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Neville as champ
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WWE News: Backstage Update On Neville Returning To WWE

WWE Superstar Neville left the company late last year after he beat down Enzo Amore following his loss to the Certified G, which resulted in Neville losing the WWE Cruiserweight Title. Neville originally did not mind the loss to Amore, because it was understood that you take losses in WWE, sometimes even when they don’t make sense. The real issue he had was what happened after the program with Enzo ended.

WWE had no plans to take Enzo out of the title picture, and did not even have plans for Neville at all. As weird as it might seem, creative had nothing for him. Why? Well, who the heck knows? The King of the Cruiserweights was not happy to hear this, and it just compounded with other issues he had. Despite how well he did, WWE took his title match with Austin Aries off the WrestleMania 33 DVD set.

This made absolutely no sense, as every other match seemed to be on there. His match with Aries was pretty good too, and being taken off the DVD meant a loss in revenue for Neville. He took it on the chin but then was upset once more when the designers gave him a horrible t-shirt that made no sense for his character, nor did it look good for that matter. You may not have even known he had one, because he refused to wear it. All of this led to Neville wanting out, so he left.

What Happens Now For Neville When It Comes To His WWE Contract?


[Image by WWE]

Neville may have left and refused to work for WWE again, but the company had talks with him after all of this went down. They understood the issue and according to PW Insider, even offered him the opportunity to move to WWE SmackDown Live from WWE RAW. This would allow him to do things outside the cruiserweight division. Even allow him to challenge for titles like the United States or WWE World Title.

Neville and WWE seemed to be on the same page here, but talks started to die off and it ultimately led to Neville still not wanting to return. The weird thing is that Neville and many WWE Superstars are not happy in the company and see how the indies are doing. There’s talk of many wanting to go back there and even work for other companies like New Japan Pro-Wrestling. As it would allow for them to make more money in total than what they do now.

In addition to this, attention to the companies are higher than ever. All of this made it no surprise that the latest update on Neville is more of the same. The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer spoke on the story today on his radio broadcast and mentioned that Neville and WWE do not seem to be on the same page still.

Meltzer noted that he did not know when Neville’s current deal ended, but he will most likely have to sit out the remainder of it. This is quite similar to the CM Punk situation from years ago. Though they eventually released Punk when they knew he did not plan on returning. While Dave did not mention this, it does seem likely that Neville could be released sooner rather than later. Possibly during WWE’s Spring Cleaning period later this year.

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