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Top 5: Candidates For WWE United States Champion


The WWE United States Championship carries a longstanding history going through WWE, WCW, and the NWA. Today is represents a world title-like caliber, having recently been around the waits of former world champions like Seth Rollins, John Cena, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Chris Jericho and others. Who is the ideal candidate to wear this title? Here are the Top 5 candidates!

5. Elias

While the Intercontinental Championship would also be a nice fit around Elias’ waist, the United States title may be a better prize to fit his character. Elias does more character work than wrestling, and while his skill between the ropes is nothing to sneeze at, character-based superstars typically go after the U.S. belt. As one of the few superstars that can have the fans eating out of his hand, Elias deserves a reward for his work.

4. Lars Sullivan

Historically, larger men typically run the route of the United States Championship rather than the I.C. Title. Other than foreigners, the U.S. belt has been used to build monsters. From superstars like Goldberg to some like the Big Show, Lars Sullivan could be heading down the same path. While he may not win gold in NXT that most likely won’t stop him from capturing at least one of the mid-card titles, and the one on SmackdownLive seems a better fit for him.

3. Jinder Mahal

If Jinder’s WWE Championship run went like it did, just with the United States Championship instead, fans might be more accepting of his raise up the card. He was close to capturing it last week, and he seems to have his sights set on it going into the future. A run with the mid-card belt would likely be more well received than his main event push. Time will tell if he is able to continue momentum and stay in title contention.

2. Rusev

As the commonplace foreign heel, Rusev was a perfect match for the red, white, and blue strap. However, even when shedding that characteristic, the Bulgarian Brute may be tied to the championship. Even if he does, someday, reach the main event scene, there will be the chance that he returns to his roots and captures a third U.S. title.

1. Woken Matt Hardy

Despite his quick and underwhelming match with Bray Wyatt there is still a lot left in the Woken Universe. The loss to Wyatt may catapult Hardy into a more woken state, bringing with that more crazy antics. While perhaps this type of character is above championship gold, a run with the U.S. title would be fitting despite his having held it before. He could even put a broken spin on the title while he has it. A feud between the Hardy Boyz may be eminent, and one over the United States Championship would indeed be wonderful.


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