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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Report! (1/30/18)



All images courtesy of the WWE’s official Twitter.



  • WWE United States Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way: Kofi Kingston w/ The New Day VS Zack Ryder VS Rusev w/ Aiden English VS Jinder Mahal w/ Sunil Singh; Rusev wins and will challenge Bobby Roode for the US Championship next week.
  • The Bludgeon Brothers VS It Doesn’t Matter; Bludgeon Brothers win.
  • Tye Dillinger VS Baron Corbin; Corbin wins.
  • Breezango VS Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin; Gable & Benjamin win.
  • AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura VS Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn; Styles & Nakamura win.


SmackDown welcomes the Men’s Royal Rumble Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura!

The King of Strong Style outlasted even the likes of Finn Balor, John Cena and Roman Reigns to earn his main event spot at Wrestlemania 34! Not only that, but he didn’t wait long to name who he wants to face, either. He wants the WWE Champion, AJ Styles! The fans of Philly welcome him with a standing ovation and chanting his name. Nakamura speaks, “At Royal Rumble, Sami Zayn: Knee to the face. John Cena: Knee to the face! Roman Reigns: Knee to face!” And at Wrestlemania, it will be him VS AJ Styles, and a “KNEE, FACE, new WWE Champion!” However, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn come out to respond.

“Give it up for your 2018 Royal Rumble winner, Shinsuke Nakamura!” Kevin says he can point at the sign and talk about beating Styles all he wants, but #Kami believes they were screwed over. Yep. Sami & Kevin should be co-champions but are instead losers because of a “controversial” call. They claim Shane McMahon’s vendetta still holds them down. The referee has one job: protect the integrity of the match at all costs. Yep. And clearly Kevin didn’t tag in. Kevin’s strong passion coupled with incompetence of the referee has put us in this situation. “Styles pinned the wrong man!” Therefore, #Kami should be given a second chance. That means it won’t be Styles VS Nakamura, it’ll be #Kami VS Nakamura. YEP, YEP, YEP! Nakamura says Styles is a winner, and #Kami are losers.

Philly says “YEP!” to that. However, #Kami decides to intimidate Nakamura, only for AJ Styles to appear in person!

Styles speaks now, saying #Kami can complain all they want, but they’re still getting the dream match at ‘Mania, and that’s Styles VS Nakamura. But as for tonight in Philly, in the “House that AJ Styles Built”, the Dream Match shall become a Dream Team! Styles & Nakamura VS Sami & Kevin tonight!

However, #Kami seems to say NOPE to that, as they take their leave. Though, on second thought, if Styles, Nakamura and Philly want it that badly, still NOPE! In that case, Styles and Nakamura knock #Kami down! Kevin & Sami may not feel like in a fighting mood, but then how are they to get the title from Styles?


Kevin & Sami visit SmackDown General Manager, Daniel Bryan.

They need to talk. Well he wanted to talk to them too. He reminds them that Styles doesn’t have match-making power, but Bryan does. The dream team match will happen.

This is almost as bad as the Rumble’s “single biggest blown call ever”! Bryan says the footage could not overturn the ruling, the referee made a mistake and they have to live with it. Mistake? No, a mistake is when you set your alarm for 7PM instead of AM! This was for a title! C’mon, Daniel! He has to fix this, they can’t be pushed to the back of the line, and Bryan knows it! Bryan agrees, but their opportunity at the title will happen next week. See? Voice of Reason right here! Yes, next week, major main event, and the winner of that match moves on to Fastlane! It’ll be Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn 1v1! That’s great, right? Bryan can’t wait for that! But #Kami can’t believe they’ll have to fight each other now. Will their friendship survive?


WWE United States Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way: Kofi Kingston VS Zack Ryder VS Rusev VS Jinder Mahal!

The GLORIOUS One has a lot of eyes on him now that he’s champion, and he joins commentary to watch this personally. Will the high-flyer of the New Day, the Long Island Iced Z, the Bulgarian Brute or the Modern Day Maharaja rise up to challenge him along this Road to Wrestlemania?

The bell rings and while fans chant “Rusev Day!”, Rusev comes under attack from Ryder. Meanwhile, Mahal goes after Kofi and we have a pair of brawls. Ryder and Rusev spill out to the outside while Mahal keeps Kofi inside. Mahal whips, Kofi evades and sunset flips, but Mahal sits down. TWO, and Kofi rolls Mahal, TWO. Kofi keeps moving but runs into Mahal’s stiff knee! Ryder returns in the ring and slips out of Mahal’s scoop to dump Mahal out. Rusev returns but Ryder is ready, except for running into Rusev’s body attack. Big E serves pancakes aggressively at Corey Graves while Rusev stomps out Ryder.

Mahal keeps on Kofi on the outside then puts him inside, also stomping away. Roode is honored to have so many contenders and vows to be a fighting champion. Rusev and Mahal keep on Kofi and Ryder, but Kofi fights back as the fans rally. Mahal and Rusev coordinate and go to whip Kofi and Ryder at each other, but Ryder reverses and Kofi knocks Rusev down with a dropkick! Mahal runs but misses, Ryder knocks him with a lariat. Kofi goes after Ryder now, but his suplex is countered with a neckbreaker, Mahal breaks the pin. Mahal drags Ryder up for crossface punches and stiff elbows. He whips Ryder but Ryder counters with a facebuster, then clotheslines Mahal out of the ring. Ryder builds speed and hits Mahal with a wrecking ball dropkick. Kofi sees a target, and FLIES! Big E throws more pancakes! Rusev gets in the ring, he builds speed, but Sunil trips him up! Aiden English comes over and threatens him, then shoves him, and causes Big E to spill the pancake platter!

Sunil done done it now! The New Day argues with English and Singh, but the referee ejects all four of them! The arguing just gets worse while we go picture in picture.

With the four legal men the only ones left, Rusev fires up with the “RUSEV DAY!” chants. He slips out of the ring to throw Ryder into barriers. Rusev puts Ryder into the ring but Mahal and Kofi have also returned. Kofi breaks Rusev’s cover, then goes back to Mahal. Mahal and Rusev keep control, but Kofi reverses a buckle bump to give a bump. Ryder fights back on Rusev and gives him corner punches while Kofi stomps on Mahal. Kofi walks off tot he side, to then run in and rock Mahal with a dropkick! Ryder covers Rusev, ONE, Kofi goes after Mahal’s leg. Rusev kicks Ryder right in the head! Ryder rolls out of the ring while Mahal turns things around on Kofi. Mahal chokes Kofi at the ropes, then Rusev comes over to help out. Rusev drags Kofi up while Mahal goes after Ryder. Ryder reverses Mahal and bumps him off the apron, Rusev covers, TWO. Mahal grinds a knee into Ryder, Rusev rams shoulders into Kofi. Mahal throws Ryder out then rejoins Rusev to bully Kofi. They double suplex Kofi, then Mahal drops a knee. Rusev adds an elbow drop, then they both drag Kofi up to throw him back out. Mahal and Rusev stick together as they go out of the ring, embracing the heat. Mahal grinds his knee into Kofi  then rocks him with a right and we go back to single picture.

Rusev keeps on Ryder while Mahal whips Kofi at steel steps, but Kofi leaps up and over them! Kofi returns but Mahal evades, to then send Kofi into those steel steps. Then Mahal turns on Rusev with a right hand and a bump off a post. He puts Ryder in the ring and covers, TWO. Roode touts the accomplishments of Mahal while Mahal lays into Ryder with springboard knee drops. Rusev returns and Mahal is right upon him, but the fans cheer Rusev on. Rusev fights back, brawling with Mahal. Haymaker after haymaker, then a pair of big roundhouses. Rusev fires up, and runs corner to corner to ram a shoulder into Mahal!

Mahal escapes the ring, so Rusev goes after Ryder. Ryder knees Rusev away, then hits a missile dropkick. He goes corner to corner, forearm smash and more forearms, “WOO WOO WOO!” Broski Boot! But Mahal wipes Ryder out with a boot of his own, TWO! Ryder rolls away while Mahal covers Rusev, TWO. Mahal grows frustrated but Kofi flies in to knock him down! The fans fire up for Kofi as he hits the Boom Drop. Kofi gets the fans going again, but Ryder returns, Kofi hits SOS! Mahal breaks the cover, then lariats Kofi inside-out. Rusev gets up and throws Mahal out, before seeing he has his pick between Ryder and Kofi. He chooses both for a Stack-olade! However, Mahal returns to roll Rusev up, TWO! Mahal hits the big knee strike on Rusev, then calls for his finish. He drags Rusev up, but Rusev resists and throws him off. Ryder comes in, pop-up for the Rough Ryder on Mahal! Rusev rocks Ryder with another roundhouse, then he blocks Kofi’s SOS into the Accolade!

