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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (1/30/18)



All images courtesy of the WWE Network streaming service.



  • First WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament First Round Match: Cedric Alexander VS Gran Metalik; Alexander wins and advances to the second round.
  • Second WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament First Round Match: TJP VS Tyler Bate; TJP wins and advances to the second round.


SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan is here!

But who is that walking out with him?

The fans cheer “YES! YES!” all the same, then shift to “Spud! Spud!” Bryan explains that he was so proud to be part of the Cruiserweight Classic back in 2016. Therefore, it is his privilege to introduce the first ever General Manager to 205 Live and the Cruiserweights. This new GM shall lead the Cruiserweight Division into a new phase as he allows the superstars of 205 Live to give us “the action they should’ve always given us” and the action that everyone wants! Bryan introduces the WWE Universe to “Rockstar Spud”, Drake Maverick!

The fans still want to think of him as “Spud” but Drake introduces himself, then tells us that he’s worked his entire career to stand here before us in the WWE! Drake is proud to be here and he thanks Bryan for making him the 205 GM. He is here to help 205 Live, and the first thing is: a new Cruiserweight Champion! Philly fires up for that, so Drake details his plan: “A 16 Man, Single-Elimination Tournament!” The winner naturally becomes the new Cruiserweight Champion, “on the biggest stage of them all,” Wrestlemania! But don’t worry, it won’t be all in one night, the tournament starts tonight! Two first round matches will be held tonight, “hit the graphics!” Yes, the Carolina Kid takes on the King of the Ropes, followed by the inaugural New Era Cruiserweight Champion to take on the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion! Yes, TJP VS Tyler Bate happens for the first time later tonight! “My lords, ladies and gentlemen,” Drake Maverick commences the WWE Cruiserweight Championship tournament!


First WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament First Round Match: Cedric Alexander VS Gran Metalik!

This momentous tournament opens with a major match, as the former #1 contender once again competes for a chance against a Cruiserweight Classic finalist. Which man will be a finalist in this Cruiserweight tournament?

While Alexander has only himself to rely on for encouragement, the King of the Ropes has his amigos in the Lucha Spirit trio there to rally for him. Even Spud comes by to shake Metalik’s hand and encourage him that this is his time to shine.

The bell rings, the two men circle and the fans build to a rally while they shake hands. Then they tie up, Metalik getting the waistlock but Alexander the reversal. Metalik slips around and reverses back, fans duel while Alexander spins and flips to reverse back. Alexander shifts to a headlock, Metalik powers out and things speed up. Alexander handsprings to the headscissors but Metalik rolls through, saying he won’t get the dropkick so easily. The fans applaud this exchange, and things speed up again, Alexander narrowly avoiding Metalik’s handspring. Metalik gets moving again, and hits a running headscissors, but now Alexander rolls through to say “not so fast.” They go again, Alexander getting a waistlock but Metalik reversing with an arm-drag takedown into the armlock. Alexander gets up and lifts but Metalik arm-drags Alexander back down again. The fans duel while Metalik wrenches but Alexander kicks him low. Alexander brings Metalik up for chops, then whips him corner to corner, but Metalik slips out to the apron. Metalik kicks Alexander away, then springboards for the missile dropkick!

Alexander gets out the far side while fans build to a rally. Metalik builds speed but Alexander flies in with the springboard lariat! Now Metalik bails out, so Alexander builds speed and FLIES!

Down goes Metalik, and Philly fires up for Alexander as he puts Metalik back in. Cover, TWO, but Alexander keeps his cool. He puts Metalik in a straitjacket hold and pulls back. Metalik endures while fans duel with chants. Metalik works his way out as fans build to a rally, but Alexander slams him down. Cover, TWO, but Alexander keeps his cool. He drags Metalik up and chops him to the ropes. He whips Metalik to ropes, Metalik comes back for headscissors, but Alexander blocks with pure strength! Alexander lifts Metalik up for the powerbomb, but Metalik reverses into a sunset flip powerbomb!

TWO, and Alexander handsprings for the Neuralizer! Cover, TWO, now Alexander grows a bit frustrated. Metalik gets to a corner while he takes the elbow pads off. Alexander runs corner to corner but into Metalik’s SUPERKICK! Metalik runs, Sling-Dog and then walks the ropes for another missile dropkick! Alexander rolls out while the fans rally for Metalik. Metalik builds speed and now HE FLIES!

He topples Alexander over and fans chant for “2 0 5! 2 0 5!” Metalik puts Alexander in the ring, then takes aim to springboard splash! TWO, but so close. Metalik drags Alexander up while fans rally again, but Alexander slips out of the fireman’s carry to rock him with a European Uppercut. Alexander runs, but into another SUPERKICK! Metalik runs but into the SPANISH FLY!

