “dad.”

The Intercontinental Champion himself appears now!  Roman heads to the ring, mixed reaction and all, and takes a look at JJ. Roman is a fighting champion, but he wants to fight Samoa Joe. LA loves the idea of that! Roman will give JJ some advice: if you want an opportunity, don’t run to daddy; step up and take it. Roman is going to talk about earning something? Seriously? Roman is the poster boy for what management wants! Well yes, he’s on posters. Because he’s main-event’d shows, but because he earned it by grinding for it. So step up and take your shot.

However, the man Roman and LA wanted appears!

Samoa Joe “enjoys” watching these two “puff out your chests and pretend to talk tough,” but Joe’s patience has worn thin! Joe accepts this open challenge, and will give Roman reprieve. He has five seconds to back down, since we all know Roman can’t beat Joe. But JJ speaks up. He doesn’t have to try and talk tough, because he actually is. JJ doesn’t have to attack from behind, he issues challenges to people’s faces. Like he’s doing to Joe right now! Roman backs JJ down. Five seconds are up, and JJ throws Roman! Angle keeps JJ back, then gets him out of the ring. Roman gets up, and glares at the Gold-Blooded Son. Roman won’t let it be that way. Joe waits for later tonight, JJ will get this right now. “Kurt, make the match.” Angle has no choice, he calls a referee out to the ring, we have a championship match!

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Roman Reigns VS Jason Jordan!

The bell rings and it begins. Waistlock but Roman throws a hard elbow then haymakers and stomps on JJ in a corner. The ref backs Roman off, Joe watches as JJ fights back with haymakers of his own.

Roman gives JJ a knee tot he stomach then more haymakers, corner to corner whip hard has JJ bounce off the buckles. Roman then throws JJ out of the ring, and follows him so he can bump JJ off the apron. JJ walks around the corner, Roman follows, and whips JJ into barriers! Roman refreshes the ring count to then bring JJ up and into ring steps.

The ring count gets to 5, JJ staggers around but Roman puts him in the ring at 8. JJ throws a haymaker, then another, Roman hits back hard. Roman clotheslines JJ right out of the ring, letting him stay out there as fans are thunderous on both sides. Roman comes back out, JJ staggers to an apron, Drive-By Dropkick! Back into the ring, cover, TWO! Roman double checks that, but isn’t frustrated or annoyed. He puts JJ in a chinlock to grind him down. Roman taunts “daddy’s boy” as fans duel. JJ backs Roman down into a corner and throws in shoulders, then carries Roman corner to corner! JJ is firing himself up as he carries Roman corner to corner again, and a third time, and even hoists Roman up for a fourth corner to corner tackle. He then runs corner to corner, but Roman dodges, Roman runs back in, JJ dodges and Roman goes right into buckles. Roman tumbles out of the ring, JJ recovers in the ring as we go to break.

We return to JJ holding Roman down in an armlock. Roman gets up as his fans rally, JJ doesn’t like that. JJ wrenches that arm deeper, Roman endures, then gets up and fights out with haymakers. A headbutt rocks JJ, but JJ gives a knee and gets running, only for Roman to rally on him with lariats. Whip reversed, jumping clothesline, and then close-range clotheslines in the corner. Roman gets all ten, then runs, boot knocks JJ down. Cover, TWO, Roman is a bit surprised. Joe is stoic as he watches Roman get up and fans react. Locked and loaded, Roman takes aim, but JJ dropkicks Roman down!

Cover, TWO, but JJ isn’t frustrated yet. He gets up, brings Roman to his feet, but as JJ lifts Roman up, Roman uses elbows and uppercuts to get free. JJ ends up outside the ring again, JJ is dazed, Roman comes out to follow him again. Roman builds speed, jumping– caught! And driven into the post! JJ runs in, to tackle Roman into steps! They return inside the ring, cover, TWO! But so very close, and JJ feels it. He drags Roman up again, but Roman fights out of the back suplex position. JJ shoves Roman, ducks the punch, saido suplex! TWO, and even closer now. JJ is losing composure as we go to another break.

