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Ultimate Deletion Being Filmed Today



WWE Matt Hardy Bray Wyatt

PWInsider is reporting:

WWE will be filming the Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt Ultimate Deletion match today at the Hardy Compound in Cameron, North Carolina, has confirmed.

The filming completes an incredible journey that saw Matt Hardy and his family create what is now known as “The Broken Universe” in Impact Wrestling, win what amounted to a custody battle over the rights to the intellectual property and now bring that Matt Hardy character and all the personalities and pieces that surround it to the WWE stage in the same manner that first excited wrestling fans who witnessed the Final Deletion and similar battles on Impact Wrestling.

While there is no official word whether Senor Benjamin, Reby Hardy, King Maxel, etc. would be appearing during the filming, it stands to reason that the Ultimate Deletion match would incorporate elements from similar segments filmed in Impact to bridge them over and introduce them to the WWE audience.  Jeff Hardy would obviously be able to appear, although whether he has been cleared to return to the ring by WWE is unknown. WWE sources indicate Jeff is slated to visit the WWE Performance Center later this month, but certainly a unique situation like Ultimate Deletion could feature Hardy in a non-physical cameo.

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