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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (1/24/22)

Now the Bracket of Wisdom is in action!



HPW T3 Quarterfinals

The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 24

HPW’s third-ever Triforce Tournament rolls on, and now the Bracket of Wisdom takes a turn! Will Hilda start her journey back to the finals?


  • Bracket of Wisdom: Hilda VS Nabooru; Hilda wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • Bracket of Wisdom: Master Kohga VS Garo Master; Garo Master wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • Bracket of Wisdom: Oaky Treetoh VS Midna; Midna wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • Bracket of Wisdom: Volga VS Yuga; Volga wins and advances to the semifinals.


HPW and HXS TV set the scene!

The Bracket of Power led off again, and it was a powerful start to this year’s tournament! Now the Bracket of Wisdom is here, and it has two of last year’s Triple Threat Finalists! Her Grace wants to repeat, and perhaps revenge on The Artist who betrayed her in the Hyrule Warriors match. But she’ll have to survive a living legend in the Sage of Spirit, and Yuga will have to survive the Dark Force’s Dragon Knight! HPW Dueling Peaks, Day 2, starts now!

T3 Bracket 2


Bracket of Wisdom: Hilda VS Nabooru!

Her Grace is opening the bracket she won last year, but she might be up against the toughest competition possible. Will Hilda have a way to cheat the Sage of Spirit like she did everyone last year? Or will Nabooru end things right here and now?

The bell rings and fans rally up for “NA-BOO-RU! NA-BOO-RU!” Nabooru and Hilda circle, feel out the grapple, but Hilda backs off. Hilda shakes out her hands, then she approaches. Hilda then shoots around to CLUB Nabooru on the back over and over. Hilda then wraps on a headlock and grinds Nabooru down. Nabooru fights up as fans rally, but Hilda pulls Nabooru’s hair! The ref reprimands, Hilda gets the headlock again, and then a headlock takeover. Hilda traps an arm, cranks the headlock, but Nabooru endures. Fans rally up but Hilda bops Nabooru with a palm to the forehead! The ref reprimands, Hilda “apologizes,” but then she bops Nabooru again!

Nabooru powers her way to getting a cover, TWO, and Hilda pulls on the headlock some more. Nabooru pulls Hilda’s hair now, the ref reprimands her, but Nabooru stops. Nabooru hooks Hilda with a leg and gets the headscissor, and she holds tight as Hilda tries to kip free. Hilda moves around, headstands, but Nabooru CLUBS her back down. Nabooru squeezes tight, but Hilda hits Nabooru in the leg. Hilda hops to headstand again, but Nabooru CLUBS her again. Nabooru squeezes tight again, but Hilda CLAWS Nabooru’s legs! Nabooru lets Hilda go free, and Hilda drops knees onto Nabooru’s shoulders! Cover, TWO!

Hilda is annoyed as she stalks Nabooru to the corner. Hilda stomps Nabooru down, then gives Nabooru toying kicks. The ref counts, Hilda backs off, then basement dropkicks Nabooru point blank! Hilda drags Nabooru from the corner, covers, TWO! Hilda is already throwing a tantrum but fans rally up for Nabooru. Nabooru sits up and shakes the cobwebs out, but Hilda CLUBS her again. Hilda facelocks and squeezes tight with a GROVIT! Nabooru endures, she powers up and manages to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO, and Hilda still has the grovit! Hilda goes for body scissors but Nabooru gets a foot in to stomp away on Hilda!

Nabooru gets free, but she keeps stomping Hilda! Nabooru runs, for a FLASH ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO, but Nabooru clamps on with a chinlock. She leans her weight on Hilda but Hilda endures as fans rally. Hilda grabs at Nabooru’s hair but the ref reprimands and Nabooru thrashes her around. Nabooru grinds Hilda into the mat, but Hilda pulls hair again! The ref reprimands, but Hilda slips out the back to CLUB Nabooru on the neck! Hilda throws down forearm after forearm after forearm, and fans boo as Hilda roars and storms around. Hilda drags Nabooru up, wrenches an arm and hammerlocks it, then gets the facelock. But Nabooru RAMS her into a corner!

