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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Report! (12/12/17)



All images courtesy of the WWE’s official Twitter



  • Ruby Riott w/ The Riott Squad VS Charlotte Flair; Charlotte wins, by disqualification.
  • Baron Corbin VS Dolph Ziggler; Ziggler wins, by disqualification.
  • The Bludgeon Brothers VS ???; Bludgeon Brothers win.
  • The Usos VS Rusev & Aiden English; Rusev & English win.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Randy Orton VS Kevin Owens w/ Sami Zayn; Owens wins.


Kevin & Sami have been crying “SmackDown Conspiracy”.

As if Kevin being handcuffed to the ring rope during a match Sami was having against “the McMahon’s weapon”, Randy Orton, wasn’t bad enough, SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon is piling on. Sami & Kevin will have a tag team match at Clash of Champions against The Viper and a partner of his choosing. And to end last week’s SmackDown, Orton found a partner in The Rockstar, Shinsuke Nakamura! Kevin & Sami are going up against two of WWE’s finest, but also in a match where Shane McMahon is the special guest refereeAND where they could lost their JOBS in the WWE! Is Shane O’Mac going too far?


Sami & Kevin recruit for #OccupySmackDown tonight.

Kevin & Sami are beginning the #YepMovement in the WWE, and ask others take a stand against the unfair tyranny of the Commissioner. They even ask Benjamin & Gable to join in to make for a better SmackDown. Will this movement work out in their favor?


AJ Styles heads to the ring!

The Phenomenal WWE World Champion will defend said title against Jinder Mahal at Clash of Champions, but tonight, we get the promised face-to-face in the ring. The fans give Styles a standing ovation as he welcomes them to “The House that AJ Styles Built”, SmackDown! He’s usually more “cool, calm and collected” but he’s anxious being this close to his title defense. Styles doesn’t want to lose the title he just got back, but Mahal must feel the same. But what good is being champion if you’re not going to fight for it? If you’re not a fighting champion? Styles will defend his title against Mahal, who was champion for six months and did anything and everything to keep it. Mahal needed a Punjabi Prison and a Punjabi Monster, as well as the Singh Brothers, so Styles knows what he’s talking about. Styles agrees, he knows what it’s like- The Singh Brothers interrupt! They would normally introduce the Modern Day Maharaja, but not this time. In case you missed it, the Singh Brothers share footage of SmackDown a couple weeks ago, where The Singhs failed to defeat Styles 2v1 and were then angrily punished by Mahal. Styles feels that was just cruel, he feels sorry for them. Styles has an idea, “let’s hug it out.” The Singh Brothers hug each other, but Styles wants them to hug “Ol’ Uncle Allen.” The fans want them to hug it out. They enter the ring, and do give Styles hugs. But only one each.

The Singh Brothers thank Styles for his support, but also wish to let Styles know that at Clash of Champions, they’ll be in his corner. Fans aren’t so sure about that, but the Singhs want to let it be known that they’re just as done with Mahal as he is with them. Mahal is a disgrace to the 1.3 billion people of India! Styles encourages them to vent. Mahal rides first class but he leaves the Singhs in coach. Mahal stays in five star hotels while the Singhs are in crappy roadside motels. He doesn’t even know the difference between Samir & Sunil, he thinks they’re TWINS! That’s why they dress the same! Worst of all, Mahal made them kiss his feet! They smelled like cheese, garlic and buttered chicken! That sucks. They’ve got beef with Mahal, huh? Styles asks them: if they’re this angry, why were they still with Mahal all during WWE India? He caught them off guard with that one. The Singhs insist they are done!

Styles offers handshakes. That’s when Mahal himself arrives! Styles tells Mahal to stay up there, he sees where this is going. The “dingle berries” are Mahal’s moles. They all suck. But Styles liked what they said: Styles VS Mahal, nothing more and nothing less. Styles likes that, but he ensures it is 1v1 by taking out The Singhs again right here! He dares Mahal to come in the ring, Mahal gets right up to the apron, but Mahal only goes as far as to vow that at Clash of Champions, he will be champion again.

Fans let Mahal know “Jinder Sucks!” The Modern Day Maharaja is irate but confident, but will he be silenced by the equally confident Phenomenal AJ Styles?


Ruby Riott w/ The Riott Squad VS Charlotte Flair!

The SmackDown Women’s Championship match will have every woman other than Charlotte and Natalya as Lumberjacks, but the leader of The Squad wants to show she’s worthy of taking on the Queen of Flair directly. Of course, the Queen of Harts is on commentary to watch this herself. The bell rings, Charlotte gets Ruby in a waistlock takedown, then up for another. Ruby resists the third but is still thrown back, Charlotte swipes at Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan, Ruby tries to capitalize but Charlotte kicks out and then kicks back. She throws Ruby overhead then kip-ups to fire up while The Squad regroups.

SmackDown goes picture in picture as Charlotte dares Ruby to get back in the ring. The Squad help Ruby up and in, Charlotte is right on her. Charlotte swipes at Sarah again, Ruby makes the best of this opening, STO on Charlotte before raining down right hands. Ruby cools off before dragging Charlotte up and putting her in a corner with buckle bumps. Charlotte blocks the next bump then dodges but Ruby retaliates with Deadly Nightshade. Ruby snapmares Charlotte into a ghost pin, TWO, but right into a modified Rings of Saturn where Ruby uses her legs to hold Charlotte’s arms in place. Ruby puts all her weight on Charlotte’s shoulders, using her arms for leverage. Charlotte rolls in a pin attempt but Ruby slips right into a chinlock. Ruby thrashes Charlotte around, wrenching in deep. The Squad likes what they see as Charlotte is grounded down. Charlotte finds her second wind, though, and she powers Ruby to a corner. She tries to run out but Ruby yanks her down, cover, TWO. Ruby puts that chinlock right back on, wrenching and grinding Charlotte down again. Charlotte gets to her feet, throws Ruby off, then boots Ruby back. Charlotte gives Ruby those Flair chops, but Ruby elbows out of a corner.

SmackDown returns to single picture as Ruby throws Charlotte face first into buckles and then climbs up. Ruby cannonballs only to meet Charlotte’s knees! The Squad is worried now as their leader gets up and takes a backbreaker to buckle shot! Charlotte throws Ruby out for a low boot, then finally connects with Sarah via a forearm. Charlotte then throws Ruby out onto her Squad, then decks Liv with a forearm. Natty gets off commentary to trash talk, but takes a forearm herself!

Charlotte is wrecking everyone until Natty clotheslines her down. The match ends in disqualification, but The Squad drags Charlotte up and into the ring. They surround the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte revives to fight them off alone! It doesn’t work since it is 3v1, The Riott Squad throws Charlotte out of the ring and into steel steps! They’re not done, Charlotte goes into barriers. Ruby brings Charlotte around as Sarah and Liv prepare the big steel steps. Naomi to the rescue!

