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Mitchell’s WWE Tribute to the Troops 2017! (12/14/17)



Tribute To The Troops

All images courtesy of the WWE’s official Twitter



  • 6 Man Tag: The Shield VS Samoa Joe & The Bar; The Shield wins.
  • Triple Threat: Charlotte Flair VS Carmella VS Ruby Riott; Charlotte wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Usos & The New Day VS Rusev, Aiden English, Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable; The Usos & New Day win.
  • 6 Woman Tag: Mickie James, Sasha Banks & Bayley VS Absolution; Absolution wins.
  • 6 Man Tag: AJ Styles, Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura VS Jinder Mahal, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn; Styles, Orton & Nakamura win.


WWE presents Lilian Garcia to sing the National Anthem.

To all the men and women of America’s armed forces, thank you for your service.


In 2003, the WWE started a hallowed tradition.

For those who could not be home with their families because they were defending our rights, WWE wished to thank them on behalf of everyone. That tradition brought WWE superstars to military bases in Baghdad, Fort Hood, Bagram, Fort Bragg and Kandahar. Now in Naval Base San Diego, the WWE once again honors and thanks the military with this 15th Annual edition of Tribute to the Troops.


6 Man Tag: The Shield VS Samoa Joe & The Bar!

Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose have their problems with the Samoan Destroyer, Swiss Cyborg and Celtic Gladiator, they get to settle the problem in front of the soldiers they respect and admire. Rollins and Cesaro start as the bell rings, fans troll with “You’ll get sunburn!” Sheamus puts on a shirt to get them to stop. Rollins and Cesaro tie up, wristlock from Cesaro, Rollins rolls and spins to then arm wring Cesaro down. Ambrose tags in, snapmare to sliding lariat and splash before the elbow drop. Cover, TWO, Ambrose puts Cesaro in a corner. Ambrose unloads punches but only gets about four before Cesaro shoves him away. Cesaro kicks and gives a European Uppercut, then tags in Sheamus. The Bar stomps on Ambrose at the ropes, Sheamus takes that shirt off.

Sheamus dares the fans to chant now, Ambrose stands up and chops. Ambrose dodges Sheamus’ swings to give more chops, and repeat, but Sheamus powers Ambrose to his corner and tags Joe! Joe mugs Ambrose with jab after jab, then drags Ambrose up for a haymaker. Joe brings Ambrose up, EuroUpper but he then runs into Ambrose’s knee, tag to Rollins. Both men hit a dropkick and Joe exits the ring, The Bar comes in but are intercepted, Roman comes in for The Shield to clothesline The Bar out! The Shield controls the match as we go to break.

Tribute to the Troops returns, Sheamus drops a knee on Rollins. Cover, TWO, Sheamus brings Rollins up to throw him out. Sheamus distracts the ref, Joe runs Rollins over. Ambrose DIVES on Joe!

Sheamus keeps Rollins from tagging out, Rollins fires off shots but then runs into a scoop. He slips out, dodges Sheamus, Sheamus hits post! Cesaro tags in, brings Rollins back, back suplex escaped, hot tag to Roman! The Big Dog rallies on Cesaro, whip reversed but into a big clothesline. Roman uppercuts Joe away then gives close-range clotheslines to Cesaro in a corner. Roman gets all 10, then runs, but into Cesaro’s boot, to give a boot back! Samoan Drop, TWO! Fans are rowdy as Roman locks and loads! Roman aims but Joe attacks, Rollins gives Joe a SUPERKICK! Sheamus clotheslines Rollins and even Ambrose down, Roman uppercuts Sheamus but Cesaro gets him. Cesaro goes for but is denied the Neutralizer, SUPERMAN PUNCH! Sheamus breaks the pin in time. Sheamus grabs Ambrose, Rollins grabs Sheamus, Kingslayer to Dirty Deeds! Roman lets out the battle cry, SPEARS Cesaro! The Shield wins! The Shield is still a very dominant trio, can they get even with Joe and The Bar separately?

In-ring promo from The Shield.

The Shield brings the big fight, but the armed forces brings the bigger fight. “THank you for your sacrifice, thank you for your dedication, and thank you for everything you do to keep this country safe.” Everyone around the world protecting America, you are the backbone of this country, so thank you! In reality, America’s military are the most dominant force in the entire world! “U S A! U S A!” And you can believe that!


