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STARDOM Grow Up Stars Day 4 Results/Review (3/25/2108)



So we have one more show before this one and Hiromi Mimura will be retiring from professional wrestling. We also got a good show lined up as we see who will be going to the finals to fight Starlight Kid and we get a title match today, so fun times ahead and let’s dive right in.


Singles Match
Momo Watanabe vs. Nao Yamaguchi

Review:  So first, happy birthday to Momo Watanabe who has just turned 18 the day of the show and all she said in the interview was she was just gonna beat her up, sounds like a good birthday gift. In Nao’s interview, she talked about how she hate Momo’s kicks during training and guess what? She takes more of them in the match and Momo does not let up with them, they were fierce let me tell you. The match is about five minutes with Momo basically smacking Nao around while trying to get a little bit of offense here, but doesn’t work as Momo won with the Somato. Happy birthday, Momo Watanabe.

Recommended:  If you like them and wanna see five minutes, go for it.


Singles Match
Leo Onozaki vs. Natsuko Tora

Review:  It looks like we have another female debuting here named Leo Onozaki, but there’s not much known about her or when she started training, but hey always nice to see people making their debuts in the ring, so let’s see how she does. I think Natsuko is a good choice for your debut match since she can help out the younger females in the promotion while only being with the company for almost two years herself. Gotta admit though, Leo while having a weird attire, she did pretty well for herself and had a much better debut than Nao Yamaguchi, her moves were crisp, did good selling, and has held her own. Match lasted almost eight minutes which gave her plenty of time to impress everyone, however Natsuko would win with the Boston Crab in a good effort by Leo, so I wish her luck.

Recommended:  Solid match, so yes.


Future Of Stardom Title Tournament Semi Final Match
AZM vs. Shiki Shibusawa

Review:  With AZM winning her first round match, she now faces Shiki Shibusawa to see who fights Starlight Kid on March 28th for the Future of Stardom Championship. For a refresher, the Future of Stardom Championship is only for people who are rookies to the promotion with less than two years of experience and for people that are under 20 years of age. I gotta say that this is probably one of my favorite five minute bouts in recent memory, started off quick right off the bat and solid back and forth action despite a slip up here and there. I didn’t expect the two to work so well together and I’m happy I was wrong in that regard, and even Shiki impressed me here with her performance as well. Five minutes later, Shiki would get the roll up on AZM to advance to the finals on March 28th. I probably would’ve went with AZM to get the win, but she’ll definitely get other opportunities and can always be the first challengers to either one. Looking forward to the finals.

Recommended:  I enjoyed it a lot, so go ahead.


Six Man Tag Team Match
Jungle Kyona, Konami & Ruaka vs. Keneisha Moon, Starlight Kid & Tam Nakano

Review:  It looks to be Keneisha Moon’s first match in STARDOM according to the pre match interview, but I don’t know what other promotion she’s from or if she’s just completely new, but I’ll soon find out for myself. Tam also trying to think she’s a masked wrestler during the interview so she wouldn’t feel left out…I guess this is why Oedo Tai abuse her. The match was mostly focusing on Starlight Kid since she had the most offense in the match with Keneisha and Tam only did a couple of things here and there, but the other team almost had an equal amount of time in. The match itself was average enough, but did it’s job for helping Starlight Kid as she got the win over Ruaka with her Rounding Moonsault.

Recommended:  This one is pretty skippable.


Six Man Tag Team Match
Faby Apache, Mary Apache & Mayu Iwatani vs. Hana Kimura, Kagetsu & Natsu Sumire

Review:  Oh hey, Kris Wolf is back with Oedo Tai, awesome to see her back. We also get to see the Apache Sisters in action again and they did great last time, so it’s exciting to see them team with Mayu. Oedo Tai still have the best entrance together in Stardom and Kris Wolf being back with them made it look better with just the four of them. Very entertaining tag match here with everyone have awesome spots together in the ring and even Natsu flogged Mayu right in the face out of nowhere! I appreciate a good flogger, but ouch that looked painful. Apache Sisters are still on a roll with their matches in this tour as they delivered again in this match and hopefully they stick around a little bit longer at least. Kagetsu also hits a really nice 450 Splash during the match, but that wasn’t enough to get the win as Mary Apache pinned Kagetsu with a Michinoku Driver to pick up the win. Since she got the direct win over one half of the Goddesses of Stardom Champions, I wonder if the Apache Sisters get a title match against Kagetsu and Hana soon? I hope so, since it could be a good one.

Recommended:  Yes, very fun match.


