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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Report! (1/30/18)



All images courtesy of the WWE’s official Twitter.



  • WWE United States Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way: Kofi Kingston w/ The New Day VS Zack Ryder VS Rusev w/ Aiden English VS Jinder Mahal w/ Sunil Singh; Rusev wins and will challenge Bobby Roode for the US Championship next week.
  • The Bludgeon Brothers VS It Doesn’t Matter; Bludgeon Brothers win.
  • Tye Dillinger VS Baron Corbin; Corbin wins.
  • Breezango VS Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin; Gable & Benjamin win.
  • AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura VS Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn; Styles & Nakamura win.


SmackDown welcomes the Men’s Royal Rumble Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura!

The King of Strong Style outlasted even the likes of Finn Balor, John Cena and Roman Reigns to earn his main event spot at Wrestlemania 34! Not only that, but he didn’t wait long to name who he wants to face, either. He wants the WWE Champion, AJ Styles! The fans of Philly welcome him with a standing ovation and chanting his name. Nakamura speaks, “At Royal Rumble, Sami Zayn: Knee to the face. John Cena: Knee to the face! Roman Reigns: Knee to face!” And at Wrestlemania, it will be him VS AJ Styles, and a “KNEE, FACE, new WWE Champion!” However, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn come out to respond.

“Give it up for your 2018 Royal Rumble winner, Shinsuke Nakamura!” Kevin says he can point at the sign and talk about beating Styles all he wants, but #Kami believes they were screwed over. Yep. Sami & Kevin should be co-champions but are instead losers because of a “controversial” call. They claim Shane McMahon’s vendetta still holds them down. The referee has one job: protect the integrity of the match at all costs. Yep. And clearly Kevin didn’t tag in. Kevin’s strong passion coupled with incompetence of the referee has put us in this situation. “Styles pinned the wrong man!” Therefore, #Kami should be given a second chance. That means it won’t be Styles VS Nakamura, it’ll be #Kami VS Nakamura. YEP, YEP, YEP! Nakamura says Styles is a winner, and #Kami are losers.

Philly says “YEP!” to that. However, #Kami decides to intimidate Nakamura, only for AJ Styles to appear in person!

Styles speaks now, saying #Kami can complain all they want, but they’re still getting the dream match at ‘Mania, and that’s Styles VS Nakamura. But as for tonight in Philly, in the “House that AJ Styles Built”, the Dream Match shall become a Dream Team! Styles & Nakamura VS Sami & Kevin tonight!

However, #Kami seems to say NOPE to that, as they take their leave. Though, on second thought, if Styles, Nakamura and Philly want it that badly, still NOPE! In that case, Styles and Nakamura knock #Kami down! Kevin & Sami may not feel like in a fighting mood, but then how are they to get the title from Styles?


Kevin & Sami visit SmackDown General Manager, Daniel Bryan.

They need to talk. Well he wanted to talk to them too. He reminds them that Styles doesn’t have match-making power, but Bryan does. The dream team match will happen.

This is almost as bad as the Rumble’s “single biggest blown call ever”! Bryan says the footage could not overturn the ruling, the referee made a mistake and they have to live with it. Mistake? No, a mistake is when you set your alarm for 7PM instead of AM! This was for a title! C’mon, Daniel! He has to fix this, they can’t be pushed to the back of the line, and Bryan knows it! Bryan agrees, but their opportunity at the title will happen next week. See? Voice of Reason right here! Yes, next week, major main event, and the winner of that match moves on to Fastlane! It’ll be Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn 1v1! That’s great, right? Bryan can’t wait for that! But #Kami can’t believe they’ll have to fight each other now. Will their friendship survive?


WWE United States Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way: Kofi Kingston VS Zack Ryder VS Rusev VS Jinder Mahal!

The GLORIOUS One has a lot of eyes on him now that he’s champion, and he joins commentary to watch this personally. Will the high-flyer of the New Day, the Long Island Iced Z, the Bulgarian Brute or the Modern Day Maharaja rise up to challenge him along this Road to Wrestlemania?

The bell rings and while fans chant “Rusev Day!”, Rusev comes under attack from Ryder. Meanwhile, Mahal goes after Kofi and we have a pair of brawls. Ryder and Rusev spill out to the outside while Mahal keeps Kofi inside. Mahal whips, Kofi evades and sunset flips, but Mahal sits down. TWO, and Kofi rolls Mahal, TWO. Kofi keeps moving but runs into Mahal’s stiff knee! Ryder returns in the ring and slips out of Mahal’s scoop to dump Mahal out. Rusev returns but Ryder is ready, except for running into Rusev’s body attack. Big E serves pancakes aggressively at Corey Graves while Rusev stomps out Ryder.

Mahal keeps on Kofi on the outside then puts him inside, also stomping away. Roode is honored to have so many contenders and vows to be a fighting champion. Rusev and Mahal keep on Kofi and Ryder, but Kofi fights back as the fans rally. Mahal and Rusev coordinate and go to whip Kofi and Ryder at each other, but Ryder reverses and Kofi knocks Rusev down with a dropkick! Mahal runs but misses, Ryder knocks him with a lariat. Kofi goes after Ryder now, but his suplex is countered with a neckbreaker, Mahal breaks the pin. Mahal drags Ryder up for crossface punches and stiff elbows. He whips Ryder but Ryder counters with a facebuster, then clotheslines Mahal out of the ring. Ryder builds speed and hits Mahal with a wrecking ball dropkick. Kofi sees a target, and FLIES! Big E throws more pancakes! Rusev gets in the ring, he builds speed, but Sunil trips him up! Aiden English comes over and threatens him, then shoves him, and causes Big E to spill the pancake platter!

Sunil done done it now! The New Day argues with English and Singh, but the referee ejects all four of them! The arguing just gets worse while we go picture in picture.

With the four legal men the only ones left, Rusev fires up with the “RUSEV DAY!” chants. He slips out of the ring to throw Ryder into barriers. Rusev puts Ryder into the ring but Mahal and Kofi have also returned. Kofi breaks Rusev’s cover, then goes back to Mahal. Mahal and Rusev keep control, but Kofi reverses a buckle bump to give a bump. Ryder fights back on Rusev and gives him corner punches while Kofi stomps on Mahal. Kofi walks off tot he side, to then run in and rock Mahal with a dropkick! Ryder covers Rusev, ONE, Kofi goes after Mahal’s leg. Rusev kicks Ryder right in the head! Ryder rolls out of the ring while Mahal turns things around on Kofi. Mahal chokes Kofi at the ropes, then Rusev comes over to help out. Rusev drags Kofi up while Mahal goes after Ryder. Ryder reverses Mahal and bumps him off the apron, Rusev covers, TWO. Mahal grinds a knee into Ryder, Rusev rams shoulders into Kofi. Mahal throws Ryder out then rejoins Rusev to bully Kofi. They double suplex Kofi, then Mahal drops a knee. Rusev adds an elbow drop, then they both drag Kofi up to throw him back out. Mahal and Rusev stick together as they go out of the ring, embracing the heat. Mahal grinds his knee into Kofi  then rocks him with a right and we go back to single picture.

Rusev keeps on Ryder while Mahal whips Kofi at steel steps, but Kofi leaps up and over them! Kofi returns but Mahal evades, to then send Kofi into those steel steps. Then Mahal turns on Rusev with a right hand and a bump off a post. He puts Ryder in the ring and covers, TWO. Roode touts the accomplishments of Mahal while Mahal lays into Ryder with springboard knee drops. Rusev returns and Mahal is right upon him, but the fans cheer Rusev on. Rusev fights back, brawling with Mahal. Haymaker after haymaker, then a pair of big roundhouses. Rusev fires up, and runs corner to corner to ram a shoulder into Mahal!

Mahal escapes the ring, so Rusev goes after Ryder. Ryder knees Rusev away, then hits a missile dropkick. He goes corner to corner, forearm smash and more forearms, “WOO WOO WOO!” Broski Boot! But Mahal wipes Ryder out with a boot of his own, TWO! Ryder rolls away while Mahal covers Rusev, TWO. Mahal grows frustrated but Kofi flies in to knock him down! The fans fire up for Kofi as he hits the Boom Drop. Kofi gets the fans going again, but Ryder returns, Kofi hits SOS! Mahal breaks the cover, then lariats Kofi inside-out. Rusev gets up and throws Mahal out, before seeing he has his pick between Ryder and Kofi. He chooses both for a Stack-olade! However, Mahal returns to roll Rusev up, TWO! Mahal hits the big knee strike on Rusev, then calls for his finish. He drags Rusev up, but Rusev resists and throws him off. Ryder comes in, pop-up for the Rough Ryder on Mahal! Rusev rocks Ryder with another roundhouse, then he blocks Kofi’s SOS into the Accolade!

Kofi endures, but taps! Rusev wins! The Bulgarian Brute shall challenge Roode for the US Championship next week on SmackDown! And he gets out of the ring to stare right at the champion. The GLORIOUS One is ready, but will he still be CRUSHED on Rusev Day?


The Usos speak.

“Since Day One, the Usos have had the SmackDown Live Tag Division #OnLock.” Every other tag team in the WWE better pay attention to them. They’re going to put everyone on notice, “live and in color”, after the break.


The Fashion Police are in Fashion HQ.

They finish power-ranking their favorite looks before checking in with the Ascension and the #AskBreezango Twitter questions. The questions keep pouring in! First up, “What kind of conditioner do you use for your hair?” “What is your favorite thing about Viktor?” But before they can cover any more questions, Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin enter. What even is this? The Fashion Files still exists? These “clowns” are embarrassing the SmackDown Tag Team Division.

As embarrassing as losing to the Usos twice in a row? Gable & Benjamin have a question: Do they really think they can beat the team of Benjamin & Gable? The answer: No. Then they throw the table over! The Ascension keep the Fashion Police calm, they’ll settle this in the ring.


The Usos come to the ring.