Triple Threat: Charlotte Flair w/ Naomi VS Carmella w/ The Welcoming Committee VS Ruby Riott w/ The Riott Squad!

SmackDown Women’s Champion defends her title Sunday at Clash of Champions, but that doesn’t mean she can take Ms. Money in the Bank and Captain of the Riott Squad easily. And to simulate the Lumberjack Match, most of the other women of SmackDown are ringside to keep things fair.

The bell rings, Charlotte runs Ruby off, Carmella gets a waistlock and roll up, TWO. Charlotte runs Carmella over, Ruby returns with a forearm smash. Ruby clubs away on Charlotte but is put in a corner, Charlotte rams in shoulders. Charlotte backs off, runs into a knee, Carmella throws her down by her hair. Carmella embraces the heat, she and Ruby work together to chop Charlotte. Carmella also mocks the Flair swagger. Charlotte counters the double whip with kicks and haymakers, then she throws Carmella into Ruby. She goes for the Figure Four on Carmella but she spots Natalya. Charlotte dares Natty to join in, Ruby pounces with another forearm. Natty applauds sarcastically as we go to break.

#Troops15 returns, Ruby hits Deadly Nightshade on Charlotte!

Carmella adds on the FABULOUS Bronco Buster, but then Ruby gives her a standing STO. CHarlotte returns, roll-up on Ruby, TWO. Ruby knees Charlotte back and throws her into buckles, roll up, TWO. Fans rally for Charlotte, Charlotte tumbles to the apron and boots Ruby away to then throw Ruby down by her hair. Charlotte climbs up top, fans cheer, but Ruby intercepts with a forearm. Ruby and Charlotte brawl as Ruby climbs, Charlotte resists, Carmella returns to yank Ruby off. Carmella goes after Charlotte, Frankensteiner! TWO! Ruby drags Charlotte up, Charlotte resists, Carmella joins in, but Charlotte blocks them both. Charlotte hits a 2-for-1 suplex!

Fans fire up, “that was awesome!” The three women stand up, Charlotte hands out Flair chops back and forth. Style and profile, then a neckbreaker for Carmella. Charlotte throws Ruby with the Exploder! The Queen of Flair is fired up but gets a back elbow, Falling Pele! Carmella throws Ruby out, covers, TWO! Carmella is furious, she tries again, TWO! She kicks Ruby once, then twice, Charlotte boots Carmella down, and puts on the FIgure Eight! Carmella taps, Charlotte wins! Can Charlotte do this again to keep her SmackDown Women’s Championship?

In-ring promo from Charlotte.

She was inspired by all the soldiers on this base, but especially the “strong, independent women!” They are the true champions, “WOO~!”


WWE took a tour of the full Naval Base San Diego.

Everyone on this trip know they wouldn’t be able to do what they do without the sacrifices soldiers make every day. 15 years flew by so fast, but every edition of Tribute to the Troops means the world to both the WWE and the soldiers they meet.


WWE presents musical guests: Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors, and BeBe Rexha.


Sergeant Slaughter and KFC thank our Armed Forces.

Dolph Ziggler interrupts, the Colonel will thank them. And colonels outrank sergeants. Cut! The Miz wants to thank the Armed Forces, he’s a three-time Marine. That’s just a movie! Mark Henry gets them all to be serious, and lets Slaughter continue. On behalf of WWE and KFC, thank you to all those in uniform for their service.


8 Man Tag: The Usos & The New Day VS Rusev, Aiden English, Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable!

Awww-merica!” These four teams will compete for the SmackDown Tag Team Champions at Clash of Champions this Sunday, but they team up tonight for the sake of momentum and entertaining the troops. The New Day know today isn’t about them. But who? Who who who? Today is about the brave guys and gals who put their lives on the line for the United States of America! “U S A! U S A!” Instead of the soldiers fighting for the superstars, the superstars will fight for the soldiers. Not because New Day Rocks, but because… U S A! U S A! However, Aiden English wants the fans to stand at attention for his “esteemed tag team partner,” “The Top Gun of SmackDown”, Rusev~!

