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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (1/9/18)



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  • TJ Perkins VS Gran Metalik; Metalik wins.
  • Cedric Alexander VS Tony Nese; Alexander wins.


Raw saw Enzo Amore defend his Cruiserweight Championship against Cedric Alexander.

The Certified G was back from being ill with the flu, and perhaps that was why he was not 100% ready to face a motivated Carolina Kid. Enzo held his own, but once Alexander got going, it was clear things were going the #1 contender’s way. Alexander would bust Enzo open across the eyebrow, and even flatten him under a Tope Conjilo. Enzo’s leg was in serious pain, and he let that be reason enough not to get back in the ring. The Cruiserweight Champion was counted out, the Cruiserweight Championship stayed with him. Neither man was happy with the result, but Alexander knew he was exceptionally close to winning that title. Will the Carolina Kid be given yet another second chance?


TJ Perkins VS Gran Metalik!

The “Cruiser-Great” FilAm Flash is 1-0 since his return last week, can he make it 2-0 against the King of the Ropes this week? Likewise, how is Metalik feeling after the Ungentlemanly Alliance sidelined him with a leg injury?

Before the match, TJP found the Lucha Amigos, Kalisto & Gran Metalik backstage.

The inaugural New Era Cruiserweight Champion welcomed Metalik back from his knee injury. TJP prefers competing with his opponents at their best, like when he first defeated Metalik during the Cruiserweight Classic. Kalisto & Metalik welcomed TJP back, too, and reminded TJP a lot has changed since the CWC. If TJP is still living in the past, he is going to get left behind. He is not living in the past, Kalisto is just trying to catch up to the original.

As for the present…

The bell rings, TJP runs in but Metalik unleashes chops. Metalik puts on a headlock, TJP powers out and gets out of the way of a handspring. He kicks Metalik low, then elbows him in the back before whipping him. Metalik reverses, things speed up again, drop toehold to La Mahistrol, TWO. TJP pops up, Metalik arm-drags him down into an armlock. TJP headscissors, Metalik handsprings out to then dropkick TJP. Metalik dares the confident TJP to do something, then whips him hard into a corner. TJP dodges and Metalik hits buckles, but with Kalisto watching backstage, Metalik comes back to hit an acrobatic arm-drag!

Metalik gets the crowd fired up, builds speed, but TJP ducks under the baseball slide to kick back. TJP gives Metalik a European Uppercut as the ref starts his count, then whips Metalik at the steel steps. However, Metalik jumps over the steel steps and rolls through to stand back up! Then he comes back to flying huricanrana TJP!

The count continues as Metalik gets TJP up and into the ring. Metalik climbs up, but TJP revives and trips him up. TJP then drags Metalik into a Tree of Woe and stomps a mudhole in before a corner to corner hesitation dropkick! He drags Metalik out of the Tree and to a cover, ONE. TJP whips Metalik, runs him over with a back elbow, covers, TWO. TJP puts on a chinlock, fans build to a rally for Metalik. Metalik stands up, fights out of the hold but TJP whips him. Metalik reverses, TJP knocks him down with springboard forearms, cover, TWO. TJP is getting a bit frustrated while Metalik gets himself to ropes. TJP grinds his foot into Metalik’s chin, then stands him up for a scoop slam, and slingshot senton. Cover, TWO, but TJP keeps his cool. He stomps on Metalik, then drags him up to snapmare him down to scrape his sole on Metalik’s eyes. TJP sits Metalik up to stretch his arms back. Metalik gets up and fans rally again. TJP lifts but Metalik slips out of the back suplex to roll TJP up, TWO! Metalik runs at TJP, only to get alley-oop’d onto buckles.

TJP suplexes Metalik then covers, TWO. The former champ grows further frustrated, he puts Metalik in a trapped-arm chinlock. Fans rally for Metalik again, Metalik gets out of the hold but TJP puts him hard into a corner, face into buckles. TJP hoists Metalik up to the top rope then climbs up to join him. The two brawl up there, Metalik resisting TJP’s plans with body shots. Metalik bumps TJP’s head off the buckle, then stands right on top of the post. Metalik jumps, for a SUPER Sunset Flip Powerbomb!

Both men are down, but Metalik uses ropes to climb to his feet. TJP gets up, but runs into a roundhouse kick! Metalik hits a SlingDog, then walks on the ropes to hit a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO, and Metalik is surprised. He drags TJP up, fireman’s carry but TJP rakes the eyes and eye-holes. Metalik elbows him away, TJP staggers, Metalik handsprings but TJP dropkicks him out of the air!

TJP drags Metalik up now, for the Dodon Buster!

TWO! TJP is furious now! He won’t stop there, he lifts Metalik in a fireman’s carry but Metalik slips out of that to shove TJP into a corner. Metalik runs in, TJP puts him on the apron, but Metalik gives him the swing kick to send him away. Metalik then climbs up to the top, walks the ropes, springboard elbow!

He isn’t done there! Metalik brings TJP up into the fireman’s carry, spins around and hits the Metalik Driver!

Metalik wins! And Kalisto even appears to help celebrate.

The King of the Ropes returns to successfully make TJP break even at 1-1! Can the “Cruiser-Great” bounce back to get a winning record in 2018? He gets so frustrated, and shouts angrily at the fans. “You think this is good!?” He takes his frustrations out on the announce desk by tossing off the lid, then kicking off the papers! “You think this is funny, huh!?” TJP even throws an arm chair at the ropes!

TJP’s tantrum includes taking Nigel’s water and splashing it everywhere, and tipping over the steel steps. Fans boo and jeer as he storms around the ring. The referee tells TJP to leave ringside, TJP shouts back “I go where I wanna go!” Then TJP tips over the other set of the steel steps. TJP finally storms off, fans chanting “TJ Sucks!” If this is what happens with one loss, hopefully TJP doesn’t get a second…



Backstage interview with Enzo Amore.