Fans fire up as Nabooru is free, and she JUMP KICKS Hilda down! Nabooru fires herself up and fans fire up with her! Nabooru runs to the opposite corner then comes back, WHEEL KICK! And BULLDOG! Nabooru fires up and fans fire up with her! Nabooru drags Hilda up to a fireman’s carry, but Hilda fights free! Hilda kicks but Nabooru blocks it. Nabooru ducks the enziguri but Hilda HEEL KICKS! Hilda schoolgirls with tights! TWO!! Hilda SLAPS Nabooru, and Nabooru is furious! Hilda tries to run away but Nabooru grabs her by her hair! The ref reprimands, Nabooru lets go at 4 to ROUNDHOUSE Hilda down! Cover, TWO!

Nabooru drags Hilda up with a dragon sleeper, but Hilda slips around to suplex! Nabooru knees free, Hilda ducks the roundhouse this time and waistlocks. Nabooru blocks the lift and standing switches, but Hilda blocks the lift. Hilda elbows free, Nabooru staggers, Hilda POISON-RANAS! But Nabooru is right up!! Nabooru LARIATS Hilda inside out! Hilda sits up in a daze, Nabooru roars and fans are thunderous! Nabooru fireman’s carries Hilda, USHIGOROSHI! And then Nabooru drags Hilda back up in a dragon sleeper, N B R!! Cover, but the lights go out?! What’s going on here?! Is Ravio behind this!?

The lights finally come back up and the ref looks around in confusion. Nabooru is also unsure, and Hilda is outside of the ring. Nabooru storms over, Hilda ROCKS Nabooru with a right hand! Wait, Hilda takes something off her hand? Are those purple brass knuckles?! Hilda slides in, leaving the knuckles on the floor, and she wrenches Nabooru’s arm to hammerlock. HER CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT! Cover, Hilda wins!!

Winner: Hilda, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

Of course something happens to help Hilda win! But with no proof it was Ravio, will Her Grace continue to stoop to new lows to get ahead in life?


Bracket of Wisdom: Master Kohga VS Garo Master!

Two of the Three Masters end up battling each other in the opening round! Will the Yiga Clan or Garo Clan watching at home be celebrating tonight? And will the partnership survive such a critical moment?

The bell rings and the two masters bow in respect. Fans cheer and the two circle. They approach and Kohga calls for a test of strength. He has his hand out for a knuckle lock, but then he changes hands before Garo can lock up with him. And then Kohga changes it back, and changes it back again, and again and again, faster and faster. Garo just stands still with one hand up as Kohga looks like he’s clawing the air. Kohga stops to shake out his tired arms and some fans do laugh, but then Garo headlocks! Kohga throws body shots, then powers out, only for Garo to run him over with a shoulder.

Garo keeps moving, Kohga stays low, then hurdles, then back elbows Garo. Kohga runs but Garo goes perpendicular to RANA! Kohga staggers up, Garo headlocks for a takeover! Kohga headscissors, Garo kips free and now Kohga hits a headlock and takeover. Garo headscissors, Kohga kips free, and Garo headlocks for the takeover. Kohga headscissors, Garo kips free, Kohga hits a headlock takeover. Garo headscissors again, Kohga kips free again, and Kohga avoids the headlock to waistlock! GERMAN SUPLEX, but Garo lands on his feet! Fans fire up as the two stand off, and then cheer even more as Kohga encourages them to get louder.

Kohga and Garo circle, they approach and tie up collar ‘n’ elbow. They’re in a deadlock, Kohga finds a point of leverage and he pushes Garo back to ropes. Garo turns it around, Kohga turns it back around, and the ref calls for a ropebreak. Kohga lets off slowly, shows chop but just pats Garo on the shoulders. The two reset, they circle again, and tie up. Garo headlocks, spins around to drop toehold, and then he floats to get an arm. Kohga rolls, spins, and traps the arm to tweak it! Garo clutches the arm, Kohga full nelsons but Garo breaks that, only for Kohga to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!