The two sides choose Big E and Gable to start. Fans chant “U! S A!” as Big E swivels his hips. Gable rushes in and gets caught into an abdominal stretch, “U! S A!” spanks! Big E whips Gable to a corner, then tag to Jimmy, Jimmy gives Gable the running hip attack! Cover, TWO! Jimmy runs in again but is put on the apron. Jimmy fights off Gable, then fights off Benjamin, but Gable rocks Jimmy with a dropkick. Rusev tags in, then throws Jimmy into a post! Rusev Day and company take over as we go to break.

#Troops15 returns as Rusev thrashes Jimmy in the chinlock. Fans rally again, “U! S A!” and Jimmy feeds off it. Rusev throws Jimmy down, wagging his finger “no no!” before tagging in English. English stomps Jimmy, fans boo and jeer. Benjamin tags in, kicks Jimmy to a corner, but Jimmy hits back only to end up in a spinebuster!

Gable tags in, he and Benjamin double team Jimmy before blasting his team off the apron. Benjamin runs at Jimmy but gets dumped out, Samoan Drop for Gable! Jimmy reaches for his corner as fans rally “UCE UCE UCE!” Tag to Jey, he rallies on Rusev Day! Pop lock and uppercut, Jimmy then ducks English to go for a Samoan Drop. English slips out, tags Benjamin, Jey escapes the powerbomb to hit the dragon whip! Gable returns to take a SUPERKICK, Rusev also gets a SUPERKICK! English flies, into a SUPERKICK! Benjamin returns, SUPERKICK!

Jimmy FLIES onto everyone else on the outside, then Jey tags Big E for a 619 into the MIDNIGHT HOUR! Woods covers, New Day & Usos win! They’re allies tonight, but who will win the day at Clash of Champions?


6 Woman Tag: Mickie James, Sasha Banks & Bayley VS Absolution!

The Glampire and her new cohorts wish to rule Raw with ruthlessness, but the rest of the roster has united to defy them. Therefore, they’ll settle scores for the enjoyment of the troops!

It’s Bayley and Mandy Rose to start, the fans chant for Bayley while she ties up with Mandy. Bayley puts Mandy in a corner, then lets her out clean. Mandy comes back at her, Bayley gets her in a headlock. Bayley is put in a corner now, Mandy lets her out less cleanly. Bayley fires off shots then puts Mandy back in that corner for forearms and a buckle bump. Cover, TWO, Bayley keeps Mandy down with an arm wringer. Tag to Mickie James, Mandy scrambles to tag Sonya Deville. Sonya gets Mickie in a waistlock then down on the mat, standing switch back and forth, Mickie gets a headlock but Sonya gives her a forearm. Mickie fires off forearms of her own! Sonya drops to a knee, swings, Mickie kicks her back, blows a kiss to Paige, then runs Sonya over. Cover, TWO, Sonya gets out of the ring but Mickie pursues. They brawl on the outside in front of the troops. Absolution regroups, as does Mickie’s team, it is a fiery argument as we go to break.

#Troops15 returns, Mickie runs and boots Sonya right in the face then covers, ONE. Mickie drags Sonya over, tags in Bayley, but then Sonya powers Bayley into Absolution’s corner. Mandy tags in, trash talks, but ends up getting a hotshot on the second rope! Bayley climbs up, she has to fight off Paige first, Mandy shoves Bayley to ropes for a big jumping knee!

TWO! Mandy tags Sonya, Bayley fights against them both, stunner to Mandy! Sonya grabs Bayley but is pushed away, hot tags to Paige and Sasha! The Legit Boss rallies on Paige, blocking a boot to then give a knee. Paige staggers, Sasha gives her double knees once, then twice! Cover, Mandy and Sonya both break it up. Bayley and Sasha fight them back with forearms to then throw them out. Tag to Mickie, she climbs up and takes aim while double baseball slides take out Absolution. Mickie gives a flapjack to Paige then climbs up again, big salute for the seated senton, TWO! Mickie keeps moving, she FLIES onto everyone on the outside! She and the fans are fired up as she stalks Paige again, Paige yanks Mickie into buckles. Then, RAMPAIGE! Absolution wins!


WWE teams up with Star Wars for a special look at The Last Jedi.

Catch Episode VIII in theaters everywhere starting Friday, December 15th.


