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Backstage Speculation On Kevin Owens Wrestlemania Opponent



Dave Meltzer recently spoke about Wrestlemania. During this he talked about Kevin Owens likely opponent for Wrestlemania. Below ate his comments on who he believes Kevin Owens will face at the show of shows:

“Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn thing made me think that they wrestling each other at Wrestlemania. Obviously, if they are going to do something they will do the big tease on March 11th. They aren’t going to be going at each other or splitting up before March 11th, I don’t think.”

Owens and Zayn’s careers have been intertwined from the beginning, from prior to their WWE career to joining NXT. Owens has gone to win many titles and Zayn has only been NXT Champion. Over the last few months Owens and Zayn have partnered together to bring down Shane McMahon and attempt to win the WWE Title. Both men are set to be in the WWE title match at Fast lane.

My Thoughts:

This to me is the next logical step for their lifelong feud. The real question is will Owens or Zayn be the one who is heel. Zayn has found this new heel character has connected more with the audience. Owens who has been a heel since ay one has been cheered as a face for years. This could also he the last time we see them on the same show. With the superstar shakeup looming and these two being on the same show since the beginning, that could be coming to an end. I am hoping this rumor is true and all storyline signs point it to be true. This is a rumor I give a big thumbs up to.

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