The Usos won against Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls tag team match for the SmackDown Tag Team titles, keeping the Uso Penitentiary open for business. Philly is the City of Brotherly Love, so show some love to the championship brothers! They got silly up in Philly, they beat Gable ‘n’ Benjamin 2-0, “back to back!” But that’s nothing new, the Usos have always dominated SmackDown. “Y’all don’t remember, huh?” They go on a trip of memory lane! American Alpha: LOCKED DOWN! American Alpha 2: LOCKED DOWN! Hype Bros: LOCKED DOWN! Breezango: LOCKED DOWN! NEW DAY~: LOCKED DOWN! And even The Bar, from Raw, but at Survivor Series: LOCKED DOWN! They lock ’em down and this Day One Ish isn’t just merch, it’s a lifestyle! It’s real, true, being 100 and being UCE! Day One is the struggle, and everyone knows about that. Bills, work, grades, staying otu of trouble, but remember this: all those struggles will only make you stronger. That’s why the Usos go to war side-by-side. That’s what makes them different, because they share struggles, Uce. They get stronger together, so it won’t matter where you’re from, what Club you’re in, what Bar you are, what Day you are, it doesn’t even matter if you’re other brothers! The Usos may not be the best tag team, but they’re the best in WWE! “Run up ‘n’ get done up!”

Philly is fired up alongside The Usos, but before the Usos can leave, out come a certain pair of brothers.

Yes, Harper & Rowan have returned, and these Bludgeon Brothers are ready to show why everyone should be worried about them.


The Bludgeon Brothers VS ???

Like any other Bludgeon Brothers match, they come out hard at the bell as Harper runs over ? then puts him in a corner to chop stiffly. He tags in Rowan, Rowan whips Harper right in for a big back elbow, then Harper feeds Rowan’s tackle. They tag back, and Rowan hauls up the carcass and walks over to the opposing corner. Harper keeps “Mr. Amazing” from running, Rowan makes ? tag him in, only to use ? as a weapon! Harper runs “Mr. Amazing” over with a boot! Rowan then throws his partner, and the two small men end up in a corner. Harper tags Rowan back and and whips him in for a big corner splash sandwich. Then, with the full-nelson lift, Rowan assists Harper in the sit-out powerbomb! And for the legal “Mr. Amazing”, Bludgeon Bomb! The Bludgeon Brothers win! Will these brothers in destruction soon challenge the Usos for SmackDown tag team gold?


Daniel Bryan speaks.

“On SmackDown Live, we’re always exploring new and different ways to make the show more interesting for our fans and more engaging for our superstars.” That’s why Bryan himself is proud to announce the first ever, official SmackDown Top Ten List! The stars of SmackDown will vote on who they think are the most deserving. It is all based on locker room leadership, talent and skill. There are ground rules, however. Shane and Bryan won’t have a vote, it is all for the superstars. The other rule is that you can’t vote for yourself! Bryan is so excited and knows this will go a long way to helping make SmackDown better!


Shane McMahon speaks on the Royal Rumble.

Everything was so exciting, but now Tye Dillinger walks in. On any other day the Top Ten List would be priority, but they both now what this talk is about. The Perfect Ten was going to be entry 10, but Sami Zayn took taht form him. Baron Corbin comes in to complain about the Top Ten List and about #Kami. Shane agrees on the latter, and Corbin wonders who is really in charge. Is Shane a McMahon or what? Shane is a McMahon. Tye speaks up, and riles Corbin up but Shane calms them down. Tempers are running wild but things are settled in the ring. The Lone Wolf and the Perfect Ten will face off, which one of them will revitalize themselves on the way to Wrestlemania?


Charlotte Flair heads to the ring!

The Queen of Flair and SmackDown Women’s Champion will speak after the break.

SmackDown returns and we have an in-ring interview conducted by Renee Young. What was it like to watch the inaugural Women’s Rumble in person? It was incredible. Charlotte was so proud of the women in that match, but was also itching to compete. It was the first time that she didn’t want to be champion, because she’d rather test her mettle against the legends. Charlotte wanted to see if she could be like a certain Nature Boy she knew. Then there was a surreal moment where she stood in the ring with the Raw Women’s Champion and Asuka, the winner of the Rumble. And of course, there was “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey. All Charlotte knows is that she will still go to Wrestlemania as SmackDown Women’s Champion, but who will be her opponent? The Riott Squad comes out!

Ruby speaks, saying Charlotte needs to forget about Asuka and Ronda. Does Charlotte hear herself putting herself over? Her ego is big as her father’s. The fans let out a “WOO~” in agreement. Of course Charlotte thinks she would’ve won the Rumble and handpick her opponent. Ruby has met Charlottes all over the world. So talented, yet so entitled and unoriginal. There is only one Riott, from the way she talks to the way she acts to the way she looks. But Charlotte? She’s a cheap imitation of Ric. Ruby is out here to say that Charlotte’s time is over, because if the Squad had their way, she wouldn’t even make it to ‘Mania. Charlotte asks if Ruby’s done talking, then lets out a “WOO~” right in her face. Ruby goes to swing, Charlotte fights her and the Squad off! She knocks Ruby out, kicks Liv out and then throws Sarah out! The champion wants to fight, but the Squad has her surrounded! They club away on the Queen, and Philly boos and jeers as they stomp her out. Sarah drops a cartwheel knee, and then Ruby kicks her while she’s down. Liv gives the springboard double stomps in the corner, then she and Sarah bring Charlotte over for Ruby. They stand her up, Ruby gives her the Riott Kick! Philly boos and jeers but The Squad stands tall. Will they make good on their words and take that title from Charlotte before Wrestlemania?

Forget the Squad, here comes Ms. Money in the Bank!! Carmella rushes the ring with her briefcase, then makes sure Charlotte is good and done. Then she gives the case over to the referee! She sees Charlotte get up and panics! Carmella goes to dropkick Charlotte, but Charlotte evades and the referee takes the hit!

He tumbles down, Carmella freaks out, but Charlotte gets to her feet. Carmella shrieks for the referee to get up and activate the contract, but too late. She grabs her case and runs now that Charlotte is capable to fight back. Maybe not today, but when will Carmella finally make good on her MITB contract?


Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles talk backstage.

Nakamura knows what they have to do, right? Yes, they’re meeting at Wrestlemania. No, tonight they face #Kami! Yes, they meet at ‘Mania. Is he messing with Styles? Of course he’s messing with you. They’ll be fine, just listen to Nakamura out there. Styles listen to Nakamura? Will this Dream Team really work out?


Backstage interview with Carmella.

A bit of bad luck kept her from cashing in. Bad Luck? Carmella says that went as planned. She simply wanted to remind everyone that she has the MITB contract, and that makes Carmella the most dangerous woman on SmackDown. Plus, she broke a nail. Well, best of luck next time.


Tye Dillinger VS Baron Corbin!

The Perfect Ten and Lone Wolf have had problems with each other for a long time, and now they must settle a whole new grudge. Corbin rusehes in, Tye SUPERKIKCS him back then unloads left hands on the outside before throwing him into a barrier! The fans fire up for Tye as he hits Corbin with a flying forearm!

Tye keeps on Corbin then puts him in the ring, running chop in a corner before Perfect Ten corner punches! Corbin pushes Tye back, gets him with a knee, then pounds him with forearms on the mat. The fans boo, Corbin tells them to “Shut up!” Corbin whips Tye corner to corner, then runs in for a big corner clothesline. He drags Tye up, Tye fights back with body shots and forearms. Tye runs, kicks Corbin back, but Corbin rocks Tye with a right hand. The fans troll Corbin with “You Need Hair Plugs!” but Corbin ignores them to drag Tye up again. He throws Tye right out over the top rope and embraces the heat while we go picture in picture.

Tye writhes while Corbin grins, then Corbin goes out to fetch him. He brings Tye around the corner to then throw him into more barriers. Corbin walks around while Tye writhes again, then Corbin drags Tye up fore more stiff shots. He lifts Tye and drops him on the announce table face first! The referee keeps counting, things return into the ring. Corbin stalks Tye to ropes and rocks him with more right forearms, but then Tye fights back with chops! Corbin drives a knee in then whips Tye to a corner, but Tye evades, only for Corbin to slide out then in and run him over with a lariat! Cover, TWO, and Corbin grows annoyed. He keeps on Tye with a half-nelson chinbar while we go back to single picture.

Tye endures while the fans rally. Corbin keeps the grip on tight but Tye starts firing up. Tye gets up to his feet and fights back with body shots. Corbin drives in another knee then whips Tye, Tye goes up and over while Corbin slides out again. He sees Corbin coming, evades again, and then sends him into a post! Tye sees this is his chance, and fires himself up again. Corbin staggers over and Tye rocks him with southpaw haymakers and right hand chops. Tye rallies with forearms, and evades a pop-up knee to give a boot of his own. Tye knees and lariats Corbin down, then brings him back up for headbutts and chops. Knee pad comes down, Tye lifts Corbin up, but Corbin slips out to shove and clobber Tye down. The fans boo and jeer while Corbin gives Tye the Choke Slam Backbreaker! But Corbin isn’t done there, he brings Tye up again for End of Days! Corbin wins! The Lone Wolf won’t let opportunities slip through his fingers again, will he finally sink his teeth into a WWE Championship match?


Rusev speaks.

And Aiden English magically appears! The spotlight is on them, as next week is going to bring victory on Rusev Day~~~ “Bob Roode” loses his title while Rusev “Machka”!

However, Roode has a response.

The US Champion has marked his calendar for next week’s “Rusev Day”. But when you’re Bobby Roode, the schedule fills up very quickly.

Which man will have his day with SmackDown sees this GLORIOUS United States Championship match?


Kevin & Sami prepare backstage.

The good news: at least one of these best friends gets a title opportunity. Yep. But a shame it’s against each other. Yep. Though, an opportunity is all either has ever needed, right? Yep. Unless, Sami fails. Much like how Kevin was the one pinned in their match. And like how Sami was eliminated in the Rumble. Well, the important thing is, Sami won’t fail tonight in the tag match because he has Kevin. Right, Sami won’t fail tonight. Is tension already mounting between these reunited friends?