Kofi endures, but taps! Rusev wins! The Bulgarian Brute shall challenge Roode for the US Championship next week on SmackDown! And he gets out of the ring to stare right at the champion. The GLORIOUS One is ready, but will he still be CRUSHED on Rusev Day?


The Usos speak.

“Since Day One, the Usos have had the SmackDown Live Tag Division #OnLock.” Every other tag team in the WWE better pay attention to them. They’re going to put everyone on notice, “live and in color”, after the break.


The Fashion Police are in Fashion HQ.

They finish power-ranking their favorite looks before checking in with the Ascension and the #AskBreezango Twitter questions. The questions keep pouring in! First up, “What kind of conditioner do you use for your hair?” “What is your favorite thing about Viktor?” But before they can cover any more questions, Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin enter. What even is this? The Fashion Files still exists? These “clowns” are embarrassing the SmackDown Tag Team Division.

As embarrassing as losing to the Usos twice in a row? Gable & Benjamin have a question: Do they really think they can beat the team of Benjamin & Gable? The answer: No. Then they throw the table over! The Ascension keep the Fashion Police calm, they’ll settle this in the ring.


The Usos come to the ring.

The Usos won against Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls tag team match for the SmackDown Tag Team titles, keeping the Uso Penitentiary open for business. Philly is the City of Brotherly Love, so show some love to the championship brothers! They got silly up in Philly, they beat Gable ‘n’ Benjamin 2-0, “back to back!” But that’s nothing new, the Usos have always dominated SmackDown. “Y’all don’t remember, huh?” They go on a trip of memory lane! American Alpha: LOCKED DOWN! American Alpha 2: LOCKED DOWN! Hype Bros: LOCKED DOWN! Breezango: LOCKED DOWN! NEW DAY~: LOCKED DOWN! And even The Bar, from Raw, but at Survivor Series: LOCKED DOWN! They lock ’em down and this Day One Ish isn’t just merch, it’s a lifestyle! It’s real, true, being 100 and being UCE! Day One is the struggle, and everyone knows about that. Bills, work, grades, staying otu of trouble, but remember this: all those struggles will only make you stronger. That’s why the Usos go to war side-by-side. That’s what makes them different, because they share struggles, Uce. They get stronger together, so it won’t matter where you’re from, what Club you’re in, what Bar you are, what Day you are, it doesn’t even matter if you’re other brothers! The Usos may not be the best tag team, but they’re the best in WWE! “Run up ‘n’ get done up!”

Philly is fired up alongside The Usos, but before the Usos can leave, out come a certain pair of brothers.

Yes, Harper & Rowan have returned, and these Bludgeon Brothers are ready to show why everyone should be worried about them.


The Bludgeon Brothers VS ???

Like any other Bludgeon Brothers match, they come out hard at the bell as Harper runs over ? then puts him in a corner to chop stiffly. He tags in Rowan, Rowan whips Harper right in for a big back elbow, then Harper feeds Rowan’s tackle. They tag back, and Rowan hauls up the carcass and walks over to the opposing corner. Harper keeps “Mr. Amazing” from running, Rowan makes ? tag him in, only to use ? as a weapon! Harper runs “Mr. Amazing” over with a boot! Rowan then throws his partner, and the two small men end up in a corner. Harper tags Rowan back and and whips him in for a big corner splash sandwich. Then, with the full-nelson lift, Rowan assists Harper in the sit-out powerbomb! And for the legal “Mr. Amazing”, Bludgeon Bomb! The Bludgeon Brothers win! Will these brothers in destruction soon challenge the Usos for SmackDown tag team gold?


Daniel Bryan speaks.

“On SmackDown Live, we’re always exploring new and different ways to make the show more interesting for our fans and more engaging for our superstars.” That’s why Bryan himself is proud to announce the first ever, official SmackDown Top Ten List! The stars of SmackDown will vote on who they think are the most deserving. It is all based on locker room leadership, talent and skill. There are ground rules, however. Shane and Bryan won’t have a vote, it is all for the superstars. The other rule is that you can’t vote for yourself! Bryan is so excited and knows this will go a long way to helping make SmackDown better!


Shane McMahon speaks on the Royal Rumble.

Everything was so exciting, but now Tye Dillinger walks in. On any other day the Top Ten List would be priority, but they both now what this talk is about. The Perfect Ten was going to be entry 10, but Sami Zayn took taht form him. Baron Corbin comes in to complain about the Top Ten List and about #Kami. Shane agrees on the latter, and Corbin wonders who is really in charge. Is Shane a McMahon or what? Shane is a McMahon. Tye speaks up, and riles Corbin up but Shane calms them down. Tempers are running wild but things are settled in the ring. The Lone Wolf and the Perfect Ten will face off, which one of them will revitalize themselves on the way to Wrestlemania?


Charlotte Flair heads to the ring!

The Queen of Flair and SmackDown Women’s Champion will speak after the break.

SmackDown returns and we have an in-ring interview conducted by Renee Young. What was it like to watch the inaugural Women’s Rumble in person? It was incredible. Charlotte was so proud of the women in that match, but was also itching to compete. It was the first time that she didn’t want to be champion, because she’d rather test her mettle against the legends. Charlotte wanted to see if she could be like a certain Nature Boy she knew. Then there was a surreal moment where she stood in the ring with the Raw Women’s Champion and Asuka, the winner of the Rumble. And of course, there was “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey. All Charlotte knows is that she will still go to Wrestlemania as SmackDown Women’s Champion, but who will be her opponent? The Riott Squad comes out!

Ruby speaks, saying Charlotte needs to forget about Asuka and Ronda. Does Charlotte hear herself putting herself over? Her ego is big as her father’s. The fans let out a “WOO~” in agreement. Of course Charlotte thinks she would’ve won the Rumble and handpick her opponent. Ruby has met Charlottes all over the world. So talented, yet so entitled and unoriginal. There is only one Riott, from the way she talks to the way she acts to the way she looks. But Charlotte? She’s a cheap imitation of Ric. Ruby is out here to say that Charlotte’s time is over, because if the Squad had their way, she wouldn’t even make it to ‘Mania. Charlotte asks if Ruby’s done talking, then lets out a “WOO~” right in her face. Ruby goes to swing, Charlotte fights her and the Squad off! She knocks Ruby out, kicks Liv out and then throws Sarah out! The champion wants to fight, but the Squad has her surrounded! They club away on the Queen, and Philly boos and jeers as they stomp her out. Sarah drops a cartwheel knee, and then Ruby kicks her while she’s down. Liv gives the springboard double stomps in the corner, then she and Sarah bring Charlotte over for Ruby. They stand her up, Ruby gives her the Riott Kick! Philly boos and jeers but The Squad stands tall. Will they make good on their words and take that title from Charlotte before Wrestlemania?

Forget the Squad, here comes Ms. Money in the Bank!! Carmella rushes the ring with her briefcase, then makes sure Charlotte is good and done. Then she gives the case over to the referee! She sees Charlotte get up and panics! Carmella goes to dropkick Charlotte, but Charlotte evades and the referee takes the hit!

He tumbles down, Carmella freaks out, but Charlotte gets to her feet. Carmella shrieks for the referee to get up and activate the contract, but too late. She grabs her case and runs now that Charlotte is capable to fight back. Maybe not today, but when will Carmella finally make good on her MITB contract?


Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles talk backstage.

Nakamura knows what they have to do, right? Yes, they’re meeting at Wrestlemania. No, tonight they face #Kami! Yes, they meet at ‘Mania. Is he messing with Styles? Of course he’s messing with you. They’ll be fine, just listen to Nakamura out there. Styles listen to Nakamura? Will this Dream Team really work out?


Backstage interview with Carmella.

A bit of bad luck kept her from cashing in. Bad Luck? Carmella says that went as planned. She simply wanted to remind everyone that she has the MITB contract, and that makes Carmella the most dangerous woman on SmackDown. Plus, she broke a nail. Well, best of luck next time.


Tye Dillinger VS Baron Corbin!