The damage done last week wasn’t enough, and she makes the entire Riott Squad #FeelTheGlow! Naomi throws forearm after forearm into Ruby’s face, then whips her to the ropes for the Rear View! Naomi is fired up, The Riott Squad retreats, only for The Welcoming Committee to attack from behind! The SmackDown Women’s Championship may be a Lumberjack Match, but can the Lumberjacks keep themselves under control at ringside?


SmackDown General Manager, Daniel Bryan, is on the phone.

Bryan assures Shane that he has things under control. Bryan will be on commentary for the main event to make sure any trick Kevin & Sami might pull doesn’t work out. However, Sami & Kevin appear in his office to discuss just that. Will #OccupySmackDown work out after all?


Baron Corbin VS Dolph Ziggler!

The Lone Wolf doesn’t feel The Show-Off deserves a spot in the WWE United States Championship match at Clash of Champions, but Ziggler is working to prove him wrong. Likewise, The GLORIOUS Bobby Roode is on commentary to keep an eye on both men ahead of the biggest opportunity in his career. The bell rings, the two circle, COrbin puts Ziggler in a corner. He lets him out, Ziggler shoves him back, Corbin decks Ziggler with a right hand. Ziggler crawls to a corner as Corbin trash talks Roode, but then Ziggler springs back with a dropkick and a splash in the corner. Corbin reverses the neckbreaker but misses wide in the corner, he rams his shoulder into a post. Corbin and Ziggler are both down already, Roode steps away from commentary. Roode shakes off that GLORIOUS robe to slip into the ring, he is returning the favor from Ziggler last week by stalking him, and hitting a GLORIOUS DDT!

This match ends in disqualification, Corbin revives but ends up in a GLORIOUS DDT as well! Roode vows HE is the next US Champ, and yes, it will be GLORIOUS! Can The Lone Wolf keep his title when he has two hungry opponents coming for him?


The Fashion Files comes to SmackDown courtesy of Social Media.

The Fashion Police were mourning the loss of their “friends”, The Ascension, but turns out Konnor & Viktor are alive and well. Not only that, they encourage Breezango to continue investigating the case. They believe in their “best friends”. If it gets The Ascension to stop all this, Breezango will do it. Breezango will face the Bludgeon Brothers. They are? Yes, they are. Scared as they are, do they have a chance at Clash of Champions?


The Bludgeon Brothers VS ???

Harper & Rowan have been dominantly undefeated since returning to SmackDown and the Tag Team Division, is there a chance of that changing tonight?

Delaney & Rowe sure don’t seem capable given the dropkick Rowan gives. Tag to Harper, whipped into Rowe and then big clubbing clothesline for Delaney! Rowan drags Rowe up and trophy lifts him into the ring. The Bludgeon Brothers surround the poor man, full-nelson lift into a vicious powerbomb! Tag back to Rowan, they finish Delaney with the double choke slam! The Bludgeon Brothers win again, may they have mercy on Breezango’s souls.


Sami & Kevin prepare to #OccupySmackDown, they head to the ring!

The #YEPMovement begins tonight in Cincinnati! Can Kevin feel the energy in this building? Yep. The WWE Universe finally stands side-by-side with Sami & Kevin, and against Shane McMahon, united in the name of change. Yep! Kevin & Sami know management took a “step too far”, and show the footage from last week’s SmackDown to expalin how. Orton won the match, but then he and Nakamura would beat down Sami & Kevin to then officially become a team for Clash of Champions. Stephanie and Vince McMahon are nothing compared to Shane. Shane handcuffed Kevin “like a common criminal”, and then named himself the special guest referee for the tag team match. Then, Shane made it so that if Sami & Kevin lose the match, they’re fired from the WWE. Shane is “a madman on a rage bender”, “trying to humiliate” Kevin & Sami when he couldn’t defend the McMahon family honor. Sami & Kevin will show this business is bigger than Shane’s grudge, let’s #OccupySmackDown! Come on out! No one comes out… But then SmackDown GM, Daniel Bryan, does! Is the #YESMovement joining the #YEPMovement?

Bryan heads to the ring, that’s a good sign. The inspiration for the #YEPMovement himself is here, he is the one man “who truly does occupy SmackDown”! What are they doing? What does Bryan mean? He knows, right? The #YESMovement did #OccupyRaw, so as a tribute, the #YEPMovement will #OccupySmackdown. These three have been treated all the same! You two are nothing like Bryan. This alone proves it. Bryan’s movement was not about himself, but about the fans. The fans agree with “YES! YES! YES!” as Bryan explains his movement was about what the fans want and deserve. Sami says that’s close, but it’s about what Sami & Kevin want and deserve. Bryan drank Shane’s Kool-Aid, but he can tell why Shane wants to be special guest referee. Shane wants to screw Kevin & Sami over, to take their jobs after they scratched and clawed in the indies. Bryan has an agreement with Shane that they each have the other’s back. Sami & Kevin are talented, yes, so Bryan will make sure their tag team match at Clash of Champions is fair. If they still lose, there will be no excuses. Shane may not agree, but he should still have Bryan’s back. Bryan appoints a second guest referee, and that person will be… Daniel Bryan!

Kevin & Sami are glad to hear that! But is the SmackDown GM right about the SmackDown commissioner supporting this decision?


The Usos VS Rusev & Aiden English!

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions will be defending their titles in a Fatal 4 Way at Clash of Champions, but for tonight, they are going to test “Team Rusev Day” in a standard 2v2. Who will gain the last bit of momentum before the tag team titles are on the line? The New Day is on commentary, with plenty of pancakes! The Drama King starts by singing the praises of Rusev Day~! “On the Eighth Day of Rusev, my partner gave to me~… Eight Aiden Songs, Seven Boards a breaking, Six Machka Kicks, FIVE~ ” The Usos point out it isn’t Christmas yet, but English wouldn’t get gifts anyway. What kind of presents would Santa even give English? Singing lessons? A toupee? A new tag team partner? A nice tan? Clash of Champions isn’t about New Day or Rusev Day, but about DAY ONE!

However, Benjamin & Gable appear to remind everyone they’re part of the match, too. Rusev Day, New Day, Day One, days are for the week, and they are weak. The day that matters is Sunday, that’s game day. Sunday is when Benjamin & Gable get those belts, that’s collection day. And King Kong ain’t got ISH on them, that’s Training Day. Gable & Benjamin will train these dogs to roll over and fetch those titles for them, Chad Gable & Shelt’n Benjamin!

This match begins picture-in-picture, and starts with Rusev and Jey Uso. The two circle, Rusev kicks low but then Jey responds with uppercuts and chops. Jey runs, Rusev clobbers him at the ropes. Rusev is fired up as he rips off Jey’s shirt and throws body shots. English tags in as Rusev stomps, English continues the stomps in his place. Jey is choked against the ropes, the referee backs English off. English puts Jey in a corner, Jey hits English back, Engilsh gives Jey a DRAMA Kick to the back before clubbing away with forearms. The referee backs English off, English brings Jey over to tag Rusev. Rusev Day isolates Jey, and shouts down the chants for the Usos.