Breezango VS Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin!

The bell rings and we have Fandango starting against the Gold Standard. They circle, but Benjmain gives a cheap shot to Prince Pretty! Fandango rocks Benjamin with right hands and chops in return, but Benjamin reverses the whip. Fandango evades, but then runs into a spinebuster!

Benjamin drags Fandango up for a seated hammerlock. The Ascension watch backstage and are worried for their “best friends.” Gable tags in and gets the hand-off to then flip Fandnago with the kitchen sink knee, ONE. Gable goes after the arm, but Fandango gets to ropes. Fandango evades Gable and hits a wheelbarrow bulldog! Cover, TWO, and Fandango keeps on Gable with chops. He whips Gable but Gable slips out to trip up Breeze! Gable then shoulders his way in and slingshots, but into a backbreaker! TWO, and Gable backs up to hit the rolling kick! Cover, TWO, and Gable grows frustrated. He drags Fandnago up into the keylock, but fans rally for the Lord of the Dance. Gable whips, Fandango rolls him, TWO! Tag to Breeze! Breeze rallies on Gable and Benjamin, then gives Gable a forearm smash. Gable reverses the whip and Benjamin tags in. Fandango runs in but Gable tackles him out of the ring. Breeze hits Benjamin with a mule kick, then tries a spinning headscissors, but ends up in the Doomsday!

Benjamin & Gable win! Can “American Alpha 2” make a comeback and take on the Usos again?


AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura VS Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn!

A dream team takes on a duo of best friends, but they all want to hold the WWE Championship. Which team will keep it together long enough to win tonight before facing their partner on the Road to Wrestlemania?

The bell rings and Kevin starts against Styles. Keivn gets a waistlock but Styles gets the standing switch. Styles tries to lift Kevin, but Kevin trips him up first, only for STyles to headscissors Kevin to his corner. Sami tags in, and so does Nakamura.

The Rockstar and Underdog tie up, Sami gets the armlock. He puts on a wristlock and then armbar but Nakamura rolls and cartwheels to reverse it. Sami gets to ropes for the break, so Nakamura rests on Sami’s abs. Kevin gets annoyed for both of them, but then even more when Nakamura says “C’MON!” Sami rushes in and takes the knee, then Nakamura drops a knee. He puts Sami in a corner for Good Vibrations! Nakamura drags Sami over and Styles tags in. Styles throws hands but Sami kicks back and puts on a headlock. The fans cheer for Styles while Sami grinds him down. Styles powers out, things speed up, Styles rocks Sami with a dropkick! He won’t let Sami get away, he brings Sami back and Nakamura tags in. Nakamura is pushed into #Kami’s corner and Kevin stomps away. Sami gets a cheap shot while Kevin says “And that’s why this is MY show!” Kevin keeps on Nakamura with stomps and right hands, then crossface punches and kicks. He drags Nakamura up and puts him in a corner, then tags Sami back in. Sami gives Nakamura punch after punch, and even a chop. He tags Kevin back in, the best friends mug Nakamura. Kevin brings Nakamura up and chops him, then whips him to ropes. Nakamura reverses, Kevin kicks back, but Nakamura gives him the strike fest.

Nakamura drives knees into Kevin’s ribs, but then Sami comes in. Sami gets thrown out but that allows Kevin to pounce on Nakamura. Kevin sees where Sami ended up and gets mad. “Are you my partner or not?” Kevin lariats Nakamura down then orders Sami to get back to his corner. Cover, TWO, and Sami looks to be just as annoyed with Kevin as Kevin is with him. Nakamura fights back and Kevin escapes the ring. The friends argue, the Philly fans boo and jeer them, and the referee starts a ring count. Sami starts to leave?! “See how well you do without your guardian angel!” Is this becoming a handicap match?!

SmackDown returns and Kevin has Styles in a chinlock. Sami stays on the stage and watches while Styles gets to his feet. Styles fights back but Kevin clubs him before going for a back suplex. Styles gets out and gives Kevin the Phenomenal Blitz and sliding forearm! Kevin crawls to a corner and Styles comes in for a big clothesline, then tries the fireman’s carry. Kevin slips out, but Styles still hits the wheelbarrow facebuster!

Cover, but Sami returns to break it up! Seems Sami wasn’t going to give up on this match after all. He gets to the corner and Kevin tags him ni. Sami fires off crossface punches on Styles while the fans sing “Ole~ ole~!” Sami whips and body drops Styles, then covers, TWO. Kevin wants back in already but Sami says he has this. “Tag me dammit!” Sami lets go of Styles, and tags Kevin like he wanted. Kevin stomps on Styles, then hits the back senton, TWO. Now Sami wants a tag, and Kevin gives it to him, with a bit of attitude… Kevin lets Sami handle Styles, but then Sami tags him back.

The friendship is tearing, but while they argue, Styles bumps Kevin into Sami, rolls up, TWO! Kevin clobbers Styles with a lariat! Sami gets mad at Kevin for that, and now he truly leaves this match. The fans boo while Kevin shouts at Sami, but Styles comes back! He forearms Kevin away, but Kevin blocks the springboard with a fireman’s carry and gutbuster! Then a banzai splash! TWO!? Kevin takes his frustration out on Nakamura, then whips Styles, Pop-Up avoided for a PELE! Styles tags in Nakamura, and Nakamura runs to hit Kevin with the dynamic dropkick. Nakamura unleashes kicks, then hits a corner knee. He hoists Kevin up, Top Shelf knee! Now Nakamura fires up and fans know what’s next. So does Kevin, he goes to run away, but Styles puts him back in the ring. Nakamura knocks him down, then finishes with a KINSHASA! The Dream Team wins!

Backstage interview with Sami Zayn.

Is this the end of their friendship already? NOPE! This isn’t about friendship, this is about opportunities. Kevin has had his time, now it’s Sami’s! Sami won’t just be Kevin’s Best Friend, he’ll be the #1 contender and the future WWE Champion! Will it really just be business after next week’s SmackDown?


My Thoughts:

Like Raw last night, this post-Rumble SmackDown was pretty darn good. SmackDown works towards their final stop before Wrestlemania, aka Fastlane. The opening fatal 4 way was great and it really boosts the profile of the US Championship. Everyone was great in their character work, especially Big E on the outside with his constant pancake antics. Rusev getting the win is great because fans really do love the Rusev Day gimmick, and because there seems to be a New Day VS Mahal & Singh(s) program building. Rusev and Roode both do great to speak on their match for next week with those smartphone video promos, their match is going to be great but I don’t think Roode would lose so soon after winning the title. Tye VS Corbin on the heels of this new Top Ten List concept is an interesting bit. Corbin wins to keep himself strong in spite of his “falling short” trend, but I would love to see his Heel reaction to the other superstars not voting him into the Top Ten. The SmackDown Tag Team Division keeps going strong as Gable & Benjamin get back on winning ways by making the Fashion Police job out again. Then the Usos tear it up with a great promo, as always, to then be followed up by Harper & Rowan again mauling jobbers they don’t even give time to be introduced. There may be a #1 contenders match before Fastlane, but finally seeing Usos VS Harper & Rowan seems the more logical choice and a very entertaining one given how smash-mouth both teams have shown they can be.

The Women’s Division gives us an interesting bit with The Riott Squad taking the fight to Charlotte and unwittingly setting her up for Carmella’s cash-in attempt. I had mixed reactions about Carmella still being denied her chance, but it happened in a very unique way so I’ll let it slide. Carmella did well to play it off, too, and could still cash-in at Fastlane, or copy Rollins and cash-in mid-match at ‘Mania. Kevin & Sami logically continue where they left off last night with protesting a “controversial” ending, but in similar fashion don’t want to fight it out unless they have to. Then they start getting on each other’s nerves, which is a bit of a shame since they just became friends in kayfabe again rather recently. Of course, the WWE Championship is a major prize, they’d both want to hold it all by themselves. The tension and bickering was good character work, though, and in reality helps give Sami reason not to overdo it since he had a Mixed Match Challenge match to worry about right after this. The arguing of course costs them the match, which keeps Styles and Nakamura strong while they each head for ‘Mania. Kevin VS Sami could go either way, but I really hope the two don’t kayfabe break up over this. Unless it’s to then long-term swerve where the loser appears to help the winner at Fastlane.

My Score: 8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (9/24/18)



Raw Cover image

After being ambushed and screwed out of a championship match, The Revival returns to get revenge and the Raw Tag Team titles from McIntyre & Ziggler!



  • Finn Balor w/ Bayley VS Jinder Mahal w/ Alicia Fox; Finn wins.
  • Six Woman Tag: The Bellas & Natayla VS The Riott Squad; The Riott Squad wins.
  • Chad Gable w/ Bobby Roode VS Konnor w/ Viktor; Konnor wins.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler VS The Revival; McIntyre & Ziggler win, and retain the Raw Tag Team Championships.
  • Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush VS Elias w/ Kevin Owens; Lashley wins, by disqualification.
  • Nia Jax w/ Ember Moon VS Alicia Fox w/ Mickie James & Alexa Bliss; Nia Jax wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Shield VS Baron Corbin & ???; The Shield wins.


Baron Corbin greets the returning Raw Commissioner, Stephanie McMahon!

And it’s her birthday! Corbin begins singing for her, but then Triple H exits the limousine, too. Corbin promises everything is set up for her in her office and offers to lead the way. Stephanie tells Corbin that whatever she has to say to and about Corbin, she can say in front of everyone in the WWE Universe. HHH says this must be awkward for Corbin, so he’ll just leave. Stephanie says she thought Corbin could do the job Kurt Angle couldn’t. Corbin tries to make excuses but she cuts him off by saying she expected him to make good decisions, the right decisions. Was Corbin putting himself in a match for the WWE Universal Championship a good decision?