The Cruiserweight Champion is here in Birmingham, but how is his leg feeling after the damage done in his championship match last night on Raw? The Realest Champ says his Realest Ankle is feeling feeble and the Realest Right Eye is swollen up like a baseball. The scar will be permanent like a tattoo. Speaking of which, Enzo was considering adding a new one. He already has one on the front so maybe one on the back like a tramp stamp. Enzo will get the Ford symbol, because he’s built Ford Tough. However, WWE Medical Staff have not cleared Enzo for competition, so Alexander needs to consider himself lucky. If Enzo could, he would break off his bad foot off in Alexander’s– “Well what do we got ova here?” It’s Tony Nese.

The Premier Athlete reminds Enzo that his ‘Zo Train beat some sense into him. Nese admits he was out of line, but now that he’s back, he wants back in. Does Nese think it’ll be that easy? Oh it will be. When Nese gets back on the train, he’ll be second in command! When Enzo is gone, Nese is in charge! A bold statement from Nese, and Nese vows to back it up. Nese promises to beat and beat down Alexander. Can Nese assert himself at Alexander’s expense?


Jack Gallagher heads to the ring.

The Ungentle Gentleman again has a mic and speaks to Birmingham. “Ladies and gentlemen, for those hoping that Hideo Itami would slake his thirst for vengeance tonight, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.” Itami is bruised, battered and just plain not here thanks to the “thorough thrashing” Gallagher delivered. And don’t worry, if Itami does return, Gallagher has “such machinations” in store for him. Itami has bruises, but bruises fade. Unfortunately, Gallagher’s friend and mentor, THE Brian Kendrick, suffered injuries that don’t heal so easily. The “Scales of Justice” are not even, don’t you agree? Birmingham doesn’t. That’s just what Gallagher expected from them. While Kendrick’s future is in jeopardy, Itami will find no sanctuary. Gallagher vows to “ruin Hideo Itami’s life!” Wait, Itami appears?! And he points right at Gallagher.

Itami storms his way to the ring, Gallagher puts up his dukes. Gallagher rushes Itami but Itami fires off right hands. He whips Gallagher and hits him with a boot! Itami is fired up, Gallagher goes for William III! Gallagher swings but Itami blocks, to then knock Gallagher down with a right hand. Itami is all fired up, he stands on William III to stop Gallagher from picking it back up. Itami kicks Gallagher away, and now Itami has William III! He winds up his swing, but Gallagher ducks out of the ring. Gallagher runs away through the crowd, Itami dares him to come back for his umbrella. The Ungentle Gentleman stays away, what will it take for these two to settle the score?


Backstage interview with Cedric Alexander.

Is he at all disappointed in his hollow victory against the Cruiserweight Champion on Raw? He does wish he was the new Cruiserweight Champion, but no, he’s not disappointed. Alexander worked hard to get to where he is, he is motivated. He will wait for Enzo to heal up, and then make his dream come true.

Goldust comes in after the interview to compliment Alexander.

The compliments mean a lot when they come from Goldust. Goldust is just being a friend, and is making sure no one takes advantage of Alexander. Did you see Enzo’s mangled ankle? Wow! But be worried more about that “dirty mouth” that can talk him out of anything. Enzo has Nese in his back pocket, and Nese is ready to take Alexander out. Goldust heard Enzo is ringside, too. If Enzo gets involved, he’ll learn what’s worse than one bad ankle. And what’s that? Two bad ankles. Goldust assure Alexander he’s Goldust’s champ. Will Alexander thwart Nese’s attempt at redemption?


Enzo Amore walks out to ringside.

The Certified G Cruiserweight Champion does just as Goldust knew he would. The Bonafide Stud hears the fans in Birmingham chant “How You Doin’?!” and he replies “I’m alright, nonetheless.” Enzo introduces “a man who has as many abs as Cedric Alexander is getting chances at my boo”, it is the Premier Athlete!

Cedric Alexander VS Tony Nese!

Nese counts the eight reasons why he should be The ‘Zo Train’s number one guy, and they’re all his abs. Can “Tony Abs” come through on his promise to Enzo?

The bell rings, Enzo tells Nese to “prove yourself”! Alexander trolls Enzo about his ankle, Nese tells him to focus on his flex. Nese and Alexander circle and tie up, Nese wrenches Alexander’s arm. Alexander rolls and spins to trip Nese up, then gets running, only for Nese to run him over with a back elbow. Nese rains down rights and stomps, making sure Enzo sees it. Enzo sees it, he wants Nese to show and not tell. Nese brings Alexander up and rocks him with a right hand, then with a sharp chop. He then whips Alexander corner to corner but Alexander goes up and over to handspring headscissor and dropkick Nese down. Nese rolls out of the ring while Alexander handsprings up. Alexander builds speed but adjusts his flight plan when he sees Nese get out of the way. Nese trips Alexander up and Alexander hits apron edge! Nese then wheelbarrows Alexander to slam him into barriers!