SmackDown returns to single picture as Rusev drags Jey to his feet for the Bulgarian Bearhug. Benjamin and Gable watch and talk strategy while the New Day serves pancakes to everyone but Corey Graves. Jey endures the squeeze, Rusev adds on, Graves brings things back to play by play as Rusev embraces the heat. Rusev swings on Jimmy, misses, Jey revives to hit a dragon whip! Jey and Rusev are down, heading to their corners, hot tags to English and Jimmy. Jimmy rallies, pops and locks on the uppercut, Samoan Drop! Jimmy is fired up, The New Day is fired up with him, corner to corner but a boot stops Jimmy. English flies, into a SUPERKICK! Rusev breaks the pin to save his partner. Jey throws Rusev out then DIVES into a fist! Rusev is dropkick’d to ropes, ENglish goes after Jimmy, MACHKA Kick from Rusev and then English with the DDT, Rusev Day wins! Rusev Day is on a roll, will they win out to have their day at Clash of Champions?


Backstage interview with AJ Styles.

Styles saw through the Singh Brothers’ plans, Styles won’t be fooled by anyone. However, Mahal attacks Styles this time! Mahal clobbers Styles an extra time before reminding Styles that “you will not be beating the odds.” Can Styles recover in time to overcome?


Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Randy Orton VS Kevin Owens w/ Sami Zayn!

The King of Strong Style and The Viper are two of SmackDown’s best, if not the entire WWE’s, and are willing to team up together if it means kicking Sami & Kevin out of this company. But first, an in-ring interview. Do they anticipate any conflicting motives for why both SmackDown Commissioner and SmackDown GM want to be guest referees?

Orton can’t speak for the two of them, but he can speak for his own. Orton dislikes Sami & Kevin, so he and Nakamura are doing everyone a favor by making sure “those two idiots lose their jobs”. Does Nakamura agree? “Yep.”

Daniel Bryan joins commentary as promised, and promises that he and Shane will work out how a two-referee match this Sunday will work.

The match scheduled tonight finally begins, fans fire up, and the two circle. Kevin kicks low and stomps on Nakamura, Sami hyped up for his best friend. Kevin keeps Nakamura down, then puts on a headlock. Sami cheers Kevin on as Kevin trash talks Orton, Nakamura gets to his feet but can’t power out. Fans cheer Nakamura on, he feeds off the energy to pry his way out of the hold, but Kevin throws in a knee and more stomps. “That’s why I’m the man!” Kevin brings Nakamura up for a chop, Nakamura fires a forearm in return, Kevin gives back forearms of his own. He then whips Nakamura, Nakamura holds ropes to then kick Kevin back. Nakamura whips Kevin, Kevin holds ropes to get out of the ring. Sami regroups with Kevni, Nakamura comes out but is put into the apron edge by Kevin. The referee reprimands Kevin before Kevin puts Nakamura in the ring and flattens him with a back senton! TWO, and Kevin puts a chinlock right on. Sami taunts Orton from across the way, Kevin grinds Nakamura to the mat. Fans rally, Bryan insists he is not biased, Nakamura gets up and fights out of the hold. Nakamura is thrown down by his hair, Kevin stomps and clubs him down, cover, TWO. Kevin keeps stomping, but also keeps an eye on Orton. He puts Nakamura in a corner, chips him and gives a European Uppercut. Corner to corner whip reversed, Nakamuar gives Keivn a big knee. Nakamura fires forearms and hoists Kevin up, Top Shelf Knee evaded. Hotshot from Kevin, Kevin drags Nakamura out to throw into barriers. Kevin in control as we go to break.

SmackDown returns as Nakamura fights out of another chinlock but Kevin clubs him down again. Nakamura fights back, snampare and knee drop! Kevin crawls to a corner, Nakamura goes corner to corner but Kevin boots him away. Kevin reels Nakamura in for a lariat, cover, TWO, which frustrates Kevin. He rains down rights, then more stomps before trash talking Orton again. Kevin kicks Nakamura, goes for another back senton but meets Nakamura’s knees. Nakamura and Kevin slowly stir, fans are rallying for the Rockstar. He brings Nakamura up, Nakamura and Kevin brawl with heavy forearm shots. Kevin whips, Nakamura ducks, dynamic dropkick! Sami is getting worried as Nakamura and Kevin stand back up. Nakamura dodges to unleash a strike fest, gordbuster!

Nakamura kicks away at Kevin’s chest, Kevin blocks one, Nakamura gives him an enziguri. Both men get to opposite corners again, Nakamura runs in for a big knee strike, and even more knees. Good Vibrations!

The referee backs Nakamura off, but Nakamura gives more knees. Nakamura hoists Kevin up, Top Shelf Knee connects, cover, TWO! There’s no stop, Nakamura drags Kevin up and puts him on the top rope again. He stuns Kevin with more forearms, then climbs up to join Kevin, but Kevin fights back. Kevin headbutts Nakamura down, adjusts, Swanton Bomb into knees! Kevin blocks the reverse exploder, Nakamura dodges to send that forearm into the referee! The referee goes down, Bryan gets up! Bryan puts on the referee’s shirt while Kevin and Nakamura standing-switch back and forth! Kevin snapmares Nakamura off, throws him to ropes, Pop-Up avoid, wheel kick knocks him down! Nakamura covers, Bryan hurries into the ring to count, TWO!

Everyone is shocked by this, Sami is furious enough to get in and argue. Orton clobbers Sami! Sami is thrown out, but then pokes Orton in the eye before putting him into a post. Nakamura fires up, takes aim, but Sami distracts. Sami gets thrown back out, Pop-Up Powerbomb from Kevin! Bryan counts, Kevin wins! Does this prove that Bryan is on the side of Sami & Kevin?

Stage interview with Kevin & Sami.

This might be their last night on SmackDown, what do they have to say to the WWE Universe? “Nobody, not Shane McMahon, not Shinsuke Nakamura, and not Randy Orton, will take this away from us!” Because they are the best not just on SmackDown but in the entire WWE! “YEP! YEP!” Will this new movement survive Clash of Champions?


My Thoughts:

As far as a go-home SmackDown goes, this was a bit of a middle ground between the worst and the best go-homes of SmackDown 2017. It did well in hitting all the relevant stories, but it still felt a bit haphazard in execution. SmackDown’s Women’s Division was advertised to have a Six Woman Tag but that got scrapped for a singles match. Ruby VS Charlotte was still a solid match, though obviously a lot of the events were influenced by Sarah, Liv and even Natalya ringside. With the SmackDown Women’s Division ringside, I would hope that no matter who wins, Carmella finally attempts to cash in her Ms. Money in the Bank contract to take advantage of the chaos and become the new champion. The SmackDown Tag Team Division is at least being booked strongly since the fourth team to join the Tag Title match, Rusev Day, is racking up big wins this close to the match. The titles will also be contested in a unique form of the Fatal 4 Way tag, any one of those teams could win the SmackDown tag titles that way.