Corbin admits that was too much, but The Shield keep provoking him. They’re running wild. So then he admits he has no control over the show? Mistakes can be tolerated, but excuses aren’t. If Corbin wants to get the Shield in line, grab two tag partners and settle this in the ring. Otherwise, Angle might be back from “vacation” sooner than anticipated. What is the Lone Wolf to do about the Hounds of Justice? Speaking of…

The Shield heads to the ring!

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are going to be back in action as the full trio here in tonight’s main event! But that means there’s a couple hours for Constable Corbin to find compatriots to fight one, if not THE, most dominant trio in WWE History. At the same time, it will be quite the chance for The Shield to warm-up before Super Show Down’s showdown with The Pack. But as for right this moment, The Shield hears Denver out on their ovation before speaking.

“What you are looking at are the three workhorses of WWE.” Ambrose knows they’ve lost battles here and there, but they’ve never lost the war, because they’re still standing. Roman says their resumes would take all day to read. But the fact is, they can lift up two title belts. The championships are the keys to the kingdom, and everyone should want them. It’s why Brock Lesnar came back, it’s why Baron Corbin put himself in title matches, because the titles will change your life. But the only men that deserve championships are the ones in this ring right now. Rollins says that Raw is and will always be about being the best. That’s what The Shield are. Braun Strowman wanted power so bad, he’s recruited a “pack of jackasses”.

As for Corbin, “the world’s largest substitute teacher”, he has a problem with The Shield. He’s to get a couple of partners to show everyone who’s the boss. Well The Shield is here now, they can show how big of a problem they are right NOW! Baron Corbin appears and does his best to laugh it all off. Corbin lets everyone know that tonight is Stephanie’s birthday. And he’s not going to let Raw erupt into madness like it has these last few weeks. Corbin puts his foot down tonight. Because he and his partners are going to rag doll The Shield while impressing Stephanie. Corbin and his partners will expose the Shield as “a bunch of selfish individuals.” No one likes The Shield, and that includes The Pack! Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre all walk out, microphones in hands.

Fans still chant “Get These Hands!” for the Monster Among Men as he stares at The Shield. Strowman hopes Roman shines that belt up real nice, because he wont’ be wearing it for much longer. As for the entire Shield, there are cracks already forming, and then they’ll implode all over again. Super Show Down will be two against four, and it’s not about Corbin. Rollins points out the bad math, maybe they need to brainstorm together on this. Strowman wants them to check the mat with Ambrose, because perhaps Ambrose sees the light. The Shield needs Ambrose but he doesn’t need The Shield. Two years ago, on SmackDown, Ziggler was there when Ambrose was WWE World Champion all by himself. Ambrose had fire in his eyes, but now his brothers have everything and he has nothing.

Rollins and Roman shrug this off, but McIntyre uses his brutal honesty to point something out. Ambrose pushed Mcintyre to his absolute limit, that was a close match. McIntyre wants Ambrose to look him in the eyes. The Shield does not appreciate Ambrose, and Ambrose deserves more. Ziggler wants “Disposable Dean” to realize something. Rollins asked Ambrose to help him in order to fight Ziggler. And then Roman needed Ambrose to stop the Monster in the Bank’s cash-in. What has Ambrose gotten in return for any of that? Nothing. Rollins: champion. Roman: champion. Ambrose: chump. Ziggler even uses Rollins’ interruption as a reason Ambrose isn’t needed. Ambrose goes down and how long does Rollins wait to replace him with Jason Jordan? And did they even communicate while Ambrose was out?

Ziggler points out another thing. Ziggler & McIntyre are Raw Tag Team Champions. Strowman can beat Roman for the Universal Championship. So maybe Ambrose becomes Intercontinental Champion with them? Think about it, because it’s all true. But Roman tells Ziggler to shut up with all this already. The fans aren’t here to watch people talk. They’re here to watch The Shield whoop The Pack’s ass. Strowman leads the charge but Corbin keeps the peace. This is not happening like this. Fans chant “YES! YES!” but Corbin stands firm. The tag team champions have their match but Corbin and his partners will “spoil your little reunion before it even begins.” The matches have been set, but will The Shield stay unified? Or will Ambrose give in to the mind games?


Finn Balor w/ Bayley VS Jinder Mahal w/ Alicia Fox!

Raw plugs the Mixed Match Challenge as the Extraordinary Man goes 1v1 with the Modern Day Maharaja while their partners are in their corners. Can Finn score points for Team B ‘n’ B before tomorrow night’s MMC? Or will Alicia’s #InnerCrazy rub off on the man of peace?

The bell rings and fans chant “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” Mahal puts Finn in a corner then throws heavy hands and stomps. Mahal scoops and slams Finn, then grins as he looms over the inaugural Universal Champion. He puts on a chinlock and Finn endures as Bayley and the fans rally. Mahal drives his knees into Finn, then grinds on a headlock. He gets the headlock takeover, but Finn works against it. They stand up and Finn powers out, only for Mahal to run Finn over. Mahal wraps the chinlock back on, but fans still rally with Bayley. Finn stands and powers out again. This time, Finn ducks and dropkicks Mahal! Finn clotheslines Mahal out, then builds speed to FLY! Direct hit! Finn flexes while we go to break.

Raw returns and Finn fights out of a waistlock. Mahal knees low then whips to then kick Finn down. Fans chant “Jinder Sucks!” but Mahal tunes it out as he chokes Finn against the ropes. Mahal drops springboard knees then grinds a knee into Finn’s ribs. He drags Finn up for a standing abdominal stretch. Finn endures while fans rally again. Mahal drives in elbows, then pulls on Finn more. Finn works against the hold and pops out, only to get a knee to the ribs. Mahal throws a haymakers, then sunset flips, but Finn rolls through to dropkick Mahal down! Both men get to opposite ends, and Finn boots Mahal away. Finn dodges Mahal to hit him down with forearms. Finn gets the takedown then the double stomps!

Fans fire up with Finn as he runs into the corner for the chop! He whips but Mahal reverses. Finn goes up and over but get a kick! Mahal hops up but Finn swing kicks him down! Finn climbs up and aims at the drop zone. Mahal springs up but Finn jumps over him to come back with a slingblade! Finn takes aim, but Sunil Singh trips him up! Mahal rolls Finn up, TWO! Mahal kicks low, then elbows Finn down. He runs but Bayley trips Mahal up now! Alicia protests but fans are on Bayley’s side. Foxy and the Huggable One come face to face. Alicia swings but Bayley counter punches! Sunil looks to defend Alicia’s honor but gets a Bayley2Belly! Finn rolls Mahal, Finn wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

The Extraordinary Man takes the win and helps his team gain ground for the Mixed Match Challenge. Will this be a preview of the future? Or will #Mahalicia turn things around? One thing is for sure, Mahal takes his frustrations out on Sunil. They go into the ring, and with Alicia cheering him on, Mahal roughs Sunil up more. Mahal calms himself, and forces Sunil to go along. They chant “Shanti~”, but will this partnership be anything but stable?


Six Woman Tag: The Bellas & Natayla VS The Riott Squad!

After Ruby, Sarah & Liv ruined the Queen of Harts answering Ronda Rousey’s open challenge, these three former Diva’s Champions team up to show the new generation how it’s done! Can Natty, Nikki & Brie win before the Squad #StartaRiott?

Raw returns and the Juvenile Delinquent, Liv Morgan, starts against “Fearless” Nikki. They tie up and Nikki throws Liv. Liv comes back with a Thesz Press and then fast hands. Liv kicks Nikki then runs, but Nikki follows to run her over with a shoulder. Nikki drags Liv up for a hammerlock backbreaker. Cover, ONE, but Nikki keeps on Liv by grabbing some hair. Tag to Brie and the Bellas work together to double leg sling Liv. Cover, TWO, but Nikki drags Liv up. Brie gives Liv some Yes Kicks for the Squad. Fans chant “YES! YES!” with every kick, then Brie covers Liv. TWO, but barely. Brie drags Liv up and around, but Liv powers Brie to the Squad’s corner. Tag to Ruby and Sarah helps Liv get out. Ruby stomps a mudhole into Brie, then drags her up into a headlock.

Ruby throws Brie with a headlock takeover but fans chant “Brie Mode!” Brie endures and then makes the hold a cover. Sarah distracts so the ref is late to the count. ONE and Ruby maintains the lock. They stand up as fans rally again. Brie fights back with body shots, but Ruby reverses a whip. Ruby runs into an elbow, Brie hops up to hit the missile dropkick! Ruby gets to ropes, but Brie Mode knee takes her out! Cover, TWO, but Brie keeps on Ruby. She suplexes but Sarah helps Ruby. Nikki comes in but so does Liv, so Natty comes in. It’s a TRIPLE suplex in favor of Natty & The Bellas! The Squad regroups while fans cheer on the veterans. But Brie goes out to fetch Ruby. She puts Ruby in but gets blasted back out. The Squad takes control while we go to break.

Raw returns and Sarah slams Brie down in a cobra clutch. Fans rally for Brie and she works her way up against the hold. Brie arm-drags out but Sarah rocks her down with a forearm. Sarah then drags Brie over to tag Ruby in. Sarah catapults Brie into Ruby but Brie hits back! Ruby comes in to kick Brie, then puts on a cravat. Brie stands up but Ruby wrenches harder. Brie powers her way towards her corner but Ruby throws in a knee. Ruby hits Nikki but then comes back for double facebusters! Both women are down and fans rally up. Natty reaches, as does Sarah. Hot tag for Sarah and she runs at Natty. Natty hits her first, then Brie gets the tag!

Natty rallies on Sarah with lariats, then she hits Ruby for good measure. German Suplex throws Sarah, then the discus lariat takes her down. Cover, but Ruby breaks it! Ruby sees Nikki return and they tie up. Ruby knees Nikki back out, but Natty rolls Sarah. TWO, and Sarah kicks low. Ruby returns but Natty whips Sarah. Tag, Natty goes after Sarah, but Ruby is legal! Ruby SUPERKICKS Natty, then gets her up for the RIOTT Kick! Cover, The Squad wins!

