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Cheap Shots: Scripting Is The Main Problem With WWE Today



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Oh WWE how I Loathe thee. As much as I love WWE, there are times when I just want to throw my TV out the window. Why am I so angry at WWE you ask? Because, wrestling in its truest form is organic, it is not manufactured. WWE has become so corporate that they now decided who is the face of the company, along with scripted promos.  Not scripts like they were in the past where it was “Hey in your promo tonight make sure you hit points A, B, C.” No, now it’s “Here is your script memorize this, and don’t deviate from it.”

Has anyone else noticed that it seems like all these promos are writing by one guy? Because to me it they all sound like they are form the same voice. Now I’m not going to knock the acting of some of these wrestlers. But, when you are given stale, robotic words to say, it comes out stale and robotic.

A Glimpse at the Past

WWE WWF NWA WCW Ric FlairImagine if you will that at King of the Ring 1996, Austin’s promo at the end of the match was completely scripted. We would have never heard Austin say the famous Austin 3:16 line. Thus, Austin would not have become what he is known as today.  Take Ric Flair and Macho Man, the two best promo cutters in the business in my opinion, I dare you to go back and watch some of these promos. They are without a doubt miles ahead of anything there is today. You can feel the energy, they aren’t just stale responses.  If we take away what these wrestlers are, then at the end of the day they become shells of human beings.

Now, this isn’t to say that some people don’t need scripts written out for them, cause they probably do, not everyone is a creative genius. But, those who excel at the written scripts should be freed from those chains. Take a guy like Kevin Owens, who in my opinion is the best heel WWE has right now. Kevin Owens can pull off his scripts better then the majority.

Could he explode if given the freedom to try some stuff, and be a proper heel? Yep.

The Handcuffing of a Generation

WWE Roman Reigns Royal Rumble 2018  Now a day though, WWE is handcuffing raw talent by pigeon holing them into their gimmicks. We now live in a day and age, where you don’t get over with the fans, until WWE says you can get over. Now there are some that slip through the cracks like Daniel Bryan. But for the most part, if WWE doesn’t say you are the top dog, then you aren’t going to be top dog. Which in this day and age is crazy, we can’t just point at Roman Reigns and say “Hey you’re the man now; we are going to do everything we can to get you over with the crowd.” Which at the end of the day has backfired on WWE. Is he popular with kids? sure. But, the majority of the fan base despises him. Why? Because WWE is pushing Roman down our throats, this year marks his 4th main event at WrestleMania in a row. Some of the most talent WWE superstars have been pushed out of the way to make way for King Roman.  His is not an organic rise to the top, it is manufactured.

How do we fix the problem?

If WWE would allow some of its talent to shine, and release them from their constraints they might be surprised who is able to take Cena’s position as the face of the company. Superstars aren’t manufactured, despite what WWE may think, it is about your in ring performance, and your ability to cut a promo, and your ability to get over with the fan base. “Cream rises to the top.” as the Macho Man once said. But first we got to be willing to actually add the cream to the coffee, before it will rise.






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