Cover, TWO, and Alexander can’t believe it. He and Metalik are both down but stirring. Alexander rolls to a corner and pulls himself up. Metalik comes over and overhand chops him down! Metalik drags Alexander up and hoists him to the top rope for another stiff chop. The fans fire up as Metalik climbs, but Alexander fights him off. Metalik rocks Alexander with a swing kick, then climbs up from the outside, springboard LUCHA Steiner!

Cover, TWO! Now Metalik cannot believe this isn’t done. He drags Alexander up again, and gives him elbow after elbow. Alexander blocks one to give back an elbow of his own, then throws him to ropes. Metalik handsprings, but Alexander catches him! He tosses Metalik up, but Metalik counters with a DDT!

Cover, TWO!! Metalik keeps his cool as he keeps going, dragging Alexander over to a corner. He then climbs up while the fans rally. Moonsault, but Alexander gets boots up! Alexander hurries, drags Metalik up, and hits the LUMBAR CHECK!

Alexander wins and advances! If this was just the first match of the tournament, imagine what all the others will be like! Not only that, but with this amazing performance, does Alexander have what it takes to reach the finals and finally become Cruiserweight Champion?


WWE and 205 Live take a look at the inaugural WWE UK Champion, Tyler Bate.

The young man from Dudley, and one half of Mustache Mountain, Bate won the first ever WWE UK Championship Tournament over one year ago. Bate stands out because of his maturity despite his young age, and he’s shown as much in amazing matches against the British Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne. Together, Dunne & Bate put on NXT’s Match of the Year award winner in last year’s TakeOver: Chicago UK Championship match. Bate also qualifies for the Crusierweight Division, and gets his first opportunity towards a Cruiserweight Championship match tonight. Can Bate make history again by being the first crossover champion?


“Gentleman” Jack Gallagher speaks.

So the 205 Live GM is a “fellow countryman” to the British superstar? Then hopefully Spud understands the importance of a gentleman making it through to the finals. Is Gallagher expecting special treatment on the Road to Wrestlemania?


Drake Maverick explains the importance of this tournament.

A 16-man tournament, single elimination, and the finals happen at Wrestlemania 34. However, Drew Gulak appears.

“On behalf of the entire 205 Live locker room”, Gulak must tell Drake how happy they all are to have him. Gulak also wants Drake to know that they “crave law and order”, and he is personally excited to see what changes Drake has to create a #Better205Live. He gives Drake his bouquet and bow, then takes his leave. Drake then gives that bouquet to the backstage employee. Is Gulak going to be pleased or disappointed in the Spud Administration?


Mustafa Ali speaks.

“Yo, last week was insane.” The Pakistani Prince took on his pal, Cedric Alexander and “tore the house down.” They showed the world what 205 Live is all about. The fans stood up, cheered and chanted “This is Awesome!” Then Ali lost. That wasn’t as awesome for him, but it’s okay. Because he has a wake-up call going into the tournament. Ali will steal the show and punch his ticket to Wrestlemania. Can the Prince rise up and finally take the throne on the Grandest Stage of Them All?


Backstage interview with TJP.

However, he wants everyone, especially Dasha Fuentes, to get it right. He is the “first-ever WWE Cruiserweight Champion, TJP.” Since his return to 205 Live, he’s had a string of losses, and now he faces the first ever WWE United Kingdom Champion. “The thing is,” everyone has a short memory. TJP won the first ever Cruiserweight Classic, which is how he became the first-ever (New Era) Cruiserweight Champion. But then the 205 Live GM walks in.

Spud formally introduces himself and hears how TJP talks about his CWC win. But that was a long time ago, and tonight is TJP VS Bate. Bate is hungry for gold, he wants to go to Wrestlemania and become champion. Which TJP shows up tonight? The TJP that won the CWC? Or the TJP that “whines and complains when he doesn’t get his way”? A good question, what will TJP’s answer be in tonight’s main event?


Akira Tozawa speaks.

“I’m disappointed.” The Stamina Monster wanted to be 205 Live GM, but he isn’t. That’s okay, because now he can win the tournament and become a two-time Cruiserweight Champion at Wrestlemania! And then, “You’re FIRED!”

Will Tozawa make good on a golden opportunity? And who even is that that he’s “firing”?


Second WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament First Round Match: TJP VS Tyler Bate!

In this battle of first-ever champions, only one of them can advance towards being the next champion. Can the “Cruiser-Great” overcome the Mustache Mountain prodigy?

The bell rings and the Philly fans chant “Let’s go, Tyler!” They tie up, Tyler pushes TJP but TJP turns it around to put Tyler on the ropes. The ref calls for the break, and TJP honors it cleanly. They circle again, tie up, TJP gets the waistlock but Tyler gets the wristlock. TJP rolls and reverses to then hook Tyler’s nose. Tyler stands up and wrenches the wristlock again. TJP rolls and spins to then throw Bate with a spinning headscissors takedown. This becomes a cover, TWO as Tyler gets a shoulder up, so TJP dabs on ’em.