Winners: The Riott Squad, Ruby pinning

Even with Liv going down, the Squad makes their teamwork count! Can the Bellas recover from this loss in time to team with Ronda in Melbourne? Or will Super Show Down #StartARiott too?


The Raw superstars are on stage for a special Connor’s Cure announcement.

Stephanie McMahon and HHH are also in the ring for their part in this moment. September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, and the WWE is proud to play their part in honoring Connor Michalek. “Together, we have raised over two and a half million dollars” and helped over 200 families with everything they need during these trying times. This campaign is all about the stars of tomorrow and the fight of their lives. The WWE superstars have all had the honor and privilege of meeting these stars, such as The Super Destroyer, Diva Supreme and Lele the Unstoppable. These children have the passion and determination that defines being a superstar. In this fight, everyone gets stronger together, so WWE gladly introduces their new tag team partner in this fight.

Hyundai’s Hope on Wheels campaign commemorates the stories of these children with a special hand-print paint job. The superstars shared gifts and encouragement with those in the fight. WWE and Hyundai hope that together, we can end cancer. Please join the fight in anyway you can.

Stephanie and HHH introduce the Hope on Wheels ambassadors, who are not only surviving but thriving in this fight. Welcome Carter and Elizabeth to the stage! Denver gives a standing ovation to their own Connor’s Cure superstars as they and Hyundai’s Zafar Brooks join HHH and Stephanie in the ring. HHH knows not only are Carter and Elizabeth survivors, but they’re also the coolest kids he’s met. Elizabeth shows off her dance skills as HHH knows these two are champions. And champions need something to show for it, right? That means Carter and Elizabeth get their own Universal and Raw Women’s Championships! Denver knows “You Deserve It!”

Chris and Elizabeth have their hands raised in victory, and Zafar thanks WWE for the great recognition of two great young heroes. Hyunda is so proud to partner with WWE and Connor’s Cure in this fight to save lives. Because together, they will put the smackdown on pediatric cancer. But this work is hard and expensive, so Hyundai has something to give WWE. On behalf of Hyundai America and Hope on Wheels, Connor’s Cure will receive a donation of… $200000! Big prizes, big money and big smiles all around in this noble cause!


Dolph Ziggler talks to Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose is almost ready to tear his head off, but Ziggler just wants to talk. Ziggler said the truth earlier. Where was The Shield when Ambrose almost died from his staph infection? Ziggler was there when Ambrose did it all, but The Shield doesn’t care. But tonight, when going up against Corbin and his guys, Ambroes could just do nothing. Ambrose doesn’t have to turn, he just has to give The Pack the signal. They’ll do the rest. Will Ambrose listen to Ziggler?


Chad Gable w/ Bobby Roode VS Konnor w/ Viktor!

The Olympic medalist is ready to #WWBRD: What Would Bobby Roode Do? And that’s to be… GLORIOUS! Konnor hoped Gable was going to walk away while he had the chance. But not even a mentor will save him from being run over in the street by this semi-truck from the Wasteland!

The bell rings and Konnor clubs away on Gable. He throws haymakers then whips Gable hard into buckles! Cover, TWO, but Konnor keeps on Gable with a chinlock. Konnor thrashes Gable around but Roode coaches Gable up. Gable gets up but gets brought back down. Konnor puts his weight on Gable but Gable still gets up. Gable hits back but is put in a corner. Konnor throws back elbows, then hoists Gable up top. Gable reels him into the hanging armbar! Gable lets go at 3, then climbs up again to missile dropkick Konnor’s legs out. Konnor glares and gets up, but things speed up. Gable runs Konnor over with the leaping lariat! Then the rolling kick! Gable gets the German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO!

Gable climbs up top now, for a moonsault! But he lands on his feet when Konnor evades. Things speed up again and Konnor runs Gable over with his full body! Konnor reels Gable up, Canadian backbreaker to the dominator slam! Cover, Konnor wins!!

Winner: Konnor, by pinfall

A rare victory for The Ascension comes through singles competition! Gable is left in the Wasteland, but are he and Roode still going to be strong as a tag team?


Backstage interview with Triple H.

While the Connor’s Cure donation and belt presentation was great, what are The Game’s thoughts on The Undertaker’s announcement from last week? Stephanie wants him to ignore the question, but HHH says it’s fine. What does HHH think about Taker accusing him of going corporate? If Taker’s worried about a suit, then he’s already lost. They’re not fighting in suits or in a board room. And “taking my soul”? HHH sold his soul a long time ago. “Anybody that is honest with themselves can feel it in the air.” When it comes to Taker, “the end is near.” The Game gives his final word on this, but will the #LastTimeEver go his way?


Raw Tag Team Championships: Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler VS The Revival!

The pair of wild dogs hold the belts because they defeated The B-Team, but also because they took out Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder to take their spot. Will the Show-Off and Scottish Psycho regret angering these two #TopGuys? Or will the Shatter Machine be shattered by a Claymore?

Raw returns as the belts are raised and the bell rings. Dawson starts against Ziggler and they circle. They tie up and Ziggler puts Dawson in a corner. Ziggler backs off but then gives a shove. Dawson chops Ziggler off his feet! Ziggler gets to his corner before circling with Dawson again. Dawson wrenches the arm and tags in Dash for the hand-off. but Ziggler powers Dash back and tags in McIntyre. McIntyre keeps Dash in the corner then bumps him off buckles. McIntyre chops Dash off his feet, then tags to Ziggler. Ziggler mugs Dash and has him in an open corner. Ziggler backs off to run in but misses. Dash back suplexes Ziggler down! Dash drags Ziggler over and tag to Dawson so they can stomp away on the arm.

Dawson wrenches Ziggler’s harm, Hammerlock Northern Lights! TWO, but Dawson keeps his eyes on McIntyre. Tag to Dash and they whip Ziggler for the slingshot shoulder! Cover, TWO! The Revival are close, but they keep on Ziggler with chops! Dash whips Ziggler into a corner, but runs into a back elbow. Ziggler runs out but the satellite DDT is denied! Dash goes for a Rings of Saturn type, but Ziggler reaches for ropes with his legs. Ziggler endures while Dash wrenches back. Dash drags Ziggler back to the center but Ziggler counters to a cover, TWO! Ziggler holds ropes on the whip so Dash crossbodies out with him! Both men are down but Dawson and McIntyre keep each other at bay while checking on their partners. Dash stands and runs at Ziggler, but runs into steel steps! Both men are down again while Dawson and McIntyre cheer their teammates on.

Ziggler drags himself into the ring, followed by Dash. McIntyre tags in to stomp away on Dash. He then deadlift suplexes Dash up and over! Cover, TWO! The champions are in control while we go to break.

Raw returns and Dash jawbreakers out of Ziggler’s sleeper hold. Dash crawls but Ziggler anchors him from the tag, but Dash still gets it! Dawson rallies with jabs and haymakers on Ziggler! He whips Ziggler but Ziggler dodges, only to get a calf kick! Dawson hits McIntyre for good measure before he chops Ziggler. He dropkicks McIntyre then whips. Ziggler reverses but Dawson counters back for a butterfly bomb! Cover, TWO!! Dawson drags Ziggler up and over to his corner to hoist him up top. Dawson chops then climbs up, and Dash tags in. SUPERPLEX, then FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO as McIntyre narrowly breaks it. McIntyre chases Dash but misses, chopping the corner post! Then tornado DDT from Dash takes him down!

Fans fire up with the #TopGuys while Ambrose watches backstage. Ziggler packages Dash but TWO! Back slide from Dash, TWO! Ziggler kicks low but Dash counters the famouser by falling! Dash Electric Chairs and Dawson tags in, DOOMSDAY DEVICE! Cover, TWO!? How!? The Revival borrow a legendary finisher yet don’t finish this?! Dawson stomps Ziggler while fans know “This is Awesome!” Tag to Dash and The Revival work together. They hoist Ziggler up but Ziggler slips out to tag McIntyre. McIntyre runs Dash over then hits Dawson. McIntyre goes after Dash on the top rope with a chop, then tosses Dawson back out. Dash jumps but is caught, Dawson dropkicks it over! Cover, TWO, and McIntyre headbutts Dash. McIntyre boots Dawson, then tags in Ziggler. The Pack work together, Claymore Zigzag! Cover, McIntyre & Ziggler win!

Winners: McIntyre & Ziggler, Ziggler pinning; still Raw Tag Team Champions

The strength and speed may not have been enough, but the aggression was, the champions are still part of The Pack. Will they and Braun Strowman break The Shield in Melbourne? Or will their mind games continue to fall on deaf ears?


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter is in Denver, as the “breath of life in an otherwise lifeless world.” Elias speaks the truth, and the truth his, Denver doesn’t deserve his performance. He passes things on to “a man I can have a conversation with”, and his tag partner for Super Show Down. They will take on Bobby Lashley and 16-time champion who knows that WWE really stands for. Yes, it’s John Cena. But right now, Elias introduces the host of the Kevin Owens Show, Kevin Owens himself! The Prizefighter heads to the ring and applauds his personal in-house band. Kevin thanks him for the introduction and admits he is Elias’ biggest fan. Kevin is honored to team with Elias against the super team of Lashley–pictured being powebomb’d against the apron–and yes, the most decorated champion in the WWE today, the same man Kevin beat his first night on the main roster!

But that’s at Super Show Down, let’s talk about last week, with Lashley and Lio rush. Elias refuses to look let alone talk to Denver. Kevin will talk for them both. Lio Rush is now Lashley’s hype man, but also talked trash on Kevin. Unprovoked! Kevin is generous, though, because he wants to know more about Lio. So Kevin offers Lio the grandest stage in the WWE, this show! The Man of the Hour appears, and sees Kevin and Elias. He thanks them for this invite, but Kevin wants Lio to join them in the ring. Lio doesn’t even need to jump and flip and all that, just walk here. Lio says that he and Lashley made those two look like fools. Kevin is here wanting to make up for that embarrassment. Lio is the 23 year old piece of gold, he’s young but not dumb. He’ll stay right here.