Kohga holds on, drags Garo up and ripcords, but Garo slides under for a pump handle cradle! TWO, Kohga uppercuts Garo! Kohga runs, but into a tiger wall kick! Garo follows up with an ENZIGURI! Garo waistlocks, uses the ropes to help with the O’Conner Roll, TWO! Garo is sent out to the apron, Kohga slides out to trip him! Garo hits the apron, Kohga side leg sweeps Garo into the railing! It’s double-edged, though, as Kohga also hits railing. Kohga stretches his back before putting Garo back in the ring. Kohga drags Garo to a drop zone, goes up the corner, but Garo trips him up! Kohga is stuck in a Tree of Woe!

Garo shakes out his bad arm, jumps out then back in to WOE STOMP Kohga down! Cover, TWO! Garo keeps focus as he drags Kohga back up. Garo cravats, cranks on the neck wrench but Kohga endures. Kohga throws body shots and back elbows, breaks free, then cravats. Garo handsprings through the snapmare, but Kohga ducks the enziguri! Kohga reels Garo back into a wheelbarrow, but Garo turns that into a victory roll FACEBUSTER! Garo turns Kohga over for a cover, TWO! Garo springboards for a SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Kohga rolls away but Garo follows him to the far side. Garo grabs at Kohga in the ropes but the ref counts. Garo lets off and Kohga bails out.

Kohga takes a few deep breaths and he stretches again. Garo waits as Kohga takes his time returning, and the ring count starts. Kohga and Garo watch each other, the count reaches 5 of 10. Kohga’s on the apron, Garo rushes over but Kohga slides under! Sunset flip, TWO and Garo rocks it back! TWO, Garo uses ropes to springboard up and over Kohga. Gato sobats then whips Kohga to ropes, but Kohga holds ropes. Garo runs over, Kohga dumps him up and out to the apron, Garo GAMANGIRIS back! Kohga staggers, Garo jumps over the top rope and onto Kohga for a DESTROYER!! Cover, Garo wins!

Winner: Garo, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

What a way to finish! The Garo trump the Yiga here, but biggest of all is that Garo Master helps Master Kohga up. The two hug it out and fans cheer the sportsmanship. Will Garo Master continue on for both of them? Or will running into Hilda be as bad for Garo as it was for Kohga?


Bracket of Wisdom: Oaky Treetoh VS Midna!

The Wooden Idol is back again, but her super fans have to stay in the crowd this time. Meanwhile, the Twilight Princess is back to being the tiny little imp she is inside. But even though they’re both small, will this be the biggest win of Treetoh’s career? Or will nothing hold Midna back, not even being a third her true height?

The bell rings and the two circle. Treetoh does some dance moves and her fans cheer, and even some other fans clap along and get into it. Midna is annoyed and she storms up on Treetoh, but Treetoh goes to the corner for defense. The ref has Midna stay back and Treetoh comes back. They circle, Treetoh does more dance moves, but Midna rushes back in. Treetoh hurries for the ropes but Midna grabs at her with her magic hair hand. The ref reprimands, she’s not allowed to do that. Midna lets go in frustration, and Treetoh kicks Midna low! Treetoh gets Midna in a headlock and grinds her down.

Midna throws body shots, breaks free and throws forearms. Midna whips but Treetoh reverses, only for Midna to kick her back drop away. Midna whips Treetoh again, and scoops her for a SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Midna sits Treetoh up to wrap on a chinlock. Treetoh endures, even as Midna bends her back against a knee. Treetoh fights up as fans rally and duel, and she hits a JAWBREAKER! Midna staggers and checks her chin. Treetoh pulls Midna’s hair, the ref reprimands, but Treetoh HEADBUTTS Midna down! Treetoh wobbles, shakes out the cobwebs, then runs to ropes. Treetoh comes back, KOKESHI! Cover, TWO!

Treetoh brings Midna up, kicks her low, clubs her on the back, then grabs her by the head again. Treetoh reels back but Midna SLAPS her with a palm strike first! Midna CHOPS, and CHOPS, but then Treetoh blocks the chop with her forehead! Midna shakes out her hand, Treetoh grabs the arm and wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER! Treetoh wrenches again, but Midna breaks free and DOUBLE CHOPS Treetoh off her feet! Midna drops a SENTON! Cover, TWO! Midna grows annoyed while fans rally up. Midna drags Treetoh up, wrenches an arm and grinds a shoulder. Midna traps that arm, then pulls on Treetoh’s head with a chinbar.

