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[Image by All Wrestling News]


Rey Mysterio Finally Set To Make Impact Wrestling Debut Soon

Rey Mysterio has been in the news a lot the last year regarding possible destinations for his talents as a wrestler. He has reportedly been open about the idea of not being tied down to a long-term contract, full-time, again. His last run with WWE was a struggle for him that ultimately led to many injuries, and a ton of missed time. WWE would eventually grant him his release from the promotion and allow his freedom.

From there Rey Mysterio would end up going all over the world to wrestle, including The UK and Mexico. He had more time with his family and less time on the road meant less injuries, as well. He would last work for an American-based televised company with Lucha Underground dating back to last year. However, he would obviously not sign the long deals others did when they arrived years ago.

Rey’s contract was up and that led to speculation that he could head to WWE. In fact, there had been rumors about Mysterio coming back to WWE dating back to the summer of 2017, but nothing came of it. However, rumors of going to Impact Wrestling never seemed to go away. While the new ownership group of Anthem Sports & Entertainment seemed to have a lot of rough time with current talent, they have done well in recruiting people in. So what’s next?

Rey Mysterio To Impact Wrestling Looks Like a Lock

Rey Mysterio Lucha Underground

[Image by Lucha Underground]

Obviously when you’re Rey Mysterio, you still want freedom. WWE won’t provide that as much as he would like, though the schedule would be far lighter than it was for him. So could Mysterio still deliver and could he do it without a horrible schedule with the company he signs with? Impact Wrestling would give him the chance to prove how good he still is with their light schedule that many veterans have taken advantage of.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Rey Mysterio’s talk with Impact went well and he’s most likely going to start with the company soon. They want to bring him in by the upcoming TV tapings for Pop TV. It looks likely that they will manage to achieve this based on how things have gone thus far.

He said back in December of 2017 he had not signed with anyone and that he is a free agent. So it appears that this development with Impact Wrestling is a newer thing for Rey. He likely had talks for a while, but Mysterio just needed the proper offer before signing on the dotted line, which is smart. Expect him to appear as soon as the upcoming tapings, happening in Orlando this week.

[Image by All Wrestling News]


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