Elias promises, they have the booster seat all set up. Lio “lvoes” the jokes, but Lio knows there’s someone else who loves a good laugh. He is the Rocky Mountain Machine, who looks like money because he is money. The heavyweight that’s back to dominate has a match with The Drifter, it’s Denver’s own Bobby Lashley! Will the Dominator make the Drifter #DriftAway in the Mile High city?

Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush VS Elias w/ Kevin Owens!

Raw returns and Lashley stares Elias down as we begin. They circle and fans are on Lashley’s side. They tie up and Lashley shoves Elias to a corner. Elias composes himself while Lashley waits for him. They circle again and Lashley gets a waistlock and slam. Elias slithers away but Kevin coaches him up. Elias and Lashley tie up and Elias gets a waistlock. Lashley gets the standing switch then throws Elias down again. Lashley brings Elias up and bumps him off buckles. He throws hands then stomps, then climbs up for corner punches! Elias stops him at 2 and gets a headlock takeover. Lashley makes it a cover, ONE, and Elias holds on.

Fans rally and Lio coaches his client up. Lashley stands and fights out. He whips Elias but Elias knees him back. Elias runs but Lashley shows off his agility as he jumps over Elias. Lashley runs Elias over, then whips him corner to corner. Elias goes up and over then runs, but into Lashley’s crossbody! Lashley runs in for the corner clothesline, then finishes off those corner punches. He gets all 10, then scoops Elias for the sidewalk slam. Cover, TWO! Elias crawls to a corner but Lashley keeps his eyes on him. Lashley runs in corner to corner but into boots. Elias hops up, but Lashley catches him! Then he hoists him up, only for Elias to slip out and chop block the leg! Elias leg-DDT’s the foot into the mat, and Kevin coaches Elias up again.

Elias stalks Lashley and clobbers him at the ropes! He stomps away but backs off at 4. Kevin trash talks as Elias drops a big knee on Lashley. Elias drags Lashley over to a post and slings the leg against it! Lio coaches Lashley on but Elias slings the leg into the post again. Elias drags Lashley to a cover, ONE! Elias grows frustrated but he keeps on Lashley with stomps.  He drags Lashley out for a knee drop on the knee. Then Elias ties up the legs in the deathlock, and Lashley endures while Elias adds chops. Denver rallies for their hometown hero and Lashley fights back with haymakers. Lashley frees himself but Elias goes after him again. Elias stomps the bad leg, then yanks on it. He covers, TWO!

Elias keeps his cool and dares Lashley to stand. Lashley fights back with body shots, then back elbows. Lashley gets going with lariats, and he clotheslines Elias out. Kevin coaches Elias but Lashley comes out to pursue. Lashley bumps Elias off the barrier, then again. The ring count climbs but Lashley puts Elias in at 3. Elias runs and blasts Lashley in the leg! The Drifter has control while we go to break.

Raw returns and Elias has Lashley in the Half Crab. Lashley manages the ropebreak and Elias lets him go. Elias comes back to stomp the bad leg out, but only Kevin enjoys it. Elias drags Lashley back up but Lashley throws him out. Kevin coaches Elias back in but Lashley catches Elias into a complete shot! Both men are down but stirring. Denver rallies for Lashley as he and Elias stand. Elias and Lashley brawl with back and forth haymakers. Elias jabs but Lashley throws clubbing hands. Lashley kicks then runs to clobber Elias down. Fans fire up and Lashley suplexes Elias. Somehow that bad leg holds up for the stalling suplex! Lashley can’t make the cover, but he stands first. Lashley runs and SPEARS Elias out of the ring! They hit the apron then the floor in that double-edged attack!

Kevin chases Lio! Lio is too quick for Kevin to catch, but then Kevin runs into Lashley! The referee sees that, and it costs Elias the match!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by disqualification

Kevin is further upset with Lio now. Lio leads him on another chase, then uses the barriers to leap over him. Lio is trapped but slips into the ring to then run around. Elias still grabs Lio and yanks him in! But Lashley drags Elias out and gets in there to save Lio from Kevin’s powerbomb. Lashley throws hands on Kevin and Kevin is in retreat. The Prizefigther and Drifter have time to regroup, but can they prepare for Lashley and Cena?


Drew McIntyre encounters Seth Rollins backstage.

The Architect brings up some truth for the Terminator. McIntyre is the one being used by Ziggler and Strowman. Strowman doesn’t care about anyone but himself. And Ziggler is a weak link as it is, riding McINtyre’s coattails since they both returned. Why is Ziggler getting the Intercontinental Championship opportunities and not McIntyre? McIntyre has literally carried Ziggler at times. But before pointing fingers at The Shield, you should really take a look in the mirror and think about who is being used by who in The Pack. Rollins leaves McIntyre with some things to think about. Yet McIntyre tells Ziggler not to worry. Is that the truth? Or will the truth set one man free from his team?


Nia Jax w/ Ember Moon VS Alicia Fox w/ Mickie James & Alexa Bliss!

The Irresistible Force and the Prophecy of Flame have become united against Raw’s very own Mean Girls. Ember knew when The Goddess and crew dared her to find a partner, she had to get the Game Changer. Plus Nia loves getting under Alexa’s skin. Ms. Crazy like a Fox has the Mixed Match Challenge to worry about tomorrow, but will she even make it there after facing Nia?

The bell rings and Alicia is wary of Nia. She circles Nia while staying close to the ropes. Nia waits for Alicia to come out, and grabs her around the throat. Alicia breaks free but then gets tossed to a corner! Nia gives her a corner splash then another toss! Alicia slips out to regroup with Alexa and Mickie, so Nia stays back. But then Ember cannonballs onto Mickie! Nia comes out to fetch Foxy and put her in the ring. Alicia kicks Nia as she returns, then hits a swinging neckbreaker. Cover, TWO! Alicia keeps on Nia but fans rally for Nia. Alicia puts on a sleeper hold but Nia stands up, only to get knees. Fans rally for Nia more and Nia stands all the way up! She backs Alicia into buckles and breaks free. Alicia boots Nia quick, then kicks her down. Cover, TWO!

Alicia keeps on Nia with forearms, then she trash talks. She runs but into the fireman’s carry! Nia marches it out then hits the Samoan Drop! Cover, Nia wins!

Winner: Nia Jax, by pinfall

The Game Changer nominee won this one, will she win the award at the People’s Choice Awards? Will Alicia snap back to face Mickie & Lashley tomorrow night?


McIntyre and Ambrose encounter each other.

Each man has been approached by the other’s friend, but why? McIntyre has theories. Four Man Shield, the unstoppable force. Or perhaps he’s scared that McIntyre said the truth. Maybe they should have checked up on Ambrose. Or maybe they need a replacement. Or maybe McIntyre is overreacting. It’s not like Rollins has ever stabbed anyone in the back before. Oh wait. McIntyre leaves, and now the web of lies is truly tangled. Who will free themselves from the doubts and questions?


WWE and Raw look closer at the #LastTimeEver.

“Two of the all-time greats to ever step inside the ring” have one final rematch to settle the “unfinished business” left between them. They’ve battled for years, and we thought the era was over. But now, for Super Show Down in Melbourne, Australia, the majority of WWE legends and hall of famers bet on The Undertaker. However, Shawn Michaels chose his friend Triple H, and the Deadman claims it’s out of a personal grudge. HBK promised he stayed retired out of respect, but Taker accuses him of being afraid. Taker promises to put HHH down again, and for good. But HHH responded, saying Taker lost his powers long before losing the streak. Those were Taker’s last moments of greatness, and blames HHH & HBK for it. Both men are convinced the other is blinded by ego, but now they’ll have back-up! Will this last time ever truly end it all?


Six Man Tag: The Shield VS Baron Corbin & ???

The Lunatic, the Architect and The Big Dog unite once again for a 3v3 match! They’re confident they’ll go through any three men, especially The Pack at Super Show Down. But who has Stephanie’s personally appointed constable and interim GM found to be his partners? We’ll find out after the break!

Raw returns and Corbin makes his entrance. He is still smugly confident, which must mean he got some good partners. He wants Denver to applaud The Shield and their Monday Night Raw reunion. But this might be the last time they’re seen together. The break-up is coming, which is why half the roster was beating down the door to join Corbin. Corbin went with the cream of the crop, two men who have been decimating superstars since showing up. Yes, it is the Authors of Pain! Akam & Rezar, with Drake Maverick accompanying them, join the Lone Wolf and head down the ramp. Will the Book of Pain write the Last Chapter on The Shield?

But then Braun Strowman and The Pack come out to watch, just as they promised. They brought their own chairs, but just to be their ringside seats. Strowman, Ziggler & McIntyre become fans as the match begins. Corbin starts against Ambrose, and they circle and tie up. Ambrose gets a wristlock to hammerlock, and he brings Corbin tot he mat. He makes it a cover, ONE. Ambrose has a waistlock but Corbin reverses out to a headlock. Ambrose powers out  then drop toeholds! He has Corbin in the Queen Angelito leglock and then crossface punches him. Ambrose tags in Rollins and the two double suplex Corbin over. Cover, TWO, but Corbin gets away to his corner. He tags in Akam, and we have a first-time-ever encounter.

They tie up and Rollins gets a waistlock. He shifts to a headlock but Akam lifts him. Akam powers out and runs Rollins over with a shoulder! Akam trash talks before scooping. Rollins slips out and boots Akam away. Ambrose tags in but so does Rezar. The double whip leads to double shoulders on Akam, but Rezar runs them both over with his own shoulders! Rezar trash talks as he scoops Ambrose. Ambrose escapes and hot tags to Roman! We get another first-time-ever as The Big Dog and the Albanian Assassin stare down. Neither man backs down, and Rezar even seems to taunt Roman. Fans are thunderous as Roman throws uppercuts. Rezar shoves and they collide with shoulders. Rezar powers Roman to a corner for shoulders into the ribs!