Treetoh endures, fans rally and duel, and she gets her arm free. Treetoh throws elbows and body shots, then SLAPS Midna! Treetoh reels Midna in for a back suplex but Midna furiously throws down elbows to block. Midna reels Treetoh in for a clinch, BACKBREAKER then COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Midna drags Treetoh to a drop zone and hurries up top, but Treetoh hurries and clubs Midna on the back. Treetoh climbs up behind Midna, clubs Midna a few more times, then waistlocks. Midna holds onto ropes to resist the suplex! Midna throws back elbows, Treetoh falls down! Midna finishes climbing, adjusts on the top rope, but Treetoh returns with a RISING HEADBUTT!

Midna wobbles up top and Treetoh climbs up again. Treetoh throws forearms then CLUBS Midna on the back. Treetoh goes to the very top and gets Midna up for a stalling SUPERPLEX! Fans fire up, Treetoh drags herself to a cover, TWO!! Midna survives and fans fire up while Treetoh is too tired to be upset. Treetoh and Midna slowly rise as a standing count begins. Treetoh drags herself up on the ropes at 6 and she staggers back to Midna. Treetoh whips, Midna reverses, but Treetoh ducks and dodges. Treetoh tilt-o-whirls and headscissors Midna, then dropkicks her down! And another dropkick! Midna avoids the third, drops a SENTON onto knees!

Midna staggers up, Treetoh HEADBUTTS Midna in the back! Treetoh shoves Midna to ropes and GERMAN SUPLEXES on the rebound! Midna sits up in a daze, Treetoh runs, but Midna ducks the basement headbutt! Treetoh tumbles but sits up, and Midna runs in for a TWILIGHT SLEEP!! Cover, Midna wins!

Winner: Midna, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

The Deku Princess falls while the Twilight Princess rises! But will Midna be able to keep it up in the next round?


Bracket of Wisdom: Volga VS Yuga!

We saw Hilda open this bracket with a win, but her hope for revenge only stays alive if the Dragon Knight doesn’t burn Yuga down. Will the Artist be out of the picture already? Or will he find a way to win without having Hilda and Ravio on his side?

The bell rings and fans are a bit torn. There are some cheers for Volga, but plenty of boos and jeers for him and Yuga. They circle, approach, and tie up. They’re in a deadlock, but Volga finds leverage and pushes Yuga back. But then Yuga pulls hair and turns things around. Tiger Sahasrahla reprimands but Volga pulls hair back! Volga turns things around like this and Yuga shouts for the ropebreak. Sahasrahla counts, Volga lets off at 4, but he stares Yuga down before backing off. Yuga composes himself and fixes his hair before circling with Volga again. They approach and Yuga kicks low to then ROCK him with a forearm!

Volga staggers, Yuga pulls his hair again, and Yuga uses that to get a headlock. Sahasrahla reprimands but Yuga plays dumb. Yuga grinds the headlock but Volga throws body shots. Volga pushes Yuga but Yuga holds onto the hair! Yuga reels Volga back in for another headlock, then hits a takeover. Volga headscissors, Yuga hops around and pops free to a jackknife cover! TWO as Volga bridges up and he spins things around to a backslide! TWO and Yuga trips Volga for a prawn hold! TWO, both men get up, and Volga SUPERKICKS Yuga down! Cover, TWO! Volga grows frustrated and fans continue to jeer.

Volga stomps Yuga out of the ring, then kicks him away from the ring. Volga then builds speeds and DIVES! Direct hit and Yuga is sent into the railing! Volga gets back in the ring, builds speed again and DIVES again! Another direct hit and Yuga is sent into railing again! Volga keeps moving, but he has to stop as Yuga flops down. Fans jeer again, Volga goes out to drag Yuga up, but then Yuga kicks low and drops for an UPPERCUT! Yuga then shoves Volga into railing! Yuga then RAMS Volga into the apron, then hip tosses Volga back into the railing! Fans boo as loud as ever as Yuga goes into the ring to leave Volga behind.