I am disappointed that SmackDown doesn’t think to let Bobby Roode wear a great suit to ringside. If Roode wears his robes everywhere, that makes it less important for when he wears them out for his matches. That aside, Roode copying Ziggler from last week doesn’t really build towards the US Championship Triple Threat, hopefully SmackDown fixes the problems they’re having with Roode after Clash of Champions. However, SmackDown was very clever to then have Styles see through the Singh Brothers’ facade, but then still have Mahal get the upper-hand later to keep the math on 50-50 booking muddy. I would hope Styles still wins, forcing Mahal to actually drop the Singh Brothers as his henchmen and try things on his own. I loved the YEP Movement and the #OccupySmackDown protest Sami & Kevin were trying to start, because as they said, it is a very clever homage to what Daniel Bryan did in his battle against The Authority. Bryan naming himself guest referee #2 was a surprise, but this almost guarantees a Heel Turn for someone, SmackDown would be smart to make it Shane because of how over Bryan still is. The match tonight was only okay, but made great because of Bryan going at it on commentary with Byron Saxton, and then getting involved as the substitute referee, and him counting the win for Kevin might be signs of things to come.

My Score: 8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (1/27/21)

Can rivals become teammates tonight?



Finn Balor & Kyle O’Reilly take on the NXT Tag Team Champions, together!

Though the Men’s and Women’s Dusty Cups continue, the Prince looks to cut down Pete Dunne’s back-up! Will Finn and Kyle hold together long enough to settle things with Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch?


  • Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: MSK VS Drake Maverick & Killian Dain; win(s) and advance.
  • Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Grizzled Young Veterans VS KUSHIDA & Leon Ruff; win and advance.
  • Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai VS Aliyah & Jessi Kamea w/ Robert Stone; win and advance.
  • inn Balor & Kyle O’Reilly VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch; win.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of WWE NXT will begin later tonight]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (1/27/21)

Will Dynamite be Just… Too… Sweeeeeeet~?



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

AEW and Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions, UNITE…?

Though there are tensions rising within The Elite, Gallows & Anderson will team with The Young Bucks in a HUGE 8 Man Tag match!


  • Lance Archer VS Eddie Kingston; Kingston wins.
  • Y2MJF w/ The Inner Circle VS The Varsity Blondes; Y2MJF win(s).
  • Hangman Page VS Ryan Nemeth; Hangman wins.
  • Jungle Boy w/ Jurassic Express VS Dax Harwood w/ Cash Wheeler & Tully Blanchard; Jungle Boy wins.
  • Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Shanna; Britt wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Young Bucks & The Good Brothers VS The Dark Order; win(s).


Lance Archer VS Eddie Kingston!

The Murderhawk Monster and the Mad King are finally having a 1v1 contest, and it will truly be 1v1 because none of their allies are allowed ringside! Will Archer finally shut Kingston up about all the “almost” losses?

Kingston is after Archer the second he’s in the ring, and he CHOPS! Archer just grins! Archer throws his shirt off, throws it at Kingston and eggs him on. Kingston CHOPS, Archer BOOTS Kingston over! Archer runs and hits an elbow in the corner! And then goes corner to corner, hits another! Kingston avoids the third and fires off on a leg! Kingston BITES Archer’s head as they’re on the ropes! The ref reprimands, Kingston CLUBS Archer then CHOPS him again! Archer finally feels that, and Kingston puts Archer in a corner. Kingston CHOPS, Archer eggs him on, but Kingston pokes him in the eye!

Archer staggers about, Kingston elbows him on the back then goes after the leg. Kingston chokes Archer on ropes, lets off as the ref counts, then stalks Archer to another corner for kidney shots! Kingston keeps on Archer’s body, kicks the legs out, but Archer rakes eyes back! Fans rally as Archer ROCKS Kingston with a right! Kingston flounders, CHOPS back, and CHOPS again, then goes to a corner, Kingston goes up, leaps, FLYING SHOULDER! Archer stays up!? Archer shakes out the cobwebs but Kingston runs, but Archer DERAILS him! Fans fire up while Kingston sits up in a daze.

Archer stalks Kingston, drags him up by his ears, then brings him around to CLUB him. Kingston clings to Archer’s legs but Archer brings him up to CHOP him down! Fans want that “One More Time!” and Archer drags Kingston up to CHOP him again! Kingston flops down and Archer seethes as he drags him back up. Archer choke grips and CHOKE SLAMS Kingston to the apron! Kingston flops to the floor as fans lose their minds! The ring count climbs as Kingston stirs, but Archer goes out to fetch him. Archer drags Kingston up and bumps him off the camera! Talk about a close-up! “Everything is in my playground!”

Archer kicks Kingston, whips him and sends him into railing! Archer digs Kingston’s head into the railing! The ref counts, Archer lets off to scare the ref off, and then Archer goes back to drag Kingston up. Archer brings Kingston over to bounce off the timekeeper’s table! Kingston scrambles into the ring, Archer pursues and brings him up in a full nelson, for a SLAM! Archer says he’s just getting started with Kingston, and he goes to a corner! Archer grins at the camera before hopping down and putting Kingston in the drop zone. Archer goes up, spinning VADER BOMB! Cover, ONE because Archer lets off! Archer is a cat toying with his prey!

Archer drags Kingston up, Kingston breaks free but the back hand is blocked! Archer choke grips, Kingston kicks low and dropkicks legs out. Kingston runs to FOREARM Archer down! Cover, TWO! Archer survives but Kingston catches his breath. Fans rally and duel as both men slowly rise. Kingston brings Archer around, but Archer LARIATS first! Archer drags Kingston up, puts him in a corner, then hoists him up top. Archer brings Kingston out with the inverted crucifix, but Kingston slips out to shove Archer into buckles! Archer BOOTS back, Kingston flounders but Archer is on him right away. Hammerlock ripcord for the CHOKE SLAM!

Archer knuckle locks Kingston’s hand and drags him up with it. Archer CLUBS Kingston, goes up the corner, and walks the tightrope a la Old School! MOONSAULT!! But no cover because Archer still isn’t satisfied. Archer clamps on the EBD CLAW! Archer sits Kingston up, but The Butcher and Blade have Jake the Snake hostage!! Archer hurries over but Bunny Allie hands Kingston a loaded bit of tape! Kingston waits for Archer to come back, LOADED BACK HAND!! Cover, Kingston wins!!

Winner: Eddie Kingston, by pinfall

The Fam still found a way to screw Archer over! Kingston survives, and then The Blade and Butcher drag Archer up for the POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! The Fam isn’t done, either, they sit Archer back up for Kingston’s BACK HAND! Jake the Snake tries to get up but the damage has been done. Will Kingston and his henchmen continue to wreak havoc on AEW?