The referee backs Rezar off at 4, but Rezar keeps on Roman with a fireman’s carry. Roman fights out and uppercuts Rezar again. Roman lifts Rezar but that’s a big man. Rezar escapes and shoves to swing. Roman dodges and comes back with the leaping lariat! Yet Rezar stands right back up! Roman is surprised by the younger star, and now all six men get face to face in the ring. The referee can’t keep the peace, it’s a brawl!

Ambrose sends Corbin out, Rollins sends Akam out and Roman takes care of Rezar. The Shield holds down the Yard, but The Pack feels the need to get a closer look. They pick up their chairs and head down the ring. But that’s when Corbin and AoP pounce! They clobber The Shield and put Ambrose and Rollins into barriers. Roman is in the ring, Choke Slam Breaker from Corbin! Cover, TWO!! The Shield is in trouble while we go to break.

Raw returns once more, as Roman lifts Corbin for the Samoan Drop! Fans fire up as both men crawl for their corners. The Pack is right at the runway in their seats as both men hot tag! Akam and Rollins come in but Rollins rallies on both AoP. Rollins boots Akam then jumps over him to enziguri! He goes to suplex but Akam too strong. Akam suplexes but Rollins slips out. Rollins back elbows then hops up to blockbuster! Cover, TWO! Fans stay hot for Rollins as he stomps “Burn it Down!” Rollins aims at Akam but Maverick distracts! Corbin holds the ropes and Rollins tumbles out! Ambrose protests but Corbin tags in. Corbin drags Rollins up to put him into barriers! He then whips Rollins into more barriers, and lets AoP mug him! The Shield protest but the referee keeps them back.

Corbin fetches Rollins and puts him in the ring. He tags to Rezar, and he lets Rezar drags Rollins up for a neck wrench. Rollins endures as Rezar twists him. Fans want Dean to tag in and Rollins stands up. Rezar powers him to the corner and Akam tags in. Akam and Rezar combine for the sidewalk stomp slam! Cover, TWO! Akam chokes Rollins on the ropes, but backs off at 4. Corbin gets a cheap shot in before Akam wraps on a chinlock. Fans rally and hope Ambrose gets the tag. Rollins stands and jawbreakers out. Akam blasts him down with a back elbow! Tag to Corbin and he drags Rollins up to punch him back down. Corbin repeats and repeats the punch. Then he blasts Roman down. Ambrose comes in but the ref holds him back. Corbin taunts Ambrose, but Rollins slingblades him down!

Corbin and Rollins are down but Akam runs in. Rollins sends him out, but then Akam trips Ambrose! But then Roman goes after Akam! Rezar saves Akam by putting Roman into steel steps! Maverick likes what he sees from his behemoths as they give Roman the LAST CHAPTER! The Pack like that, too. Corbin lifts Rollins but Rollins sunset flips, TWO! DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO!! The Constable grows frustrated, he thought he ended this. But his team still has control with Rollins isolated in the ring. Corbin drags Rollins over to tag in Rezar. Rezar tags Akam and the AoP work together again. But Rollins headscissors Rezar out and then SUPERKICKS Akam out of the air! Rollins heads for his corner, and it’s Ambrose waiting! Tag to Corbin, but Rollins slips out of the suplex. Tag to Ambrose!

Denver is thunderous as Ambrose fires off on Corbin. Corbin reverses the whip but Ambrose rallies with lariats. Ambrose whips and gives Corbin the kitchen sink knee. Ambrose keeps going for the corner forearm smash. Corbin pushes Ambrsoe away, Deep Six countered, small package! TWO! Ambrose dodges then clotheslines Corbin out! The AoP regroup with Corbin, but Ambrose wrecks them all with the dropkick! Maverick freaks out as Ambrose puts Corbin in. Ambrose climbs up top, but Akam trips him up! Ambrose still fights Corbin off, and then dodges. Corbin slides out, slide sin, but misses, jumping neckbreaker! Ambrose hurries up top again, for the lunatic elbow! cover, but BOTH AoP break it up!

The AoP coordinate on Ambrose, but Roman SUPERMAN PUNCHES Rezar! Akam kicks Roman out but then Rollins throws Akam out. Curb Stomp on Corbin! Then DIVE on Rezar! Ambrose kicks Akam out, and Rollins DIVES again! Ambrose gets Corbin with Dirty Deeds! He kicks Rezar out, tags to Roman and DIVES! Roman howls, SPEAR on Corbin! Cover, The Shield wins!!

Winners: The Shield, Roman Reigns pinning

It was truly a team effort for the House of Justice! The Pack are actually impressed, but it’s not over yet. Rollins and Roman stand together but Ambrose is literally caught in the middle. Which side does he choose? Shield or Pack? Ambrose stands, and stands with his brothers! The Shield is not breaking, no matter what Strowman and his cronies say. Will they be able to stand tall again in Australia? Or will unity matter against the dogs of war standing against them?



My Thoughts:

Raw finally gets back on track after doing too much building for too many things. This episode was 95% focused on Super Show Down, with 5% on the Mixed Match Challenge. Finn VS Mahal gets to be the opener, which is good for both of them. And Finn wins, which is good for him. But I feel like this just points out how having the second Mixed Match Challenge now is too much for WWE to be doing for the Fall. I would’ve been much happier with this if they waited until they were past this log jam of Hell in a Cell to Super Show Down to Evolution to Crown Jewel. Mixed Match Challenge should be purely a Spring to Summer event.

That aside, the Super Show Down centered build was much better than anything Raw has done lately. Corbin kissing up to Stephanie for her to counter and scold him was good. The Pack trying to play on Ambrose’s pride almost telegraphed the turn wasn’t coming, but I liked that Rollins played it back, to tease a possible turn from the Heel side of things. It doesn’t seem like a turn is coming, only because it’d be too obvious now, but sometimes WWE does stuff that’s just too obvious. The main event with Corbin and Authors of Pain was great, and it finally got AoP away from destroying jobbers so that everyone can understand how good Akam & Rezar really are. I’m still hoping that once Shield VS Pack is done, AoP go after the tag titles regardless of who holds them.

The Raw Tag Title match tonight was great. For just a moment, I really thought The Revival had it. That would’ve been a great twist to compound onto Rollins saying McIntyre has been carrying Ziggler. As for The Revival, they’re still a great team, but maybe going to SmackDown would help them get titles. The audible on the scheduled Brie VS Ruby match was actually rather welcomed, and I liked that The Squad won. There was some strange miscommunication as Liv Morgan was reportedly taken to the back, yet was clearly still ringside selling injury. Ronda VS Ruby is next week, that should be fun, but I’m surprised The Squad hasn’t tried to turn Ronda against The Bellas in a way The Pack is working on Ambrose.

Konnor winning over Chad Gable was rather surprising, but I suppose it’d have to happen if they want to already make Roode-Gable a story of a strained tag team. I don’t know why Roode and Gable were teamed together, Gable would’ve been better off as a singles guy maybe going to 205 Live. Roode and Lashley would’ve been better, even if their shared first name would’ve been odd. And while the story of Kevin, Elias, Lashley and Lio is pretty fun, I doubt it’ll lead to Lio being a serious Raw competitor, possibly with Lashley as his tag partner. This feels like another thing WWE is doing that’s too much at such a busy time in their calendar. If Cruiserweights aren’t going to be properly integrated onto Raw, then don’t bother.

Nia squashing Alicia was pretty fun, and I’m hoping this is further sign that WWE wants a Women’s Tag something or other. Sasha Banks is hurt but that doesn’t keep The Boss & Hug Connection from eventually being a tag team championship duo. If they’re out of commission come whatever title opportunity we see at Evolution, perhaps it’ll fall to Nia & Ember or the Riott Squad to be the inaugural champions, assuming Raw would get them first. Of course, Stephanie McMahon runs Raw and always seems to put herself over when it comes to WWE’s women, so it just seems obvious one of her teams would get belts first.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Andrew’s Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix Red Stars Ratings & Review: Day 7 & 8



We get another combined article because of the way Stardom likes to stagger matches in this tournament.

Day 7 actually didn’t have any Blue Star matches at all, so now the articles will be titled a little differently. I need that Rick and Morty clip about getting your shit together and direct it at Stardom booking. Oh wait, I can!



So with that established, I guess we should look at the matches to come. Tam is eliminated but still has 3 matches to go. So she can go from a measly 2 to a respectable 8 if she can put a few wins together. Utami and Rachael however are still very much in the thick of things, and even face one another on Day 8.

Let’s find if anyone else gets eliminated, or if we continue to have the top half stay alive.


Day 7

Rachael Ellering vs Tam Nakano

Rachael’s promo is fake and over enthusiastic, whereas Tam’s was realistic and a little bubbleheaded. So it’s really hard for me to ever connect to Ellering’s promos, cause she’s not convincing and her matches thus far have been…umm…shall we say, sub par. So sadly Tam seems to be in the plucky underdog role this year and always getting close with not much of a pay off. So let’s she if she picks up a win to play spoiler, or continues to come up short.

I have no clue what it is about most of Rachael’s matches, but they are hard to watch. Rachael’s Pump Kick that she over uses never looks impactful, she doesn’t take or sell offense well, and it’s just a schlog. This match was no different.

Tam’s kicks are usually crisp, but they hit awkwardly and slowly. Tam even went for a bottom rope assisted Back Body Drop, but Rachael’s foot cause the middle rope and it just looked sloppy. Tam still sold her back, while Rachael focused it, so that was good.

We also see a decent barrage at the end of the match with some false finish rollups, Rachael’s Bossman Slam and then Ellering finally finishes this with the Fallaway Powerbomb.

Winner: Ellering via Fallaway Powerbomb

Rating: * 1/2


Kagetsu vs Kimber Lee

Kimber always has this oddly endearing way of cutting a promo. She talks fairly slowly (the way people do when you’re speaking a language people might not understand), which I find ridiculous, but she says all the correct babyface things. Kagetsu however has a skull mask on her head, pops up into frame and just starts talking casually about things. She just wants to end the match, eat some good food and head to Osaka. It’s casually dismissive of Kimber, but not cruel, perfect tweener kind of temperature.