The Perfect Ten and Lone Wolf have had problems with each other for a long time, and now they must settle a whole new grudge. Corbin rusehes in, Tye SUPERKIKCS him back then unloads left hands on the outside before throwing him into a barrier! The fans fire up for Tye as he hits Corbin with a flying forearm!

Tye keeps on Corbin then puts him in the ring, running chop in a corner before Perfect Ten corner punches! Corbin pushes Tye back, gets him with a knee, then pounds him with forearms on the mat. The fans boo, Corbin tells them to “Shut up!” Corbin whips Tye corner to corner, then runs in for a big corner clothesline. He drags Tye up, Tye fights back with body shots and forearms. Tye runs, kicks Corbin back, but Corbin rocks Tye with a right hand. The fans troll Corbin with “You Need Hair Plugs!” but Corbin ignores them to drag Tye up again. He throws Tye right out over the top rope and embraces the heat while we go picture in picture.

Tye writhes while Corbin grins, then Corbin goes out to fetch him. He brings Tye around the corner to then throw him into more barriers. Corbin walks around while Tye writhes again, then Corbin drags Tye up fore more stiff shots. He lifts Tye and drops him on the announce table face first! The referee keeps counting, things return into the ring. Corbin stalks Tye to ropes and rocks him with more right forearms, but then Tye fights back with chops! Corbin drives a knee in then whips Tye to a corner, but Tye evades, only for Corbin to slide out then in and run him over with a lariat! Cover, TWO, and Corbin grows annoyed. He keeps on Tye with a half-nelson chinbar while we go back to single picture.

Tye endures while the fans rally. Corbin keeps the grip on tight but Tye starts firing up. Tye gets up to his feet and fights back with body shots. Corbin drives in another knee then whips Tye, Tye goes up and over while Corbin slides out again. He sees Corbin coming, evades again, and then sends him into a post! Tye sees this is his chance, and fires himself up again. Corbin staggers over and Tye rocks him with southpaw haymakers and right hand chops. Tye rallies with forearms, and evades a pop-up knee to give a boot of his own. Tye knees and lariats Corbin down, then brings him back up for headbutts and chops. Knee pad comes down, Tye lifts Corbin up, but Corbin slips out to shove and clobber Tye down. The fans boo and jeer while Corbin gives Tye the Choke Slam Backbreaker! But Corbin isn’t done there, he brings Tye up again for End of Days! Corbin wins! The Lone Wolf won’t let opportunities slip through his fingers again, will he finally sink his teeth into a WWE Championship match?


Rusev speaks.

And Aiden English magically appears! The spotlight is on them, as next week is going to bring victory on Rusev Day~~~ “Bob Roode” loses his title while Rusev “Machka”!

However, Roode has a response.

The US Champion has marked his calendar for next week’s “Rusev Day”. But when you’re Bobby Roode, the schedule fills up very quickly.

Which man will have his day with SmackDown sees this GLORIOUS United States Championship match?


Kevin & Sami prepare backstage.

The good news: at least one of these best friends gets a title opportunity. Yep. But a shame it’s against each other. Yep. Though, an opportunity is all either has ever needed, right? Yep. Unless, Sami fails. Much like how Kevin was the one pinned in their match. And like how Sami was eliminated in the Rumble. Well, the important thing is, Sami won’t fail tonight in the tag match because he has Kevin. Right, Sami won’t fail tonight. Is tension already mounting between these reunited friends?


Breezango VS Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin!

The bell rings and we have Fandango starting against the Gold Standard. They circle, but Benjmain gives a cheap shot to Prince Pretty! Fandango rocks Benjamin with right hands and chops in return, but Benjamin reverses the whip. Fandango evades, but then runs into a spinebuster!

Benjamin drags Fandango up for a seated hammerlock. The Ascension watch backstage and are worried for their “best friends.” Gable tags in and gets the hand-off to then flip Fandnago with the kitchen sink knee, ONE. Gable goes after the arm, but Fandango gets to ropes. Fandango evades Gable and hits a wheelbarrow bulldog! Cover, TWO, and Fandango keeps on Gable with chops. He whips Gable but Gable slips out to trip up Breeze! Gable then shoulders his way in and slingshots, but into a backbreaker! TWO, and Gable backs up to hit the rolling kick! Cover, TWO, and Gable grows frustrated. He drags Fandnago up into the keylock, but fans rally for the Lord of the Dance. Gable whips, Fandango rolls him, TWO! Tag to Breeze! Breeze rallies on Gable and Benjamin, then gives Gable a forearm smash. Gable reverses the whip and Benjamin tags in. Fandango runs in but Gable tackles him out of the ring. Breeze hits Benjamin with a mule kick, then tries a spinning headscissors, but ends up in the Doomsday!

Benjamin & Gable win! Can “American Alpha 2” make a comeback and take on the Usos again?


AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura VS Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn!

A dream team takes on a duo of best friends, but they all want to hold the WWE Championship. Which team will keep it together long enough to win tonight before facing their partner on the Road to Wrestlemania?

The bell rings and Kevin starts against Styles. Keivn gets a waistlock but Styles gets the standing switch. Styles tries to lift Kevin, but Kevin trips him up first, only for STyles to headscissors Kevin to his corner. Sami tags in, and so does Nakamura.

The Rockstar and Underdog tie up, Sami gets the armlock. He puts on a wristlock and then armbar but Nakamura rolls and cartwheels to reverse it. Sami gets to ropes for the break, so Nakamura rests on Sami’s abs. Kevin gets annoyed for both of them, but then even more when Nakamura says “C’MON!” Sami rushes in and takes the knee, then Nakamura drops a knee. He puts Sami in a corner for Good Vibrations! Nakamura drags Sami over and Styles tags in. Styles throws hands but Sami kicks back and puts on a headlock. The fans cheer for Styles while Sami grinds him down. Styles powers out, things speed up, Styles rocks Sami with a dropkick! He won’t let Sami get away, he brings Sami back and Nakamura tags in. Nakamura is pushed into #Kami’s corner and Kevin stomps away. Sami gets a cheap shot while Kevin says “And that’s why this is MY show!” Kevin keeps on Nakamura with stomps and right hands, then crossface punches and kicks. He drags Nakamura up and puts him in a corner, then tags Sami back in. Sami gives Nakamura punch after punch, and even a chop. He tags Kevin back in, the best friends mug Nakamura. Kevin brings Nakamura up and chops him, then whips him to ropes. Nakamura reverses, Kevin kicks back, but Nakamura gives him the strike fest.

Nakamura drives knees into Kevin’s ribs, but then Sami comes in. Sami gets thrown out but that allows Kevin to pounce on Nakamura. Kevin sees where Sami ended up and gets mad. “Are you my partner or not?” Kevin lariats Nakamura down then orders Sami to get back to his corner. Cover, TWO, and Sami looks to be just as annoyed with Kevin as Kevin is with him. Nakamura fights back and Kevin escapes the ring. The friends argue, the Philly fans boo and jeer them, and the referee starts a ring count. Sami starts to leave?! “See how well you do without your guardian angel!” Is this becoming a handicap match?!

SmackDown returns and Kevin has Styles in a chinlock. Sami stays on the stage and watches while Styles gets to his feet. Styles fights back but Kevin clubs him before going for a back suplex. Styles gets out and gives Kevin the Phenomenal Blitz and sliding forearm! Kevin crawls to a corner and Styles comes in for a big clothesline, then tries the fireman’s carry. Kevin slips out, but Styles still hits the wheelbarrow facebuster!

Cover, but Sami returns to break it up! Seems Sami wasn’t going to give up on this match after all. He gets to the corner and Kevin tags him ni. Sami fires off crossface punches on Styles while the fans sing “Ole~ ole~!” Sami whips and body drops Styles, then covers, TWO. Kevin wants back in already but Sami says he has this. “Tag me dammit!” Sami lets go of Styles, and tags Kevin like he wanted. Kevin stomps on Styles, then hits the back senton, TWO. Now Sami wants a tag, and Kevin gives it to him, with a bit of attitude… Kevin lets Sami handle Styles, but then Sami tags him back.