Jon Moxley speaks.

“Okay, let me see if I’ve got this right. The Young Bucks are the tag team champions, and they’re friends with Kenny, but Kenny’s friends with The Goody Brothers, and they’re the tag team champions, too. So now they’re all friends? They’re all one big happy family? How is that going to work? Is that going to work?” No it’s not. The Elite is like The Young & The Restless. And then there’s Death Triangle, PAC & The Lucha Brothers, who don’t like any part of The Elite. They don’t even like Moxley, because they used to be friends with Kingston who has beef with Mox. But now Moxley has to team with them at Beach Break?

Moxley is a simple guy. Cold beer, hot coffee, room temperature water and sex in the morning because it’s a great way to start the day. The only person you can trust is number one, so he only trusts his two hands. But Moxley loves Six Man Tags, so saddle up, compadres. This’ll be fun! Gang warfare! Moxley doesn’t know what happens at Beach Break, but it’ll be wild~! Incendiary ingredients on Dynamite, don’t blink or you’ll miss it.


Sting and Darby Allin speak.

The Icon says they’ll get on a first name basis right now. Taz, Brian, Ricky, since they’ll be in that Street Fight at Revolution, and since Team Taz loves to throw out false accusations, Sting will say their feelings are hurt. They called these two hoodlums? Really? Darby is a bit of a hoodlum, yes, but in the streets, it doesn’t matter if you play it clean or dirty. It’s all about survival! Darby chucks his skateboard through a window, and admits he is a hoodlum, no different from Sting. Sting uses the baseball bat to smash up the rest of the window! Sting admits it, too. Revolution, Street Fight, showtime.


Y2MJF w/ The Inner Circle VS The Varsity Blondes!

There’s a lot of history to this match, even before things in AEW. But Chris Jericho won’t hold back on Brian Pillman Jr. over it, and he expects nothing less from Pillman Jr. in return. But will that mean the first 2v2 outing of Le Demo God and the Salt of the Earth won’t be a success?

Jericho revels in the fans singing Judas for him, the teams sort out, and MJF wants to speak first. MJF wants to talk with Sammy Guevara later, and then he says is that Griff? Look at Goldilocks here. Last time they met, MJF embarrassed Griff on live television. So let’s just skip ahead to where Griff loses, okay? NOPE! Griff DECKS MJF, keeps him in the ring, then rains down more fists! MJF scrambles away, Wardlow keeps him away from Griff, but Griff gets around to get back in. MJF dodges but Griff BOOTS him down! The Inner Circle gets MJF to safety and MJF gets a chair out of frustration. The Inner Circle keeps MJF from throwing this match and MJF says Griff is dead!

MJF gets back in the ring, talks trash, then tags out to Jericho. Jericho run sin but into a drop toehold! Griff wrenches Jericho, tags in BPJ, and the Blondes double whip, kick and NECKBREAKER to a leg drop, brother! Cover, TWO! BPJ CHOPS Jericho, wrenches and whips, but Jericho holds ropes to deny the dropkick. Jericho runs but BPJ dropkicks him down! BPJ drags Jericho up, clamps onto the arm, but Jericho uses cheap shots to get free. Jericho whips BPJ corner to corner, but BPJ comes back to LARIAT! Fans fire up as BPJ whips, Jericho reveres and MJF gets a cheap shot in! Jericho DECKS BPJ then tags in MJF!

AEW goes picture in picture as MJF CLAWS BPJ and tells Griff up his! MJF digs his fingers into BPJ’s face but lets off as the ref reprimands. MJF stalks BPJ, throws punches down on him, then soaks up the heat from fans. MJF feeds BPJ to Jericho’s boot, then CHOPS him! Tag to Jericho, Jericho throws hands, then tags MJF back in. Y2MJF double whip, and double flapjack BPJ down! MJF steps on BPJ, then so does Jericho. The Inner Circle soaks up the heat, MJF drags BPJ up to CLUB him down. MJF kicks at Griff but scrambles away before he can get hit. MJF chokes BPJ, covers, TWO! MJF rakes BPJ’s eyes, rakes his face on the ropes, then headbutts him!

Tag to Jericho, MJF digs his boots into BPJ as Jericho gets in Griff’s face, then Griff goes back to stomp and bump BPJ off buckles. Jericho hoists BPJ up top, CHOPS him, then climbs up to join him. BPJ throws hands back but Jericho clubs him. Jericho stands up on the very top, but BPJ GOURD BUSTERS him! BPJ gets up, leaps, and hits a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Fans rally while both men are down and AEW returns to single picture. Hot tags to Griff and MJF! The Ivy League MVP rallies on Y2MJF but MJF kicks low! MJF runs into Griff’s HUGE back drop! Griff wrenches and ROCKS Jericho!

Fans fire up as Griff goes corner to corner, BIG splash to MJF! Whip to the corner, SPLASH for both Y2MJF! DOUBLE SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!! MJF survives but Griff just fires up as he drags MJF up. Griff whips MJF to the corner, hits a clothesline and tags BPJ! Griff rolls MJF for BPJ’s missile dropkick! Jericho tags in but BPJ is ready, SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives by split seconds! BPJ fires up as fans rally behind him. Jericho hits back, BPJ throws forearms and chops, but Jericho DECKS him! Jericho whips then runs but BPJ dumps Jericho to the apron! BPJ runs and dropkicks Jericho down!

Fans fire up with BPJ as he fetches Jericho into the ring. BPJ aims from a corner, springboards and leaps, into a JUDAS EFFECT!! LIONSAULT!! Cover, someone took out Griff, Y2MJF win!!

Winners: Y2MJF, by pinfall

MJF adds insult to injury as he throws BPJ out just so he can stand with Jericho. The Inner Circle’s “official” team in the tag division is off to a strong start, will they go all the way to the top and take the AEW World Tag Team Championships for their own?


PAC speaks.

“Here we go again!” Kenny Omega is taking liberties, acting like ‘Billy Big Bollocks,” acting like he owns the place and owns this business. He has the “clown” Callis and the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions, while manipulating some and blindsiding others. SO at Beach Break, bring the Good Brothers, because Pac and Rey Fenix will show you what brotherhood is! You hit them, they hit you back! Time to face the consequences!


AEW shares Shaq’s message from the AEW Dynamite Awards on TNT.

“Cody Rhodes, you little punk. You want to battle, you just name the time and the day. I’ll be there.” Cody looks like a little girl with that blonde hair. Shaq suggests we do this in March, aka Revolution. What will Cody say?

Tony Schiavone is in the ring!

To respond to Shaq’s comments right now, here’s Cody Rhodes! The American Nightmare goes to the ring, along with Coach Arn Anderson. Schiavone knows they want to respond to Shaq, but also to Jade Cargill from The Waiting Room. Cody says to respond to Shaq and Jade, he’d rather just give us the “pitch.” He’d like to say March 7th, AEW Revolution, it’d be himself and Brandi Rhodes VS Shaq & Jade, but life happens. He and Brandi are having a baby. “In these moments where I am rather confused and distracted,” Cody defers to The Coach!