Enzo loves what he sees, Nese flexes while Enzo trash talks. “Why don’t you keep your eyes on the prize? Oh wait it’s right here.” The referee counts while Nese stomps on Alexander. Nese puts Alexander into the ring, covers, TWO, so Nese wrenches Alexander’s neck. Enzo trash talks while Alexander endures. Fans rally for Alexander, Enzo dislikes that, Nese throws Alexander down and covers, TWO. Back to the neck wrench, Nese and Enzo both trash talk Alexander. Enzo says HE is championship material like Gucci. Fans rally again, Alexander gets up, and he gives Nese body shots and a jawbreaker. Alexander runs but Nese runs him over, cover, TWO. Nese stomps Alexander, Enzo tells him to finish the job. Nese keeps stomping, then flexes more as he embraces the heat. Alexander chops back, then kicks back, but Nese gives him a stiff forearm. Nese drives knees into Alexander’s ribs, then whips him hard corner to corner. Alexander dodges Nese as he runs in, Enzo is upset with Nese. Nese gets a back elbow from Alexander, then a dropkick that sends him into buckles. Alexander goes to the apron to kick Nese in the face! The fans fire up, Alexander hits the step-in complete shot!

Nese rolls out, Alexander kip-up and builds speed to FLY!

Alexander wipes out Nese then gets him back in the ring, cover, TWO! Enzo is both relieved and disappointed, he tells Nese to “get it together”! Alexander is up first, and he drags Nese up. Nese resists the finish and elbows Alexander, roll up, TWO! Nese puts Alexander on the apron, Alexander immediately springboards for the flying clothesline!

Cover, TWO! Alexander is surprised, Enzo himself is a bit stunned. Nese stirs, Alexander is waiting. Nese uses the ropes for safety, so Alexander has to back off. Alexander comes back in, Nese gives him a flapjack hotshot on the top rope! Enzo reminds Nese that Nese vowed to beat Alexander down. Nese triangle jump moonsaults, but lands on his feet when he sees Alexander evaded. He gives Alexander a back kick then a knee lift, but Alexander blocks the roundhouse to give the back elbow. Alexander runs, handsprings, but Nese sees it coming to fireman carry into a gutbuster! Cover, TWO! Nese and Enzo cannot believe that one. Enzo tells Nese to keep going, fans rally as Nese wills himself to his feet. Nese slaps Alexander around, Alexander slaps back! Alexander gives Nese forearms, Nese gives a strong one back! Nese runs, into an uppercut from Alexander! Alexander whips, Nese reverses to slip under, but Alexander slips out of the pumphandle. Alexander’s leg buckles underneath him! The referee keeps Nese back but not for long, Nese rushes in, Alexander surprises him with a small package roll-up!! Alexander snags a win! Enzo is beside himself as Nese tries to reason with him.

As for Alexander, he celebrates his victory by revealing his ankle isn’t actually that bad. Enzo can’t believe he was tricked! He gets in the ring, Nese tries to say Alexander’s trick shouldn’t keep him out of the ‘Zo Train. Enzo simply tells Nese “Get the hell out!” Nese obeys, leaving Alexander and Enzo alone in the ring. “You think this is a joke?” Enzo asks Alexander. Enzo says Alexander knows he’d lose straight up if Enzo could compete. Alexander keeps looking at that bad ankle… Enzo says he should be paying attention to the title, but perhaps Enzo should be paying attention to Alexander. The #1 contender sweeps the good leg, then gives Enzo a Lumbar Check!

Alexander drags Enzo to the center of the ring, and picks up the Cruiserweight Championship. He folds it and tucks it under Enzo’s head like a pillow. Enzo may have his “boo” for now, but will Alexander make the best of his second second chance?


My Thoughts:

This was an interesting episode here. It seems that with THE Brian Kendrick out with his injury and Hideo Itami in, Kalisto & Gran Metalik have completely left the “cruel winter” behind. It is too early to tell if they will have an extended feud with TJP, but with the solid action in the ring and the surprising temper tantrum TJP threw after losing, it could work. TJP continues where he left off in being the Cruiserweight Division’s top sore loser, but obviously he can’t lose too often, or else the ringside area won’t survive. Itami VS Gallagher better be a No Disqualification match so that William III and other umbrellas can be used over and over as weapons. If Kendrick was healthy, I bet there would’ve been a Six Man Tag of Itami, Metalik & Kalisto VS TJP, Kendrick & Gallagher somewhere along the way. I enjoyed the championship related stories tonight, too. Nese’s story of “Who is Tony Nese without the ‘Zo Train” didn’t last long, but him wanting back in was probably the ending anyway. He loses to Alexander’s trickery, mostly as a jab at Enzo usually being the cheater. I almost thought fans were going to turn on Alexander, but luckily the comeuppance levels for Enzo are high enough that no one saw Alexander as the Heel for picking on an injured man. I still want to see Enzo lose the title because of something the ‘Zo Train does, thereby prompting someone like Drew Gulak to turn Face when they turn on Enzo, but I do like Alexander build strength for his own case of winning clean.

My Score: 8/10

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (4/13/19)

Who qualifies for the Crockett Cup?!



ROH cover image

Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 395

ROH plays host to a Crockett Cup Qualifying Match! Will The Briscoes make it through Willie Mack and Jeff Cobb? Or will #DemBoyz be left out in the cold?



  • Shane Taylor VS Luchasaurus; Taylor wins.
  • Katie Forbes & Mazzerati VS Sumie Sakai & Mayu Iwatani; Sakai & Iwatani win.
  • Crockett Cup Qualifying Match: The Briscoes VS Jeff Cobb & Willie Mack; The Briscoes win and move on to The Crockett Cup tag team tournament.


The Briscoes speak.

“So when we heard that they’re bringing back the Crockett Cup for 2019…” “Classic.” “We was hyped.” “Hyped!” The Crockett Cup, let’s go! But then they were making Jay & Mark qualify? What the hell? Jay felt disrespected hearing that. They’re 10-time tag team champions and they have to qualify!? But that’s fine, “watch this!” Because at the end, when they’ve won the whole thing atop a pile of bodies, “y’all did this.” Cobb, Mack, the Road to the Cup starts tonight. The Briscoes have warned their opponents, but will they be the ones left out?