Back again, and the two men brawl. Roman gets the edge, DDT, TWO! Roman is surprised, but he just moves right to a half-crab! JJ endures the torture on his bad leg, and drags himself to the ropes, only for Roman to drag him away. JJ looks close, but he gets a second wind, only to be dragged away again, but JJ turns that into a small package! TWO, SUPERMAN PUNCH, TWO, and Roman is shocked again. Roman and JJ get to opposite corners, Roman lets the battle cry out, but JJ kicks the Spear away! Northern Lights, float over, another Northern Lights! On one leg he covers, TWO! JJ holds that bad leg, but he gets himself to a corner again. He limps over to Roman, mocks the battle shout, then lifts Roman, only for a headlock takeover throw and SUPERMAN PUNCH! SPEAR outta nowhere! Roman wins and retains!

Joe taunts Roman, did the kid wear Roman out? Joe will finish what JJ started, by putting Roman to sleep! Joe rushes the ring and the two brawl! He has Roman with knee strikes, then the Coquina Clutch, but JJ suplexes Joe out of the ring! JJ dares Joe to come back, Joe wants at JJ but the referee won’t let him. SUPERMAN PUNCH from Roman!

No good deed goes unpunished, but can Roman survive the next time he encounters Joe?


Kurt Angle explains himself over the phone.

He defends the actions of his son to Raw Commissioner, Stephanie McMahon, but it is clear she’s still upset. As for Jason Jordan, he comes in to ask for yet another chance! A title match next week, but a match against Samoa Joe tonight! Who does JJ think he is demanding things? Angle can’t play favorites. JJ pleads for a match with Joe. Angle will consider it, but he wants JJ to get out of his office and cool his temper. Speaking of tempers, Samoa Joe barrels in to run JJ over! You didn’t think Joe would find you!? Like father like son! Fighting words aside, what are the consequences of this for both men?


Sasha Banks w/ Mickie James & Bayley VS Paige w/ Absolution!

The Legit Boss was among the women of Raw that the Glampire’s new team surprised and beat down a couple weeks ago, now it’s finally time to see if the Anti-Diva can still do things fair and square as well as one-on-one. And Alexa Bliss joins commentary again to watch Paige after that “statement” she and her group made using The Goddess. The bell rings, Paige and Sasha circle, then tie up. Sasha gets Paige on the ropes, ropebreak isn’t very clean, Paige slaps Sasha so Sasha slaps Paige. Paige kicks Sasha and gives her a roaring headbutt. The Glampire hammers Sasha, runs, but Sasha follows to jump on Paige and give fast hands. “This is her house, huh?” Sasha says before throwing Paige to the ropes, and then again. Sasha has Paige in a corner as she stomps a mudhole in, then gives forearm after forearm. The ref backs Sasha off, Paige kicks back, and bumps Sasha’s head off a buckle before throwing her down. Running knee, cover, TWO. Paige wraps on a chinlock, trapping one arm behind her leg. Sasha gets up, blocks the whip in the corner and then fires off forearms. Paige kicks low again, throws Sasha by her hair, and Paige stomps her own mudhole into Sasha. She then chokes Sasha on the ropes, then puts Sasha in a corner. Fans duel as Sasha goes to boot Paige, only for Paige to turn that into a single-leg takedown, and then into an Angelito Stretch. Sasha endures as her allies cheer her on. Fans rally and Sasha gets to her feet, only to be thrown down, cover, TWO. Paige trash talks Mickie, Sasha fights back, but Paige clubs her down. Paige puts Sasha in a facelock, fans duel, Sasha small package counters, TWO, Paige runs Sasha over with a lariat. She stands Sasha up for haymakers, then stomps another mudhole in. Sasha grabs that foot and then gives Paige a knee to the head. Sasha runs, tilt-o-whirl headscissors. Paige in a corner, she puts Sasha on the apron, but Sasha forearms Paige back before climbing up. Flying crossbody, TWO! Absolution is concerned for their leader as Sasha drives in knees to add onto a straitjacket clutch. Paige endures, kicks her feet but is rolled over by Sasha. Sasha bounces Paige off the mat as she trash talks Absolution’s Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, but then Paige back peddles to the ropes for a break. Sasha lets her go, Absolution regroups for a pep talk. Paige gets a double leg takedown and throws hands but Sasha turns it around, then Sasha bounces Paige off the mat again. The Boss picks Paige up, Paige fights back with body shots and a scoop, but Sasha slips out. Paige fights back against the back stabber, Sasha powers Paige to ropes and the two tumble to the floor! Both sides are concerned for their representatives as we go to break.