Philly boos his ego, but TJP doesn’t care. Tyler rolls around while fans continue to cheer him on. He reaches up to headscissor TJP now, and TJP flails as Tyler props himself up on his hands to wrench the neck. He also grabs one of TJP’s arms, but TJP uses his legs to help pop out of the hold. However, Tyler keeps hold of the arm to then bring TJP back down into the headscissors. TJP keeps resisting while fans duel, and rolls out to stand up. He works to pin Tyler but Tyler gets him with another headscissors takedown. TJP gets angry now, but the fans keep dueling. TJP pops out, Tyler kip-ups, TJP whips Tyler at the ropes. Tyler comes back with the rebound, but TJP ducks under. Tyler throws TJP to ropes, TJP goes Spider-Man to slip out to the apron. TJP says “not so fast” with the finger wag, then he slips under Tyler again to roll him up. TWO, but TJP rolls Tyler sideways now for a seated surfboard!

The fans applaud while Tyler endures the stretch. TJP pulls back more, but Tyler works to use his strong arms and legs to roll. The fans rally as Tyler reverses the surfboard into a surfboard of his own! With a lift!

Tyler has the full swinging surfboard, but TJP won’t give up. Tyler drops him, body scissors cover, TWO, Tyler runs TJP over with a shoulder. Things speed up, Tyler showing off his agility to then dropkick TJP down! While TJP rolls out, Tyler takes a moment to tweeze the mustache. Tyler then builds speed to DIVE!

TJP goes down, but Tyler kip-ups to again tweeze the mustache. He brings TJP up and into the ring, then takes aim from the apron. Tyler shoulders in then slingshots for the sunset flip, but TJP holds onto ropes. TJP spins around to DDT Tyler’s ankle into the mat. The fans duel with chants as TJP puts Tyler in a corner then rock Tyler with a EuroUpper. TJP grinds Tyler down with a boot to the chin, then backs off at the ref’s order. He comes back, however, to drag Tyler up and snap suplex him. He rolls through to then back suplex Tyler down, covers, TWO. TJP keeps his cool as he puts Tyler into a combination Deathlock and Butterfly Lock.

He bends Tyler from arms to spine to legs but Tyler endures. The fans build to a rally, and Tyler works his way out of the Deathlock. He stands up while TJP maintains the butterfly underhooks, but Tyler powers TJP into a corner. TJP goes after the arms again, so Tyler rams him into the corner again. Tyler gets space to then run back in, but TJP hops up and grabs a leg for a hanging Boston Crab!

The referee counts, this is illegal on virtue of the ropebreak. TJP holds on all the way until 4 then lets go. He brings Tyler out and scoop slams before hitting the slingshot senton. Cover, TWO, but TJP just keeps going. He ties up Tyler’s legs again and then stands on the left knee. TJP dares Tyler to do something, Tyler manages to push him away, then a second time. They both stand up, Tyler gives TJP a knee to the head, but the beat-up knee forces Tyler to stagger away. Even so, Tyler comes back to headbutt TJP in the stomach, then give him a EuroUpper. Tyler whips TJP, TJP reverses, but then runs into Tyler’s boot! TJP gets himself to a corner, Tyler comes running in for a big running EuroUpper. Tyler hops up, hits a flying knee strike, then a delayed German Suplex with the bridge! TWO, and Tyler is a bit surprised. He makes sure his leg is okay while TJP slowly stirs. The fans duel again while Tyler gets to his feet. He brings TJP up for the double underhook but TJP resists and fights back. TJP kicks the bad leg a couple times, then lifts in the fireman’s carry. Tyler slips out and staggers to a corner. TJP runs in but Tyler catches him, to TJP’s surprise! Tyler turns around and throws TJP overhead! Tyler kip-ups again but that bad leg slows him down, yet he still hits the shooting star!

TWO, but very close. The fans keep cheering and dueling while Tyler makes sure that leg gets moving again. He and TJP brawl on their knees, EuroUppers and haymakers back and forth. They stand up now, TJP ducks to forearm, but then Tyler ducks to EuroUpper, then they double boot! Tyler returns and boots TJP again, TJP sits down. Tyler brings him up, runs, but TJP dropkicks the bad leg out! The fans rally again as the two men stir. TJP crawls over for that leg, but Tyler shoves him away with the good one. TJP returns and unloads strikes onto Tyler. He throws Tyler, Tyler rebounds again, but TJP still ducks under to then trip him up and wrap on a Kneebar!