Shane Taylor VS Luchasaurus!

The Notorious Hitman wants a championship and the paycheck that comes with it, and will go after anyone he has to to get there. But can he get past the towering beast put before him?

Taylor refuses the Code of Honor to tell Luchasaurus that it doesn’t matter where he came from, he’s in Taylor’s town. Taylor pie faces Luchasaurus but Luchasaurus gives it back. The bell rings and they tie up. They break and then go again, to break again. Fans cheer on Luchasaurus as he dares Taylor to bring it. Taylor runs in but gets a boot. Luchasaurus has his dukes up and Taylor likes the look of that. They circle and Luchasaurus kicks Taylor sharp in the leg. Luchasaurus stalks Taylor but Taylor comes back to circle with him. Taylor gets a swift JAB in, then talks trash, but Luchasaurus swings a kick. Taylor ducks it to give Luchasaurus a CHOP! Luchasaurus stays standing and gives Taylor kicks! Taylor staggers and Luchasaurus runs in, but Taylor puts him on the apron.

Luchasaurus headbutts Taylor but Taylor dodges the boot. Taylor gives another strong JAB, then slingshots Luchasaurus in for a stunner! Fans cheer that show of strength as Taylor covers. TWO, but Taylor keeps on Luchasaurus with clubbing forearms. The wrestling T-Rex is in trouble as we go to break.

ROH returns as Taylor puts Luchasaurus in a corner for CHOPS! Taylor whips Luchasaurus corner to corner then runs in, but into a boot. Luchasaurus boots again but Taylor grabs it. Luchasaurus pries free to give Taylor a knee! Taylor catches Luchasaurus for a CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Taylor taunts Luchasaurus as he drags Luchasaurus up. Fans rally and Luchasaurus grabs Taylor for a choke! Taylor breaks free and grabs for Luchasaurus, but he blocks it! Luchasaurus gives a strike fest, and a cartwheel for Snake Bite headscissors! Rolling buzzsaw! Cover, TWO! Taylor survives but Luchasaurus keeps his cool. Luchasaurus drags Taylor up but Taylor hits back. They brawl with big shots back and forth, but Luchasaurus gets the edge.

Luchasaurus swings but Taylor bobs ‘n’ weaves to headbutt! Taylor runs but into a knee! Then a back heel kick! Luchasaurus runs, dodges, but still gets clobbered with a clothesline! Cover, TWO! Taylor keeps his cool while he trash talks Luchasaurus. But Luchasaurus sits up and grabs Taylor by the throat! They both stand, but Taylor tries to break free. Luchasaurus lets him go to swing a heel kick. Taylor ducks it, to get the return kick! And another big heel kick! Luchasaurus hits his CHOKE SLAM! And a standing moonsault, but to knees! Taylor survives and then blocks the boot to give a massive urenage! He rolls Luchasaurus for a knee! Greetings from the 216! Cover, Taylor wins!!

Winner: Shane Taylor, by pinfall

The Hitman takes down the Monster from the Mesozoic! Will this be what Taylor needs to go for gold?


Last time on ROH…

The Octopus, Jonathon Gresham, went for revenge on The Last Real Man for adding insult to injury on his bad leg. But after getting bloodied, Silas Young got his hands dirty by sneaking in a low blow! Silas won, and in an interview afterward, Silas told Gresham via the camera that Gresham’s revenge didn’t go the way he thought. Sure he busted Silas open, but Silas-

Wait, Gresham finds Silas. Silas is talking crap, and he looks like crap, too. Gresham’s sure talking big. He may have busted Silas open, but he couldn’t get the job done, huh? Gresham says all their match proved was that Silas couldn’t win fair and square. Silas claims he won with a wrestling move a la that small package cradle. Gresham says Silas is lucky Gresham won’t punch him again. ROH security keeps this from getting any more heated, but there is much left to settle between Octopus and Last Real Man. Will Silas prove he’s a man by giving Gresham a fair rematch?


Tenille Dashwood joins commentary.

She has great news: she’s cleared to compete! When and where will she bring the spotlight back on her and head for that Women of Honor World Championship?


Katie Forbes & Mazzerati VS Sumie Sakai & Mayu Iwatani!

The All Natural and her friend, The Fox, make their ROH TV debuts as a team, but will they stand a chance against two former WOH World Champions?! Just how bright will the Ray of Sunshine and Queen of Stardom shine as a dynamic duo?

The Code of Honor is denied with a flick of the hair and an L for loser on the foreheads. Mazz starts for her team against Mayu! Fans fire up for “Stardom! Stardom!” as Mayu tries the Code again. Mazz SLAPS Mayu and calls her a loser! Mayu kicks and whips Mazz and things speed up. Mayu springboards and arm-drags Mazz then hip tosses her down. She snapmares with hair and covers, TWO! Mazz gets away while Mayu knips up, and fans fire up for the decorated Joshi star. Mazz tags to Forbes but Mayu tags to Sumie. Sumie has the fans on her side but Forbes ignores it. They tie up and Forbes shoves Sumie down. Sumie gets back up and ties up with Forbes again.

Forbes uses the height advantage for leverage, but Sumie kicks at her legs. Sumie goes to whip but Forbes blocks. Forbes whips Sumie but misses in the corner. Sumie fires off Mongolian chops! And chops and chops and chops! Fans fire up but Forbes throws Sumie by her hair! Forbes sits Sumie up for her “enhanced” hip attack! Sumie scrambles to a corner and Forbes handsprings corner to corner for a back elbow. Forbes adds insult to injury with her “All Natural” Stink Face! The ref counts and Forbes backs off at 4. Forbes drags Sumie to a cover, TWO! The duo of champions is in trouble as Forbes drags Sumie to her corner and we go to break.