The friendship is tearing, but while they argue, Styles bumps Kevin into Sami, rolls up, TWO! Kevin clobbers Styles with a lariat! Sami gets mad at Kevin for that, and now he truly leaves this match. The fans boo while Kevin shouts at Sami, but Styles comes back! He forearms Kevin away, but Kevin blocks the springboard with a fireman’s carry and gutbuster! Then a banzai splash! TWO!? Kevin takes his frustration out on Nakamura, then whips Styles, Pop-Up avoided for a PELE! Styles tags in Nakamura, and Nakamura runs to hit Kevin with the dynamic dropkick. Nakamura unleashes kicks, then hits a corner knee. He hoists Kevin up, Top Shelf knee! Now Nakamura fires up and fans know what’s next. So does Kevin, he goes to run away, but Styles puts him back in the ring. Nakamura knocks him down, then finishes with a KINSHASA! The Dream Team wins!

Backstage interview with Sami Zayn.

Is this the end of their friendship already? NOPE! This isn’t about friendship, this is about opportunities. Kevin has had his time, now it’s Sami’s! Sami won’t just be Kevin’s Best Friend, he’ll be the #1 contender and the future WWE Champion! Will it really just be business after next week’s SmackDown?


My Thoughts:

Like Raw last night, this post-Rumble SmackDown was pretty darn good. SmackDown works towards their final stop before Wrestlemania, aka Fastlane. The opening fatal 4 way was great and it really boosts the profile of the US Championship. Everyone was great in their character work, especially Big E on the outside with his constant pancake antics. Rusev getting the win is great because fans really do love the Rusev Day gimmick, and because there seems to be a New Day VS Mahal & Singh(s) program building. Rusev and Roode both do great to speak on their match for next week with those smartphone video promos, their match is going to be great but I don’t think Roode would lose so soon after winning the title. Tye VS Corbin on the heels of this new Top Ten List concept is an interesting bit. Corbin wins to keep himself strong in spite of his “falling short” trend, but I would love to see his Heel reaction to the other superstars not voting him into the Top Ten. The SmackDown Tag Team Division keeps going strong as Gable & Benjamin get back on winning ways by making the Fashion Police job out again. Then the Usos tear it up with a great promo, as always, to then be followed up by Harper & Rowan again mauling jobbers they don’t even give time to be introduced. There may be a #1 contenders match before Fastlane, but finally seeing Usos VS Harper & Rowan seems the more logical choice and a very entertaining one given how smash-mouth both teams have shown they can be.

The Women’s Division gives us an interesting bit with The Riott Squad taking the fight to Charlotte and unwittingly setting her up for Carmella’s cash-in attempt. I had mixed reactions about Carmella still being denied her chance, but it happened in a very unique way so I’ll let it slide. Carmella did well to play it off, too, and could still cash-in at Fastlane, or copy Rollins and cash-in mid-match at ‘Mania. Kevin & Sami logically continue where they left off last night with protesting a “controversial” ending, but in similar fashion don’t want to fight it out unless they have to. Then they start getting on each other’s nerves, which is a bit of a shame since they just became friends in kayfabe again rather recently. Of course, the WWE Championship is a major prize, they’d both want to hold it all by themselves. The tension and bickering was good character work, though, and in reality helps give Sami reason not to overdo it since he had a Mixed Match Challenge match to worry about right after this. The arguing of course costs them the match, which keeps Styles and Nakamura strong while they each head for ‘Mania. Kevin VS Sami could go either way, but I really hope the two don’t kayfabe break up over this. Unless it’s to then long-term swerve where the loser appears to help the winner at Fastlane.

My Score: 8/10



Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (12/10/18)



WWE Raw Cover image

TLC is on the horizon, and Raw is in the home stretch! The Architect looks to speak on both the state of Monday Night Raw, and the Lunatic’s state of mind!



  • Raw Tag Team Championship 3v2 Handicap: The Authors of Pain & Drake Maverick VS Bobby Roode & Chad Gable; Roode & Gable win and become the new Raw Tag Team Champions.
  • Dolph Ziggler VS Drew McIntyre; McIntyre wins.
  • Bayley w/ Sasha Banks VS Alicia Fox w/ Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers; Bayley wins.
  • Lio Rush w/ Bobby Lashley VS Elias; Rush wins.
  • Ember Moon w/ Ronda Rousey VS Tamina w/ Nia Jax; Moon wins.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship TLC Match: Seth Rollins VS Baron Corbin; Rollins wins and retains the WWE Intercontinental Championship.


Seth Rollins starts off Raw!

The Architect is already in the ring and San Diego is ready to #BurnItDown with him. That will be Rollins’ rallying cry when his Intercontinental Championship is on the line against Dean Ambrose. But more importantly, that will also be the theme for tonight! Rollins isn’t here to call out Ambrose, he’s out here to “spit some truth.” We’ve all seen “General Manger Elect” Baron Corbin talking about being on the right side of history. Rollins calls Corbin out to get a dose of reality. The Lone Wolf appears and grins as he joins Rollins in the ring. Corbin still seems so confident that he’ll win by forfeit at TLC in the TLC Match, given there has been no word from anyone about Braun Strowman’s return to action.

The fans boo and jeer as Corbin takes up his own mic. If Rollins wants to talk, they can do this in private. Corbin’s door is always open to someone of Rollins’ caliber. Rollins wants Corbin to cut the crap, because no one wants to hear it. Just shut up and listen! Rollins admits these last few months, he’s been real warpped up with Ambrose, and hasn’t commented on Corbin’s quality as GM. It doesn’t matter if he’s appointed GM, GM elect, or Head Idiot in Charge, Corbin’s “leadership”, Raw has sucked. It has sucked because of Corbin! Corbin comes out all the time to make things all about him. He abuses power, ends careers, and more. Fans agree as they chant. What Corbin has done as GM is not okay, not right, and just plain wrong.

Corbin can tell Rollins is frustrated, but he’s allowing Rollins to vent. Just watch how you speak to him. Or what? Fire him? Corbin doesn’t even know what to do with his roster. Those are the most talented men and women ever, and Corbin cant’ even use them right. There are amazing tag teams like The Revival, who should be contenders, but they’re in these weird Lucha House Rule matches? What even is that? And if he fires everyone, what? It’s just Corbin, Lashley & McIntyre patting each other on the back. Or maybe more pee segments. Everything Corbin has done is to mask his own insecurities. Was Strowman being mean? Did he hurt Corbin’s feelings? To the point where Corbin had to hand that Universal Championship over to Lesnar, a man who only shows up when he wants?

The problem is, Lesnar doesn’t’ want to show up!! Where is he?! Not here! Because he didn’t’ want to be here. The last time Lesnar was on Raw in a match, was way back to 2002! So the “Baron Corbin Experiment” is an abject failure. The talent support, the morale, the fan support and TV ratings are all at an all-time low, because of Corbin. Corbin “appreciates” the feedback, but maybe write it down and put it on his desk to be filed under “I Don’t Give a Damna!” Corbin doesn’t care what anyone in the company thinks, let alone the fans! This is Corbin’s show, so if you don’t like it, too bad! Corbin’s gonna be in charge for a very long time. And it’ll only get worse for someone like Rollins. How can they get worse?

It’ll get worse when Ambrose beats Rollins for the title, and Corbin wins at TLC by forfeit! Which is too bad, because Corbin’s been wanting a TLC Match. But either way, Jojo will announce him as permanent GM of Raw! And then next week’s Raw, all the way until Rollins quits, he’ll be going through Hell! Corbin putting Rollins through Hell? Why wait until next week? If Corbin wants to put Rollins through Hell, start tonight in a match! Corbin will wait until he’s Permanent GM. True, 1v1 isn’t good enough. Well, Corbin’s always wanted a TLC Match, and the “tools of the trade” are all set up right here… So how about Rollins VS Corbin in a TLC Match!? Fans want that! Does Rollins understand what Corbin would do to him with a table, ladder or chair? It’d be the end of Rollins. Or a good tune-up for Sunday.

Corbin says Rollins being a hero will cost him everything. Corbin will use Rollins as an example to show everyone what happens when you disrespect the GM. But his answer is still now. “Coward.” Rollins and San Diego all call Corbin a coward. No matter what he says, he’s a coward! Maybe he’s Coward Elect! Corbin snaps and gives Rollins that TLC Match! But for the Intercontinental Championship! Will Rollins #BurnItDown and show Corbin he’s not fit to be the boss? Or will it be the End of Days for Rollins’ reign even before facing the Lunatic?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins.

He surely didn’t expect to be defending the title and in such a dangerous match type. It may not have been the smartest move, but Rollins refuses to let Corbin get away with things. If he wants to be a locker room leader, he has to take a stand. If Rollins is a true champion, he’ll take a stand. Otherwise he doesn’t deserve to be champion.