And if we’re wondering how much of a coach Arn is, Arn chewed Cody out for taking Peter Avalon too easily last week. Arn has been right consistently for years, they talked with Tony Khan about where Cody fits on the Revolution card, so the floor is Arn’s. Arn says he wants to earn his money because he might contradict himself, so please be patient. But the fact is, Cody’s about to be a dad. That is right on the forefront of his mind, as it should be. That is the most important thing in his life.

But think about this: June 29th, 1985. What date is that to Cody? That was when Arn saw Dusty Rhodes crawl in the ring with Tully Blanchard, fight 30 minutes, then fly home in time to see the birth of Baby Cody. Now if Cody chooses March 7th, to jump in the Revolution, do it with eyes wide open, no regrets. But Arn will point out the obvious: there is a lot of time between the birthdate and the show. Doesn’t Cody want to be part of something? It’s hard to capture the public eye but he could do that with this match.

For 19 years, Shaq dominated the court as a world-class athlete. Jade, every time she walks in, she dominates that room. But the fact is, Arn’s seen something these last two weeks, something that can’t be measured or even rational to name. Arn wants Cody to see something. In steps RED VELVET! Velvet has had her own problems with Jade Cargill, and Arn hopes Cody sees the fire inside Velvet like what Cody has in him. Velvet gets the mic to stare down the camera and say she’s here because she is FED UP of getting attacked, watching Brandi get disrespected by a “big mouth coward” who knows Brandi can’t defend herself.

Everyone knows Cody would never lay a hand on a woman. But Velvet will! Velvet is about to stir that bitch-ass up! Fans like the sound of that! Arn says that’s what he meant! Then perhaps Jade and Shaq have the ball in their court! Are we still getting a huge mixed tag match for Revolution?


AEW issues the official invite to the Superbad Beach Break wedding!

Kip Sabian says “my heart is in my hands My head is in the clouds. My feet have left the ground. And my life, our life, is turning around.” Penelope Ford is so excited to marry this handsome man, the man of her dreams, the best kisser. So they cordially invite us to watch their wedding, with Miro as The Best Man, and of course “Charles” Taylor the butler will be there! Surely a wedding on a wrestling program will go smoothly, right?


Hangman Page VS Ryan Nemeth!

The Cowboy takes on the debuting “Hollywood Hunk” as Hangman tries to shake off the awkward situation where he had to reject The Dark Order’s recruitment proposal. Will he be able to focus against this hungry and determined wrestler?

The bell rings, fans rally for Hangman but Nemeth shoots in to get a leg. Hangman gets the rope but Nemeth says he got a point like this is collegiate wrestling. They tie up again, Hangman wrenches to a wristlock but Nemeth gets around to hammerlock then headlock, two points! Hangman powers out, Nemeth bumps him but Hangman runs him over! Things speed up, Hangman fakes Nemeth out and BOOTS him down! Hangman CHOPS Nemeth to the corner, CHOPS him again, then chops but Nemeth dodges to CHOP and CHOP in return! Nemeth swaggers about but Hangman DECKS him!

Hangman stalks Nemeth to a corner, stomps a mudhole into him then walks it dry as the ref counts. Hangman drags Nemeth up to throw him to the apron, and then TRIANGLE LARIATS him to the floor! Nemeth gets up but Hangman PLANCHAS! Direct hit and fans fire up! Hangman drags Nemeth up, puts him back in, then fires the fans up as he runs in corner to corner. Nemeth dodges to dropkick Hangman down! Cover, ONE! Nemeth wrenches and WRINGS the arm out, and now Big Money Matt Hardy is ringside? Is he scouting? Nemeth hammerlocks an arm, headstands to put pressure on the hold, then grabs at hair. The ref reprimands and Nemeth lets go.

Hangman gets up to CHOP and forearm but Nemeth knees low! Nemeth whips but Hangman holds ropes. Nemeth kicks, whips but Hangman reverses, only for Nemeth to turn it around into a Rude Awakening! Cover, TWO! Hangman forearms but Nemeth hits back. Nemeth whips corner to corner but Hangman comes back to CLOBBER him! Hangman whips, Nemeth dodges but Hangman hits a SPINEBUSTER! Hardy seems to be cheering Hangman on as Nemeth gets to a corner. Hangman runs corner to corner to clothesline! Hangman rolls Nemeth, runs, SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO!

Hardy cheers Hangman with the fans as he brings Nemeth up to fireman’s carry. Nemeth fights out, Hangman CHOPS and whips but Nemeth reverses to SATELLITE DDT! Cover, TWO!! Hangman gets to a corner, Nemeth runs in but Hangman elbows him back! Nemeth runs into a boot, but he ducks a lariat to GERMAN SUPLEX! Hangman lands on his feet, ROLLING ELBOW! Hangman whips Nemeth to LARIAT! Then Hangman goes to the apron, takes aim, and slingshots, BUCK SHOT!! Cover, Hangman wins!

Winner: Hangman Page, by pinfall

Hardy applauds then goes up to the ramp. Hangman sees Hardy turn to leave but invites him into the ring. Tony Schiavone hurries over to see what this is about. Hardy didn’t want to create a scene, but the reason he came out was to be in Hangman’s corner and let him know he supports Hangman. Hardy has been a bit concerned, Hangman seems lost and conflicted. That’s understandable. Hardy was part of Stadium Stampede, he knows that Hangman got burned by The Elite and he didn’t deserve it. The Dark Order wants Hangman to join and that’s just awkward.

Hardy doesn’t want anything from Hangman, just to let him know that Hangman is a good person who deserves to be happy. Hardy needed to say that and Hangman needed to hear it. Hangman is dressing alone in the hallway near catering. Hardy has a huge dressing room with plenty of space. Hangman is more than welcome to join him there, no strings attached. Hardy lets Hangman think that over, what will Hangman’s answer be?


Jungle Boy w/ Jurassic Express VS Dax Harwood w/ Cash Wheeler & Tully Blanchard!

Though Marko Stunt, Luchasaurus and the rest of FTR are all ringside, things will be a little different than usual. To make sure Cash and Tully don’t interfere, they will be handcuffed not just to each other, but to Luchasaurus! Will the wrestling dinosaur be able to keep things fair and square?

First, the ref and security help cuff Cash and Tully to Luchasaurus per the agreement. Then they all take a seat, though Luchasaurus has to make Cash sit. The bell rings and JB stares down with Dax. They tie up, Dax powers JB back to a corner but lets off as the ref calls for the break. Dax talks trash but JB shrugs it off. They tie up again, Dax headlocks but JB arm-drags free! Fans fire up for JB as he and Dax circle again. They tie up again, Dax waistlocks to full nelson but JB switches, only for Dax to headlock and hit a takeover. JB rolls Dax to a cover, ONE! Dax holds on, JB fights up and powers out but Dax runs him over!

