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Power Rankings: WWE NXT



With the all of the action from NXT Takeover War Games there was a lot of moving pieces to try and sort through. A new men’s and women’s champion as well as the first War Games match in 19 years, that many feel was the best War Games match since the early days of the gimmick. So just to remind everyone, Power Rankings assesses not only championship accolades and main event status, but over all reception among fans, internet buzz, merchandise sales and who the perceived draws of the brand really are.

So with the criteria gone over again, let’s get to the list.

5. Johnny Gargano

Johnny Wrestling had a lot of momentum coming out of the DIY break up a few months ago, but has been haunted by one loss after the other. He finally seems to be getting some momentum on his side after a very impressive win over Kassius Ohno. This leads up to a number one contender’s match, and possibly a chance to avenge an earlier loss to Andrade “Cien” Almas. Still a very over babyface, Gargano’s finally getting a push to validate his fan reaction.

4. The Iconic Duo

The only pure heels left in the NXT Women’s Divison, as well as, two of the most over women in the company. Peyton Royce had more fan support going into the Fatal 4 Way at War Games but sadly fell to Ember Moon. Billie Kay has sadly been relegated to side kick lately for the duo, but together they are still a competent heel team that finds a way to get it done, more often than not.

WWE NXT Aleister Black
3. Aleister Black

The undefeated Dutch Assassin got a huge win over Velveteen Dream. This was the best story going into War Games and it finally allowed the audience to get a small glimpse at Black’s personality aside from just his striking ability. He’s a bit overdue for a shot at the NXT Title since he’s been undefeated since March 8th, where he beat the current NXT champion. So 9 months of victories, something has to break sooner or later.

2. Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega

I mean this is the fabled tale of heel acquires beautiful valet/manager and wins the main Championship. Zelina added a flair to Andrade that he was lacking, on top of the fact she can cut an English promo, whereas he really can’t. She’s managed to reign in his Ingobernable attitude and get him to focus on winning. He’s got a great look and move set, she’s great looking and easily a candidate for Best Manager of the Year if there was one. Enjoy El Idolo and tranquillo.

WWE NXT Bobby Fish Adam Cole Kyle O'Reilly
1. The Undisputed Era

“Indy Darlings”, winners of the first War Games match, Adam Cole is around the NXT Title scene as well as reDragon staking a claim at the NXT Tag Championship. Their limited time in NXT doesn’t matter since their reputation precedes them. All of these men have numerous accolades in ROH and New Japan, Adam Cole has revived from the dead, while Fish and O’Reily have done some decent work to prove they can hang with the major tag teams. Their NXT accomplishments don’t exactly translate to them being number 1, but the are all positioned well and most of the hardcore fanbase knows what they are about, and they are immensely over. So the top seed may not be undisputed…but it’s hard to argue.

Leading into Takeover: Philadelphia it should be interesting to see how accurate this list stays and exactly who creeps up into the top 5 after the pay per view event. Also since the assumption is that Shayna Baszler will debut soon, that should be interesting to see what the addition of such a vicious heel will do to the Women’s Division.



Can a Queen of the Ring Event Work in Today’s WWE?



Sasha Banks WWE Queen Of The Ring

Rumors are swirling about WWE bringing back a throwback event for the next all-women’s PPV.  A Queen of the Ring tournament sounds like a good idea as a focal point for the PPV considering the ever-evolving Women’s Evolution.

Many fans remember the King of the Ring, which was considered one of the big five PPVs for WWE back in the 1990s.  King of the Ring had its ups and downs, but it was mostly known for the birth of Austin 3:16.  The iconic moment still stands the test of time twenty two years later, however others such as Owen Hart, Triple H, and Edge certainly benefited from the once-prestigious tournament.

After Brock Lesnar’s win in 2002, King of the Ring slowly began to fade out.  The last tournament was in 2015,where Bad News Barrett would later become King Barrett to celebrate the win.  Before that was the infamous King Sheamus, who won the one prior back in 2010.

The allure and beneficial factor of King of the Ring definitely dissipated by the time it was brought back.  King of the Ring used to be a big deal, meaning that the winner was definitely en route to a huge push or a WWE Championship opportunity down the road.  The accolade was something that a few men could add to their list of accomplishments.

So let’s fast forward to now with these Queen of the Ring ideas.  Could this really work in today’s WWE that is struggling to create lasting moments and new stars?

It depends on the commitment factor for the company; and that lies on the success and reception of the event if it did happen.  There is certainly use for it, as the tournament can be used to elevate talent such as Ruby Riott, Peyton Royce, or Sasha Banks.  On the flip side, it wouldn’t be no surprise if someone such as Alexa Bliss or Mandy Rose could take the win to garner extra heat for their respective character.  That would certainly work, as Bliss is an example of someone who is very much over and the company seems to be completely behind her.

Consistency also matters, in which it is crucial to make the Queen of the Ring idea work.  That goes hand in hand with the storytelling aspect that the company has been struggling with for some time now.  Gaps in logic with missed opportunities have done more harm than good, and with Evolution’s success, it wouldn’t be fair to the women if Queen of the Ring was one and done thanks to those poor factors.

Queen of the Ring is a great idea that could certainly help the Women’s Division.  Having the tournament at the Women’s PPV would create interest for fans that want something to look forward to.  There is no doubt that the talent would shine during the Queen of the Ring – even the potential for possible Match of the Year candidates is high at an event such as this. 

WWE has all of the tools to make this a success if at all possible this is true.  Overall, it would be beneficial for the Women’s Division, and it will help the Evolution become full circle –something that the Division is meant to be.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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SmackDown Live: Should The Miz Become A Babyface?



WWE The Miz

The Miz is a natural-born heel. the kind of performer who is so over the top, you cannot help but love him and hate him at the same time. David Levin asks if he should turn face.

I have always subscribed to a theory in professional wrestling that if one superstar becomes a heel, one must become a babyface. Unless the two characters are able to perform the very difficult “double turn” then which wrestlers draw the short straw becomes a decision for the creative team and the people that truly matter – the McMahon clan.

I am not a fan of Daniel Bryan’s most recent heel turn, but understand how his character was a bit stale. Having him beat A.J. Styles for the WWE title was the right move, but might have been at the wrong time. The feud between two of the best in-ring performers in WWE is a dream matchup that was waiting to happen. The residual effect, however, has made things a bit cramped for some performers, most notably The Miz.

It’s hard to see both Bryan and The Miz, two of the best who feed off each other, on the same side of the fence. It also begs the question – should WWE, in turn, make The Miz a babyface and create an arc that finds these two face-to-face at WrestleMania 35 with the company title on the line?

The Miz is a natural-born heel. the kind of performer who is so over the top, you cannot help but love him and hate him at the same time. He is  a combination of Chris Jericho, Ric Flair and Gino Hernandez wrapped tightly into an explosive character who gets over with the fans and draws heat when he needs to.

Heels were supposed to control matches in years gone by and knew when to sell for an opponent and let a match speak for itself. With Maryse by his side, he is every bit Tully Blanchard with Baby Doll, and when given a microphone to accentuate his persona he is WWE gold.

Why he does not have a title around his waist right now is a mystery yet to be solved. A confrontation with Bryan, who is the top heel by far on the blue brand, with the WWE fanbase squarely in his corner is another angle the creative team should look long and hard at pulling off.

The reality star turned professional wrestler turned movie star should still be considered an underrated commodity for what he does on screen and how he is a money maker off camera. But in honesty, taking his current character and changing his position from heel to babyface might be his biggest challenge in WWE to date.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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