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Greg DeMarco’s BOLD #WWE Fastlane Predictions



Jinder Mahal WWE Bold Prediction

WWE Fastlane is here, and you might think you’re ready. But you’re not truly ready until you read some BOLD Predictions!

Remember, these are BOLD:

  • Bull-headed
  • Outlandish
  • Lacivious
  • Deplorable

But keep one thing in mind. If–er…when one of these comes true, you won’t hear the end of it.

So sit back and get your last minute reading done before turning on the WWE Network and watching Fastlane!

New Day wins the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships from The Usos

New Day WWE Fastlane Bold Prediction

This honestly shouldn’t be considered BOLD. New Day has been one of the hottest acts over the past few years. But The Usos…The Usos are the best tag team in the whole damn world.

The Usos should win this match, and The Usos should walk into WrestleMania as the Smackdown Tag Team Champions. They need it, and the Smackdown titles need it.

But The Usos are getting something more. They’re getting onto the WrestleMania main card for the first time ever, and this is already a crowded card. Where do they fit in?

Against The Bar. WWE could easily go title vs title, but it seems more likely they have The Usos show up on Raw to answer The Bar’s open challenge without any gold (silver) around their waists.

The ironic part? The New Day will also be on the WrestleMania card, as Smackdown tag team champions. Unless they’re not. Any way you slice it, The Usos are going to Raw, and they’re going to WrestleMania.

Carmella Cashes In Money In The Bank

Carmella MITB WWE Fastlane Bold Prediction

Carmella is scheduled to team with Natalya against Becky Lynch and Naomi, in a tag team match that makes a ton of sense but has zero build. I have to wonder if Carmella even shows for the match, or if she no-shows entirely and puts her status into question.

Then, when the moment is right (Charlotte is facing an opponent with a posse, you know), Carmella finally cashes in and becomes Smackdown Women’s Champion. She may or may not hold that belt at WrestleMania, but she is going to win it tonight.

Jinder Mahal Costs John Cena his 17th WWE World Championship

Jinder Mahal WWE Fastlane Bold Prediction

The clues are all there–The Undertaker is gone. He retired at WrestleMania 33, creating a moment that internet fans want to forget ever happened. John Cena even told you it’s impossible. You just don’t want to believe him.

We’ve had reports that there will be a major angle at Fastlane, and in the main event. Some think it’s The Undertaker, others think it’ll set up a match between Shane McMahon and Dolph Ziggler, still others thing it’ll advance the Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn story.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

It’s The Maharaja himself, Jinder Mahal, costing John Cena his 17th world title. Why? Because I’ve had Jinder pegged for “The John Cena Match” at WrestleMania since August, and I am not relenting now!

WWE elevated Jinder Mahal for a reason, so much so that even AJ Styles has advocated for acceptance of his title run. He’s not what the internet loves, but we already have WrestleMania matches to pander to the internet. Rarely is that match ever John Cena’s.

John Cena indeed has a story for WrestleMania, and the co-star will be Jinder Mahal. And this time Cena might not be going over.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Scott Steiner Is My Role Model



Scott Steiner Impact Wrestling

Everyone needs a role model, and Steve Cook rediscovered his when Scott Steiner returned to IMPACT Wrestling with Scarlett Bordeaux!

I generally don’t recommend looking to the world of professional wrestling for role models.

See, a lot of these guys want you to think they’re really great citizens that your kids should idolize. Hulk Hogan peddled that nonsense for years. He told us to say our prayers, take our vitamins & train hard, then what did he do? Sell out & join the New World Order, that’s what! Turns out he’s a racist too, so the Hulkster isn’t somebody people should want to be like.

There are too many other wrestlers we’ve been inspired by over the years that came up short to name here. Let’s face it, nobody’s perfect. No matter who your favorite wrestler is, there’s a perfectly good reason not to idolize them. Even the legendary good guy John Cena can’t have a committed relationship.

