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Gangrel Interview Talks Training Rusev, Traveling With Benoit/Guerrero, Secret Message In Brood Theme

Gangrel recently did an interview where he discussed training Rusev, traveling with Benoit and Guerrero and a secret message in the Brood theme.

You can see his comments below:

Training Rusev and his work ethic:

“He’s always been a good guy and had a funny personality but I think his wife is a good asset to him, she brings a lot of the clown out in him. He deserves everything he’s got, he’s like the American dream. He moved from Bulgaria to become a pro wrestler so he came to that wrestling school, he trained and he worked three jobs. We had classes back then in the morning and in the afternoon, so he would literally sleep in the car in between the classes. He wouldn’t go home so he wouldn’t miss the classes or miss a shift at work. He really, really put the time and the work in and was totally dedicated. I couldn’t be prouder of him.” 

Traveling with Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit:

“It was probably the most amazing thing out of my journeys. I never stopped learning between the two of them. Eddie, just from his family of wrestling and Chris coming out of Stampede Wrestling in Calgary which is where I first got my start. I was very driven and connected to his style because we worked with the same people. I just never stopped learning. They never stopped talking, they were learning off each other. We figured if we didn’t learn something every match or every car ride or every situation, then we didn’t need to be in wrestling.”

The Brood’s theme music had a secret message in it:

“If you have the right skills and technology to play it backwards, the guy who did the music, Jim Johnston was a big Beatles fan, so it says ‘I buried Paul, walk with me.”

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