ROH returns as Mazz whips Sumie corner to corner. Mazz then runs in, but into a boot! Mazz staggers but comes back in to block the next boot. She puts Sumie’s leg on the ropes to kick it. Mazz suplexes and covers, TWO! Mazz keeps her cool and runs to drop the leg, but Sumie gets clear! Sumie crawls but Forbes goes around to the corner and drags Mayu off the apron! Forbes teases Sumie as she holds Mayu up. Sumie gets attacked from behind and Forbes gives Mayu a snake eyes on the apron. Mazz drags Sumie up and whips but Sumie reverses. Mazz grabs ropes and spins to heel kick Sumie away. She gives Sumie a DDT, then covers, but Mayu breaks it! Mazz is furious but fans rally up for Sumie. Mazz spins but Sumie dodges to kick and TJ Neckbreaker!

Fans rally up and Sumie crawls for her corner. Hot tag to Mayu! Mayu aims and dropkicks Mazz down! She drags her back up but Forbes runs in to attack. The duo double whips Mayu but she reverses and wristlocks for a springboard DOUBLE arm-drag! Fans fire up as Mayu gives them both the basement dropkick! Mayu fires up now as she stays on Mazz. She drags Mazz up for a Northern Lights! Bridging cover, TWO! Mazz lives but Mayu stomps her down before tagging Sumie. Mayu climbs one corner as Mazz staggers up, missile dropkick sends her back down! Sumie is perched, crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Mazz survives and Forbes attacks Sumie just because.

Sumie slaps Forbes then puts her in a corner. The Joshi duo double whips but Mazz dodges and spins things around. Mazz sends Sumie into Mayu, then Forbes grabs them both for a DOUBLE Fireman’s Carry! The All Natural does squats with that weight, then hits a DOUBLE Samoan Drop! Mazz flounders to cover Sumie but Sumie gets up. Mazz throws hands then drags Mayu back in. Sumie hits Mazz while Forbes goes to throw Mayu. Mayu blocks and then SUPERKICKS Forbes! Mazz hits Sumie back then goes after Mayu. Mayu SUPERKICKS Mazz, then Smash Mouse from Sumie! Cover, Sumie & Mayu win!!

Winners: Sumie Sakai & Mayu Iwatani, Sakai pinning

The duo of former champions toughs it out and gets the win! Will this new team make big waves in the WOH Division’s growing tag scene?


PJ Black speaks.

“Let me start from the beginning.” The Darewolf came in with a chip on his shoulder, thought he knew better and was just plain better. But his loss to Bandido really hurt. PJ’s been doing this for 22 years now, but given how long he’s been doing this, the frustration is building. He’s been trying to take shortcuts to get ahead, but it doesn’t work. ROH is built on honor and respect, of course, but PJ’s been doing the opposite. Now he’s doing some soul searching and rethinking his mindset. He knows he has to do it differently now. LifeBlood sets a great example for him, and he’ll learn to follow the honor in Ring of Honor. PJ knows now he didn’t know better, but will he be able to make it right in a rematch next week in episode 396?


Crockett Cup Qualifying Match: The Briscoes VS Jeff Cobb & Willie Mack!

The most decorated tag team in ROH were practically offended that they’d have to qualify for the return of the iconic tag team tournament! But as the “baddest tag team on the whole damn planet”, they’ll gladly beat up anyone and everyone they have to in order to win it all. Will #DemBoyz be able to overcome the ROH World Television and NWA National Heavyweight Champions? Or will Cobb and Mack be the duo to #ManUp and make it into the Crockett Cup?

ROH returns as both teams uphold the Code of Honor. That’s surprising for the way The Briscoes have been acting lately. Fans duel for the two teams as they sort out. Mack and Mark start and stare down with the bell. Fans rally up and Mack circles with Mark. They tie up and Mack powers Mark to a corner. Mark turns it around and grinds his forearm in. He backs off at 4 but Mack dodges the chop to give a chop! Mack CHOPS again, but Mark CHOPS back. They trade CHOP after CHOP! Neither man backs down as they keep firing them off! Mack eggs Mark on but Mark knees low. Mark headlocks but Mack powers out to his own. Mark powers out but Mack runs him over!

Mack speeds things up and hurdles over Mark, to then hit a BIG Thesz Press! He fires off hands then runs for a Stone Cold elbow drop. Fans fire up as Mack brings Mark up and powers him to the corner. Cobb tags in and rams his shoulders in. Cobb throws European Uppercuts then whips Mark to a corner. He scoops Mark on the rebound to then suplex! Cobb holds Mark up for a count of 15! Mark flops up and out of the ring! Jay hurries to regroup with his brother and get him back in this. Mark goes back in to tag Jay and Jay circles with Cobb.

They tie up and Jay waistlocks Cobb. Cobb pries his way out to a wristlock but Jay rolls and spins and drop toeholds. Jay gets a facelock but Cobb powers him to a corner! Cobb lets Jay go clean and now the hair comes down from both men. Fans fire up as Cobb shakes the locks out. Jay calls for a test of strength, but with the Hawaiian Hulk? They tie up, but Jay kicks low. The Briscoes tag and mug Cobb while we go to break.

ROH returns as Jay uppercuts Cobb to a corner. Jay throws more uppercuts then whips corner to corner. Cobb reverses but runs into a back elbow. Jay tags in Mark and the Briscoes double whip, to run Cobb over with double shoulders! Fans cheer that as Mark covers, ONE! Mark keeps his eyes on Mack while stomping Cobb. Cobb grits his teeth and throws body shots back. Cobb rocks Mark but Mark hits Mack! Mark still gets forearms from Cobb then Cobb whips to elbow Mark down. Cobb brings Mark up for more forearms, then whips again. Mark holds ropes and Jay tags in. The Briscoes swarm and Mark feeds Cobb to Jay’s boot!