We return, Paige puts Sasha back in a facelock while clubbing on her back. Paige brings Sasha up and over to the ropes, to choke Sasha on the ropes. Sonya even gets a swipe in on Sasha, but the ref was busy with Paige. Paige mocks the fans protesting, then headbutts Sasha again before pulling Sasha into the ropes. Paige lets go, Sasha rolls her up, TWO, Paige kicks Sasha and whips her corner to corner. Sasha boots back, then runs out and rallies with forearms. A dropkick puts Paige in a corner, fans fire up, Sasha runs in and hits double knees. Sasha tries again but Paige dodges, Shining Wizard in the corner. Paige climbs up top, Sasha stops her with forearms, then climbs up to join her. Sasha wants but Paige resists, they fight, Paige adjusts and SUPER POWERBOMBS Sasha down! TWO! Paige is shocked, as is Absolution. Both women down from exhaustion, their allies all worried. Fans rally, Sasha and Paige stir, they brawl with haymakers. Sasha blocks one to get the high hold, but Paige runs to ropes and uses one to clothesline Sasha off her. Paige capitalizes, but Sasha fights out to put page in the Bank Statement submission!

Paige endures, reaches, scoots back, ropebreak! Sasha lets go, Paige gets out of the ring, Absolution checks on her but Sasha and friends back them down. Sonya makes a move, Bayley intercepts, and the four other women brawl at ringside! Sonya takes out Bayley, chop block to Mickie. Sasha looks at them, but this just gives Paige an opening, stiff kick to the head! Then, RamPaige DDT!

Paige wins for Absolution! She said it before, but this establishes it: She’s back~! And then she lets Absolution go after Sasha! Combination gordbuster-gutbuster from Sonya and Mandy! Alexa has disappeared from commentary, again. Will the Goddess have to face execution at the hands of Absolution?


Elias visits Kurt Angle.

The Drifter is in LA, and wants Angle to silence his phone and hold his applause to hear him out. Elias wants another IC Championship match. Yet Angle gave it to his son. Not cool. The City of Angels wants to walk with Elias! There are no worthy opponents left, so he’s only going to give them a performance. Some by sin rise and some by virtue fall. This bias for his bastard son will be the end of him. Elias is right, WWE deserves better. Have your concert, while Angle finds him a “worthy opponent”. Who will it be that Angle sends after The Drifter tonight?


Who is the biggest and baddest monster in the WWE?

Kane heard talk of Braun Strowman, but when The Big Red Machine met the Monster Among Men in the flesh, all he saw “was a pile of trash.” And as such, Kane treated Strowman like trash, and finally put fear in the eyes of the behemoth. The only problem was, Strowman didn’t stay afraid. He came back after Kane, and slammed him through the ring. Kane retaliated, taking a chair and ramming it into Strowman’s throat, in an attempt to cripple the Monster. Yet even then, Strowman would not stay away. Strowman would do the very same thing to Kane only last week, ramming a chair into Kane’s throat not once but twice! When and how will this rivalry of superhumans escalate next?


Enzo Amore gathers his ‘Zo Train.

“Tony Abs” and “Gabber Gulak” have the “opportunity of a lifetime.” They better seize it better than Dar and Daivari did when they let Rich Swann win that Fatal 4 Way last week. They are all a reflection of the Certified G, and he is a winner! Two things ‘Zo Train does not do: Lose, and lose again! So get the job done! Nia Jax appears, with a big smile on her face. How you doin’? What?!


Fatal 4 Way: Mustafa Ali VS Cedric Alexander VS Tony Nese VS Drew Gulak!