Kagetsu takes the early advantage and does the cocky heel thing by throwing Kimber to the outside. Hazuki and Sumire get in a few cheap shots before rolling her back in. Kagetsu takes a drink of water and then we get her water spit/mist spot. Which I’m still not sure why that isn’t a disqualification, but I like it, so I’m not questioning it.

After the initial cockiness, Kimber takes advantage of Kagetsu taking her foot of the gas and puts together some offense. A few well placed kicks and suplexes lead to the Swanton Bomb attempt, but Kimber misses. After a little more struggle, Kagetsu eventually hits a Chokeslam and then enough of the Oedo Coaster to get the pinfall.

Not Kagetsu’s best work, but it was a fairly short match and Kimber isn’t positioned as a threat in this tournament.

Winner: Kagetsu via Oedo Coaster

Rating: *** 1/4


Day 8

Kimber Lee vs Tam Nakano

The opening promos are pretty low energy for both women. Kimber talks about being eliminated but fighting for herself and Tam tries her best to psych herself up. The lack of points is effecting both of these women. Who will get the ball moving to end on a high note?

Not a bad match, just fairly short. Given that all of the Grand Prix matches have a 15 minute time limit, even the longer ones are a little short. Both women utilize a fair amount of kicks and flexibility in their offense, so the mirror aspect was on full display.

Kimber does her split spot, Tam goes for a Buzzsaw Kick, but Kimber blocks it and tries to sweep the leg, but Tam does a split and they both start throwing forearms from the split position. Kimber hits a kick combination first, which drops Tam but only for two. In her opening promo Tam put some emphasis on not wanting to lose to kicks, since those are kinda her thing.

Maintaining advantage, Kimber goes to the top rope but Tam shows some fight. Eventually hitting the Avalanche Snapmare and going up for her Diving Idol Knee, for only a near fall. After a few more close calls, Kimber catches Tam coming off the ropes for a Brain Buster, pulls her to a corner and lands the Swanton Bomb for the pinfall.

Valiant efforts in all her matches, but Tam really can’t catch a break.

Winner: Kimber via Swanton Bomb

Rating: ** 1/4


Rachael Ellering vs Utami Hayayshishita

Well, ya know I’m usually overly disinterested in whatever Rachael’s been doing, but this match was a little different. She basically got to play the heel since she was being very tough on Utami and showing some personality while arguing with the referee. So when it comes down to Rachael’s involvement, it wasn’t the thing that brought the match down, for a change.

However, after the initial burst from Rachael and the playing up a few strikes on the outside, the match never kick it into another gear. It basically was treading water for the last half. Signature moves were hit, Utami landed her Sleeper Hold takeover into the Coquina Clutch, but Rachael got out of it. I’m guess the high point was supposed to be Rachael hitting a Superplex, but nothing felt important, desperate or impressive.

The match ends just as Utami cinches in an Inside Cradle, but the time expires. All of the draws in this tournament are a little off putting.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

Rating: ***


Red Stars Standings:

Kagetsu 4-1-1 (9 Points)
Rachael Ellering 4-1-1 (9 Points)
Jungle Kyona 3-1-2 (8 Points)
Utami Hayashishita 3-1-2 (8 Points)
Konami 3-3 (6 Points) – Eliminated
Kimber Lee 2-4 (4 Points) – Eliminated
Tam Nakano 1-5 (2 Points) – Eliminated
Natsuko Tora 1-5 (2 Points) – Eliminated



You know Stardom, you know what happens when you make Tam look good but don’t give her wins? Nothing happens, it’s actually decent story telling and could set up for a big upset of Kagetsu on the Finals day. So as much as the fan in me hates watching Tam come up short (Naito fans around the world know that feel), her determination and the storyline wrinkles could pay off later.

As for the two days…meh? Nothing stood out and these really just felt like matches to set up for the final swerve. These kind of days happen in all tournaments, it just hit really hard in these four matches. I just really really hope Rachael doesn’t win Red Stars.

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Mathew’s Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix Blue Stars Results & Review: Day 8



So tomorrow is the last day of the Five Star Grand Prix where we will have our final four matches and the final match on the same day but we got two matches left to cover before we go to the final day.

This show is for people that didn’t have their six matches before the final day and we’re using this to make sure they’re all caught up to speed and we can see who has a chance to make it and who doesn’t. I know it says day 8 in my headline but I had no matches on the seventh day, so I decided to just skip it and go where I have my actual matches. So who wins these two matches?

Let’s find out and…dive right in.


Grand Prix Blue Stars Match
Kelly Klein vs. Natsu Sumire

Review: It’s pretty clear that Sumire is pretty much eliminated and even if she does win this match and her last one, the fact that Mayu would hold the tiebreaker over her if she lost today and won tomorrow, but would still be out if Momo won on the final day since she’d have nine points while Sumire would still have eight if she won both and wouldn’t matter, but she has been one of the highlights of this tournament due to her personality flourishing a lot more here and the fans loving her more and more. Sumire in her pre-match interview seems to be more focused on her bust size and even talked about the supplements she’s been taking for a couple weeks now and is disappointed that there’s been no change in her results just yet and hopes to provide progress updates. Kelly is her opponent tonight and if Kelly does win here, she’ll be in the top spot of the standings and would have a strong chance of winning. Can Kelly win again or will Sumire ruin it for her?

Once again, Sumire made the match fun when it was needed due to it not being the best bout in the tournament here but they did work with what they got, even if it was as pretty standard as they come. Kelly did an okay job in the match as well and probably my least favorite outing of her in the Grand Prix and she just wanted to dominate Sumire. Sumire was mostly doing her antics that you would see in her matches with the false handshakes, cradling them up when they least expect it, and just whipping them. It looked like Kelly was going to go for the win here and when she ran the ropes, Kagetsu kicked her in the back to stun her long enough for Sumire to grab the Oedo Tai sign so she could hit Kelly with it, but Kelly moved out of the way causing the sign to bounce off the ropes and hit Sumire instead in which it gets turned around for Kelly to hit the Fireman’s Carry Slam for the victory and she’s now in first place.

Rating: Tony Schiavone


Grand Prix Blue Stars Match
Hazuki vs. Mayu Iwatani

Review: A win here is very crucial for Mayu Iwatani if she wants to tie it up with Kelly, otherwise she would be eliminated from the tournament and her opponent, Hazuki would take the top spot with nine points and potentially win the whole thing if things work out in her favor. The last time the both of them fought one on one was around February during the ROH Women of Honor tournament and Mayu would come out the winner of that match and Mayu wants to beat her again to show she’s on a whole different level now. Who will take the top spot of the standings, Mayu or Hazuki?

Hazuki is in my top 5 wrestlers of Stardom right now and this match here with Mayu just solidified my statement for this claim. This whole tournament, she has been one of the most consistent wrestlers in her matches with her sequences being on point, her moves are crisp, and how to handle a match lately has been outstanding that she should be under peoples radar. Hazuki right away was being aggressive with Mayu before the bell even rang when she attacked her from behind and kept rolling her up which failed, but she kept on the attack by throwing her around into chairs on the outside and even destroyed Mayu’s arm during the whole match and not holding back on her, I love this side of Hazuki.

This match is one of my favorites in my block next to Hazuki/Momo still being my favorite one, but this one was still pretty damn close with their chemistry in the ring together gave us a special match and it’s not even their last one for their block. They told a great story in the ring, executed everything almost flawlessly, seeing a more aggressive side of Hazuki in her previous two matches, and Mayu selling it all to make it look more dangerous than it probably is, but they were just on point with everything together. Hazuki was pulling out all the stops with having her in the Crossface, working on her arm, stiff Dropkicks and a Codebreaker, but it still wasn’t enough to take Mayu out as she hits the Dragon Suplex Hold and gets the victory to tie first place with Kelly Klein. After the match, she told the crowd that she was now in first place and hopes the crowd will still support her as she looks to win it all at the final.

Rating: Bruce Prichard


Overall: Can’t really give it a fair assessment due to only having two matches with one being average and the other one being great, but the average of it was solid enough. I’m glad to see that all three of my picks are in the top 4 of potential winners and excited for the last day since it’s stacked.

Favorite Match: Hazuki vs. Mayu Iwatani

Score: 6/10

Blue Stars Standings:
Mayu Iwatani: 4-2 (8 Points)
Kelly Klein: 4-2 (8 Points)
Momo Watanabe: 3-2-1 (7 Points)
Hazuki: 3-2-1 (7 Points)
Nicole Savoy: 3-3 (6 Points)
Jamie Hayter: 2-4 (4 Points)
Saki Kashima: 2-4 (2 Points)
Natsu Sumire: 2-4 (4 Points)

Now that we have our final standings before the final show tomorrow, we see that our top 4 people that could still win this are Mayu Iwatani, Kelly Klein, Momo Watanabe, and Hazuki. We’re gonna break down the final card for tomorrow and see who has a real chance and how can it be done.

  • Mayu Iwatani vs. Momo Watanabe
  • Hazuki vs. Natsu Sumire
  • Kelly Klein vs. Nicole Savoy
  • Saki Kashima vs. Jamie Hayter

Here is how these four can win.

Mayu Iwatani: Defeat Momo Watanabe and Nicole Savoy defeats Kelly Klein.

Momo Watanabe: Defeat Mayu Iwatani and Nicole Savoy defeats Kelly Klein.

Kelly Klein: Defeat Nicole Savoy

Hazuki: Defeat Nicole Savoy, Momo Watanabe defeats Mayu Iwatani, and Nicole Savoy defeats Kelly Klein

If Momo and Hazuki do win their matches and Kelly loses, these two will be in a tie and it’ll be interesting to see who gets the final spot since they did tie it up in their outing, interesting direction if that’s the case.

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