I can only think of one exception to the rule: The Big Bad Booty Daddy.

I know what a lot of you are thinking. Why should we idolize Scott Steiner? The answers are perfectly obvious to me, but at certain points over the years I’ve come across people that don’t accept Big Poppa Pump as their hookup & won’t holler if they hear him. People. Aren’t they weird?

Why do I think you should look up to Scott Steiner? It all comes down to two words…

Self Confidence.

On the surface, most wrestlers exhibit a ton of belief in their abilities. When you look deeper, you see that the big words coming from these athletes are usually over-compensation for the doubts they feel inside. It’s self visualization. If they repeat something enough times, eventually they believe it. At least, that’s the idea.

Does anybody in wrestling exhibit more self confidence than Scott Steiner? If so, I haven’t seen them. I’ve never seen Steiner show any type of insecurity. He might not be the most lucid speaker of all time, but you can tell he believes every word he says.

The reason “Steiner Math” is still a meme isn’t because of the content of the speech, even if it is hilarious. Nobody else could have delivered the verbiage with the same type of conviction Scott Steiner did.

It isn’t just speaking where Steiner shows his self confidence. The man is fearless. He started doing Frankensteiners back when only little guys did them. Big guys were afraid they’d land on their head…Scott didn’t care about that. He kept doing them even after his physique changed.

How about that physique, by the way? Many have criticized Steiner for decades for getting jacked up on the juice, but I feel they’re being unfair. Scott should be credited for going all the way & making his body as pumped up as possible. Part of that’s being a genetic freak, but a large part of it is dedication. If we dedicate as much effort to anything as Scott Steiner did to inflating his body, we’ll be tremendously successful at whatever we do.

One weird thing about Steiner’s career: His best times were outside WWE. His WWF stint with Rick was lackluster compared to their runs in NWA/WCW & New Japan. His WWE singles stint was a shell of his run in WCW, and Steiner was much more entertaining in TNA.

Unlike many of his fellow wrestlers that got squandered in WWE yet still kiss the company’s ass in exchange for a Legends contract or a Hall of Fame spot or whatever, Steiner is happy living his life & calling things the way he sees them. He runs a business and shows up in Impact occasionally.

With the exception of when Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff were running things, Impact has treated him well. Steiner appreciates that, and having the freedom to express himself in a manner consistent with the Big Poppa Pump character.

And what better way for Impact to show their appreciation to Scott than booking him the way they did last Friday night?

How can you not idolize a 56-year old man that gets lap dances from Scarlett Bordeaux? Scott Steiner is living the best life. We should all hope to follow in his footsteps.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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The Good, Bad and Ugly: WWE Raw (01/14/2019)



Bobby Lashley Seth Rollins WWE Raw

Last week WWE came out hot, all three shows were successful, special and memorable.  Is it the competition with the new AEW?  Is it that Vince McMahon is holding everyone more accountable than usual?  Or did WWE just wake up and this is all a coincidence?  No matter the case as a fan, this has been most enjoyable.  Can Raw continue to battle back and win over the wrestling community or has this been too Good to be true? 


Vince McMahon Promo

You have got to love seeing the Chairman, Mr. McMahon strutting to the ring.  It is always a chance for greatness in front of the masses.  Before the Bossman could talk, John Cena decided to come out, and wants his spot for the Championship against Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.  It all seemed to be falling in place, the perfect storm.  Out comes Drew McIntyre.  McIntyre looked great out there, and he made some Good points here about how it is now his time and Cena should just leave.  Decent segment until Baron Corbin ruined everything.  Fortunately Finn Balor saved the day!  He also pleaded his case and most convincing of all.  This quasi shoot on Balor with Vinnie Mac was awesome, and Balor just decided to attack to prove himself but got leveled by a “Claymore Kick.”  Then to Cena, another “Claymore Kick.”  Vince was pleased.  He set up a Fatal 4 Way with Cena, Balor, McIntyre and Corbin.  Winner faces Lesnar at Royal Rumble.  This was a Good Promo and set up for a decent and important match later in the night. 