The Outlandish One is one half of a Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s match, the other will be determined tonight as the Pakistani Prince, Carolina Kid, Premier Athlete and Cruiserweight Crusader battle it out! The bell rings, Ali and Alexander still have issue from last week’s 205 Live, so “Team Power Point” takes advantage. Gulak has Alexander while Nese has Ali. Headlock on Alexander while Nese grinds a knee into Ali. Alexander is whipped but ducks the ax handles to hit the handspring headscissors and dropkick. Gulak is out of the ring, Ali flapjack dropkicks Nese out now, and the former friends are 1v1. Takedown, Ali slips out of the cover but is rolled up to a new one, TWO, headlock powered out, Alexander slips behind but Ali headsicssors, Alexander handsprings and they’re even. Swann watches as Ali gets a headlock, Alexander powers out, things speed up, Ali almost pulls something but is pulled out of the ring by The ‘Zo Train! Alexander FLIES! He takes them both out, and puts Gulak back in the ring. Alexander covers, TWO, so Alexander brings Gulak up for a chop. Gulak wants a time-out, no time-outs given so Gulak powers Alexander to a corner. Nese in and they pile on Alexander with forearms and stomps. Nese puts Alexander in a Tree of Woe, Gulak goes up to hold Alexander in place, Nese gets his Full Contact Cardio in.

They let Alexander down, Nese goes up, Gulak protests, this is against the #Drewtopia rules. No Fly Zone, but Ali violates that with a flying crossbody! Two for one, cover on Nese, TWO. On Gulak, TWO. Ali brings Nese up but is put in a corner, Gulak pounces now, and Ali is stuck in a 2v1 situation. Nese flexes, Gulak gives a haymaker to Ali, Ali fights out against both of them. He gets a double whip, but he kicks Nese away. Gulak chops stiffly, Alexander is back and rallies with lariats. Whip reversed but Alexander kicks out a leg, Gulak goes down and takes a stiff knee in the corner! Alexander wants Gulak up, step-in complete shot! Nese breaks the pin, standing switch, Lumbar- no, Nese lands on his feet, and gives Alexander a stiff forearm. Rolling X-Factor from Ali! BIG lariat from Gulak, springboard lariat from Alexander! All four men down, the fans are fired up as we go to break.

Back to the match, Gulak has Alexander in the half-crab chinbar. Alexander endures, fans rally, Alexander works his way up and out of the hold, stiff forearm for Gulak. Then a chop, Alexander whips but is reversed, handspring enziguri! Cover, Ali breaks it up.

Alexander can’t believe it, neither can Swann as he watches. Alexander throws an armband at Ali, Nese takes out Ali for him, then goes after both men with stiff knees, elbows and kicks. Nese whips Alexander but is reversed, double SUPERKICKS! Ali and Alexander brawl wildly! Forearm from Ali, but the kick blocked into a stiff elbow! Alexander fires up, runs, but Ali holds his waistband to then give him a pinwheel heel kick! Ali slaps Alexander, runs, Spanish Fly outta nowhere! Nese breaks the pin, again! All three men down from exhaustion, Gulak still on the outside of the ring. Ali gets to a corner, Tony gets up, runs in but takse an elbow. Ali up, Nese trips him up, Ali hung up on the top rope. Alexander put on the apron but he knocks Nese away, Alexander climbs up but Nese returns to rock Alexander with an uppercut. Nese climbs up, grabs Alexander, Alexander resists and Ali adjusts. Nese goes down, hotshot off the top rope, Ali up, SUPER SPANISH FLY!!

He can’t make a cover right away, though, Gulak breaks it up. LA knows “This is awesome!” as Alexander spills out of the ring and Ali turns his attention to Gulak. Rivalry renewed, jawbreaker from Gulak to Ali. Gulak drags Ali up, suplex blocked, Ali gives body shots, Gulak gives open hand strikes to Ali before lifting, Ali slips out and rolls up, TWO. Gualk runs in, Ali slips out and roundhouses Gulak back. To the top rope now, Ali takes aim, but Nese saves Gulak and the match. Ali drags Nese up, then, Nese swing kicks ALi down. Ali sitting down, Nese runs, PREMIER KNEESE! LUMBAR CHECK OUTTA NOWHERE!! But Nese springs out of the ring! so Alexander gets Ali, LUBMAR CHECK! Gulak pounces! He gets the cover, Gulak gets the win!! The ‘Zo Train is on track, #Drewtopia gets a huge opportunity!