Artist Of Stardom Title Match
HZK, Io Shirai & Viper (c) vs. Bea Priestley, Toni Storm & Xia Brookside

Review:  I don’t know why, but Toni storm is always so awkward in these pre match interviews and I cannot tell if it’s intentional or not, anyway Toni is looking to win her fifth belt here and that might be the case, so we’ll see. Also didn’t know this, but apparently Io’s next Wonder of Stardom title defense is against Bea Priestley, so this is gonna be a little preview for them here, and same with Viper and Toni Storm as they’re scheduled to fight on the March 28th show. The beginning of the match is exactly what we needed with Viper/Toni and Io/Bea showing off their little previews as to what they have in store for us when we get our actual matches coming up soon and already excited to see them. Bea does remind me a bit of Will Ospreay while not as acrobatic as him, but still pretty quick and agile, then again she is dating him. Great match here as everyone did well from beginning to end, nothing stood out as bad, except a sloppy spot, but it was hardly noticeable, and the ending sequence was great as Queen’s Quest retain in their third defense as HZK pinned Xia Brookside with the Atomic Bombs Away.

After the match however, Kagetsu came out to try and convince Io Shirai to be involved in the upcoming Exploding Death Match on April 1st after being annoyed about her declining the last time. Io then declined again and thinks Kagetsu is making her do this because she’s afraid to fight her in a normal match. Kagetsu proposes a deal with her that if she agrees to be in the Death Match, in exchange she will fight Io one on one for the Wonder of Stardom Championship in a Strong Style Match like she wanted. Tam came in to beg and plead with Io to be her partner as she even gets on her knees, Io would then slap her in the face asking her why she even came to STARDOM, but she would eventually accept and walk away from the ring. Sign me up for both of these matches.

Recommended:  Definitely give it a watch.


Hiromi Mimura Retirement Countdown Gauntlet Match
Hiromi Mimura vs. AZM, Hanan, HZK, Io Shirai, Kagetsu, Kris Wolf, Mayu Iwatani, Natsuko Tora, Shiki Shibusawa, Starlight Kid, Tam Nakano & Viper

Review:  Before I talk about the match, let me explain how this works. This is normal for people that are leaving STARDOM or just retiring as the person fights a number of wrestlers in a gauntlet match with a one minute time limit with each participant. The match can end in a draw or someone winning and soon as it’s over, the next one comes in and it keeps on happening til the last participant is in. First one fighting Hiromi is Hanan and I don’t know why Hanan was smiling for most of the match, but kinda threw it off a little bit and she even had Rukaka involved for a bit, but ends in a draw and onto the next one, Shiki Shibusawa. This one was just sloppy to me and ever Shiki hitting a terribly botch Bulldog, but that was just bad timing and we have another draw as Starlight Kid is next. This one started off really strong with them getting right into the action, but simmered down in the end and even had another draw when Starlight was so close to pinning her, up next is AZM. Nothing really to talk about this one since it was just a whole minute caught in a roll up back and forth with nobody getting the pin here, so far Hiromi didn’t win or lose yet, but up next is Natsuko Tora. Tora went to go for a hug, but instead she gives her a Spear and tries to make quick work of her, but soon as she missed her Splash, the bell rang and another draw as Tam Nakano comes out next. Tam would use her stuffed Panda to hit her as a weapon, stop the carnage with Panda violence, even Hiromi throws her out of the ring and another draw, now we have HZK. We get ANOTHER draw right here as HZK just looks to try and wear Hiromi down since she already looks like she’s out of breath here, up next is Kagetsu! However, this mostly turns into a Oedo Tai beatdown for the minute, but Hiromi was able to hold them off til the time stopped to have another draw and Viper is next. Nothing really happens in this one as Hiromi was just ducking the tie-up’s and Viper playing toro with her til the time ran out as Io Shirai is next. Io would make quick work with her for a bit and goes for her Moonsault, but misses as Hiromi went go to after her and gets rolled up for her first lost in 58 seconds, up next is Mayu Iwatani, Mayu would hit her with a move and call all the participants in for a group SHOUT Dropkick and then pin her, giving Hiromi her second loss and our last participant, Kris Wolf. It looked like Kris was about to win, but Hiromi’s partner Konami would kick Kris off and hold her down so Hiromi would be able to hit her and after reversing a roll-up, Hiromi would win the last match making her 1-2-9.

After the match, Hiromi would bring up her final match on March 28, but we also learn with this was Kris Wolf’s last match in STARDOM also, I am sad now. Kris said she’s been with Stardom for over three years and she wishes the company luck and to keep supporting them. Hiromi would introduce a new class of talent as they introduce themselves, their names are Misato and Utami as they look to possibly have their debut around the summer time. Hiromi would call everyone in the ring and end the show with a loud SHOUT.

Recommended:  It was fine and a nice ending ceremony, also a goodbye to Kris Wolf and good luck to wherever she goes to next.

Overall: It was a pretty solid with a average beginning and ended strong, no complaints here and looking forward to their next show along with April 1st.

Favorite Match:  HZK, Io Shirai & Viper vs. Bea Priestley, Toni Storm & Xia Brookside

Least Favorite Match: Jungle Kyona, Konami & Ruaka vs. Keneisha Moon, Starlight Kid & Tam Nakano

Score: 7/10

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