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WRESTLE-1 Tour 2018 W-Impact Tag 2 Results



While I’m waiting for the New Japan Cup to take place, I had some free time to check out Wrestle-1’s 2/18 show, and continues the Cruiser Fes tournament. So time to dive right in as we talk about the Semi Final matches for this tournament.


Singles Match
Takanori Ito vs. Tsugutaka Sato

Review:  Decent opening bout, with Ito (the former Result Champion) getting some momentum back and recover from his loss to Jiro, and he actually does pick up the win with a nice German Suplex. It was just a quick six minute basic match with nothing bad in it, but nothing really special about it either. Ito is an impressive individual and not bad for being 20 years old, someone to keep an eye on.

Recommended:  If you want a quick basic match then sure, if not then don’t.


Singles Match
Masayuki Mitomi vs. Seigo Tachibana

Review:  Seigo pretty much doing some heel antics like the last show and the match itself wasn’t all that appealing. Felt a bit slow and just nothing that special. Not the biggest fan of their work so far from what I’ve seen, but I’ll see if my mind changes as I keep watching these shows and Seigo picks up the win here.

Recommended:  Just skip this one.


Tag Team Match
Daiki Inaba & Koji Doi vs. Kaz Hayashi & Masayuki Kono

Review:  This match was much better than the previous two as we can some nice tag action between these four men. It’s always nice to see Hayashi in the ring and showing he can still go in the ring as the others hold their own to give us a good bout. Kono would get the pin over Inaba with a solid ending sequence.

Recommended:  I would give it a watch if you have the time.


Tag Team Match
Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio & Kenshin Chikano vs. Kumagoro & Seiki Yoshioka

Review:  Did I forget to mention how kawaii Jiro is? Because he fucking is. The match is decent enough to get over, but seeing Jiro and Seiki perform in this match are enough to make it worth a watch, especially, when they share the ring together for a few spots. Chikano still isn’t impressive to me and takes the pinfall from Seiki.

Recommended:  More of, if you have the time or a fan of Jiro or Seiki.


WRESTLE-1 Cruiser Fes 2018 Semi Final Match
Alejandro vs. Ryuji Hijikata

Review:  We now continue the Cruiser Fes tournament with Alejandro and Ryuji fighting for a spot to be in the final round on March 14th. Alejandro continues to impress me a little with his tournament matches and being in the ring with Ryuji helps him out a lot with a learning experience. The two mesh their styles pretty well and Alejandro gets the surprise win over Ryuji with a nice DDT again and has now a secured spot in the finals. Nice athletic match and a big win for him.

Recommended:  I like to believe so, especially if you’ve been following the tournament.


WRESTLE-1 Cruiser Fes 2018 Semi Final Match
Andy Wu vs. MAZADA

Review: This one, is my favorite match of the tournament and show so far. These two had a much better match compared to their first round matches from the last show. You can see their performances flesh out more and their chemistry is impressive. Andy is set to try to become a three time Wrestle-1 Crusierweight Champion, but he needs to win the whole tournament to make that happen and wouldn’t you know it, he actually defeats MAZADA to claim the final spot. Putting him on course to fight Alejandro in the final round, which is sure to be a exciting match with their similar styles.

Recommended: Definitely worth a watch, very fun and exciting match and same quality as Hayashi vs. Ryuji


Six Man Tag Team Match
Ganseki Tanaka, Manabu Soya & Shuji Kondo vs. Drunk Andy, Shotaro Ashino & Yusuke Kodama

Review:  We have another tag match involving the two people in the Wrestle-1 Championship match, but a six man tag match this time along with different partners and I’m gonna be honest here, the match was pretty underwhelming. Not that it’s a bad match, but nothing to make it special and just feels like a generic six man tag that you would find in a NJPW undercard. Camera angles didn’t help and when there was outside spots, not a whole lot to see since it was just one angle. Soya would gain more momentum by winning the tag match pinning Drunk Andy

Recommended: I mean if you wanna watch it, I won’t stop you, but I would also skip it.


Overall: Much like the last one, nothing too special and only a fair amount of decent matches. I would only watch it if you wanna get familiar with the roster and to follow the Cruiser Fes tournament.

Favorite Match: Andy Wu vs. MAZADA

Least Favorite Match: Seigo Tachibana vs. Masayuki Mitomi

Score: 6/10

I hope you enjoyed the small review and sorry for the reviews being quick, but I’m still learning about the promotion and its roster, so this is a good way to do that by continuing to watch as much as I can. Once I’m more familiar, you will see me become more detailed with the reviews of the shows.


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