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Daniel Bryan Vince McMahon
[Image by WWE]


#BrokenNews The Agreeing Man To Be Crowned Winner Of The Rumble Of Royalty?

In what can only be seen as a shock to the various deities, the Agreeing Man known as Daniel Bryan has been in the sheets of dirt lately for the most illogical of reasons. According to these sheets of ground-like substances, the odds of betting with various sites upon the web have our bearded brother being crowned the winner of the Rumble of Royalty.

Before all of this, Daniel Bryan had not be allowed to perform his craft by the entertaining wrestling of the world. The man of three H’s elaborated on this recently by claiming it was about protecting the life essence of our agreeing brother. While this makes sense from him, Bryan had been sent to other specialists on the craft of health. Mostly ones the organization sent him to.

These medicine men were able to tell Daniel through various pictures of nuclear design that his brain life essence was WONDERFUL! Due to this, more than a few wondered why brother Bryan was not allowed to perform the art of wrestling with the entertaining wrestling of the world. This is why it comes as a shock to the deities that the Agreeing Man has become a favorite among the odds of betting.

The Odds Of Betting Believe Daniel Bryan Will Be Crowned Winner Of The Rumble Of Royalty

Daniel Bryan

[Image by WWE]

One sheet of dirt proclaimed that the sites upon the web regarding odds of betting took Bryan from a 66/1 favorite to a 9/1 and 10/1 favorite in the days of recent living in the 2,018 year of our lord. These places of betting who made the shift are Paddy Power, Skybet, and Betfair. They are popular among the gabbling infidels, who wish to chance their economical paper and coin upon others outside themselves.

The apparent reason for this shift has to do with Daniel Bryan claiming that if his career of agreement in the art of wrestling is not allowed to continue by the Mania of Wrestling, he would be deleting himself from the organization. Our agreeing brother wants out from the organization in which wrestling is entertaining, but only if he cannot perform.

The sites upon the web feel that the organization would never allow Daniel Bryan to delete himself. Especially just a few full moons shy of his contract’s deletion in the ninth month of the 2,018th year of our lord. Bryan has never been crowned winner of any Rumble of Royalty in his agreeing history, though he has taken part in this battle a number of times.

However, throughout the history of the money which is smart….the being that seems to have the most economical paper thrown upon him is the winner of this royal battle. As these beings somehow attain magical knowledge from the people who put on this battle annually.


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