In-ring interview with Drew Gulak.

One step closer to becoming the #1 contender, against the ‘ZO Train’s leader. Is Gulak at all conflicted? A hard-hitting question. So hard that Gulak needs a harder-hitting response, delivered in the form of… a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION! Um, no, commercial break instead. Gulak may never get to give his presentations, but will he get to be #1 contender after his match with Rich Swann?


“Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.”

The Drifter is here to perform for the City of Angels, but they only worship vapid celebrities. Elias is more than that, he is talent, fame, music and “the air you breathe”, for he is everything! Everybody wants to be famous, but not everyone is. Until the “competition” comes out, Elias is going to sing. “Everybody in LA~ wants to be a celebrity. But the kids are pathetic and the parents are big phonies.” Boos and jeers rain down. “I look to you, it’s a sea of nobodies~. Elias is a legend, there ain’t no bigger star than me.” BRAUN begs to differ. And Elias is afraid for his life.

Elias VS Braun Strowman!

The Monster Among Men gets in the ring, Elias gets out, and doesn’t look to be coming back. Well, not until Strowman turns around. Then he tires to run away, but is caught, put in a corner, squashed, and thrown across the ring! And then squashed again! Big boot sends Elias out of the ring, Strowman comes out to fetch him. Elias boots back and pushes Strowman into a post, then grabs his guitar! SMASH across the back, but nothing at all…

Elias runs away into the ring, Strowman goes around the outside and still intercepts Elias! Back into the ring, scoop onto his shoulder, spiraling powerslam! The fans want an encore! So Strowman gets the steel steps, and tosses them into the ring. Strowman stalks over, when Kane appears! Strowman waits for The Big Red Machine to appear, but Kane is only on the titantron.

“Braun, you’ve been a monster among men for so long, that perhaps you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a monster among monsters.” Kane delights in pain, horror, and will delight in a match against Strowman as they “descend into the abyss”, where only one monster will emerge. Kane laughs as he disappears, just what does Kane mean by all this? And can Strowman survive whatever hellish idea the Devil’s Favorite Demon has concocted?


Roman Reigns won his, time for Rollins and Ambrose do win theirs.

Don’t say it like that. The New Day is nowhere to be seen, otherwise they’d still be champions. They’re in the clear against just The Bar, and when it’s just The Bar, The Shield wins. Wait that’s tonight? Yes, don’t you have a phone? No he doesn’t. But he was just joking. Ambrose’s visualized this all week. The entire Shield as champions, how does that feel? He can smell it. Smells like gold! We’re at the threshold of a #GoldenShield, will it happen?


Asuka VS Alicia Fox!

The Empress of Tomorrow is back, and it doesn’t matter who her opponent is, they’re not ready for her. Even if Ms. Crazy Captain Foxy thinks she is… The bell rings, Alicia takes the fight to Asuka with fast hands, and a throw! Asuka grins, even as Alicia puts her in a headlock. Asuka opwers out then collides with Alicia, daring her to do something. Alicia runs, they collide, still not enough. Another go, Asuka follows Alicia around, hip attack! Alicia gets tossed at a corner, Asuka runs in but takes a back elbow, and then a big boot! TWO, Alicia tries another cover, ONE. Alicia drags Asuka up to drive knees into her back and put her in a half surfboard. Asuka is tougher than that, she gets up and bumps out. Alicia gives a forearm, and some playful slaps. Alicia helicopters, Asuka fires off shot after shot! Back kick, then Asuka runs, dropkick! Asuka gets Alicia in a waistlock, Alicia fights out, runs, scissor kick misses, roundhouse from Asuka connects, as does the heel kick. Takedown into the armbar! Alicia taps, Asuka wins yet again! The Empress keeps her streak going, but then Absolution returns?