(Winner Gets in the Fatal 4 Way) Jinder Mahal w/ The Singh Brothers vs. Finn Balor

Instead of this pointless match, they could have just not had Corbin in the match later on and just had Mahal in his place.  Jinder Mahal just brutalized Balor before the bell, it looked like he would have an easy victory.  Mahal controlled the match almost exclusively.  Balor had little to know offense.  The match looked Good though.  Mahal working with a guy as Good as Balor shows his best work.  Once Balor got fired up though he went ballistic.  He took out everyone in his way, it looked like he had it all sewn up, and he did.  “Coup de Grace” for the victory.  Balor moves on to the Fatal 4 Way later in the night. 

Intercontinental Championship Match (3 Way)  Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush

These guys were just on fire last week.  This has a huge amount of potential to be a repeat.  Rollins came out hot, but got ultimately flattened by Lashley.  Lashley and Ambrose took turns beating down Rollins early on.  Lashley again this week looked aggressive, and it’s working.  Rollins had a spirt of offense but got spiked through the mat by Lashley.  Ambrose then turned on Lashley and Rollins got control again.  Lio Rush got the save and looked Good again, doing his part.  Lashley is just a monster.  If he continues as he has been, he more than earned a push.  Some would say this match is a push but he deserves something bigger at this level.  In a rare bit of nostalgia Ambrose and Rollins teamed up on Lashley stomping, and crushing Lashley down to nothing.  Sometimes rivals are better friends than enemies but sometimes they are both.  Rollins and Ambrose proceeded to go at it.  Rollins almost won with a “falcon arrow” but Lio Rush again came in with the save.   Lashley looked like he had it, but was kicked in the face by Ambrose, then Rollins came back in and took over.  Then Ambrose again took control.  Lashley and Ambrose out of nowhere hit a “Doomsday Device”, Lio Rush interfered again taking out Rollins.  Lashley hits a sick “spear” for the victory.  Bobby Lashley, more than deserving, is your New Intercontinental Champion.    Hopefully this is a decent run for Lashley and maybe lead to a Champion vs Champion situation.  If not maybe a Good feud for EC3 to start with.  We shall see.

Fatal 4 Way (Winner Faces Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship at Royal Rumble) Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin vs. John Cena vs. Drew McIntyre

Anyone but Corbin and it’s a winner.  That is the whole point here.  There are a decent number of people that could run with “The Champ.”  Rarely do you have so many options.  Here you have 3.  Cena winning would be huge, no doubt and McIntyre vs. Lesnar could be insane.  This is a decent Main Event and could bring better the overall lackluster Monday Night Raw if done well.  The Tom Brady of WWE, John Cena, gets the job done, even though it is unorthodox, it works.  Balor and McIntyre need to work a lot more, as they just “get” each other.  Such perfect chemistry out there.  Even Corbin did his part, as the instigator and interrupter.  McIntyre was being put over constantly in this match.  No matter what the future hold for this group, McIntyre has full potential to rise fast.  This match was full of action and callousness.  It was anyone’s match, everyone had their chance for victory.  Shockingly, it was Finn Balor to stand above the reckage, hitting a stiff “Coup de Grace” on none other than John Cena for the victory and a shot at “The Beast” for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble.  WOW! 


The Riott Squad vs. Bayley, Natalya and Nikki Cross

The Riott Squad are always entertaining.  Bayley also Great!  Natalya is hit or miss.  Nikki Cross, however is a sick addition here.  A feud with Ruby Riott if that is what is coming can and will be incredible.  All that being said this was a rough match.  Although the spot with Nikki pulling Ruby Riott into the apron and beating the hell out of her looked Good.  Bayley also had some decent moments.  The Riott Squad seems to improve every week.  However, this was an Bad Match.  So many awkward moments and subpar action for the names involved.  Bayley hits a beautiful “elbow drop” off the top for the win. 

Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka

It is just fantastic to see Sasha Banks more, she is money.  Rousey also has improved immensely as of late and obviously has been putting in work at the performance center.  Jax and Snuka though require a lot to cover for their shortfalls, and this week is troublesome at the least.  This week was rough, it was boring at times, the crowd was flat, and we had a ton of awkward moments which can kill the vibe of a match.  Rousey still is improving a lot but has a long way to go.  Feuding with Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka will not help her cause.  After a terrible exchange in the corner, Sasha Banks rolls up Tamina into a “Bank Statement” for the victory.  This was followed by guess what, “heat” between the two opponents at Royal Rumble.  That match should be decent, hell even Great, but tonight, that was just Bad. 

Lucha House Party (Kalisto and Grand Metalik) vs. The Revival

The Revival is criminally underused in the WWE, and having to face Lucha House Party as often that they have is proof.  It is a shame.  To show just how much the WWE doesn’t care about The Revival, they had a ridiculous backstage promo during the match.  That is just insane.  It is a 3 hour show and they chose to do a promo during a match.  The commentators were quiet, and missing spots, the wrestlers were missing spots, just a mess.  Dawson hits a DDT on Metalik who was pinned with his foot on the ropes before Wilder pushed it off for the win.  This again was a mess, and a Bad way to see such talent showcased. 

A Moment of Bliss w/ Paul Heyman

Alexa Bliss is just always a treat for everyone.  She unveiled the New Women’s Tag Team Championship Titles, and they looked Good.  Paul Heyman of course had a lot to say, and did what he does.  Same rhetoric, and usual “Heyman Hustle.” Interestingly enough he really gave Drew McIntyre a hell of a review.  Everything he said was true.  McIntyre really is impressive and it was great to see Heyman give him a nod.  Out of left field Otis from Heavy Machinery came out talking gibberish.  Otis took a liking to Little Miss Bliss, although who can blame him.  The segment then ended quickly and awkwardly before the Main Event was announced only to go to a horribly placed commercial break.  Heyman was Good, Bliss was Good, but overall this was a Bad deal.      


Opening Segment w/ Braun Strowman

After such a horrendous promo last week, I’m surprised they are letting the “Monster” open the show on the mic.  Strowman is crazy over though, so maybe he can pull the nose up.  He is big, hungry and “all healed up.”  Things were going splendidly, then of course Baron Corbin reared his ugly head.  Some people hate this kind of cheap heat, and some love it.  Honestly, this was a very corny promo.  What did we get out of this crap?  Strowman playing hide and seek with a heel, again.  We also got saved by the fact that the promo was short.  And the best of all, we have Elias blowing Corbin’s spot in song.  Corbin looked terrified as Strowman ripped the door right off of the limo that Corbin was hiding in.  One problem, it was Vince McMahon’s limo.  I like the unexpected twist in an otherwise largely predictable disappointing opening, but it still wasn’t Good and a hell of a waste of time.  Strowman then was fined $100,000 and had his Championship Match striped from him.  He then flipped McMahon’s Limo over.  This was just horrible. 


  • GOOD- 4
  • BAD- 4
  • UGLY- 1

OVERALL- Eh! We had a show that could have gone either way, but when something was just plain Ugly and it is a tie, we had ourselves a Bad show.  Unfortunately Raw did not deliver a repeat of recently Good content.  It just was a rough night.  SmackDown will almost certainly be better but you never know.  It was nice to have a decent run but after tonight, we are possibly less hopeful. 

So was the recent success a fluke?  Hardly, they just lost a little steam, but it has been plentiful as of late.  WWE knows what it has to do, and knows that victory is far from guaranteed.  WWE will predictably win and will pull out all the stops to do so.  We the fans just need to sit back and enjoy. 

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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