Tyler endures, as well as resists TJP’s attempts to add the figure four grapevine. Tyler drags himself to the ropes and gets the break! The hold is undone, and fans applaud Tyler’s grit. TJP gets up while Tyler drags himself up on the ropes. TJP lifts Tyler in the fireman’s carry but Tyler slips out to a waistlock. Standing switch and a shove, Tyler finally hits the rebound lariat!

Cover, TWO, and Tyler is shocked. That leg is still a problem but Tyler still stands up. He calls for the spin, and the fans fire up. Tyler lifts TJP into the fireman’s carry, and begins the airplane cyclone! Tyler goes around and around and the fans count it out to about 20. He dumps TJP down, then calls for the finish. He hobbles over and lifts TJP, but TJP trips him and gets the Kneebar again! Tyler drags himself, TJP drags him back, so Tyler rolls through to pin, TWO! Bop up, BANG out!

TJP goes down, Tyler crawls to drag him over to a corner. Tyler goes up top on one leg, and takes aim. He goes for the corkscrew senton, but flops as TJP evades! TJP gets on Tyler, Kneebar with figure four grapevine! The fans duel while Tyler endures! Tyler reaches, drags himself as best he can with TJP on his legs. Tyler rolls and gets the break again! TJP lets go and grows further frustrated while the fans applaud. He throws off his wristbands and then runs at Tyler, but into a EuroUpper! He tries again, Tyler sticks a boot out but TJP catches it. TJP pulls Tyler out to the middle, spins him around but gets another EuroUpper! Tyler then rebounds for the rolling kick! TJP goes down, Tyler hurries to bring him back up. Double underhook and full powerbomb lift, but TJP reaches for the corner and grabs on! Tyler lets go long enough to turn around, but TJP uses that to his advantage, sunset flip! TJP grabs trunks, TJP steals the win!! Tyler cannot believe he got cheated, but TJP is elated.

The FilAm Flash found a way to win tonight, but this is just the first round. Will the “Cruiser-Great” start a win-streak to again become Cruiserweight Champion?


My Thoughts:

Another great episode of 205 Live in this post-Enzo era. I’m pleased by having Rockstar Spud as the inaugural GM, though I agree with Philly that he should’ve been called Spud. Copyright likely gets in the way of that, but he still shows great personality in his WWE debut. I personally was hoping for a Cruiserweight Championship Elimination Chamber, but this 16 Man tournament is also a great idea. Tonight was a great indicator that, as Daniel Bryan put it, the matches really will give us that Cruiserweight experience WWE has been under-utilizing since 2016’s CWC tournament. Alexander VS Metalik was great, especially as an opener, as it sets the tone for the rest of the opening round. Alexander keeps in character, as well, where he shrugs off being delayed because at least he still has a shot. I expect him to go far since it felt like he was going to win against Enzo at the Rumble anyway.

Nice surprise to see Tyler Bate, a member of the UK Division, crossover into this division to try his hand. He and TJP also have a great match, though there were moments where the crowd drifted out. TJP and Tyler are both great with technical wrestling so I enjoyed their exchange of the holds, such as the surfboard reversal and TJP’s creative combination of Butterfly and Indian Deathlock. In the end, TJP wins because he’s a full-time member of the 205 Live roster and Cruiserweight Division and it helps move his story along. He’s broken his brief losing streak and his ego can balloon with every win, to then have it pop the moment he has his next loss. For that reason, I hope TJP goes far, maybe even to Wrestlemania, to then lose to (I assume) Cedric Alexander in the championship match. Alexander can have his crowning moment on the biggest PPV of the WWE calender, and TJP can throw the biggest #TJPissed tantrum ever on that same Grandest Stage of Them All.

My Score: 8.5/10



Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (12/11/18)



SmackDown cover image

SmackDown brings us a Wrestlemania Rematch this close to TLC! The Queen ended the Empress of Tomorrow’s undefeated streak, but will history repeat itself?



  • Daniel Bryan VS Mustafa Ali; Bryan wins.
  • The Miz & Shane McMahon VS Chip & Chad; The Miz & Shane win.
  • Samoa Joe & Shinsuke Nakamura VS Jeff Hardy & Rusev w/ Lana; wins.
  • Naomi VS Mandy Rose; wins.
  • Charlotte Flair VS Asuka; wins.


Daniel Bryan heads to the ring!

Or should we say, the new Daniel Bryan. Either way, the WWE Championship will be on the line against the Phenomenal AJ Styles. However, it’s a minor miracle Styles can even compete after what this Daniel Bryan did to his leg at the end of last week. Fans boo and jeer this Bryan as he picks up a mic. Bryan recalls calling the WWE Universe a bunch of sheep. He wants to apologize for that. Bryan wants to apologize to sheep. Sheep don’t deserve to be compared to such idiots! They’re not the ones destroying the planet with endless consumption. It’s not a “carbon hoof print.” The fans aren’t sheep. They’re parasites! Fans disagree, and believe “Daniel Sucks!” He just calls them fickle.

