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Top 5: Candidates For WWE Intercontinental Champion



The WWE Intercontinental Championship almost always ranks among the favorite of fans young and old. From it’s iconic design to it’s place within the roster, this championship is traditionally a crowd please. So, who is the ideal candidate to wear this title? Here are the Top 5 candidates!

5. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre’s first stint with WWE met it’s peak when he won the Intercontinental Championship, and while he should be primed and ready for a world championship, a reunion with his first single’s title would be a great image. It isn’t certain if he will return to NXT after his injury is healed, or he’ll head to the main roster. Hopefully he’ll go after the RAW belt and complete his circle of redemption.

4. Curtis Axel

Of course, the son of Mr. Perfect would be destined for the same title his father helped make prestigious. Axel did win the coveted championship early after re-debuting with Paul Heyman at his side. It’s been slow going for him since, with the Miz once again the champion, it gives him and Bo Dallas the opportunity to climb the ranks once again.


3. Bobby Roode

The current mid-card champion on SmackdownLive may be holding the wrong title around his waist. Since his time in NXT, Roode was compatible with the white strap. He may be content with his championship now, but sooner or later, he might have to make a glorious pairing with the I.C. Championship. He does posses the old school mentality that compliments the title so well.

2. Finn Balor

Balor has the fast-paced style that the strap was once famous for. Now with the Club reunited , Balor may be in the perfect position to capture the milestone while Reign’s fingerprints are now being scrubbed off of it. Since the main event scene is looking to become a bit crowded with Reigns and Lesnar at Mania, then Strowman and possibly Samoe Joe waiting in the wings. An I.C. title run would give Finn, and the Club, something to do, as well as give us some entertaining contests.

1. Tye Dillinger

Perfectionist characters have always been tied to the white strap, from Mr. Perfect, to Rick Rude; from the arrogant Shawn Michaels to the narcissistic Chris Jericho; from Dashing Cody Rhodes to the current champion. The same goes for the Perfect Ten. Tye hasn’t seen the best of times on the main roster, and while it may take a few weeks to build him up for a push to the top of the mid-card, it would be a welcome sight. Right now, he’s on SmackdownLive, home to the United States Championship

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