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Wrestlemania Notes On Rusev, Wyatt-Hardy



WWE Matt Hardy Bray Wyatt

Barrasso also had this to say about Rusev: “WWE does not have plans for a singles match for Rusev at WrestleMania 34”.

As noted prior, rumors suggest that Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt will have a “final deletiona” style match soon. It appears as if that match could be called: “The Ultimate Deletion”.Matt has been using this on social media and has also said that their next fight will take place on his battlefield.

My Thoughts:

While Rusev is wildly popular at the moment there is no reason for him to have a singles match. While he could face-off with Roode for the U.S. Title, we just saw this on T.V. Instead as I’ve stated before, I would have him win the Andre Battle Royal and reunite with Lana. This would give the fans an amazing moment and put the two of them where they belong, together. As for Ultimate Deletion, count me in. However don’t expect everyone to be as excited as you and I may be. I’e recently talked about WWE trying new and outside of the box things with Wyatt however the fans not responding well. This could very well be one of those moments again. As WWE likely won’ make a parody out of itself like Impact did, it’ll be hokey without the nods to the audience. It’ difficult to do the Hardy stuff without it poking fun at itself and that’s not WWE’s style. If it were me I’d bring back a gimmick we all love, like a buried alive match and host that at the Hardy compound. Atleast WWE fans will know what to expect. 

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