Sahasrahla starts a ring count, fans rally up for Volga, and Volga stirs at 3 of 10. Volga drags himself up the railing at 5, staggers over and gets in at 7. Yuga is right there on him with stomps, but Sahasrahla counts. Yuga backs off at 4, Volga crawls to a corner, and Yuga goes after him with more stomps. Yuga digs his boots in, the ref counts, and Yuga lets off at 4 again. Yuga drags Volga up, whips him corner to corner hard, and Volga bounces off buckles to hit the mat! Yuga smirks as he walks over to Volga. Yuga drags Volga up and tells him, “You’re nothing more than a scribble in the title picture!” Yuga then whips, but Volga ducks, dodges and SLINGBLADES!

Volga fires up, fans actually fire up with him, and Volga aims at Yuga. Volga runs in, but Yuga catches the leg to trip Volga up! Yuga SMASHES the knee into the mat! And again! And again! Yuga then rolls Volga to sit him up, and he ties the legs into a figure four. Yuga works to trap the arms but Volga manages to victory roll! TWO, Volga kicks but Yuga blocks it to CLUB the leg! Yuga then sweeps the legs, and he drops a knee on the back of Volga’s knee! Yuga ties the legs up in an inverted figure four KNEEBAR! Fans rally as Volga endures! Volga reaches, crawls, drags Yuga along, but Yuga does a backstroke to bring Volga away!

Volga shouts as he continues to endure. He moves around, reaches out, and he drags himself over to the side! ROPEBREAK! Sahasrahla counts, Yuga lets go at 4. Volga goes to the apron, Yuga grabs at him through the ropes, but Volga hotshots Yuga away! Volga gets in, gets his bad leg moving, and he runs, but Yuga denies the slingblade to hit a SIDE LEG SWEEP! Yuga goes after the legs again, but Volga handstands to headscissor Yuga away! Yuga comes back, into a BICYCLE BOOT! Volga clutches his knee from hitting that move and fans fire up while both men are down! Wait, someone is running their way down the ramp!

Is that Ravio? Is Ravio here to help or hinder Yuga? Something seems off about him, though… Bootleg Ravio gets on the apron but Sahasrahla stops him there. They argue, Yuga watches the bunny mask wearing person, but Volga LOW BLOW UPPERCUTS him!! Volga rolls Yuga up, bootleg Ravio points and Sahasrahla sees the cover! Sahasrahla hurries over, TWO!! Yuga survives the screwjob! But then BURNING STOMP!! Volga covers, Volga wins!

Winner: Volga, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

Ravio cheats Yuga! Wait, Ravio takes off the mask and it’s WIZZRO! Explains the boney hands… The Dark Forces get one over on The Artist, and now Volga is moving on to face Midna! Will the Dragon Knight burn the Twilight Princess down? Or will she be ready for the tricks of Volga and the Twisted Wizard?

My Thoughts:

Did you get swerved by Yuga losing? I honestly was going to let him win but then I imagined Wizzro pulling a Dick Togo of sorts because of that gif the Twitter user known as “Toru Yano Fan Account” has made so popular. But this change of plans makes for an interesting second round match of Midna VS Volga. And Yuga might still have some possibilities this year.

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Bandwagon Nerds

Bandwagon Nerds #115: Fire F*cker



Bandwagon Nerds Mario
Bandwagon Nerds #115: Fire F*cker

This week, the Bandwagon welcomes the one and only “Violent Gentleman” Aesop Mitchell to the show. The Fabled One made his debut just in time for a packed to the gills Episode, that’s for sure. We continue our review of Season 2 of The Witcher and Episode 6 was certainly a “fiery” one as we seem to really be picking up momentum for the final two Episodes of the Season. The guys briefly discuss a very big potential tease in Episode 4 of The Book of Boba Fett and we even get a bit of a cross-over with Pod Is War as a discussion of Peacemaker ensued. The fellas take an extended tour of the Trailer Park as they look at the latest trailers including Moon Knight, The Lord of The Rings, The Boys; Diabolical, and an extended spot from The Batman that has everyone rather excited. In News Around The Nerdosphere, there was a plethora of topics to discuss including the ongoing drama with Joss Whedon, Idris Elba possibly becoming the next James Bond, some new Captain America comics getting ready to launch, Eternals smashing Disney + streaming records, and some exciting news from the set of Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3. Did Aesop validate his Nerd Card? Tune in and find out!

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