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Does Everyone Have To Be Booked For WWE WrestleMania?



Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal WWE WrestleMania

WWE WrestleMania is about a month away and with what we have for the rumored matches, it’s already shaping up to be a stacked card. Some however don’t have current plans just yet and fans are frustrated about some possibly being placed in the Participation Troph- I mean the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. I personally don’t see the big issue with people being added to it if people really wanna be on the card that badly, but they should at least legitimize it specially with the Andre documentary coming out, make it feel special. Anyway, that’s another topic for another time since I’m here talk about if they really have to add everyone to WrestleMania.

I understand everyone wants their favorites to be added to a match just to have them on there even if it doesn’t make sense or just another one on one, but you honestly don’t wanna add so many matches in there due to time restraints with other matches, promos, segments, band, and among other things, so do you wanna wanna risk their match being short just so they had a match? Or the fact that it could have a chance being cut just to save time? And if the option is to add them into other people’s matches just because you don’t like the current set up, it just ruins the storyline of those people involved. Say Styles and Nakamura is still penciled in (which I’m sure it is.), you’re mad that someone like Dolph, Kevin, or Sami didn’t win and you want them in the match still, now that just ruins the moment for Styles and Nakamura just to keep you satisfied and will take away from their match as well. I don’t mind a multi-man match here and there, but if it takes up more than half of your card, then it just looks extremely lazy in booking and quality process. There should be two maybe three multi-man matches if they really want it, but how many is how many people for each match?

Back then, WrestleMania used to feel like a privilege to be on the card because of your big feud or upcoming title match and now it feels like everyone has to be on there just to keep people happy and just so they get that big payout. It just doesn’t make being on the card feel special now and more like a participation trophy award nowadays which sucks since I like when it feels like they’ve actually earned a spot to be on there. But I don’t own the company, so what do I know? I get that they have a huge roster and wanna please everybody, but if they don’t really have anything planned out for them or if their storyline is just bombing, then why force them on the card if there’s no room? The only matches that should be on the card are your title matches, your big feuds, and maybe an exhibition or two if there’s room and time for it. If you want multi-man matches that badly, then just keep the battle royal if you make it feel important again and maybe one of the title matches if it makes sense instead of just adding them in there just because.

I’m still excited for WrestleMania, but they really need to figure out how they really wanna format it to make it more fluent and seem more special instead of paying everyone out. Wart do you think? Do you think they need more multi-man matches to fit everyone in? Should they book every single member of the roster or make it feel more meaningful again? Let me know in the comments below.