Deja vu from last week as they surround the ring but simply watch Asuka. Asuka and Alicia watch Absolution, but Asuka sees they don’t want any part of her, so she wants no part of them. The Empress leaves the ring, but Alicia is also a friend of Paige’s. Paige won’t hurt Alicia, because Alicia was the only one who liked Paige the first time around. They’re best friends, even. So believe Paige when she says, from the bottom of her heart, that she loves Alicia. But, Sonya and Mandy don’t feel the same way. Sorry.

Absolution gets in the ring, Alicia looks very betrayed as it is a 2v1 brawl! Foxy is no match, she is fed to Mandy’s knee strike! And Sonya’s sliding knee, too! Absolution doesn’t care about friendships, only domination!


Finn Balor VS Bo Dallas w/ Curt Axel!

Even though their A-Lister leader is out, The Miztourage wasn’t going to leave LA before trying to get the spotlight. Can Bo do so against The Extraordinary Man who leads the Balor Club? The bell rings, the two tie up, Bo gives Finn a back elbow, puts on a headlock but Finn powers out. Bo shoulders Finn down, covers, TWO. The two tie up again, Finn gives Bo some body shots and then more shots in a corner. Snapmare and a kick, cover, TWO. Axel cheers Bo on, Bo gives Finn a knee and whips but is reversed, sunset flip rolled through for a dropkick. COver again, TWO. Finn drags BO up, standing armlock but BO powers Finn to a corner. Bo puts shoulders in, backs up, Finn slips out but Bo rocks him with a right hand. Bo slings a shoulder out but Finn kicks him away. Bo down, Axel staying back, Finn climbs up. Finn takes aim but Axel kicks at the steps to distract, and Bo knocks Finn off the top. Finn sits on the apron, Bo gets up and drags Finn up and in. Bo gives him knee after knee at the ropes, then a stiff kick to bring Finn into the ring again. More kicks to Finn’s ribs, Bo embraces the heat. Bo brings Finn up, gutbuster, TWO. Bo stays on Finn, high keylock. Finn reaches for ropes, fans start rallying, Finn gets up to his feet only to be brought back down. Bo stomps on Finn’s abs, grinding a knee into Finn’s stomach. Back to the keylock, Axel trash talks, Finn endures the stretch. Finn gets up, Bo gives him a knee, then shoves Finn to a corner. Finn gives boots back, rallies with forearms, takedown to double stomps! Finn runs and chops, corner to corner reversed, Finn hits buckles, roll up, TWO! Bo goes to throw Finn, Finn goes into buckles, but Finn ducks the lariat to hit a Slingblade! Finn gets up again, takes aim, dropkick blasts Bo to buckles. Bo down, Finn up, Axel panicking, COUP DE GRACE!

Finn wins! Can Finn use this to get towards title contention?


Is Matt Hardy breaking? Or is he… AWAKENING?!

After yet another loss, one half of Team Extreme seemed to be losing his grip. But now Bray Wyatt is here to ask, “Who is Matt Hardy?” Bray knows the answer. The WWE Universe knows. But does Matt know?

“Ye-e-e-es!” His souls has wandered through space and time, but he is not lost. Hardy is a fool, a charade! An illusion to mask his failures! Hardy is well-versed in the multiverse. He studied at the Library of Alexandria, battled alongside Genghis Khan and danced with Cleopatra! The ramblings of a madman are very dangerous. Especially for those who listen. Due to his condition, he has stayed dormant inside the vessel, “Matt Hardy.” But thanks to the Consumer of Terrestrial Entities, he is AWOKEN! Matt hasn’t broken, but Bray has! There is a fire inside Bray that grows stronger. But it will not cleanse, it will simply burn. Bray Wyatt has left Hardy with no choice, you are sentenced to DELETION!! The two laugh maniacally in their own ways, what will happen when worlds collide?!


WWE Raw Tag Team Championship: The Bar VS The Shield’s Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose!

When the Celtic Gladiator and Swiss Cyborg took those titles from the Architect and the Lunatic, it was because the New Day pulled off a “pump fake” during the Survivor Series civil war between brands. Now that things are simply 2v2, can Rollins & Ambrose reclaim the title to make this a #GoldenShield? Roman watches backstage to give his brothers in arms moral support.