Dax talks more trash as he looms over JB but JB gets up. JB and Dax tie up again, Dax gets another headlock but JB powers out, only for Dax to run him over again! Things speed up, Dax slide sunder but JB dropkicks him down! JB gets the legs, trips Dax, but Dax scrambles to a ropebreak! FTR wants to help Dax but Luchasaurus anchors them in the corner. Dax gets away from JB and has his team calm down, but JB puts Dax back in the ring! JB and Dax circle again as Luchasaurus and FTR sit back down. Dax and JB tie up with knuckle locks, Dax kicks low and fans boo as he CHOPS JB to a corner. Dax throws hard EuroUppers, and argues with the ref about the count before he CHOPS JB again!

JB CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS Dax to a corner but Dax turns things around to CHOP again! Dax stands JB up but JB CHOPS back! And CHOPS again, and again! Dax kicks rather low but somehow that wasn’t a low blow. Dax drags JB up, whip shim corner to corner but JB goes up and over and rolls, only for Dax to run him over! Things speed upa gain, JB hurdles but Dax whips him away, but JB dodges in the corner and Dax POSTS himself! Dax reaches but there’s no tags in this match! JB KICKS Dax’s arm, wrenches it, clubs away on it, then grinds Dax down! Dax endures, Cash coaches him, but JB cranks on the shoulder.

Dax gets up, JB wrenches but Dax pulls hair to whip and ROCK JB with that uppercut! Fans boo but Dax shakes out the bad arm. Dax fires off on JB, brings him up to another headlock, but JB back suplexes free! JB clotheslines Dax out of the ring! Dax staggers around and JB slides, but the baseball slide is sent into the railing! Now Luchasaurus is upset but it’s FTR who keeps him away. AEW goes picture in picture as Dax paces about.

Dax drags JB up to ROCK him with another EuroUpper! Fans rally for JB but Dax digs his fingers into JB’s face! And then drives an elbow in! The ref reprimands, Dax puts JB in, then Dax drags JB around to drop a leg fast across the face! Dax foregoes the rest of his usual combo to NORTHERN LIGHTS and bridge! TWO, and Dax is frustrated with JB! JB crawls, Dax drags him back up, and clamps on a chinlock! JB endures as Dax grinds him down, JB fights up, and throws body shots to power out. JB gets Dax in a sleeper but Dax hits a BIG back suplex! Both men are down, Dax covers, TWO! Dax tries again, TWO!

Dax grows annoyed but he paces around JB. JB crawls, Dax stalks him to the ropes, and Dax digs his fingers into JB’s face again! The ref counts, Dax CLUBS JB then brings him up by his hair. Dax snapmares and wraps on a new chinlock to grind JB down. Fans rally, JB endures, but Dax grinds him down more as he shifts position on the hold. JB fights up as AEW returns to single picture, and fans still sing for him as he hits the jawbreaker! Dax staggers away, both men go to corners, but Dax runs in, only for JB to ROCK him! JB whips, Dax reverses then ducks the rebound lariat to throw JB to a corner! Dax runs in, blocks a boot but not the elbow! Or the ROLLING ELBOW!

Fans fire up as JB climbs, but Dax trips him up! Dax CHOPS JB on the back, climbs up top and brings JB up for a SUPER BACK SUPLEX! But both men are down and their teammates are going nuts! Cover, TWO!! JB survives and Dax is frustrated! Fans rally up but Dax stands first. Dax glares at JB, stomps JB in the head, then again! Fans boo but JB sits up and eggs Dax on! Dax stomps but JB gets in his face and SLAPS him! Dax SLAPS back! JB throws forearms and CHOPS, then an uppercut of his own! Dax blocks the superkick to ROCK JB again! Dax brings JB up, JB slips out to waistlock but Dax switches, GERMAN! JB lands on his feet, SUPERKICK!

JB wrenches, ducks Dax’s lariat but not the SECOND LARIAT! FTR and Luchasaurus are out of their seats and fans cheer, “This is Awesome!” Dax drags JB up, reels him back in and underhooks, but JB RANAS! Cover, TWO!! Dax reels JB back in, another lift, rebound POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!?! Everyone goes nuts over that! Dax drags JB up to a full nelson but JB drops to resist! Dax keeps trying but JB breaks free! TO BACKSTABBER! And then a GERMAN SUPLEX! JB holds on for ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX! Dax grabs at ropes and then elbows JB away! Fans boo, Dax drags JB back up and shoves, but JB LARIATS on the rebound!

JB drags Dax back up, suplexes but Dax slips out to spin him around. Both men bob ‘n’ weave, Dax fakes JB out and DDT’s! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally but Dax grits his teeth as he drags JB up. Dax puts JB in a corner and up on top. Dax climbs up but JB CHOPS him! And CHOPS and headbutts! Dax falls, JB adjusts, and JB leaps to crossbody! But Dax rolls through to a cover, TWO!! JB has the cover, TWO!! JB runs in, goes up Dax to victory roll but Dax sits on it! TWO and JB has the cover, TWO! JB ducks to crucifix takedown, TWO!! Dax has the Oklahoma, TWO! Dax trips and jackknifes, TWO as JB bridges up! JB spins it around, back slides but Dax turns that into a knee!

Dax waistlocks, O’Conner rolls, TWO! JB rolls Dax up, TWO! But JB has the legs! SNARE TRAP!! Dax is caught, Luchasaurus is holding FTR back as hard as he can, but JB shifts! DAX TAPS! JB WINS!

Winner: Jungle Boy, by submission

A HUGE victory for not just Jungle Jack Perry but for Jurassic Express! But just as Tully is let free, he POCKET SANDS Luchasaurus! Cash POSTS Luchasaurus, then mugs JB! FTR are sore losers, that’s for sure! Cash and Dax get JB up for the extra strong slingshots suplex! Luchasaurus gets in but they combine for a DOUBLE SPIKE PILEDRIVER!! Now FTR cuffs Luchasaurus to the ropes! And they cut the dino horns off the mask! FTR want to cut JB’s hair, but Marko Stunt, SCU and Top Flight get in and run FTR off! Will the friends of Jurassic Express avenge them against FTR?


Team Taz responds!

“So Sting, Darby, being that we’re on a first name basis and all, Ricky and Brian are ready to destroy you come Revolution.” But Will Hobbs and Hook notice something going on, and say hey to the merchandise guys. Wait, they have the Darby gear and Sting gear, but where are the Team Taz merchandise? They weren’t given any of that. Oh is that so? Hook and Hobbs start throwing hands! And then they start throwing the staff around! Cage and Starks get in on that too, and they tear down the Sting and Darby merch to tear it up!

“You want to disrespect us?! We ain’t done!” Cage TOSSES one of the guys against the truck! And Starks SLAMS another through the table! “First name basis, huh, brother? Ricky Starks and Brian Cage are gonna BEAT YOUR ASS in that Street Fight!”


Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Shanna!

The Role Model is making sure she’s sharp for the grudge match with Thunder Rosa she never wanted. But Portugal’s Perfect Athlete has been slowly but surely powering up on AEW Dark! Will Shanna show that hosting The Waiting Room isn’t a replacement for getting in the ring?

The bell rings and Britt doesn’t take Shanna seriously in her DBZ inspired ring gear. The two circle, tie up, and Britt wrenches to a wristlock. Shanna spins, wrenches back and wristlocks. Britt slips through, waistlocks then snapmares to a chinlock. Shanna slips right out to wristlock again! Fans fire up with Shanna as she brings Britt up but Britt wrenches, elbow breakers and wristlocks. Shanna rolls, handsprings and wrenches back to drop toehold! Shanna dares Britt to get up, and Britt does, to power Shanna to a corner! The ref calls for the break, Britt lets off but then ROCKS Shanna! Britt wrenches, rolls Shanna and chicken wings to a chinbar!

Shanna rolls, wrenches, double arm-drags and then arm-drags again! Britt staggers into another arm-drag and then an enziguri! Fans fire up as Britt flounders to ropes! Shanna powers up but Rebel saves Britt from the Spirit Bomb Dropkick! The ref reprimands but Britt BLINDSIDES Shanna! And RAMS her into railing! And then RAMS her into the apron! The ref reprimands but Britt runs at Shanna, for a SLINGBLADE! Britt refreshes the ring count at 5 as AEW goes picture in cpiture.

Britt fetches Shanna into the ring, keeps her on the apron and drags her to the corner to pull the arm into the post! Rebel gives Shanna “a makeover” at the same time but the ref reprimands. Britt BOOTS Shanna back into the ring, then takes her time stalking Shanna with a sinister smirk. Shanna hits back with body shots but Britt DECKS her! Britt brings Shanna around, pulls her up by her hair and reels her in, but Shanna breaks free and rolls Britt up! TWO, and Britt kicks low to throw Shanna by her hair! Britt stands on Shanna’s face and digs her boot in but stomps as the ref counts.

Britt drags Shanna back up, cravats and cranks on the neck to then give Shanna knee after knee! Cover, ONE! Britt is surprised by that, but she drags Shanna up to SLAP her down, and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Shanna whips but Britt reverses. Shanna dodges to kick and throw Britt around! Shanna runs, Britt gets up, Shanna CLOBBERS her! Cover, TWO! Shanna keeps her cool as she brings Britt back up. Shanna underhooks but Britt resists to spin out and kick a leg out! Britt hits a gator roll, then drags Shanna around and into a ghost pin, TWO! SUPERKICK! Britt drags Shanna back up, reels her in, FISHERMAN SCREW! Cover, TWO! Shanna survives and Britt is upset. Britt has Rebel give her the glove, and then she stalks over to Shanna. Britt turns Shanna over, but Shanna turns the Rings into a cover, TWO! STUNNER!!

Fans fire up for Shanna as Britt goes to ropes. Shanna powers up again, runs and hits the SPIRIT DROPKICK! Shanna reels Britt back in but Rebel distracts! Britt gets around to drag Shanna down to the Rings of Saturn, and then the LOCKJAW!! Shanna taps, Britt wins!

Winner: Britt Baker, by submission

Give the assistant the assist, The Doctor takes the win by the skin of Shanna’s teeth. But she’s not done, she sits Shanna up and gives her the SURFBOARD STOMP! Britt then drags Shanna back into the LOCKJAW!! But here comes THUNDER ROSA!! Britt lets Shanna go so she and Rebel can retreat! Rosa runs them off, but there won’t be any running at Beach Break! Will Rosa’s wrath break Britt once and for all?


MJF finds Sammy Guevara backstage.

He just wants a moment, and says he did NOT tell Wardlow to get involved in last week’s Triple Threat Tag. Wardlow is literally the worst employee MJF has ever had, he docked Wardlow’s pay. No money for War Dog, and MJF promises that it’ll never happen again. Sammy asks if MJF is done. Does MJF think Sammy is stupid? Sammy sees what’s going on, even though MJF has everyone else fooled. Congratulations, though, on being a great manipulator. One of the best, really. Round of applause! Hats off to MJF. But Sammy sees what MJF is up to. Is that so? Yes, it is.

MJF asks Sammy if he really wants to play it this way. Sammy isn’t playing. The two stare down, but MJF backs away. Will the differences between these two be what tears The Inner Circle apart?


AEW sets the field for the Beach Break Tag Team Battle Royal!

Top Flight, Private Party, Jurassic Express, FTR, The Acclaimed, The Dark Order’s Evil Uno & Stu Grayson, and ALL THREE duos within The Inner Circle, are in the match for a shot at the titles at Revolution! But surprisingly, so are The Young Bucks! That means if Matt & Nick Jackson win, they choose who they face at the PPV! Will the Bucks take their fate into their own hands?


AEW also sets some of the Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament First Round matches!

NWA Women’s World Champion, Serena Deeb, takes on the returning and inaugural AEW Women’s Champion, Riho! What a powerful first match in a surely star-studded bracket! Who else from both the United States and Japan will be competing for a shot at Hikaru Shida?


Backstage interview with “The Elite!”

Dasha knows it has been five YEARS since these four have been in a ring together, how are they feeling? Karl Anderson says for the first time in those five years, it is a “full blown Bullet Club Party!” Tonight, they take out the Dark Order and what else? #BigLG says if we’re gonna Biz Cliz, then they gotta Biz Cliz softly! Gyrate! Then next week at Beach Break, they BEAT UP REY FENIX! BEAT UP PAC! And their favorite thing ever, BEAT UP JON MOXLEY! So pumped up! Are the Bucks down? Oh yeah, just as pumped, just as jazzed, but uh… Just as long as “that mark stooge, Creepy Uncle Don” doesn’t get involved.

Whoa, c’mon, now, Young Bizzles, you gotta understand. Relax about Donaconda. Last week, they and Kenny took out Pentagon for them! That was all Don’s idea. Well no one asked you guys to do that! But now Kenny Omega himself walks in, and he high fives the Good Brothers. Is he interrupting something? Sorta. Well maybe they need to talk about something later. Callis comes by with a BIG bandage on his face! What is that? Hey, we all know the Bucks assaulted him- No they did not! Take that off! Omega gets the Bucks to leave Callis alone and the music hits, it’s time for the main event!

8 Man Tag: The Young Bucks & The Good Brothers VS The Dark Order!

The AEW World and Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions are joining forces, but it’s not exactly a happy reunion of The Bullet Club. A lot of the tension and drama comes from the fact Don Callis is in Kenny Omega’s ear and trying to direct his life. Will Matt & Nick be able to work with Gallows & Anderson against Uno, Stu, Reynolds & Silver?


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