As he was saying, fans are parasites because they take and take and give nothing in return, especially in Las Vegas. But Bryan isn’t surprised, because fans latched on tot he Old Bryan and lived vicariously through him. That’s what the Yes Movement really was. “Well guess what? The Old Daniel Bryan is dead! And the Yes Movement is dead!” But just like any parasite, the fans have moved on to a new “fickle field”. And these idiots all sit on the couch in the House that AJ Styles Built. Fans cheer for Styles, but Bryan reminds us he is the WWE Champion! And at TLC, Bryan vows to crush Styles’ dream of reclaiming the title, and then the announcement will be “Still WWE Champion, the NEW Daniel Bryan!”

Do fans not believe him? “No! No!” Well Bryan debates with friends all the time, “sometimes you don’t know whether your’e stupid or you deliberately pull the wool over your eyes so you don’t have to realize the facts.” Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance. Like in Vegas! But wait, here comes Bryan’s opponent for tonight, the Beacon of Light, Mustafa Ali! Ali responds to Bryan with an introduction, but Bryan already knows who he is. The idiot fans might not but Bryan does. And he knows they’re having a match later, but Ali can join him now. Bryan gives Ali an introduction, and it seems fans do know who he is. Ali is the Heart of 205 Live, and is an incredible performer. Bryan sees a lot of his former self in Ali.

So Bryan gives Ali advice: they don’t need to have this match tonight. Bryan tells Ali that the fans won’t care, “they’re too self-absorbed” and xenophobic. These fickle fans do not deserve this great match. Fans boo so Bryan calls them all fickle. But Ali wants to know what happened to Bryan. Bryan inspired wrestlers like Ali to become a superstar. The entire 205 Live roster looks up to Bryan because Bryan stood toe to toe with any giant and proved he had heart. So what happened? Bryan talks about the Old Bryan, but that Old Bryan would want a fight. Ali wants a fight! Bryan paces while fans chant “Fight! Fight!” Bryan asks Ali what kind of car he drives. What does that have to do with this? But, it’s an SUV.

Bryan doesn’t like that. Ali is small, why does he need a car so big? Well, he has a wife and kids- Bryan slaps him! Bryan says Ali is ignorant, and slaps him again. So Ali fights back! Bryan whips but Ali reverses and headscissors Bryan tot he apron! Then dropkicks Bryan out, and leaps with a senton! Ali looks to shut this New Bryan up, next!


Daniel Bryan VS Mustafa Ali!

SmackDown returns as Bryan whips Ali and knocks him down with a kitchen sink knee. Bryan drags Ali up for a headbutt then toys with him. Fans boo as Bryan taunts Ali then bumps him off buckles. Bryan kicks away on Ali in the corner, then soaks up the heat. Bryan drags Ali up with an arm wrench, then whips him corner to corner. Ali goes up but Bryan catches him with a kick. Bryan kicks Ali while he’s down, then drops knees. Bryan hooks Ali’s face but lets up at 4. Ali gets to a corner but Bryan rocks him with a European Uppercut. Bryan grabs Ali for a toehold, then drops an elbow on the knee. Bryan hooks the legs and grabs at the arms. Ali resists so Bryan hooks the nose instead!

Bryan lets up at 4, then hooks the nose again. He lets go at 4, and then lets off the legs to stomp Ali on the back! Fans boo but Bryan soaks up the heat. Bryan stalks Ali and gives him the Yes Kicks. OR perhaps now, the “No Kicks” because fans say “No!” with each one. Bryan aims but Ali dodges to kick back! Ali SUPERKICKS Bryan in the back, covers, TWO! Bryan bails out but Ali builds speed to wreck him with a dropkick! Ali slingshots but Bryan dodges to send Ali into the post! Bryan grins while we go picture in picture.

Ali is down while Bryan catches his breath. Bryan climbs up top to make sure everyone can see him. Then he goes back for Ali on the outside, but leaves him for dead. Bryan soaks up the heat and counts along, but Ali gets in at 9! Bryan looks annoyed by the resilient Ali. He kicks Ali while he’s down, then drags him up. Bryan snap suplexes Ali down, then heads up top. Ali gets up and stops Bryan! Ali climbs up to join Bryan, and hits a SUPER SPANISH FLY!! But Ali flounders away, he crawls back to a cover, TWO!! Ali was so close to pinning THE WWE Champion! He hurries to put Bryan in a drop zone and goes back up. But Bryan trips Ali off and Ali hits the floor!

