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Mitchell’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge Report! (1/16/18)



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  • Finn Balor & Sasha Banks VS Shinsuke Nakamura & Natalya; Balor & Banks win and advance to the next round.


The Mixed Match Challenge begins!

Male and female superstars team together in this 12-week tournament!

Each team represents a charity, and the winning duo will win their organization the grand prize! Make sure to watch so that you can support your favorite superstars and your favorite causes.


Finn Balor & Sasha Banks VS Shinsuke Nakamura & Natalya!

The Extraordinary Man & Legit Boss fight for Special Olympics, The King of Strong Style & Queen of Harts fight for Make-A-Wish. Two great causes, but only the better team will advance in this first-round dream-match!

Fans are already cheering on Nakamura, but it’s ladies first as Natty and Sasha start. The two women tie up, Natty shoves Sasha away, then runs to her corner for safety. Sasha has to back off as Natty tags in Nakamura, which compels Finn to come in. A rematch from NXT and NJPW, fans are fired up already. The men circle as they feel this out, then tie up. Waistlock but standing switch and back again and again. Nakamura gets teh headlock takeover, Finn the headscissors, and Finn drives in an elbow. Nakamura pops out and goes after Finn, but another headscissors and kip-up.

The fans applaud the stalemate, as does Sasha. The two men circle again, tie up, Finn gets the arm wrench and wristlock. Nakamura rolls, kip-up, cartwheels and wrenches Finn back. Sasha rallies the fans for Finn, Finn counters the technical holds and holds onto his headlock. Natty gets fans for Nakamura going, Nakamura powers Finn to the ropes. He even rests his head on Finn’s abs. Finn shoves Nakamura back, Nakamura dares him “C’mon!!” Nakamura gives Finn the knee to the gut, then Good Vibrations is denied and Finn swings some kicks. Nakamura swings kicks, Finn stops him with a Too Sweet. The two go again, “Too Sweet! Woop woop!” Natty tags in. This forces the men out and Sasha back in. The Boss is fine with that, Natty mocks her dance so Sasha shoves her to ropes. Sasha does it right, Natty pie-faces her. Sasha pie-faces back so Natty SLAPS Sasha, Sasha tackles Natty! Natty gets Sasha off her and goes to kick, but gets Sasha’s slap in return. Sasha whips Natty to a corner, Natty evades and suplexes, for the rebound sit-down. Natty then walks all over Sasha and dropkicks her low. Cover, TWO, Natty is on Sasha by carrying her to a corner and stomping in a mudhole. Natty embraces the heat, Sasha kicks her back. Sasha drives Natty into buckles, then sets her sideways for the Stock Drop! Cover, TWO, but Sasha keeps on Natty. Natty scrambles to safety outside the ring, and Nakamura regroups with her. He coaches her back up, the ring count climbs, Sasha DIVES! Nakamura catches her, and throws her back. She gets upset, and jumps over to wipe Natty out anyway!

Fans like that as she puts Natty in the ring again. She spends too long trash talking to Nakamura, though, Natty clobbers her with a discus clothesline! Cover, TWO, so Natty puts on the chinklock. “This is how you do it.” Turns out Sami Zayn & Becky Lynch are scouting this match out. Anyway, Sasha resists but Natty keeps her down. Finn coaches Sasha along, and fans rally for Sasha. Sasha gets to her feet and fights back but Natty keeps hold of the chinlock. Sasha tries again, and arm-drags Natty off, only for Natty to Michinoku Driver her down! Cover, TWO, Natty grabs Sasha’s hair. Natty forearms Sasha in the back and puts her in an abdominal stretch. Natty modifies it into part bow ‘n’ arrow to really stretch Sasha back. Sasha endures, then fights out and throws Natty off. She slips under and reaches, enziguris Natty down to then tag Finn! The men go at it again but Finn rallies with forearms. Whip reversed, but Finn hits Nakamura with one more forearm. Finn is fired up, he gives Nakamura a running chop in the corner! Finn whips corner to corner but Nakamura reverses, Finn goes up and over. Nakamura kicks Finn back, then hops up, Finn PELES him down! Then Finn grabs Nakamura from behind, elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Finn is not deterred, he gets up and drags Nakamura to his feet. Nakamura unleashes the strike fest! Finn ducks one strike to chop back, then whip. Nakamura reverses and gives the knee, to then swing a kick but hit the second! Finn goes to a corner, Nakamura takes aim and runs in, big knee strike. Then he sets Nakamura sideways, rolls back to run in, Top Shelf Knee! Cover, TWO! Nakamura keeps focus, he drags Finn up and prepaers the Half ‘n’ Half. Finn resists, wants his own suplex, but Nakamura resists. Nakamura hits back, adjusts, gordbuster! Nakamura takes aim, the fans fire up with him, KIN- SLING BLADE! Now Finn takes aim from a corner. He blasts Nakamura into the corner with the dropkick! And now Finn hurries up tot he top rope! He takes aim, but Natty trips him up! The referee reprimands her but too late, Nakamura knees Finn in the head! Cover, Sasha breaks it! Natty goes at her, but Sasha throws Natty out. Sasha pursues the Queen of Harts, Finn and Nakamura stir. Nakamura fires up again, Finn wobbles, and… Finn side steps to send Nakamura into the post! Sasha returns to the corner and reaches out for Finn. Finn crawls over, and tags her in! Sasha goes right at Natty from the apron, double knees! The Boss is fired up as she puts the Queen of Harts back in the ring. Sasha and Finn get in together and Too Sweet.

They run and dropkick both Nakamura and Natty out of the ring. Sasha brings Natty back up, Bank Statement back stabber and crossface! Natty taps, #BossClub wins! They move on to the next round! Is this duo #TooSweet&Legit to stop? Will Nakamura & Natty be able to win that Second Chance Vote down the road to try again?


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