Mark hits Mack again for good measure while Jay drags Cobb up again. The Briscoes throw Cobb out then Mark climbs to corkscrew moonsault onto them both! The South Sussex Chicken flies and takes them both out! Mark puts Cobb in for Jay and Jay covers. TWO, but Jay keeps on Cobb with a headbutt. Jay kicks and bumps Cobb in a corner then stomps in a mudhole. He grinds his boot in but backs off at 4. Jay drags Cobb up to tag Mark, and The Briscoes mug Cobb again. Mark stays between Cobb and Mack as he CHOPS and forearms Cobb. He puts Cobb back in the corner and tags in Jay. They mug Cobb more and Jay rams his shoulders in. Jay brings Cobb around and manages to snap suplex him! Fans cheer that as Jay tags Mark.

Mark clubs Cobb but Cobb throws hands. Mark knees low and clubs Cobb again, but Cobb dodges to DROPKICK! Cobb rolls, hot tag to Mack! The Return of the Mack rallies on The Briscoes! Running leg lariat puts Mark in a corner! Mack goes side to side for a sharp forearm, then side to side again for a bicycle boot! Mark sits down and Mack goes corner to corner for the inverted cannonball! Cover, TWO! Mark survives but Mack keeps his cool. Mack whips Mark corner to corner but Mark reverses. Jay runs in to forearm, and feed Mack to Mark’s shotgun dropkick! Mark drags Mack to a cover, TWO! Tag to Jay and the Briscoes stomp out Mack while we go to one last break.

ROH returns again as Mark holds Mack in the Briscoe corner. Jay distracts the ref while Mark rakes Mack’s eyes, but then the ref has to keep Cobb back. Jay stomps a mudhole into Mack in that time, then both Briscoes grind their boot in. The ref reprimands them both but Jay keeps going to EuroUpper Mack. Tag to Mark and The Briscoes continue to mug Mack. Mark rocks Mack with an uppercut, then stalks him to an open corner for more stomps. Mack throws hands but Mark haymakers and headbutts him down. Mark snapmares Mack to a neck wrench! Fans rally up as Mack endures. Mack works his way up and fights his way out. Mark clubs Mack back then runs, but into Mack’s pop-up complete shot! Both men are down but fans fire up as they stir.

Mack and Mark crawl, hot tag to Cobb but Jay still runs in! Cobb catches Jay for a BIG overhead belly2belly suplex! Mark staggers up and gets one of his own! Cobb sees the Briscoes in opposite corners, so Cobb runs for a big leaping elbow on Jay, then corner to corner for one on Mark! Cobb scoops Mark but Jay saves him. The Briscoes double whip but Cobb reverses to pull them into each other! Cobb gets a leg each, and gives both Briscoes a single leg suplex! Fans fire up as Cobb hits a STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Mark lives and gets to a corner but Cobb goes at him for CHOPS. Cobb whips but Mark goes up and forearms Cobb back. Mark ducks Cobb to PELE! Tag to Jay, and Jay runs to clobber Cobb! Cover, TWO!

Jay grows frustrated but he drags Cobb up for a neckbreaker, only for Cobb to power out and SUPERKICK! Hot tag to Mack! Mack rallies on Jay with clotheslines and elbows! Mack scoops to a Samoan Drop! And knip up to his own standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Jay still lives and gets away. Mack builds speed but Jay gets away again. Mack pursues but Mark wrecks Mack with a dropkick! Cobb comes around, but gets an apron blockbuster! The Briscoes suckered both opponents in! Jay gets Mack in and fans cheer “Man Up!” Jay underhooks Mack but Mack powers out and ducks to hit a big exploder! Cover, TWO! Mack keeps cool as he whips Jay corner to corner. Jay reverses but runs into a boot. Mack climbs up but Jay intercepts! Mark springboards in, Doomsday! Cover, but Cobb barrels in to break it up!

Fans know “This is Awesome!” and far from over! The Briscoes throw Cobb out then go back to Mack. Mark tags in and Jay helps Mark get Mack up. Canadian rack, but Cobb blasts Jay down! Mack escapes, STUNNER! TO GERMAN!! Mack climbs up, FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Mark survives and Mack cannot believe it! Cobb drags Mark up to whip but Jay saves Mark at the ropes. Mark baits Cobb in to send him out, and Jay BOOTS Cobb down! Mark drags Mack up and throws a CHOP! Mack CHOPS back, Mark CHOPS back, repeat! They go for forearms next, then Mack back hands. Mack runs but into a forearm. Mark runs but into a BOOT! Mack runs but Jay headscissors! Jay underhooks, JAY DRILLER! Mark up, FROGGY-BOW!! Cover, The Briscoes win!!

Winners: The Briscoes, Mark Briscoe pinning; advance to the Crockett Cup Tournament

Against a team as tough as they are strong, the Baddest Team on the Whole Damn Planet makes it into the more prestigious tag tournament in the world! Will #DemBoyz beat the best teams in NJPW, NWA and CMLL to take the whole cup, too?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode of ROH! Taylor VS Luchasaurus was a solid opener, both guys are big but agile so it made for a good match-up. Taylor wins because he’s a strong enough Heel to go after Face champion Jeff Cobb for that ROH World TV title. Of course, by this time in real-time, Cobb is dual champion with both the ROH WTV and NEVER Openweight Championship after G1 Supercard. I’d imagine Cobb being that strong now, I doubt Taylor wins. And there’s obviously a lot more to Silas VS Gresham, their next rematch will be just as good if not better than their previous. The PJ Black VS Bandido rematch next week will be a great match for TV, but I wonder if PJ really will keep it clean like he’s been saying.

