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Top 5: Matches Of The Week Ending 12/10/17



With the results in tow, we can focus on the last last month that feeds into The Chairshot: Match of the Year. The final winner of November was, Moustache Mountain vs Pete Dunne & Mark Andrews @ NXT. 

So what makes this coming vote different is, the overall winner of November voted upon this week. Let’s go over the November matches before jumping into this week:

NJPW Power Struggle: IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kota Ibushi

Smackdown Live! : WWE Championship: AJ Styles vs Jinder Mahal 

NXT Takeover War Games: Aleister Black vs Velveteen Dream

NXT: UK Championship: Johnny Gargano vs Pete Dunne

NXT: Moutache Mountain vs Pete Dunne & Mark Andrews

Now that we’ve revisited last months top matches, let’s dive into December and see what this past week manufactured.

5. Raw: Intercontinental Championship: Roman Reigns vs Jason Jordan

So this is the match that everyone thought they didn’t want, but ended up winning over most fans, including the live crowd. Jason Jordan is one of the best WWE Superstars in terms of in-ring ability, but hot damn is his character terrible. If this is developing towards a heel turn, then I supposed he’s playing whiny entitled Millenial very well, but if not, well then his career will suffer.

The match was over twenty minutes of nice power moves, paced well with some storytelling and even a submission attempt by Roman! But any jokes aside, it’s hard to find any issues with the match besides it went on a little too long and the wrestlers aren’t exactly fan favorites.

Plus the aftermath with Samoa Joe helped to muddy up the Intercontinental Title scene as well as bleed into a possible angle with the other members of The Shield. All in all, this match built nicely towards possible stories and continues to give us less reasons to boo Reigns.

Ranking: Gold V

4. SmackDown Live: Randy Orton vs Sami Zayn

Much like the Raw match, this sets things in motion nicely, on top of being a decently entertaining match. While the end result was a little obvious, this could lead to something most fans are a little excited for.

Randy has been playing the physical embodiment of Shane McMahon’s wrath against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. This match had an interesting stipulation with Kevin Owens being handcuffed to the ring rope, but beyond that it was how you’d expect any two heels to try and figure out how to win. Orton dominates most of the match, Owens gets out of the handcuffs and attempts to help Zayn, but Orton still manages a victory through the shenanigans.

Afterwards, the two heels beat down Orton, who we learned earlier will be facing them at Clash of Champions with a partner of his choosing. As they try to soften up Orton before the PPV, Shinsuke Nakamura comes in for the nice save, confirming in the ring that he’s willing to partner with Orton, and they pose as the show fades out.

Ranking: Gold V

3. Impact: Eli Drake & Chris Adonis vs Johnny Impact & Petey Williams

These four guys, as well as Alberto el Patron have been keeping the main event scene of Impact Wrestling very tolerable. Petey seems to be the chosen Canadian since Impact has relocated, which is awesome since he hasn’t really lost a step and deserves a main event push.

Many of you may have figured that Adonis is in this match to eat a pin, and you good sir or madame would be completely correct. However, Adonis holds his own surprisingly well. He has an early exchange with Johnny which gives his team a quick edge. As the match continues the heels try to take some short cuts, but the faces remain resilient and manage to overcome the cheating. Johnny still uses Starship Pain, and would look more impressive if he connected better on the finish.

After the match, Alberto el Patron comes through the crowd and puts a beating on Eli Drake and stands over him with the title. So Alberto’s tirade against everyone is keeping the title picture kind of interesting since it’s not a normal black and white dynamic.

Ranking: Gold IV

2. Dragon Gate Fantastic Gate at Korakuen Hall:  Ryo Saito vs Shingo Takagi

Now from a previous match list I did, we know that Ryo Saito is the Open the Owari Gate Champion, which is the comedy championship. This doesn’t sit well with Shingo and the rest of the Verserk stable, so this match was a way for Saito to prove himself. If Saito loses, he will be forced to join Verserk as the lowest member, so the proverbial piss boy of the heel stable.

It’s worth noting that Shingo Takagi is a former bodybuilder and trained by the same man that trained Evil from New Japan’s Los Ingobernables de Japon. That’s important since the size disparity is fairly large and Shingo has that same vicious brawling style many of us have come to be aware of.

As the match goes on, it becomes more and more obvious that Takagi isn’t taking him seriously. Even goes as far as grabbing the Owari Championship Belt and tearing it apart, then using it to beat Saito with. Even without knowing Japanese, the story is very obviously that Shingo thinks Saito is below him and starts to toy with him.

Arrogance, is the downfall for Takagi. Aside from purposely allowing Ryo to hit certain moves on him, his outside managers start running interference and throwing in many foreign objects. So Takagi goes to hit Saito with a CHAIRSHOT while he’s being held, he misses and hits his manager instead. This gives Ryo the opportunity to hit a Dragon Suplex and barely hold on for the pinfall victory.

Should be interesting to see if there’s any fallout from the loss to the comedy champion. But I just hope Takagi gets some good storylines, because his ability is definitely on main event level.

Ranking: Gold III

1. NXT: Johnny Gargano vs Kassius Ohno

Well leave it to NXT to continue proving that WWE does Indy style better than the Indies. With Velveteen Dream’s injury, William Regal had to find a new opponent for Kassius Ohno, and this turned out to be a great surprise.

Gargano has been on a fairly monumental losing streak and Ohno has been the guy to face if you need to right the ship, and look like a million bucks while doing it. This match was exactly that, a great back and forth fight that had Ohno take an early advantage, and get a few very believable near falls thanks to Gargano’s lack of winning lately. But, Johnny showed the typical babyface heart and resiliency to work through an early beating and catch Ohno by surprise. A quick exchange and bouncing off the ropes, Ohno catches him, spins him around and Gargano locks in his crossface submission Garga-No Escape.

This win puts Gargano into the number one contender fatal four way, breaks his losing streak and could snowball nicely into a championship match. One more win and he gets a shot to avenge his loss from Takeover: Brooklyn III against Andrade. So things are looking up for Johnny Wrestling, should be fun to see how far it goes.

Ranking: Gold II

So next week will begin the Match of the Year vote, but first we need to find out who wins from November. My choice for best match of November is, NJPW Power Struggle: IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kota Ibushi , this match had everything you could ask from wrestling.

As for this week, Dragon Gate Fantastic Gate at Korakuen Hall:  Ryo Saito vs Shingo Takagi ,  a well told story in the ring, as well as showcasing an amazing not very well known talent in Shingo Takagi, is what puts this over the top to me.

I look forward to what all of The Chairshot personalities decide upon, and when the match of the year vote starts, that should be really interesting to see how different it is from other places.