Bryan gets Ali back into the ring fast, and wraps on the No Lock! Ali moves around, enduring the hold. Bryan wrenches back hard, but Ali doesn’t give up. Ali drags himself and Bryan towards ropes as we return to single picture. Ali reaches, and gets the ropebreak! Bryan lets go, but is simply annoyed further. Bryan drags Ali up and puts him on the top rope backwards. He pulls Ali down into the Tree of Woe and gives more No Kicks. Bryan runs corner to corner, and hits a dropkick! Bryan drags Ali out of the Tree, then puts him back up. He climbs up behind Ali, but Ali slips out of the Super Back Suplex! Ali dodges Bryan and Bryan hits buckles! Ali CHOPS Bryan, and again, and again! Bryan kicks back and bump Ali off buckles.

Bryan whips but Ali reverses. Ali gets under Bryan to hit the tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Ali again comes close and is shocked. Bryan ends up in a drop zone and Ali hurries up again. Ali leaps, 0-5-4 FLOPS! Bryan drags Ali over and slams his leg into the post! And again! And again! Ali crawls away but Bryan comes around from the corner to chop block the leg! Bryan drags Ali into the Heel Hook! Ali taps, Bryan wins!

Winner: The New Daniel Bryan, by submission

The WWE Champion’s new mean streak helps him snuff out the Beacon of Light tonight in Vegas! However, The Phenomenal One is coming for payback, will he become the new champion?

But Bryan isn’t done with Ali! He attacks Ali on the stage with those savage stomps! And he puts the Heel Hook on again! Ali taps but it doesn’t matter. More referees appear and Bryan lets Ali go. Fans boo but Bryan revels in it as he holds up his title. This mean streak runs deep, will it be the key to keeping the New Bryan the current champion?


Awww Vegas~! It’s time for a Rap Battle!

The New Day come out to host a special battle of bars between The Usos and The Bar!

SmackDown returns as Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E stand ready as judges for this second ever SmackDown Rap Battle. Meanwhile, The Bar look like they stepped out from the 90’s. Now they’ll all be battling in the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Triple Threat. The Bar requested this battle but the New Day won’t allow for any funny business. Sheamus starts off, “This has gone too far, Big Tony, hit them with the bar.” Cesaro starts a beat for “Ice Ice Shamy.” The Bar basically parody Vanilla Ice. Fans don’t know whether to laugh or boo. The New Day rank that… a trash can out of 10.

As for the Usos, Jimmy and Jey take a moment to collect themselves. “It’s the Usos VS the Bar in a rap off, I’m like it can’t be. What the hell are they about to talk about, UCe?” “Sheamus’ hair grease. Cesaro’s mouth piece.” The Usos got cheated, defeated, they removed it from their memories like Woken Hardy: DELETED. They beat the Ninja Turtles, and now it’s on to Bebop and Rock Steady. “FELLA~!” Mr. Movie Star, they’re not stealing a line but that was booty. Usos show love, like cupid. Sheamus looks dumb. No, like stupid! Is Sheamus purposefully staying white like chalk? Does he have Cesaro help him with the mohawk? Brogue Kicks VS Superkick, ain’t no pump action, those come from the hip, hit you in the teeth. But how do you knock Cesaro’s teeth out with no knuckles? I dunno. Let’s introduce our friend, Mr. Turnbuckle.

Hello, Mr. Turnbuckle! How did it feel? Well when he pushed Cesaro’s teeth down his throat, we learned who’s the real man of steel. Cesaro the Swiss Superman, right? King of Swing, right? But that won’t matter against their Uso kryptonite! The Bar sets the bar? No this is a true tag team, they’re the stars. Ten years, still going hard, zero injuries, Uso Iron Man! Tony Stark!! The Usos are bulletproof, are the truth and still have fun. Back to back tag team of the year, six time champs coming soon. The Bar, New Day, Usos, Sunday, Welcome to the Uso Penitentiary! The Bar have heard enough, they start swinging! The Usos are ready, and they hit back! Cesaro and Sheamus get sent out, and then the Usos are ready to throw with The New Day.

But The Bar comes back to blow it all up! BROGUE for Jey, and then a beating for the hosts! Jey gets up, but gets A-Swiss-ted White Noise! The Bar hold up their titles, and as the Usos said themselves, “We ARE the Bar!” Will #RunBAR continue to run the SmackDown Tag Team Division after TLC’s Triple Threat?


Asuka speaks.

“I thought nobody would be ready for Asuka. I was wrong, I was not ready, I made one mistake.” The mistake was Asuka let up. But this Sunday, Asuka will kick, strike, climb and grab that title to win. As for tonight, Charlotte won’t be ready this time! The Empress is fired up, will she settle the score from back at Wrestlemania?


The Miz is in the ring!