The WOH tag match was pretty good, but I’m both surprised and disappointed it wasn’t just an exhibition of how great Sumie Sakai and Mayu Iwatani are. Even after watching her as Khloe Hurtz on Women of Wrestling, and full-well knowing she was trained by Rob Van Dam, I still don’t see how she and a tag partner could’ve lasted this long against two former champions. Especially when, at the time of this taping, Mayu was still WOH Champion and a champion in Stardom. Sumie and Mayu still win, thankfully, and this just seems to further push that ROH is considering their own Women’s Tag Championships. A sadder irony of tape delay is that while Tenille Dashwood is cleared to compete, her contract expired and it doesn’t seem like she’s renewing with ROH. There goes my idea that she’d say Kelly Klein was the one who attacked and injured her.

The tag match main event was incredible! It really is a shame this wasn’t part of the Crockett Cup itself, but if this was just a qualifier, all the matches of the tournament are going to be insane! And I would really hope with how hard The Briscoes fought to get in, they at the very least go to the finals. The Briscoes should also beat Villain Enterprises as payback for losing the ROH World Tag Team Championships to them. Then hopefully once they’ve won the Crockett Cup, The Briscoes go back after the Guerrillas of Destiny to at least take back the ROH tag titles and we get the 2v2 match we were supposed to get in the first place.

My Score: 8.3/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Mathew’s AJPW Champion Carnival B Block Results & Review: Part 3

Another few days, Mathew brings us another part of the Champion Carnival! All Japan’s biggest tournament of the year keeps churning in quality! How is B block going?



Another few days, Mathew brings us another part of the Champion Carnival! All Japan’s biggest tournament of the year keeps churning in quality!

Welcome back to the Carnival, as we look at the next three shows for the part of the ongoing tournament.

The last part had a lot of solid matches and some nice victories that changed the game a little bit. As we get a little bit closer to the finals, the standings for this set of matches should be interesting.

Will Yoshitatsu remain the only one undefeated now or someone breaks that? Let’s see who will move up or down in the standings as we…dive right in.

Rating System:

  • 0 Stars: Dave Meltzer
  • 1 Star: Vince Russo
  • 2 Stars: Tony Schiavone
  • 3 Stars: Eric Bischoff
  • 4 Stars: Bruce Prichard
  • 5 Stars: Jim Cornette


Champion Carnival B Block Match
Jake Lee vs. Yoshitatsu

Review: Our first match for this show is Jake Lee taking on Yoshitatsu. Jake Lee was recently able to get his first win when he defeated Joel Redman. Yoshitatsu is currently the only one undefeated when he won against Suwama at the last show. Jake would need to have another win here to move up while Yoshi winning would move him to the top spot. Can Jake get another win or will Yoshi remain undefeated?

Yoshi, I know you spent money on Hunter Club gear and I’m sure you’re very proud of yourself but I think you should let that go. You’re not in New Japan anymore, no real need for it and just move forward. Anyway, I thought this was an enjoyable match but if I had to nitpick one thing, it would be that I wish there was a lot more intensity in the match since you kinda felt that when they had a tag match in the last big show I did for them and it didn’t feel like a grudge match or anything for the first half of it. Yoshi having good matches back to back is a very pleasant surprise and I hope that momentum keeps on going as we go forward with the tournament. The chemistry between them was a really nice touch with a great showing by both these men. Jake psyched Yoshi out with a punch to the gut and ran towards him only to get caught in a Koji Clutch which Jake rolled him up for a two count. Yoshi would eventually hook the Koji Clutch all the way after countering his Backdrop and it looked like he had him tapped but Jake answered the referee, making him break it up and pin him for a two. Jake would deliver two knees to his chest before hitting the Backdrop Driver to get the three count, ending the only winning streak we had for B Block.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a half


Champion Carnival B Block Match
Suwama vs. Sam Adonis

Review: Our next match is Sam Adonis taking on Suwama. Suwama recently lost to Yoshitatsu but he’s still in a good position with only one win and one loss as he still has time to bounce back. Sam currently has zero wins and two losses, so he would need to get a win here if he would wanna stay in the game a little longer. Can Suwama bounce back or does Sam sweep his chances under the rug?

Suwama is a great opponent for Sam as they have similar styles, making it easier for Sam to work with and show more of what he could do in the ring as he gave a much better performance here than his previous match against Joel. They were able to showcase enough power and strikes to make it rather engaging for the audience who are fans of this type of style, to begin with. It also shows how helpful Suwama can be with his opponents to help make them look good while bringing out your potential as the match progresses. Sam would get Suwama down with a few hits such as the Blockbuster and even lifted him for a Running Powerslam as Suwama was still able to kick out and gets frustrated as he goes to grab a chair for later. Suwama would attempt another Last Ride after failing the first time as Sam would use a dirty tactic of biting his fingers to make him let go as he grabbed the chair to try and strikes him, but Suwama grabbed it and threw it to the side. When the referee wasn’t looking, Sam would hit him with a low blow and roll him up for a two count. Sam isn’t done as he hits a Lariat and a modified Brainbuster it looked like as he shocked the fans by picking up his first win in the tournament. More of this Sam and he’ll be in good shape.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a quarter


Champion Carnival B Block Match
Naoya Nomura vs. Joel Redman

Review: Onto the next show as the one opening this up is Naoya Nomura taking on Joel Redman. Nomura recently suffered his first loss when he fought Joe Doering but he’s still in a good spot as he’s still in first place with the three wins he already has under his belt. Joel recently got his first win when he defeated Sam Adonis and he now has a chance to climb up the ladder a little bit more if he can take Nomura down here. Will Nomura get another win and secure his spot or will Joel pull him down a bit?

