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Speak EZ Podcast: Wetting The Bed



Meet Walter, Tony, and Josh as they share stories from bars and all the joy behind them. From puking in a stall, to sex in the corner. From dirty hands to crying strippers. From strong lesbians to weak pours. They leave no corner unturned, and try to pull out some semblance of substance within these unabashed tales of liquor induced fun.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The SpeakEZ Podcast.

In their first episode, the guys take a more freestyle approach to the SpeakEZ Podcast, and talk about drunk birthdays, public puking, peeing the bed, and more! Rather than pull out all the bells and whistles, they decided for a RAW, single camera look with no format to show, and no structure.

Meet the guys unscripted, unfiltered, and unsober…

Speak EZ Podcast

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