He holds the World Cup trophy, and tells Shane McMahon that while it’s his week to have custody, Miz needs to speak his mind. Miz wants Shane to come out, and doesn’t want to have to beg. Fans want to see him beg. Miz concedes, and kneels. He bends the knee, and asks Shane come out to talk. This is bigger than a trophy, so please come out. Shane O’Mac appears! He joins Miz in the ring, and says “What’s up, Las Vegas?” And what is up with Miz? Is he okay? Why is Miz out here with the trophy? It’s the only way Miz can get through to him! Shane won’t respond to him. They can be so good together, if he’d just give Miz a chance.

Miz knows Shane is scared, and so is Miz. But Shane owes Miz one. They should tag together again. If they lose, fine, this can stop. But if they win, they can be the #BestTeamintheWorld! Shane thinks this is getting weird. No, the trophy is just a symbol. They can be so much more! Then enlighten him. Okay, fine. Miz will say this for the first time in his life. In fact, Miz will show him! Get a referee out here! A referee appears. They’ll take on Chip & Chad, The Vegas Boys! Chip & Chad appear, and the match is set?

The Miz & Shane McMahon VS Chip & Chad!

Shane is very confused, and tries to reason with Miz while the bell rings. Chip and Chad attack Shane! Miz is shocked, but he coaches Shane up. Shane fires off fast hands! He knocks Chip(?) down then throws him out! Shane dares Chad(?) to fight, and he lights him up with jabs! Shane whips then hits a big back elbow. He hits Chip away and then gives Chad a float-over DDT! Fans want Miz to get in, but he’s busy holding the world cup. Shane brings Chad into a triangle hold! Miz is already celebrating before Chad taps out. Shane & Miz win!

Winners: The Miz & Shane McMahon, Shane by submission

The Best Team in the World finally succeeds! But Miz is clearly more pumped then Shane is about it. Will Shane come around and join Miz on this tag team journey to the top? Or is Miz just seeing what he wants to see?


Paige is furious with the referee.

They can’t just be making matches without the GM’s consent! Especially with the commissioner. But The Miz said she gave permission. Paige sees what’s going on now. But just as she tells the ref to hush, Chip & Chad come in, with invoices. The Miz said they were getting paid $5000 each for that match. Paige tears up the invoices, and tells everyone to leave. Will the GM have words for the overly ambitious A-Lister?


Randy Orton heads to the ring!

The Viper prepares for a Chairs Match with the King of Lucha Libre! These two will be able to do whatever they want with those infamous steel weapons. Orton brings one into the ring with him, and says “Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned solid steel chair, am I right?” They’re built for comfort, but can also make a statement. Orton rolls footage of how he’s used these chairs to brutalize Rey Mysterio these last few weeks, namely wrapped around Mysterio’s head before being thrown into a steel post. Orton likes that, but perhaps we can do better. He rolls more footage, as he did very much the same thing, but throwing Mysterio into steel steps this time.

“Now let me get this straight.” Mysterio knows he has a Chairs Match, and is okay with that? Everyone’s seen what Orton does to his opponent, yet Mysterio is okay with that? Mysterio must think he’ll get his revenge. But Mysterio is a victim, and victims don’t get revenge. The locker room will be worried about TLC, but Mysterio needs to be worried about RKO. But Mysterio SMACKS Orton from behind! Mysterio jabs the chair into Orton, then SMACKS him again! Then he tosses the chair at Orton, to dropkick it in his head! Orton is on the ropes, and Mysterio hits the 619! Orton bails out, but Mysterio wants more! Will the Viper be a victim after Sunday?


Backstage interview with Becky Lynch.

If Charlotte Flair and Asuka beat each other up badly enough, does that give her an advantage in the SmackDown Women’s Championship TLC? Advantage? Becky’s getting back in the ring, road testing both her banged up face and her banged up brain, in one of the most dangerous matches in all of WWE. And not just against one but two of the best. So no, there is no advantage. But Becky still loves it. Fighting against the odds is what Becky does. And doctors can get all twitchy, but she’ll still scout her opponents tonight. And then on Sunday, she’ll remind all of us how much chaos can happen when The Man comes around.


Samoa Joe & Shinsuke Nakamura VS Jeff Hardy & Rusev w/ Lana!

The Destroyer wants to remind the Enigma of his troubled past, while the King of Strong Style wants to make it clear the Super Athlete will never relive his glory days. Will Hardy and Rusev uniting be enough to show Joe and Nakamura that it’s not about the past but the future?


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Joe’s Lucha Libre Weekly: News & Analysis (12/9/10)



Joe Lucha Libre Report
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What happened in CMLL, AAA, and the world of Lucha Libre this week? Joe Dinan has you covered!