Raw Tag Team Championship 3v2 Handicap: The Authors of Pain & Drake Maverick VS Bobby Roode & Chad Gable!

Drake Maverick may have rained on the parade of the #ReadyWillingAndGLORIOUS duo, but that hasn’t stopped Roode & Gable from fighting. The deck is stacked against them, surely courtesy of Corbin, but is a huge upset still possible?

Raw returns as the champs and Maverick stand in the ring ready for a fight. Roode & Gable make their entrance, both wearing matching replacement robes and even matching tights. The teams sort out, the belts are raised, and we begin! Gable starts against Akam, and Gable’s dropkick is deflected. Akam stomps then tags in Rezar. AoP feed Gable to a big knee, then Rezar chokes Gable on ropes. Rezar throws big forearms then clubs Gable down. He hits Roode for good measure, but Gable fights back. Gable’s kick gets caught and he gets clobbered again. Maverick tags in to cover, ONE! Maverick quickly tags out and lets Rezar stomp Gable more. Tag to Akam, and AoP double whip. Gable holds ropes and boots Rezar back. Gable dumps Akam out, tag to Roode! Double clotheslines send Rezar out!

Maverick shouts orders, but that gets Roode & Gable on him! Double hip toss! Roode and Gable then pick Maverick up to LAUNCH him out at AoP! The champs and manager are down while we go to break!

Raw returns and Rezar wrenches Gable’s neck. Fans rally up and Gable fights his way up, only to be wrangled back down. Rezar drags Gable over and tags in Maverick. Maverick throws hands and then taunts Roode. He stomps Gable and feels full of himself. Maverick slaps Gable, but Gable gets fired up! Maverick quickly tags out but is still caught. Rezar saves Maverick as he clobbers Gable, then tags in Akam. AoP mug Gable into a corner, then Akam trash talks as he drives in stiff elbows. Akam whips Gable corner to corner, then runs in but misses! Gable hurries, hot tag to Roode! Roode tackles Akam and dropkick Rezard. He dodges Akam to fires off haymakers and chops! He whips but Akam reverses, only to get kicked away. Roode runs but is put on the apron. Roode htis Akam away then climbs up, for a flying- Back drop!

Akam tags Rezar and they go after Roode. They bring Roode up for an atomic knee! Cover, but Gable breaks it! Akam whips Gable hard into buckles, and Maverick tells them to end this. The AoP bring each man up, Super Collider! But gable headsicssors through! Rezar boots Gable down, and the AoP both go after Gable. Suplex powerbomb neckbreaker! Maverick wants in to repeat last week, and Rezard obeys. Maverick mocks the GLORIOUS, but Roode rolls him up!! ROODE & GABLE WIN!!

Winners: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable, Roode pinning; NEW Raw Tag Team Champions

Victory out of nowhere! Maverick’s ego costs his own team, and now the tag titles are GLORIOUS! But a rematch will be happening to be sure, will Roode & Gable survive the next chapter?


Backstage interview with Roode & Gable.

They’re feeling great now that they’re champs. There haven’t been a lot of reasons to have hope on Raw, but they knew that putting int he work would bring them the titles. If you told them they’d do it in a 3v2 handicap, they would’ve thought you were crazy. But only one word describes this feeling: GLORIOUS!


Natalya heads to the ring!

The Queen of Harts looks for revenge on Ruby when the two compete in a Tables Match this Sunday! Before the match, Natty admits she’d usually have a smile on her face. But she needs to say something in regards to Ruby Riott. Natty loves this business, but Ruby doesn’t respect anyone or anything. Ruby made this personal when she destroyed The Anvil’s sunglasses. Ruby keeps talking about Natty’s been “spoon fed” because of her family. But Natty has overcome so much just to get in. Does Ruby not know what the Montreal Screw Job is? Does Ruby not remember when Uncle Bret punched Vince McMahon in the face? There was that and more in Natty’s way. So Natty is damn proud to be a Hart! Fans appreciate that.

Natty tells Ruby that she will learn respect, and it’ll be a match dedicated to the man who helped Natty get here. To the man Natty loves and respects more than anyone: her father, Jim The Anvil Neidhart! Fans cheer for the late great Anvil and Natty gets emotional. Natty vows to take these tears and more to drive Ruby through table! “And there’s not gonna be a thing you can do about it!” But it’s here that the Squad make an entrance, with a special table under a curtain. Ruby has her own mic to respond. “Aw, look! Natty’s crying again. Like we’ve never seen this before.” All Natty does is walk around feeling sorry for herself. And she’s coming out here talking about respect? Natty doesn’t need respect, she needs to get some counseling.

Ruby knows no one else has the guts to say this, but Natty doesn’t represent The Harts. She disgraces them! Ruby isn’t going to be invited to the family Christmas party, she did pick Natty up a present. And believe her when she says this: “This is the gift that keeps on giving.” The special table, has a picture of The Anvil on it! Fans boo and jeer, but Ruby says that everyone knows how close Natty and The Anvil were. But this Sunday, when Ruby puts her through this exact table, they’ll be closer than ever. Has The Squad gone too far? Or will it just be more fuel for the fire when Natty gets to go after Ruby?


Dolph Ziggler speaks.

“Last week, I beat Drew McIntyre. And now we add that name to the long list of people who took me for granted.” But what Ziggler doesn’t’ understand is McIntyre’s attitude. He plucked McIntyre from obscurity, and he’ll throw him back into that. And make no mistake, Ziggler isn’t’ the good guy or the bad guy, he’s Dolph Ziggler. He also doesn’t understand why Finn Balor got involved. But McIntyre made the mistake of pretending he was Finn, and not remembering he was Ziggler. These two will settle the score, can Ziggler win on his own? Or will Ziggler get a Claymore meant for Balor?


Dolph Ziggler VS Drew McIntyre!

The Show-Off beat the Scottish Terminator thanks to The Extraordinary Man giving an assist, and McIntyre wouldn’t stand for it. McIntyre would find Finn later in the night and attack him, which is part of why Finn’s not here tonight. Now that it’s just 1v1, who will come out the superior superstar?

Before the match, McIntyre is interviewed in the ring. If he still has that match with Finn on Sunday, why risk a rematch with Ziggler? McIntyre lets us in on a little secret that no one else wants to admit. “Nobody stays undefeated forever.” Not Andre the Giant, not The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, and not even McIntyre. But that doesn’t make him any less dangerous. Just ask Finn. But you can’t, because he got beat up that badly. McIntyre vows to finish Finn at TLC. And when McIntyre talks, everyone listens. He is making this show a better place for the fans, so they will respect him. And as for Ziggler, it doesn’t matter if he’s a good guy or a bad guy, he’s the guy who’s gonna get his head kicked off! Speaking of, Ziggler makes his entrance and we begin!

Ziggler goes right at McIntyre with fast hands, but then he runs into McIntyre’s shoulder. McIntyre drags Ziggler up to CHOP him off his feet! McIntyre drags Ziggler up for another chop, and then into a modified clutch, just to CHOP him more. Ziggler gets to a corner but McIntyre stays on him. Ziggler fires back, but McIntyre launches him with a belly2belly! McIntyre covers, TWO! The Terminator looms over Ziggler as we go to break.

Raw returns as McIntyre CHOPS Ziggler on the top rope! McIntyre climbs up to throw more hands on Ziggler. McIntyre SLAPS Ziggler, but Ziggler fights back! They brawl up top fast and furious, and McIntyre gets the edge. McIntyre brings Ziggler up, SUPER Celtic Cross!! But McIntyre can’t make the cover from his own impact! He crawls to the cover, TWO! Ziggler survives and McIntyre is actually amused. Fans rally up as Ziggler crawls away. McIntyre stalks Ziggler to the ropes, then dumps him out. McIntyre follows after as Ziggler crawls. He deadlift suplexes but Ziggler slips out! Ziggler dodges to send McIntyre into a post! The ring count climbs as Ziggler leaves McIntyre behind! The count passes 8 before McIntyre sits up! McIntyre gets in at 9.5!

