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New Championship Debuting In WWE After WrestleMania 34?



WWE 205 Live Competitors

According to PWInsider, WWE plans to reveal a brand new championship after WWE WrestleMania 34. Surprisingly, this will be on 205 Live, as the company will add a tag team championship to their purple brand.

“While Wrestlemania 34 will feature the tournament final crowning a new Cruiserweight champion, there are already plans in the works to create a Cruiserweight Tag Team championship for the 205 Live brand.  The belts would give WWE a third set of Tag Team champions and bring forth the first Cruiserweight Tag Team championship seen nationally in the United States since the demise of WCW in 2001.”

“After WrestleMania” is currently the only timeframe provided.

You can visit PWInsider here.


The idea of a tag team championship on 205 Live is surprising, given that the show is merely an hour long. NXT has one hour of television weekly, and features three championships (NXT Championship, NXT Tag Team Championship, NXT Women’s Championship). The brand was viewed as unnecessary viewing by many fans, but in 2018 has completely been turned around with Triple H and Adam Pearce at the helm, and Drake Maverick as the general manager.
Personally I expected a trios championship, but a tag team championship gives them almost the same flexibility within the roster.
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