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Mitchell’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge Report! (3/27/18)



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  • Finn Balor & Sasha Banks VS Bobby Roode & ???; Roode & Becky win, and advance Roode & Charlotte to the finals to face The Miz & Asuka.


The Mixed Match Challenge is almost over!

But there’s a complication! The SmackDown Women’s Champion is too injured to compete tonight, so someone must replace her in tonight’s match.

The GLORIOUS One still needs a partner to take on the Boss & the Demon, so a fan vote poll will choose between the Lass Kicker, the FABULOUS Princess of Staten Island, or the Ravishing Russian. The numbers are in and the new partner is…


Finn Balor & Sasha Banks VS Bobby Roode & Becky Lynch!

The Extraordinary Man & Legit Boss returned to the Mixed Match Challenge thanks to a Second Chance fan vote, and both they and the Special Olympics are back in the running. And even though he’s without his fellow #RobeWarrior, the GLORIOUS One still represents Girl Up. Thanks to the fans, the Lass Kicker gets to Girl Up and see how the #GLORIOUSFIRE stacks up. Who will win and earn the right to face Team #AWESKA for the $100,000 grand prize!?

New partners Roode and Lynch talk it out, and it’ll be Roode starting against Finn. They circle in this first-ever encounter, and tie up. Finn gets the waistlock but Roode reverses to a wristlock. Finn reverses but Roode blocks to bring him back down. Roode wrenches more but Finn stands up again to reverse and arm-drag Roode. Roode headscissors but Finn pops out. Finn gets a headlock and takedown but Roode gets another headscissors. Finn pops out again, and the two stand off with grins. They applaud with the fans, but then Roode winds it up… GLORIOUS! Finn Too Sweets his forehead.

The fans chant, “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” but Becky says she wants in. And if Becky wants in, Sasha wants in. Finn and Roode tag, so in come the ladies.

The fellow Horsewomen circle, Becky gets the headlock but Sasha powers out. Becky rolls, but Sasha dodges to jump up, only for Becky to bring her down in a toehold. Mahistrol roll, TWO, and Sasha jackknife covers, TWO, with a bridge up! Becky spins Sasha around for the backslide but Sasha slips out. Sasha slaps then acrobatically arm-drags Becky, only for Becky to arm-drag her back. Becky and Sasha both kick but both block, to then ready right hands.

They back down, and Sasha offers a handshake. Becky declines, because Four Horsewomen or not, she knows Sasha too well. They all saw what Sasha did to Bayley but also what Bayley did to Sasha. Sasha shoves Becky, Becky shoves Sasha, so Sasha hits Becky with a Thesz Press and fast hands. The two brawl to ropes, and Finn tags in. Roode comes in, Finn rallies with a strike fest. Roode headlocks but Finn powers out and arm-drags Roode around. Finn has the arm lock, but Roode powers him into a corner. The referee calls for a break, but Roode whips corner to corner, only for Finn to reverse. Roode goes up and over, then kicks, but Finn counters the DDT with a back drop. Roode counters with a sunset flip but Finn rolls through to dropkick Roode. Cover, TWO!

Finn puts Roode in a headlock but Roode powers out. Things speed up and Roode hits Finn with the kitchen sink knee. Cover, TWO, but Roode keeps on Finn with knees to the back. Becky cheers Roode on but Sasha rallies for Finn. Roode suplexes Finn, then covers, TWO. Roode keeps on Finn with the rear bearhug to squeeze the back and ribs. Fans rally again, and Finn stands up to fight out. He reaches for Sasha but has to fight Roode off. Roode kicks low, then whips Finn, but Finn kicks him away. Roode shoves Finn then boots on the rebound, but Finn Peles! They both go down, and fans rally again. Roode and Finn crawl for their corners, hot tag to Sasha!

The women come in, but the Boss rallies on the Lass Kicker. She dropkicks, then blocks the kick but Becky blocks the knee. Becky gives European Uppercut but then runs into boots, double knees from Sasha! Cover, TWO, and Sasha grows frustrated. She drags Becky up, but Becky fires forearms! Becky whips but Sasha tilt-o-whirls to try her takedown. Becky pushes her to a corner, and hits the Firearm to the Becksploder! Finn returns while Becky climbs up, missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Now Sasha and Becky are down while fans rally. Becky stands up first, then brings Sasha up, but Sasha slips out of the scoop to roll up. TWO, but Sasha blocks the kick to give the knee! Sasha runs but misses, Becky hits the jump kick!

Becky grabs at Sasha on the apron but Sasha knees her back! Sasha climbs up while Becky crawls, but Becky springs up to stop her with a forearm. Becky climbs up and the two brawl, but Becky still SUPERPLEXES Sasha!

The fans rally again, and both Finn and Roode reach out for their teammates. Becky and Sasha crawl, hot tags to Finn and Roode! Finn rallies again, takedown to double stomps! He flexes while Roode gets to a corner, and Finn gives the running chop. They go corner to corner, but Roode boots back. Roode hops up, Finn enziguris him down. Finn brings Roode up, Too Sweet for the elbow drop DDT! Cover, but Becky breaks it! Finn seems almost offended she did that to him, her original trainer.

Finn still runs at Roode, but Roode denies the Slingblade. Roode kicks but Finn denies the DDT. Roode boots Finn away, then hops up, GLORIOUS Blockbuster! Cover, TWO! Roode stands up but Finn rolls him up, TWO! Slingblade! Finn takes aim, blasting dropkick sends Roode into the other corner. Finn sees he has Roode, but Sasha wants in. He tags her, she climbs up, and Becky runs in, to get the Meteora double knees! Finn swing kicks Roode and Sasha dropkicks him out, but then Sasha DIVES onto Roode! Roode is dazed, so Finn finishes him with another blasting dropkick! Finn flexes while Sasha returns to Becky, small package surprise! Becky & Roode win!?

Winners: Roode & Becky, Becky pins

The Boss can’t believe it, but the substitute partner helps the #RobeWarriors make it to the next round! Charlotte owes Becky big time for this, because now Charlotte will get a chance to test herself against Asuka before their Wrestlemania match! The title won’t be on the line, but $100,000 dollars will be! Will Team #AWESKA keep the Empress undefeated through the end of this Mixed Match Challenge? Or will Roode & Charlotte give her an L and #DoItWithFlair?


Wait, Kurt Angle comes out?

The Raw General Manager is in Pittsburgh, and they greet him with the loving “You Suck!” chants. This has been a chaotic Mixed Match Challenge, as Charlotte goes down but Becky rises up. With next week’s Finals, a true Raw VS SmackDown match-up, the real winners are the charities. “Oh it’s true, it’s damn true!”

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