Both men are down but fans are loving this match. Fans rally up and Ziggler stands. Ziggler aims at McIntyre, but his legs give out before the superkick! McIntyre laughs, and he toying kicks Ziggler back. McIntyre mocks Ziggler as he climbs up the ropes. “Keep fighting! Don’t give up!” Ziggler stands but McIntyre grabs his hair. Ziggler kicks, ZIGZAG!! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre’s ego almost cost him there! Both men crawl to get up, and Ziggler fires up with the fans. Ziggler aims again, but into a CLAYMORE! Cover, McIntyre wins!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by pinfall

The Scottish Terminator unloads his best move outta nowhere, but the Show-Off pushed him to his limits. With Finn Balor banged up from McIntyre’s attack, but McIntyre pulling this one out, will either man be ready for their match?

But McIntyre isn’t through with Ziggler! He throws Ziggler into the post, then throws fast hands on the ground! McIntyre throws steel steps around then drags Ziggler over to them. Fans boo and the ref warns McIntyre, but security and other officials fortunately come in to save Ziggler. McIntyre backs off, but then comes back to boot Ziggler into the LED! McIntyre laughs his way to the back, but will he have the last laugh at TLC?


Bayley w/ Sasha Banks VS Alicia Fox w/ Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers!

The #LegitHuggable friends are ready to be the first WWE Women Tag Team Champions together, but for now they’ll support each other in singles competition. Bayley goes against #Mahalicia tomorrow in the Mixed Match Challenge Semifinals, but sadly NOT with Finn Balor. Instead of B’n’B, it will be A’n’B, for Apollo & Bayley are now a new dynamic duo! Can the Huggable One get some major momentum before teaming with a new star this Tuesday?

The bell rings and Bayley ties up with Alicia. Bayley powers Alicia to the corner, but backs off at 3. Alicia powers Bayley to a corner but backs off at 3. Bayley elbows Alicia away then hits a flying elbow! Cover, TWO! Bayley puts Alicia on the apron but Alicia slips out to hotshot Bayley back. Alicia runs in for the swinging neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Alicia keeps on Bayley with a chinlock, but Sasha and the fans rally. Bayley feeds off the energy but Alicia clubs her back down. Bayley stands but Alicia wrangles her back down. Sasha argues with Mahal and the Singhs, but Alicia thrashes Bayley around. Fans rally up again and Bayley gets up. Bayley powers out but Alicia goes up and over to sunset flip. Bayley rolls through to clobber Alicia with a clothesline!

The Singhs shout for Alicia but Bayley throws haymakers! Bayley saido suplexes Alicia down then fires up. She puts Alicia in a corner but backs off at 4. She comes back with a big knee, then puts Alicia out for the hotshot! Bayley checks the ponytail but the Singhs distract. They run off as Alicia boots Bayley down! But here comes Apollo! Bayley’s new buddy takes the Singhs out with back drops, and Sasha adds a meteora! Apollo goes after Mahal now, and throws Sunil into him! Sasha wants to be a weapon, so Apollo picks her up to throw at Mahal and both Singhs! Strike! Bayley dodges Alicia’s boot, and hits Bayley2Belly! Cover, Bayley wins!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall

Victories all around for the Boss, Hug & Crews Connection! Can Apollo & Bayley make it work as a tag team to go to TLC’s Mixed Match Challenge Finals?


Backstage interview with Dean Ambrose.

The Lunatic hates being called that. But what are his thoughts on Rollins’ speech earlier? The Architect? That’s just a name Rollins used to keep the spotlight on himself. But that’s not the man Ambrose knows. Rollins can’t think straight. He went out there with no plan, and now his title’s on the line tonight? Why? Because of his ego! Rollins always has to be The Man, but he steps on everyone else, like Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Rollins isn’t a man, he’s a piece of… Well, if Rollins is somehow still champion, it’ll just be easier for Ambrose to take it. And then he can tell Rollins what he thinks on Sunday.

Speaking of Roman, if he was aware of their bad blood, how would he react? Ambrose doesn’t care. Charly insists on getting an answer out of Ambrose, and plays the footage of that very night when Rollins and Ambrose won a match dedicated to Roman, only to betray everyone. Then the footage cuts to Rollins confronting Ambrose the next night, and Ambrose explaining the next week after that. Ambrose said The Shield only made him weaker. Ambrose would burn his Shield vest, and move on to last week, wearing a gas mask to visualize his disgust for the “vermin” of the WWE Universe. Rollins would attack back, only for Ambrose to beat him down. Back in the present, Ambrose simply says nothing. Will he have the last word after TLC? Will the title come along with it?


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter is in San Diego and plays his guitar. San Diego digs it. Elias isn’t sure if anyone’s heard Bobby Lashley on the radio, but Lashley said he’d take all the sports teams and move them to LA. Fans don’t like that. But what Lashley doesn’t realize is that if San Diego had their way, they wouldn’t let a loser like him perform. Elias would love to perform in the gas lamp district rather than in front of “a bunch of LA trash.” Everyone here knows what Lashley will find out, and that is that WWE stands for “Walk With Elias!” Now Elias considers himself a “pretty good guy”. Hitting children with his guitar is not on his list, but he made an exception for Lio Rush. Elias will teach Lio a lesson, but he has a song to perform. So please silence phones, hold applause and shut mouths.

Elias begins, saying “I’ve been in the air so long, waiting for something to come along. Bring me back down to Earth, keep my feet above the earth. But this life ain’t like no other, oh can you hear me, brother?” Actually hold on, Elias can’t stop thinking about how bad Lashley sucks. Speaking of, here come Lashley & Lio! Lio’s going to make his Raw in-ring debut, next!


Lio Rush w/ Bobby Lashley VS Elias!

Raw returns as we wait for a referee. It’s HEATH SLATER! The One Man Band beat his best friend, Rhyno, to stay on Raw, but it wasn’t until after the match that Corbin revealed he’d be staying as a ref. Slater rings the bell and we begin.

Lio and Elias circle, but Elias corners Lio. Lio slips uot and speeds things up. he redirects Elias and ducks under, but then gets caught. Elias flips LIo but LIo lands on his feet. Elias shoves and flapjacks Lio! Lio crawls to a corner but Elias is on him with a wristlock. Elias lifts Lio up and then drops him. Elias grins as he brings Lio up and. Lio sunset flips but Elias picks him right up. Elias says this’ll hurt him more than it hurts Lio, and he tosses Lio across the way! It still looks like it hurts Lio more. Elias smirks as he stalks Lio to a corner. Elias stands Lio up for a chop! Slater counts but Elias whips Lio corner to corner hard! Lio tumbles out in a heap but Elias continues after. Lashley caoches up his hype man but Elias puts Lio back in.

Slater is busy checking on Lio, so Lashley goes after Elias! Elias kicks Lashley off and rocks him with a right! But Lio wrecks Elias with a dropkick! Then a handspring kick! Elias gets back in but Lio ducks and kicks to rock Elias back! Lio whips but Elias reverses. Lio goes up but gets caught into the Electirc Chair. Elias spins Lio around, for the sit-out powerbomb! Cover, but Lashley attacks! Slater hesitates, and tells Lashley to stop. Lashley tells Slater to stand down, because this means Slater’s job. Slater lets Lashley continue, and he gives Elias the SPINEBUSTER! Lashley then helps Lio up, and Lio wants to use Elias’s guitar. Lio grabs it, brings it into the ring, and Slater tries to tell them to stop. Lashley takes the guitar and SMACKS Elias on the back!

Elias writhes, Lio covers, and Lashley makes Slater count. Slater counts, Lio wins.

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall

The 24 year old piece of gold gets a win, but it was with a lot of help. Will Elias get back at both Lashley & Lio at TLC when it’s someone else refereeing the match? Will Slater be able to live with himself over being bullied into a screw job? Or are these just more signs of what the Corbin Era will be?


Baron Corbin finds Heath Slater backstage.

Corbin doesn’t get why Slater’s so down. He did a good job out there. How’s Rhyno doing? Get over how you ended his career. Slater wants to go home, but Corbin says there’s still another match for him to officiate tonight. Is it the match we dread it is?


Alexa Bliss heads to the ring!

The Goddess is also Women’s Division manager, and has called for a face-to-face of both champion and challenger for the Raw Women’s Championship. However, the Samoan Dynasty heads to the ring without waiting for any introductions. Nia Jax has wanted after Ronda Rousey for weeks, but she tells Alexa that before we do the questions, she has a statement. “This Sunday, I’m going to become the Raw Women’s Champion.” Fans don’t like the sound of that. And it will be at the direct expense of Ronda. “Getting cracked in the head with those four ounce gloves in the UFC has really done a number on Ronda.” If Ronda had half a mind, which she doesn’t, she’d just give the title over. That way, she can avoid the humiliation that’s coming to her.

