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Someone Already Booked The Perfect WWE Women’s Royal Rumble



While many took issue with the way WWE announced the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble, few can argue with the significance of the match we’ll see in late January.

Seriously, few…as in, a few have tried to complain about this match taking place. Pay them no mind.

The Women’s Royal Rumble is getting the treatment it deserves: speculation about surprise entrants, discussion about the potential and rightful winners, and more.

Well, all that can end, because Twitter user Christina (@idontlovethat) has already booked the perfect WWE Women’s Royal Rumble. You all can go home now.

The Chairshot spoke to Christina, and the Royal Rumble scenario you’re about to read is the product of much consideration—which explains why it makes total sense and is booked like a Royal Rumble should be. Vince should consider giving this woman a job.

Let’s set the stage for Christina’s train of thought.

“I’m basing this off a traditional 30-person Rumble meaning no women’s titles are on the line that night in singles competitions (to save time and include everyone possible in this historic event). I know there is a lot of talk of it being a 20-person Rumble which I feel would be a great disservice to these women and would absolutely make the entire thing less exciting with less returns and debuts.”

We’ll get to more of her comments, as well as our own, as we move along through her amazing Women’s Royal Rumble scenario. Enjoy!

#1 – Bayley

Bayley is the perfect first entrant. A fan favorite nearly everywhere she goes, she’ll elicit a great reaction when the Women’s Royal Rumble kicks off. As will her dance partner.

#2 – Asuka

A great bit of early storytelling as Asuka enters against the person she defeated when she won the NXT Women’s Championship.

#3 – Natalya

#4 – Dana Brooke

#5 – Nikki Bella

And there you go, the return of Nikki Bella! The Women’s Royal Rumble does seem like the perfect place for Nikki to make her return to a WWE ring.

#6 – Lana

#7 – Brie Bella

We’re not going to “@” you, Christina, we’re going to applaud you.

Christina told The Chairshot that she almost didn’t include Brie, which would have been a mistake.

“I almost didn’t include Brie Bella in the list but I think it’s a perfect introduction to getting her back in the ring and setting up for a mania match with Nikki. I set them up to enter close to one another, so they could team up.”

#8 – Liv Morgan

#9 – Tamina

#10 – Kelly Kelly

Absolutely brilliant entrant here. Everyone is waiting for Trish Stratus and Lita to enter the match, making this the perfect troll job early in the match.

#11 – Sarah Logan

#12 – Nikki Cross

The first NXT talent to make her WWE debut in the Women’s Royal Rumble, and it could be even better if Eric Young shows up in the men’s version later in the night.

#13 – Becky Lynch

Our own Greg DeMarco’s pick to win the first Women’s Royal Rumble, by the way.

#14 – Mickie James

#15 – Carmella

#16 – Shayna Baszler

Another NXT entrant, and Christina gives a perfectly reasonable explanation. But that must be saved for later.

#17 – Mandy Rose

#18 – Ruby Riott

#19 – Sasha Banks

#20 – Kairi Sane

#21 – Naomi

Naomi is our choice to enter #1, just so we can see her neon entrance.

#22 – Sonya Deville

#23 – Alicia Fox

#24 – Peyton Royce

#25 – Lita

Now you see why Kelly Kelly entering at #10 was so perfect? And it soon gets better.

#26 – Dakota Kai

You might notice quite an influx of Mae Young Classic talent, and that was indeed intentional.

“I specifically wanted to include some Mae Young girls. I very consciously choose Dakota Kai to include a competitor from New Zealand as well as Peyton to cover Australia. I would have loved to include more Mae Young competitors like Abbey Laith, Kavita Devi, Bianca Belaire who made it through 3 revisions before ultimately being dropped and Tessa Blanchard specifically but I think it would have been ‘too many’ surprises.”

#27 – Trish Stratus

You have to figure Trish and Lita will have an opportunity to go one-on-one, even briefly, in the match they paved the way for, right? Christina agrees, at least with that second part.

“I had to include the participation of legends such as Trish Stratus and Lita who made women’s wrestling look bad ass in a time when it was mostly fluff.”

#28 – Paige

All six of the women who invaded Raw and Smackdown are now in the match, potentially providing another showdown everyone wants to see.

#29 – Nia Jax

It’s highly likely Nia Jax will clear plenty of competitors out, setting the early standard for most eliminations in a Women’s Royal Rumble. Maybe she’ll break Roman Reigns’ record one day?

#30 – Ronda Rousey

“I felt like I had to include Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey in order to set up a Four Horsewomen feud at mania. I’d rather not see either of them but it seems likely at least one enters.”

Note that this was before speculation that Ronda won’t be in the match (we still think she shows up) or the “news” about the Horsewomen feud not happening (we still think it does, just not at WrestleMania).

Final Summary


That, of course, is Candace LaRae, the wife of NXT star Johnny Gargano and one who should honestly already be on NXT herself, if not the main roster.

So you see there’s fantasy booking, and then there’s legit booking done by someone who just happens to not be employed by WWE. This isn’t fantasy booking, it’s legit booking. If the actual WWE Women’s Royal Rumble goes anything like Christina booked it, it’ll be an event to remember. And if it falls short, you’ll always be able to come back and see “what could have been.”

This goes without saying, but we fully recommend giving Christina a follow on Twitter, and follow The Chairshot if you haven’t already!

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