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For Those About To Rock: Top 5 WWE Legit Entrance Songs

If you’re a long-time WWE fan then it’s no revelation to you when I say that having a great entrance is a very crucial part of being a top Superstar and in some cases, it can actually push a performer on the brink of the main event over the top. When I was younger, I was a heavy rap and hip-hop fanatic, but nowadays I find that the entire scene outside of say, J.Cole, is pretty bleak at-best. For various reasons I have also accrued a pretty solid collection of entrance songs from the WWE because let’s face it, some of them kick some serious ass.

When I’m in my car I got the tunes turned up and I’m rocking out and have since compiled a list of my favorites. While guys like Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins have songs that can really get the blood flowing, there are no words and I’ve found you can catch a strange look from other drivers. This got me to thinking, “What are the best entrance songs that are ACTUALLY songs?”. Meaning, no instrumentals, made by a band that legitimately has made some kind of name for themselves and doesn’t just relentlessly repeat the same lyrics over-and-over again? Keep in mind my rules for this list so that you’re not asking yourself, “How can the DX music be excluded?” or “What about Chris Jericho?”. I’m looking for lyrics, a chorus, a bridge and at least a couple of verses, not looped tracks. So here we go….

Honorable Mention

Mark Henry
Three 6 Mafia – ‘Some Bodies Gonna Get It’

Nothing like having an Academy Award winner lead you to the ring. I leave this one just outside my top five and perhaps you will disagree with me, but hey, this is my list and as I stated previously, I have fallen out of hip-hop quite a bit. I have to give credit where it’s due though and Three 6 Mafia really gave ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry a signature sound to let everyone know that a new member would soon be entering the ‘Hall Of Pain’. It fit perfectly with the ultra-aggressive powerhouse and helped to finally shed the leftover stench of his ‘Sexual Chocolate’ gimmick. I think this is a perfect example of a song pushing a man over-the-top, plus it is some certified trunk music.


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The Nexus
12 Stones – ‘We Are One’

Some may find this choice to be odd simply because 12 Stones is a Christian rock band, but I certainly have never heard any kind of Christian music that sounds like this. As is the case with all of these, the WWE cut is very different than the actual version, but either way it’s not hard to be caught by the screaming guitar solo along with a chorus that completely described the gimmick of The Nexus by singing; “We are one, we are one, we are one, we will stand together, number one, number one, number one, the chosen ones…”. While The Nexus never attained the status they should have (Thanks, John Cena!), I could never forget this track and I’m sure I can’t be alone on this…can I?


Rob Zombie – ‘Never Gonna Stop’

This song…I mean, come on people. It’s Rob-freakin-Zombie. I shouldn’t need to explain any more than that and I was never even a fan of Rob Zombie, but this one being paired with Edge who was embarking on a singles career after his split from Christian was magnificent. The music Edge had been using (which was the same music for when he teamed with Christian) no longer fit, so a change was needed for both men. While Christian was given something resembling a night at the opera with a grunge-like guitar background, Edge’s was able to raise the hair on the arms of fans in any arena it played and was just right to match his energy. I’d recommend checking out his return from a year-plus layoff to RAW in 2004 and just tell me the music did not make it a more special moment. Funny thing is, you’ll defintely see something from Edge on my list again.


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Hollywood Hulk Hogan
Jimi Hendrix – ‘Voodoo Child’

The Hendrix family is very particular with who is allowed to use the late-great Jimi’s recordings and often asks a steep price for any kind of distribution, so unfortunately it’s highly likely all of Hollywood Hulk Hogan’s entrances with this theme will always be dubbed over with a different track on the WWE Network. That still doesn’t change its importance however, as it really gave him a signature sound after shedding his red and yellow colors for the New World Order, becoming synonymous with his heel run in World Championship Wrestling. Not only that, but it was a very well-established song long before Hogan ever thought to use it, so I don’t know how I could make a list without it. The WWF would pay for the rights to use it in 2002-2003, but I’m assuming they were not willing to meet the cost it would be to use it on the Network.


CM Punk
Living Colour – ‘Cult Of Personality’

I struggled leaving ‘The Straightedge Superstar’ with his original theme music entirely off of this list or even my honorable mention with ‘This Fire Burns’ because quite honestly, I think there’s an argument to be made for it. This one to me is a no-brainer though, Living Colour reaching #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1990, also winning a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance and multiple MTV Video Music Awards for the group. When Punk would “leave the company” for two weeks following his WWE Championship victory in 2011, his re-introduction kicked off with this song playing over the speakers to the confusion of many. That was of course until he re-emerged and set the course for a new beginning with the company, even getting the rare live performance of the song for his entrance at WrestleMania 29 against The Undertaker.


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Alter Bridge – ‘Metalingus’

Personally, I feel as if this is the most kick-ass entrance music ever, regardless of how you are judging. Throw all my standards for this list out the window and I put this at the top of the pile, every single time. Similarly to Edge’s Rob Zombie theme, this one also matched his energy, but also marked a tremendous character change for the new-moniker of ‘The Rated-R Superstar’. Edge was breaking the WWE’s proverbial glass ceiling as a massive heel, losing his babyface ways after becoming frustrated with attempt-after-attempt to make it into the main event scene. I wonder how many times I’ve been caught rocking out to this one in my car?

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments section!


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