Nia knows Ronda is from a world about trash talking to hype things up. Nia doesn’t talk trash. She is a six foot, 300 pound Samoan woman, and Ronda’s worse nightmare. She is the “Anti-Rousey”. And her secret to success? The hand that breaks faces, like Becky Lynch’s. And it only took the one punch. But when the bell rings and Ronda goes Ronda, Nia will punch her in the face. And not just once, but over and over and over, until Ronda gives up. Nia isn’t just the most imposing force in the WWE, she’s also a strategist. Ronda is a world-class judoka, a Strike Force and a UFC champion, so if by chance she avoids this punch to go for the armbar, Nia will open her fist to pry free and then still break Ronda’s face.

This hand took Becky from her fans, and this hand will hold “MY TITLE”, as she erases the myth of Ronda. But speaking of Ronda, here she comes! Ronda isn’t here to talk or pose. She’s here to fight! And Ronda rushes the ring! Alexa, Tamina and Nia clear the ring for the Baddest Woman on the Planet. The Samoan Dynasty flank Ronday, but here comes Ember Moon! The War Goddess still wants after Nia for her betrayal, but she’ll settle for the Daughter of Superfly, next!


Ember Moon w/ Ronda Rousey VS Tamina w/ Nia Jax!

Raw returns as Tamina headbutts Ember down. Tamina whips Ember but Ember slips through the hip toss to arm-drag Tamina. Ember then dropkicks Tamina right out of the ring! Fans fire up as Ember builds speed. Nia saves Tamina from the baseball slide, but fans boo and jeer. Ronda comes up to reinforce Ember and stare Nia down. Nia taunts Ronda but Ember keeps after Tamina in the ring. Ember rolls Tamina up, TWO, and Tamina shoves Ember. Things speed up, Ember springboards into a SUPERKICK! Now Ember rolls out of the ring, and Nia wants the count out. Tamina waits as Ember slowly climbs back in. Tamina is right on Ember with a cover, TWO! Nia coaches her cousin up as Tamina bumps Ember off buckles.

Tamina whips Ember corner to corner and crushes her with a corner splash. She snapmares Ember to a cover, TWO! Nia wants a faster count but Ronda rallies the fans. Tamina wraps on a chinlock, but Ember fights her way up. Ember fights back but Tamina wrangles her back down. Tamina squeezes tight but fans still rally. Ember gets up again and fights back. Tamina rocks Ember with an uppercut! Tamina whips Ember again, but misses in the corner. Ember gasps for air but she kicks Tamina away. Ember reaches up to headscissor Tamina! She fights back with kicks now, and sweeps the leg. Ember urns to hit the sliding shot! Cover, TWO! Nia is relieved and Ronda cheers Ember on. Ember runs but into a powerslam! Cover, TWO! Nia is surprised.

Tamina whips Ember, Ember goes up to hit a flying code breaker! Ronda cheers Ember on to finish this, but Nia makes a move. Ronda trips Nia up and then throws her over the barriers! Ember dodges Tamina for a hotshot! Ember is back up, and hits the Eclipse! Cover, Ember wins!

Winner: Ember Moon, by pinfall

The Rowdy One helps the War Goddess celebrate, and even raises her hand. Will Ronda be able to do the same to Nia at TLC? Or will things be very different for the Baddest Woman on the Planet?


Backstage interview with “General Manger Elect” Baron Corbin.

His match is coming up next, just days before the TLC pay-per-view. Isn’t this an abuse of power? That sounds like a loaded question. Is she trying to get shipped off to SmackDown? Just kidding. This is just Corbin accepting a challenge. Corbin wants the fans to see him in a TLC Match, since he won’t be getting one from Strowman this Sunday. But there are rumors- Rumors? Was that from the internet or something? Strowman is a one-armed man after what Corbin did to him. Just imagine how Rollisn will feel after what Corbin does to him. Rollins is getting a taste of what the future holds. And as for the rest of Raw, “All Hail Baron Corbin.”


Lars Sullivan speaks.

“What happens this Sunday will be a minor tremor compared to the catastrophic earthquake that will occur when I come to the WWE!” The one of a kind Leviathan is lurking. Is he coming to Raw to shake things up? Or will he go to SmackDown to crush everything in his path?


WWE Intercontinental Championship TLC Match: Seth Rollins VS Baron Corbin!

The Architect called the Constable out and the Constable accepted. However, we can already see “General Manager Elect” Corbin is rigging things in his favor as he appoints Heath Slater as the referee! Will Slater be again stuck between a rock and a hard place as Rollins defends his title before Sunday?

Raw returns as Rollins and Corbin make their entrances. The belt hangs high above the ring per championship TLC rules, so all Slater has to do is signal the bell. Rollins and Corbin circle, and Rollins fires off hands! Rollins stomps a mudhole into Corbin, but stops after about a dozen. Corbin kicks back and clubs Rollins back. Corbin whips but Rollins kicks him away. Rollins runs but into a knee. Corbin suplexes Rollins but Rollins knees out. Rollins knees Corbin out of the ring, then goes out after him. Rollins throws more hands and then bumps Corbin off the apron. Fans fire up as Rollins picks up a chair! Rollins brings it but Corbin gets in the ring. Rollins slingshots, but into a haymaker!

Corbin tells Slater to go fetch him a ladder. Slater does as ordered, but Rollins springboards and clotheslines Corbin! Corbin runs off while we go to break.

Raw returns as Corbin keeps Rollins down. Corbin grabs a chair and takes aim. He SMACKS it across Rollins’ back! Fans boo and jeer but Corbin smirks as he SMACKS Rollins again! Corbin stalks Rollins, and stands on him to jam the chair into Rollins’ ribs. Corbin holds the chair up triumphantly despite all the boos. He taunts Rollins to get up, but SMACKS Rollins again. Rollins rolls out and Corbin follows. Corbin brings Rollins up to throw him into barriers! Then into other barriers! Corbin taunts Rollins, then goes for a ladder. He brings the ladder around into the ring, but Rollins dropkicks it into Corbin! Rollins goes out to pick up the ladder and put it in the ring. He leaves Corbin behind to stand the ladder up, but Corbin returns to clobber him!

Corbin stands the ladder up in a corner, and brings Rollins around. Corbin suplexes Rollins into the ladder! It proves just a touch double-edged as Corbin clutches his ear. But Corbin still stands up to wedge a chair in a corner. Corbin goes back to Rollins, drags him up by his hair, and whips Rollins. Rollins reverses but Corbin slides out then in to clobber Rollins again! Fans boo and jeer, but Corbin ignores them all to go for a table. Corbin stands that table up in a corner, then mocks Strowman’s roar. He drags Rollins up to scoop him, and wants his own Monster Slam, but Rollins slips out! Rollins dodges and rocks Corbin with a right! Rollins runs but is tossed out of the ring! Corbin then grabs the ladder to stand it up under the belt! Corbin climbs, but Rollins returns to leap right up!

Rollins fights Corbin down, so Corbin yanks him off. Rollins mule kicks but misses the stomp. Corbin elbows Rollins and then shoves him into the ladder! Both Rollins and ladder fall over, but Corbin isn’t done. Corbin dropkicks Rollins out of the ring! We go to one last break as Corbin watches Rollins writhe.

Raw returns once more, and Rollins leaps at Corbin! Corbin gets under, and hits the Deep Six! But Corbin is down, too, from exhaustion. Fans rally up for Rollins as he and Corbin stir. Corbin is up first, and he brings Rollins back up. Corbin punches Rollins down, and then does it again, and again. Fans boo and jeer as Corbin continues to rain rights. Slater stays back as Corbin watches Rollins stand up. Corbin punches but Rollins counter punches! Rollins fires off chops and haymakers, but Corbin knees low. Corbin whips but Rollins reverses. Corbin slides out then in but misses to get a Pele! He staggers about, but is baited into the chair he set up earlier! Both Rollins and Corbin are down as Slater checks on them.

