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Dear Smarks: Roman Reigns IS Over, Get Over It!



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Dear Smarks,

I know this is hard to understand, it hurts your little minds, but here is a dose of truth: Roman Reigns IS over with fans. He does not need to turn heel, follow his fans on Twitter, or follow any other of your suggestions that will supposedly get fans to ‘like’ him. We all know that you’ve already decided that you will profess to not liking him, no matter what he does, because you cannot stand that someone you don’t approve of is on top.

Why don’t you like him? Those of us in the Empire have our own theories about why you don’t like him, but give us a reason. Does he make you feel less like a man? Genetics are a bitch, man, don’t let it get you down. Are you afraid that your girlfriend, assuming you have one, likes him better than you? Take it from a woman, it’s all talk, she’s still coming home with you. Are you afraid that YOU are attracted to him? You shouldn’t be ashamed to admit if you are, it’s natural. Are you afraid that your friends will think you like him or are attracted to him? Again, nothing to be ashamed of and if they were your friends, they wouldn’t judge.

‘Why do you like him?’ I hear you asking, and I bet you think you already know why Roman Reigns has so many fans, so let’s look at the ‘reasons’ you’re about to give me.

  1. Only women and kids like him. So? In case you’ve never noticed, there are a lot of women and kids at WWE events, they buy merchandise and support their faves, just like everyone else.
  2. He doesn’t get a reaction. Here’s the problem with this reason: He DOES get a reaction. People cheer for him, then realize that they want to seem ‘cool’ and start booing.
  3. He only has two moves. This again? Look, Roman doesn’t have the moveset of an AJ Styles or a Seth Rollins, but he has more than two moves and has amazing athletic ability to work with anyone.
  4. He didn’t have to earn his spot on the roster/Everyone has to carry him. *Eyeroll* This argument is old and tired. Roman earned his spot, just like everyone else. All the ‘indy darlings’ that have worked with him have praised his talent.
  5. Real wrestling fans don’t like him. Define a ‘real’ wrestling fan. I’ve been watching WWE for nearly thirty years, I like Roman Reigns. I also like a lot of guys and girls. Does that make me not a ‘real’ fan? Or do you mean that I cannot possibly be a ‘real’  wrestling fan because I have a vagina?
  6. He gets pushed over more deserving talent. Dude, you spend more time talking about Roman than you do the people you claim to like. Again, you’re proving that Roman is over because you can’t stop talking about him.
  7. Women only like him because he’s good looking. So, you don’t spend hours talking about what you’d like to do to Alexa Bliss or Sasha Banks if one of them deigned to acknowledge your existence and weren’t being picky? .

Seriously, are these tired old reasons the real source of your anger with Reigns, or is that you can’t stand that a guy who is more over with women than with you and your friends getting pushed? Are you mad that wrestling is no longer the exclusive realm of men? If that’s the reason, I got news for you, women have been watching and enjoying wrestling for as long as men have, and our opinions are just as valid as yours. Roman Reigns IS over with REAL wrestling fans, so get over it and focus on promoting your own faves or accept that you’re secretly a fan.

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