The bell rings, Ambrose and Cesaro start, waistlock but countered into a headlock, Ambrose turns it around into his own headlock. Cesaro powers out, Ambrose shoulders him down then arm-drags him a couple times, armlock. Arm wrench but Cesaro knees Ambrose, tag to Sheamus, Ambrose fights out and chops away on Sheamus. Sheamus is put in a corner, Ambrose stomps a mudhole into him. Arm wrench, Cesaro yanks Rollins down off the apron. Sheamus knocks Ambrose down, tags Cesaro, Cesaro stomps and gives European Uppercuts. Fans taunt Sheamus, “You Look Stupid!” Tag to Sheamus, Super Saiyan mule kicks. Sheamus runs, running boot to Ambrose and then he stands on Ambrose’s head. Sheamus keeps on Ambrose at the ropes, Cesaro gets in a cheap shot. Ambrose is sat down and put in a keylock, but he feeds off the fans to get up and fight out. Sheamus picks Ambrose up and puts him on the top rope, Ambrose punches him away. Ambrose jumps over, tags Rollins, springboard clothesline and the Architect rallies, Blockbuster then Slingblade! Cover, TWO, but Rollins doesn’t slow down. He runs, is put o the apron, slingshots up for a guillotine legdrop. Sheamus down and out, Rollins slingshots but Cearo saves Sheamus. Sheamus then puts Rollins into a post, The Bar is in control as we go to break.

We’re back, Rollins fights against Cesaro’s waistlock, giving him elbows and chops, but Cesaro gets around to tag Sheamus. The Bar whips and knocks Rollins down, Roman doesn’t like what he’s seeing. Sheamus clubs Rollins, then brings him to ropes for the Bodhrain. He only beats Rollins three times because the fans were counting. Tag to Cesaro, Rollins fights back, but Cesaro grabs hold of Rollins, back suplex brings him down. Cover, TWO, Cesaro is getting frustrated. Tag back to Sheamus, he climbs up, flying ax handle, TWO, now Sheamus is frustrated. Back to a keylock, Sheamus wrenches Rollins deep. Fans rally for Rollins, Rollins gets up, Rollins headbutts Sheamus and then chops him. He swings on Cesaro but gets the Irish Curse, lands on his feet, DDT! Both men down, the fans rally again. Rollins and Sheamus crawl to their corners, hot tag to Cesaro and he denies Rollins one to Ambrose. Deep armlock, Cesaro even goes after Rollins’ fingers. Rollins fights his way up, powering Cesaro to his corner once, twice, thrice, and the two are in a stalemate until Cesaro knees Rollins and boots Ambrose! Back drop but no one home, tag to Sheamus. Big shoulder tackle, then a trophy lift EuroUpper! Cover, TWO! The Bar is frustrated, but they keep on Rollins with that keylock. Rollins endures, gets to his feet, but Sheamus knees low and fireman carry. Rollins fights out, SUPERKICK sends Sheamus out!

Cesaro hurries to get Sheamus up but Rollins is crawling to his corner as Ambrose returns. Sheamus gets in the ring, tags Cesaro, Rollins dodges and tags Ambrose! The Lunatic rallies on Cesaro! Whip but Cesaro kicks back, only to be dumped out! Ambrose builds speed, dropkicks Sheamus, then runs into a EuroUpper from Cesaro! Cesaro goes up top, flying crossbody rolled through, TWO! Ambrose boots Cearo, hops up, missile dropkick deflected into the- no, roll up, TWO! Spin around, double underhook, duck the Brogue to clotheslien Sheamus out and then roll up Cesaro, TWO. Ambrose into the ropes, stiff knee from Sheamus! TWO! The Bar is stunned, but LA knows “This is awesome!” Tag to Sheamus, The Bar gets Ambrose up, Ambrose fights out! Huricanrana sends Cesaro into buckles. Rollins tags in, he goes after Sheamus, SUPERPLEX! FLOAT OVER, Falcon’s Arrow! Cesaro breaks the pin! Everyone is down from exhaustion. Cesaro is up first but has to get out, he’s not legal. Sheamus gets to The Bar’s corner, Cesaro tags in and returns. He goes after Rollins, preparing the Neutralizer. Rollins spins out, forearm and then reels out, but Cesaro EuroUpper to the Neutral- Rollins slips out, KINGSLAYER KNEE! Sheamus breaks the pin, and then stomps Rollins out. Ambrose gets in, but takes a knee, Sheamus keeps going on Rollins. Disqualification, that’s Champion’s Advantage. The Shield wins, but The Bar retains!