Fans chant “We Want Tables!” but Rollins takes that chair from the corner. Rollins aims at Corbin, and SMACKS him back! And SMACKS and SMACKS and SMACKS! Rollins keeps on Corbin with that chair for everything Corbin has done. Corbin bails out, but Rollins builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends Corbin reeling, but Rollins keeps going, to DIVE again! Corbin goes down but Rollins won’t stop. Rollins runs once more, to DIVE, into a CHOKE SLAM through a table!! But Corbin is down from exhaustion again, and Slater checks on them both. Fans admit “This is Awesome!” even if Corbin’s involved. Corbin returns to the ring to stand the ladder up again. He begins the climb, but Rollins is stirring.

Corbin goes up a rung at a time, but Rollins returns to SMACK him with another chair! Rollins SMACKS Corbin off the ladder, but then Corbin dodges and Slater takes the hit!! Corbin clobbers Rollins out of the ring, and rolls out to follow Rollins. Corbin brings Rollins up, but Rollins slips out of End of Days. Rollins dodges to send Corbin into the steel steps! Rollins mule kicks Corbin, then puts him on the table. Fans fire up as Rollins does the math. Rollins climbs a corner, aims at Corbin, and leaps! FROG SPLASH through the table!! Fans are thunderous as Rollins leaves Corbin for dead. Rollins hurries to the ladder and up the rungs. His body is sore but that won’t stop him. Rollins is fingertips away, but Slater grabs the ladder?! Slater needs this job, so he tips the ladder over!!

Fans boo as Slater stands the ladder back up. Slater drags Corbin up and into the ring. Corbin is dead weight as Slater drags him to the ladder. Corbin grins as he sees the title. He climbs, reaches, but Rollins returns!? Rollins hits Slater, then drags Corbin off for a buckle bomb through a table!! Corbin eats wood again, but Slater pleads with Rollins. Rollins SUPERKICKS Slater! Then Rollins stomps, and runs at Corbin, for the Curb Stomp! Rollins scrambles up the ladder, grabs the belt, and takes it off! Rollins wins!

Winner: Seth Rollins; still WWE Intercontinental Champion

The Architect reigns, if only for now. Rollins will have to regroup for TLC, and Ambrose appears to remind him of their coming war. Will Ambrose cure himself of his disgust for Rollins? Or will Rollins #BurnItDown even brighter than before?



My Thoughts:

Another Raw go-home, with another mixed bag of good and bad.  It would seem, after the two incredibly sour weeks, Corbin becomes the kayfabe face for how everyone, even other WWE talent, sees everything from ratings to booking. In the absence of other top Faces, such as Finn Balor from his injury (both kayfabe and possibly real from the South American tour), Rollins takes up the role of being the person to say all this. I’m thinking that this is more damage control than it is elaborate planning from Vince McMahon, but it can still work out in the end. Hopefully now that they’ve called out the things like the pee gag and the Lucha House Rules, we won’t ever have to worry about those again.

The Raw Tag Team Championship handicap match was an interesting choice, and I suppose that means Maverick & AoP can now Freebird the titles, if they get them back. It was a good moment for Roode & Gable to get these titles. This entire time, fans were expecting this team to fall apart when Roode turned on Gable, but I’m actually glad they’re still together this far in. And maybe now we can get things back on track in the Raw Tag Team Division with The Revival being allowed to actually win, the Lucha House Party playing things by normal rules, and maybe AoP ditching Maverick to go back to being independent.

The Women’s Division does a touch better tonight. I was surprised Natty didn’t have a match with a Riott Squad member, but the “Hart-breaking” promo Ruby gives instead at least gives some good story build towards their Tables Match. The Mixed Match Challenge tie-in was done well, and just like the other major players that are also busy at TLC, Finn Balor is out so he can focus on his match with McIntyre. Apollo Crews will make a good replacement, but he’s mostly stepping in by default because there’s almost no one left. This is where I would’ve thrown in Lars Sullivan, but there’s only a route to wasting him if he’s not going to win the Rumble after winning the MMC Finals. Then the championship scene was great, Ember gets a great match with Tamina and Ronda looks ready to retain against Nia.

Ziggler VS McIntyre was a great match, if perhaps just a high-level filler. Hopefully this isn’t the last for these two, we need at least one more go in a fuller feud between them. It was great to see Lio competing on Raw, up until we found out Slater was being made the special referee to then screw Elias over. I also saw Slater being ref for tonight’s main event coming a mile away. Slater will have his moment soon enough, maybe even at TLC PPV. Rollins VS Corbin was pretty great because of Slater’s involvement, too, but obviously Rollins retains. This might all just be a precaution in case Strowman really doesn’t show up at TLC, just as Corbin sarcastically said in his backstage promo. I’m still banking on a Strowman surprise and maybe an all out brawl with the superstars Finn united against Corbin.

My Score: 8/10

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Joe’s AAA Review & Results (12/9/2018)



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Joe Dinan checks in with your AAA review and results for the week ending 12/9/2018!

AAA on Twitch 12/8

La Parkita, Nino Hamburguesa, and Dinastia vs La Parkita Negra, Arkangel Divino, and Ultimo Maldito

The match starts with chaos. Everybody is doing moves to each other. Mini Parka and Parka Negra get in there and trade moves. Maldito and Hamburger Boy are in next and Hamburger boy hits a shoulder block. Negra hits a reverseranna on Parkita. They team up on Hamburger Boy. Boy counters with a headlock, head scissors take over on Negra and Maldito. Dinastia and Divino are in and Dinastia hits a power slam on him. Negra beats on Dinastia and Parkita works on him. Maldito then works over Parkita. Maldito hits a tiger pile driver on him. Dinastia hits a asai moonsault, then celebrates even though he hit his teammate. Divino does a moonsault off the top. They get everyone seated in the corner and Hamburger Boy does a running senton. Then he goes to the top and splashes them for the win. Hamburger Boy pins Parkita Negra with a top rope splash.

Winners: La Parkita, Nino Hamburguesa, and Dinastia

Starfire and Lady Maravilla vs Mamba and Lady Shani

Shani and Starefire start the match out with some grappling. Maravilla comes in quick to double Shani. Afterwards they double Mamba. Starfire hits a drop kick off the top. Mamba hits a big move on Maravilla and now they’re getting the heat back doubling Starfire. We get back to normalcy in the ring. Shani hits a drop kick on Starfire. She gets to the top and hits a hurricanrana on Shani. Maravilla drop kicks Mamba to the outside and hits a cross body to the outside. Starfire hits a michinoku driver on Shani for a two count. Shani hits the Okada neck breaker and the ref counts slow. Shani argues with the ref and Starfire comes from behind and hits a german suplex for a fast count. Starfire pins Lady Shani with a german suplex and fast count.

Starfire wants a title fight after the match. Not immediately, in the future. They brawl after the match and promo.

Winners: Lady Maravilla and Starfire

Laredo Kid, Hijo Del Vikingo, and Myzteziz Jr vs Taurus, Australian Suicide, and Jack Evans

Match starts with Jack Evans and Laredo Kid. Evans gets crotched on the post and Kid drop kicks him. Vikingo and Myzteziz dive to the outside on the others. They triple drop kick Evans in the corner. Kid code breakers Suicide then holds him. Vikingo jumps off Myzteziz and stomps the back of Suicide. Taurus gets Myzteziz on his shoulders then catches Kid for a double fall away slam. Suicide does a press slam into a code breaker on Vikingo. He holds him and Evans hits a 450, then Taurus hits a splash. Taurus holds up Myzteziz, Evans on the top bounces off him and helps Suicide complete his pile driver on Vikingo. Vikingo makes all of them miss corner attacks. He does a moonsault off of Myzteziz and Kid’s hands on the top, then they hit their own moonsault dives after that. Incredible spot, Luchablog has the gif of it on twitter, find it.

Myzteziz hits a Canadian destroyer on Evans but Suicide breaks up the pin. Suicide then does a springboard destroyer to him, but Vikingo breaks up the pin. He does knees to the corner but Taurus breaks up the pin. Taurus shoulder blocks Vikingo and sends him flying. Laredo Kid and Vikingo go for springboard attacks but get pulled out of the ring. Evans then hits an asai moonsault on everyone. They fight on the stage and throw Taurus and Evans off and do dives. Vikingo then does a Spanish Fly on Suicide off the stage on to the rest of them. Evans and Kid are back in the ring. Evans slams him and goes to the top but gets kicked. Laredo Kid hits the Laredo Fly for the win. Laredo Kid pins Jack Evans with the Laredo Fly. 

Winners: Laredo Kid, Hijo Del Vikingo, and Myzteziz Jr

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