Last Friday Arena Mexico

So this was the Legends of Mexico show or Leyenda de Mexicana. The main event was a legends match which… wasn’t exactly good. It’s fun to see legends in the ring, and that’s why the fans were there but judging from a match point of view they couldn’t really move well. The match included Rayo de Jalisco, Atlantis, and Blue Panther vs Mascara Ano 2000, Canek, and Villano IV. In fairness Blue Panther can still move really well for his age. Rayo, Blue Panther, and Atlantis won the match. There was a 6 man tag titles match between Los Guerrero’s facing Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero. Los Guerrero’s retained their titles. Mano Negra, Solar, and Felino faced off against Fuerza Guerrera, Jerry Estrada who hasn’t been in Arena Mexico for 25 years, and Negro Navarro. That match was okay.

Arena Puebla Monday Show

The main event saw Rush and Terrible facing Volador and Diamante Azul. Volador and Azul won the match and at the end Terrible wanted to face Volador in a match. That’ll happen in the future I assume. Co Main event saw Atlantis, Soberano, and Valiente facing Felino, Bucanero, and Cavernario. It was a fun match with the latter winning.

Arena Mexico Tuesday Show

The main event of this show saw Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero facing Atlantis, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja. This was a fun match which saw the latter winning. I feel like they’re setting up an Atlantis match with Sanson out of this. Titan, Triton, and Esfinge faced off against Mephisto, Luciferno, and Ephesto. It was a really fun match with Mephisto, Luciferno, and Ephesto winning. Misterioso defeated Black Panther in a lightning match as well.

Arena Mexico Friday

The card this Friday sees the main event being Volador Jr facing Ultimo Guerrero in a singles match. It doesn’t appear that the heavyweight championship is on the line. Atlantis, Valiente, and Azul face Rush, Terrible, and Cavernario in the co main event. This really isn’t that big or important of a show based off the match card. I don’t expect the attendance to be over 10,000 this week.


AAA was live on Twitch on December 2nd. Every title was on the line but the story during the show was Brian Cage sent in a video message with Melissa Santos explaining in Spanish that he had a ton of injuries and couldn’t make it to the show. I think that was just to save face since Fenix also couldn’t wrestle because Cage just worked a match on Wednesday. Fenix comes out to cut a promo and explain things. The fans boo him because AAA stupidly kept promoting the match knowing for 9 days that Fenix wasn’t going to wrestle. He even mentioned it on their Lucha Capital show on Facebook the previous Wednesday. The false advertisement and use of card subject to change to trick the fans is bullshit. Subject to change means the card changes if an injury or last minute thing happens. It’s not a free pass to advertise matches you know you’re never going to do. Anyway on to the card.

Lady Shani won the title in the first match. Keyra was supposed to be in the match to make it a 5 way but she was at a WWE try out in Chile. So it was a four way and Scarlett Bordeaux left the match mid way through. So Shani won the match after Faby had a spat with the ref. The next match built on the angle of Mascara and Maximo. Mascara and his team win the match further continuing the feud. There’s talks of Maximo and Mascara being in a hair vs hair match.

Laredo Kid, Hijo Del Vikingo, and Angelikal who is now called Myzteziz Jr, as AAA La Parka pronounced him earlier in the show (Have fun typing Myzteziz.), faced Porde de Norte for the 6 man tag titles. The story going in here was the former team beat Porde de Norte 3 straight times so conventional thinking is they won’t win this match, but they actually did, crowning new champs. There was an impromptu match afterwards where Vikingo was taken out by the OGTs and La Parka replaced him. They still beat the OGTs, later we learned this match was because there was no Fenix vs Cage match.

Pagano and Joe Lider faced Ciclope and Miedo Extremo and Texano and Rey Escorpion for the tag titles in a hardcore match. It wasn’t as hardcore as the previous matches but it was still pretty hardcore. Texano and Rey retain their titles. Fantasma faced Drago to defend his Latin American championship. The story of the match was Fantasma was dominating and Drago just kept kicking out and Drago basically rolled him up for the win. As said before Cage and Fenix didn’t wrestle.

The main event was between Blue Demon Jr and Killer Kross facing Dr. Wagner Jr and Psycho Clown. Scarlett came out with Kross to distract. Vampiro came out to stop her but Kross kills him. Kross and Blue Demon ended up winning and Scarlett was hitting Wagner after the match. You know she’s going to get hers soon. Better not show anyone in the United States. They’ll complain to Roshfrans.

AAA on Twitch 12/8

There’s a show on the 8th which isn’t much of a star driven show. The main event features Dr. Wagner Jr, Psycho Clown, and Pagano facing Blue Demon Jr, Killer Kross, and Rey Escorpion. I’m sure Scarlett Bordeaux will be by ring side for that. The Co-Main event sees the OGTs facing Porde de Norte. That’s Averno, Chessman, and Super Fly vs Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana. Aerostar will face Monster Clown in a special singles match. Laredo Kid, Hijo Del Vikingo and a luchador surprise who might just be Myzteziz Jr will face Taurus, Australian Suicide, and Jack Evans.

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