But wait, Kurt Angle is not going to let this happen. If The Bar is as good as they say, this match will restart as a No Disqualifications match! The bell rings again, double DIVE!

The Shield gets Cesaro up and thrown into the crowd! Then Sheamus goes into steps! They fetch Cesaro, put him in the ring, EuroUpper leads to Lunatic Lariat! FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO! The Shield is surprised, but they’re not slowing down. However, SAMOA JOE appears?!

He beats up Rollins and Ambrose, but then ROMAN to the rescue! He SUPERMAN PUNCHES Cesaro down then chases Joe out. BROGUE from Sheamus, The Bar wins anyway!! The tag team championships stay with Cesar o& Sheamus, thanks to Joe, and the three make their escape. This didn’t go The Shield’s way, will Joe get things to go his way when he challenges Roman for the Intercontinental Championship?


My Thoughts:

This Raw was pretty good, but also felt like it was part go-home, even though Raw has no PPV events this month. The first hour had a few too many commercial breaks, and there was some recapping not really needed. But the action itself was really great, Raw needs to do stuff like this more often. JJ evolves his character further into some kind of whiny yet delusional Heel, but hot damn if he didn’t impress again as he goes move for move with “The Guy” while also getting the drop on Samoa Joe there. While Roman is IC Champion, JJ wasn’t going to win, but he isn’t a superstar to underestimate. And Joe doesn’t just have something with Roman now, things could easily shift into a Joe-JJ program depending on how the IC Championship picture turns out. The Women’s Division story continues to grow as well, a solid return for Paige against Sasha Banks, and as a true Team Player Heel, she gets the win mostly because her team distracts Sasha with a beat down on Sasha’s team. Another intriguing encounter between Absolution and Asuka, and then a great swerve where Paige–keeping her word of not doing anything herself–lets her new allies beat down her old friend. I can foresee an 8 Woman Tag, Alicia joins Sasha, Bayley and Mickie to challenge Asuka & Absolution. Still leaves questions open to who faces Alexa Bliss, but I’d say Asuka is first and foremost on that list.

Cruiserweights were great, as I know they can be, they need to be allowed to do this level of stuff more often. Gulak gets the win opportunistically, as I felt he would, and that’s going to make for a great Face-Heel match next week. I kinda want Gulak to win, to then clash with Enzo, i.e., Enzo wants Gulak to lie down for him but Gulak refuses, he temporarily becomes a Face against Enzo the Heel. Gulak probably won’t win the title even in that way, but it’d be great for his character. Speaking of character, I am dreading whatever Raw has planned between Nia Jax and Enzo Amore. Nia’s big grin was the only good thing about that random moment. Elias’ moment with Strowman was great, but I’m disappointed this Strowman VS Kane match next week isn’t something special, or even just No DQs. Finn VS Bo was an ok match, just filler to keep all the guys involved afloat while they wait for something to do. The strange promo battle of Wyatt and AWOKEN Hardy was, as Hardy would say, DELIGHTFUL. I cannot wait to see what WWE does to approximate the BROKEN Universe now that Hardy is free to use the gimmick. And then the tag team championship main event, that was great stuff. The match itself was again PPV level as these two teams can provide, the DQ finish being reversed was exciting, and then Joe showing up to “ruin” things and then run away with The Bar was also great for the story. Joe wants at Roman, so the best way to get at Roman indirectly is to go after his Shield brothers. No #GoldenShield yet but if Joe allies with The Bar, will there be some kind of 6 Man Tag to win all three belts? That’d be a pretty great way to have these feuds finish with the Royal Rumble.

My Score: 8/10

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