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#BrokenNews: Could The Third Ethan Of Carter Be Part Of The Rumble Of Royalty?

Ladies and gentlemen, deities both female and male, it appears that the third Ethan of Carter has left that horrific company where wrestling was impactful. His contract with the organization came to a deletion when he finished up at the recent tapings for the show. The Entertaining Anthem, Impactful’s parental guardian, wrote the man known as EC3 out. It was during the set where he was deleted during a Feast or Fired match, as he took on the firing rather than the feasting.

This led many to wondering what would happen if the third in the line of Carter, Ethan’s availability opened up sometime this very month. His contract allowed for him to be able to do dates upon the indie, while he waited for it to come to a final deletion. It was rumored by the Observer of Wrestling as well as the likes of the Insiders of Pro-Wrestling that EC3 would have a deleted contract by near the fourth month of this year.

So what makes people believe that EC3 will be available by the first month of the 2,018th year of our Lord? Apparently, young brother Ethan has decided to delete himself from a show with RWR. A promotional wrestling product upon the indie where they were doing a show called “Over the Top.”

The Word Of RWR On EC3 Deletion From Over The Top

EC3 Rockstar Spud

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EC3 would connect with the Revolution of Renegades in Wrestling’s promotionals to inform them of his deletion from the card that was too over, and due to this decision they had to put out a release upon the press. They would put on the book of many faces:

“BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! Do to reasons out of RWR control EC3 will not be able to attend RWR “OVER THE TOP”. EC3 has said he will be back to RWR in the near future. We here at RWR wish EC3 the best and will see him soon. But the show must go on so straight from the office of RWR a new main event has been set Champion Ayden Cristiano will now have defend his title verus not 1, not 2, but 3 of the regions top Heavywieghts. So on January 28th at RWR “OVER THE TOP” you will see Ayden Cristiano vs Able Andrew Jackson vs Big Daddy Yum Yum vs Ryan Davidson. Plus so much more. Check out our new flyer to get all the information.”

EC3 proclaiming his return to this place in the future of near rate means he likely could not be part of something like the Rumble of Royalty with the entertaining wrestling of the world. It could also mean he simply decided to delete himself from this one for reasons that he shall keep personal. He would also be upon the show for the impactful wrestling group for another few months.

This is something the man of three H’s would not like while the third Ethan of Carter works within the company he vice presidentially and executively hires talent for. It is likely we see EC3 show his face at the great next Takeover of New Orleans. Rather than the Rumble of Royalty, thus sayeth the sheets made of dirt.


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