WWE again welcomes Machine Gun Kelly to the stage.


6 Man Tag: AJ Styles, Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura VS Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn & Jinder Mahal w/ the Singh Brothers!

The six biggest stars on SmackDown and in the WWE are all set to fight for pride, glory and even their careers at Clash of Champions, tonight is all about momentum. To start, it is The Viper and the Prizefighter. They circle but Kevin kicks low to put on a headlock. Fans chant for “RKO!” as Orton powers out but Kevin runs him over. Thnigs speed up, Orton hits the powerslam! Orton whips Kevin corner to corner but takes a boot, Kevin swings, misses, and just barely denies the RKO! Kevin, Sami, Mahal and the Singhs regroup on the outside while we go to break.

#Troops15 returns, Orton bounces Kevin off the announce desk then puts him in the ring, only for Kevin to stomp him out. Kevin tags The Modern Day Maharaja, Mahal goes right at Orton, but Orton hits back. Orton tags in Styles, Styles throws hands then goes for a suplex, but Mahal blocks so Styles dropkicks him down. Styles tags in Nakamura, Nakamura hits Mahal with fists, then with knees. Snapmare to knee drop, Mahal gets to a corner where Nakamura gives him Good Vibrations!

Nakamura dares Mahal to “C’mon!” before blocking a kick and driving in an elbow. ONe Singh distarcts Nakamura, the other trise ti trip him up, Mahal caiptalizes with a bot! Cover, TWO, Mahal tags in Sami. Sami knows Nakamura well, he throws hands then goes for a suplex, but Nakamura fights out. Nakamura swings a kick, misses, but hits the heel kick! Fans are rallying, Nakamura and Sami tag Stylse and Kevin. Styles rallies, Phenomenal Blitz then a sliding forearm! Fans fire up with Styles, Stylse hits a corner clothesline then fireman’s carry but Kevin slips out. Kevin swings, misses, Styles hits the wheelbarrow facebuster! TWO! Styles looms over Kevin, brings him up and wnats the Clash but Kevin powers out. Kevin runs but Styles elbows back, Kevin ducks the springboard but Styles rolls him for the Calf Crusher! Kevin endures, Mahal breaks, Orton comes in to clothesline him out. THe Singh Brothers interfere but get draping DDTs!

SUPERKICK from Kevin, PELE from Styles! Both men are down, fans are rallying. HOt tags to Nakamura and Sami, it’s a brawl in the middle of the ring! Nakamura ducks then unloads the strike fest, then kick after kick to Sami, enziguri to top it off! Nakamura whips Sami but is reversed, he gives a knee and hoists Sami up, Top Shelf Knee! Sami goes down, but Kevin breaks the pin. Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm! Mahal wants the Khalas, gets an RKO #outtanowhere! KINSHASA for Sami! Nakamura and team win! They did it as a trio, can Styles, Orton and Nakamura win their respective matches at Clash of Champions?


My Thoughts:

A great program that not only entertains while also honoring the troops in attendance, but also gets in the most WWE superstars and stories possible. The card was two parts Raw and three parts SmackDown but it was all enjoyable. The Shield opens in a solid Six Man against Joe & The Bar, sounded like Roman was over with the military. The SmackDown Women’s Triple Threat was almost a Lumberjack match in itself with how many others were ringside, Charlotte wins to keep her momentum strong. Great to see the entire SmackDown Tag Team title picture in one match as an example of what Clash of Champions will have, as far as pacing and spots. I’m still feeling like the “four men in at any time” Fatal 4 Way will be clunky, a Tornado Tag would be more fun but perhaps too chaotic.

It was a nice surprise to see Absolution and the Raw Women in action, and then to see Absolution get the win. They were the only Heels to get a win tonight, but that’s because it’s too soon for Absolution to look weak. Then the main event was a great mix of the main SmackDown stories, and there was plenty of chemistry as all six men have been in stories with one or more of the others in the last year. Faces win to keep the math muddy, Styles can and should win against Mahal to keep the WWE Championship through the Royal Rumble, but Orton-Nakamura will likely lose as Kevin-Sami can’t be fired given how talented and entertaining they are. But in the end, the point of all this was to entertain, and that is definitely what it did.

My Score: 8/10

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