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Bobby Lashley
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Bobby Lashley Is Now Done With Impact Wrestling, Headed To WWE?

Bobby Lashley has been with Impact Wrestling for the last few years on top of working on his MMA career with places like Bellator MMA. What Lashley has done in both companies is admirable, but when his deal came up, it made sense for Bobby to leave Impact. Most expected him to go, but it was not for lack of success. Lashley was able to be a top name for the company the entire time he was with them.

Lashley might be 15-2 in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, but he’s one of the most decorated Impact Wrestling performers in history. He had an amazing 2016 where he won every title he was eligible for. He’s a 4-time World Champion with the promotion and has an extensive background that shows his skill as a performer. When you need someone to wrestle as a big guy at a top level, Bobby Lashley is good to call.

Many thought he was done with pro-wrestling when he left the WWE years ago. He had been someone the company really liked, and one of the few black stars they saw as a clear main event talent. Vince McMahon took a liking to him very quick into his run with WWE, which ultimately led to him becoming the ECW World Champion as well as the WWE United States Champion, all within short periods of time.

Bobby Lashley’s deal was coming up and his wife now, then girlfriend Krystal, was not happy in WWE. Both decided to part ways from the promotion with neither looking to go back. However, the relationship was never terrible between the two sides. This had left the door open for Lashley to return to the WWE if he ever desired to do so. With now, seemingly being the perfect time.

Bobby Lashley Has Finished Up With Impact Wrestling

Lashley TNA Titles

[Image by Impact Wrestling]

During the recent set of Impact Wrestling tapings, Bobby Lashley was written out of the show. This was similar to what happened with EC3, but not quite to the exact same way. Like EC3, Lashley’s deal is up and he does not plan to stay with the company. So Bobby has decided not to sign a new deal and has instead decided to possibly jump to WWE.

WWE has extreme interest in Bobby as well. The company is expected to lose Brock Lesnar this year, and due to this, they need someone to come in that is similar to the Beast Incarnate. Though, he may not have Paul Heyman by his side. The thought is that Lashley will come in when Lesnar leaves, which is expected to be sometime near WWE SummerSlam. His contract had been extended a bit during negotiations over the UFC 200 show he took part in.

Since Lesnar is leaving, WWE needs another top guy who can come in with the same type of abilities that people love about Brock. However, they need to do it at a cheaper value. Enter Lashley, who might be more athletic than Brock but has a career that is almost a carbon copy of his with a “let me copy your homework”,”okay, but reword your answers” type of philosophy.

The Creepy Similar Careers Of Bobby Lashley And Brock Lesnar

Due to Brock leaving, having Bobby come in to take his place makes sense. It could also be interesting to see if WWE pulls the trigger on a match between the two that could give fans an explosive end to Brock’s WWE career. Lashley has a similar story to Lesnar. They both went on to have a pretty good MMA career, though much bigger for Brock. However, Lashley took out time to be in the United States Army.

Both have had vastly different careers, but Lashley has been considered to be a black version of Lesnar for years. WWE even saw the same potential years ago, which is why they loved having him. Like Lesnar, Bobby Lashley only stayed in WWE a few years with good success before departing.

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Though unlike Brock, Bobby never had the same opportunities to be thrust to the top as he did….mostly because they learned from their mistakes with Lesnar. Where Brock was given the WWE Title and the main event of WrestleMania and wins over the biggest stars of the Attitude Era, Lashley was given the ECW Title, worked with Vince McMahon, and only beat top stars of the current era.

While his career is literally the same as Lesnar in every way…there are exceptions and key differences. Lashley did not work for the UFC with his MMA career. He never main evented WrestleMania, or win the WWE Championship. He did not leave over not being able to handle the schedule however. He might be 41, but he’s still able to go better than Brock full-time or part-time. Without the success, he’s also cheaper. This is the best thing Lashley brings, with all the skill that Lesnar had. In a more athletic format. And that is freaky to even consider.

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