I see Joel went back to his better gear than his previous one, thank goodness because he looks a lot better without the singlet. Speaking of Joel, he delivers another great performance in his match against Nomura who also performed just as great as Joel did. Joel was able to do arm manipulation once he threw Nomura into the turnbuckle to know where he needed to take the advantage over him. Nomura did great selling the injury and getting the crowd behind him when he hits Joel with the Spear to try and get momentum back on his side. Nomura would be able to hit a Northern Lights Suplex and another Spear with a roll-up as Joel would still kick out of it. Joel was able to catch him into the Fujiwara Armbar and it looked like he had him ready to tap but Nomura would grab the ropes. Joel saw him going towards the apron and hits a Suplex from the other side and catches him for a Spinning Tombstone and Nomura would still kick out of it, but he quickly turned it back into the Fujiwara Armbar and Nomura tapped out! I know it’s been 7 years since this match happened, but I would love to see Joel Redman fight Zack Sabre Jr again, like immediately.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and three quarters


Champion Carnival B Block Match
Suwama vs. Takashi Yoshida

Review: Our match to close our block for this show is Takashi Yoshida coming back as he takes on Suwama. Suwama has one win and two losses while Takashi is one win and one loss as of right now, so they’re pretty much about even right now. Suwama would need to win the match here though if he can stay in the game. Which one of these two giants comes out the victor in this brawl?

I wasn’t too fond of the first half of the match due to it being a little bit clunky and the fighting around the outside of the arena dragged on a little bit longer than it needed to, plus the camera angles for most of it didn’t help out at all. Outside of that though, the middle of the match was a lot better than I highly anticipated since you got two giants duking it out as best they could with the throat thrusts, Lariats, and a Powerbomb from Takashi along with other power moves. While I’m still not a big fan of Takashi, he has been performing in this tournament much better than anticipated since he used this time to actually showcase his move set properly. Suwama was also able to help Takashi out in the match to make him perform better like how he did with Sam the previous night.

Takashi would have Suwama in his clutches as he hits him with a Diving Elbow Drop for a two count and would do his throat thrusts with a Lariat as Suwama would counter the Lariat with a Lariat of his own on his arm. Suwama would be able to hit the Backdrop and Takashi would be able to kick out of it and Suwama wants to call for the finish when he sets him up for the Last Ride. Once he had Takashi up for the Last Ride, he would just drop him down without doing the full move and I’m not exactly sure what happened there. Suwama would pick him up instead of pinning him as he hits one more Backdrop to get the pinfall victory in a solid match but sloppy beginning and end.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a quarter


Champion Carnival B Block Match
Joe Doering vs. Sam Adonis

Review: Our final show for this article as our opening match is Joe Doering taking on Sam Adonia. Both of these men are currently with one win and two losses under their belt, meaning one of them is going to have to suffer a third loss and be in a rather bad position with the standings. Which one of them will be in last place?

The first minute or so was basically Sam hiding behind the rope so he wouldn’t be touched as you have Joe waiting by the ropes, not having any of his crap today as he just wants to beat him up. Which is exactly what he does do when they’re outside of the ring for a couple of minutes as the two were back and forth, but it was mostly Joe that was getting the upper hand. Joe got him back in the ring as he would look to put him away as Sam would distract the referee long enough to kick Joe in the dick and down goes the giant. Joe is unable to move as Sam would pin him down to get the pinfall victory, leaving Joe in last place with three losses.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and a quarter


Champion Carnival B Block Match
Joel Redman vs. Takashi Yoshida

Review: Our final match for this set of matches is Joel Redman taking on Takashi Yoshida. Joel is even right now with two wins and losses while Takashi only has one win still but with two losses, meaning things aren’t looking so hot for Takashi right now. Is Joel does win here, then he’ll be in first place next to Naoya Nomura and if Takashi wins, the majority of them will all be tied up except for Joe and Nomura. Which one of them will get the victory?

It’s so weird seeing Takashi trying to chain wrestle Joel at the beginning of the match and the shocking part of it is him doing it well on top of that, scary sight if you ask me. Joel is, of course, more technically sound compared to Takashi, so of course, he would win this part of the bout. Takashi performed a lot better here than he did in his previous match with Suwama from beginning to end while Joel keeps on proving his worth with all the matches he’s been in. Joel would give Takashi a couple of kicks to take him down before he does his Diving Knee Drop off the top rope for a two count. It looked like Joel was gonna go for the Spinning Tombstone but Takashi would fight out of it to pick him up as Joel gets off him to go for a Backslide with Takashi kicking out. Takashi would hit the Kong Lariat to knock him down and Joel would still kick out, leaving Takashi frustrated and would pick him up to hit the Cyber Bomb as he gets the victory over Joel.

Rating: Eric Bischoff


Overall: Aside from one match, the rest of the show was solid again as usual as I’m very happy with my results so far as it comes to the quality of the matches with an exception for a couple that happened. Our next set of shows should give us a better assessment to see where people stand and who will have no chance of making it.

Favorite Match: Joel Redman vs. Naoya Nomura

Least Favorite Match: Joe Doering vs. Sam Adonis

Score: 7/10

Current Standings:
Naoya Nomura: (3-2) (6 Points)
Yoshitatsu: (2-1) (4 Points)
Daichi Hashimoto: (2-1) (4 Points)
Suwama: (2-2) (4 Points)
Jake Lee: (2-2) (4 Points)
Joel Redman: (2-2) (4 Points)
Takashi Yoshida: (2-2) (4 Points)
Sam Adonis: (2-2) (4 Points)
Joe Doering: (1-3) (2 Points)

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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